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Flood Concerns Ahead of More Cold

Feb 19, 2014|

Meteorologist Jeff Wood

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to the National Weather Service above -- report on the WBL live line is meteorologist Jeff -- Jeff -- or your visit this morning thank you for joining us good morning -- a mixed bag of weather what we need to worry about auto demand concerns right now. -- the make certain that the buffalo area are going to be. The upcoming ball with the from the melting snowpack and of the -- central plateau party already talked about them talking about for the past couple days. And that's it's gonna be ramping up first and third the united of course push. And the upper forties. And then coming late Thursday night early Friday morning timeframe we're going to be you know. Very strong cold front sweeping across the area and so -- that we could see the potential for. The possibly even some thunderstorms. -- very strong and possibly damaging winds as well. Point were already pretty warm this morning and the mid forties around your seems strange that there's a freezing rain advisory or temperatures that much colder south of buffalo. Yeah that's refrigerated by Israel really down towards a catalog at Allegheny county's down to the Pennsylvania border. I extremely got the temperatures are in the forties but for tumbled out of Pittsburgh it's -- forty down there but the ground still frozen food. -- -- -- -- arraignment in fall and build and freezing -- hit the ground and having a lot of problems and I think so that's -- for the review fractured -- of that advisory up for any light rain that may occur there. When it comes to ice jamming in -- -- a potential for possible flooding from area creeks and rivers in this area. Those Friday right now looks like it might be the worst of the next few days. I would say. Thursday night to Friday it is. That's going to be the highest potential for the next few days you'll see temperatures that started propaganda by the weekend and that should flow any any lingering -- in. In the area. Are certain creeks more susceptible to flooding than others. Yes definitely. -- some of -- typical problem areas include buffalo creek at Nokia creek you know in the -- Seneca area. Helped buffalo and also down -- silver creek is another area. That we tend to see a lot of issues where are our higher. Local creeks that -- kind of -- creek. Don't typically. Tend to be as much an issue. Maybe the militias laying low to our listeners how these emotions were like him to his account or August creek on the children creek area you know and ice choked creek. And ice choked legs and that water just has a tendency to back up upstream is that correct. Yeah absolutely. Well optimism ya. -- temperatures warm up to get on it and and water level in the creek or arise -- time that I'd it will kind of break up and it is. Is -- start to flow down at all catch. If you catch -- -- -- our our bridge above meant adjusted depending where it. Where -- you can -- -- back it up and as such reforms the dam and you get water -- behind that damage back back up the creek it's. When do things and get cold again and after this warmup. Well like that you know pretty strong cold front comes through. Early Friday morning and we'll see -- all during the day on Friday and Libya in the mid thirties by -- late afternoon and and below freezing Friday night and then. There will be in the thirties. To begin the weekend and then by the beginning of next week it -- -- -- but will be probably back in the team. Okay nice to talk with the -- for -- thanks for all the other information problem that's meteorologist Jeff -- of the buffalo airport mother's vision.