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USA Men's Hockey Quarters Today

Feb 19, 2014|

Mike Gilbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live does Sochi on Russia were Mike Gilbert has done about it -- -- -- on the WB and live line. Mike is VP for PR for the Buffalo Sabres is and so she -- -- -- public relations for the US men's hockey tonight Mike good morning. Good morning it's nice to hear the whether there's currently creep up in your clothes or have been here over associate of -- has got a little colder than worrying worst war. Actually it's not as warm as it was side earlier -- of the weekend but yeah it -- yes there's the first day of rain. But today. It's I would say about fifty degrees so -- very sunny. I'll world's gonna be an exciting day team USA and as hockey against the -- what times a game might. Apparently game starts at 9 o'clock. Socially I'm -- to -- noon eastern. The team had a morning skate this morning and in team's healthy and ready to go in is there's definitely. Stronger buzz in the air in the last 24 hours with the or relegation games yesterday and now or quarterfinal games today. You know this is a fun time of the tournament as they call -- It's so pretty exciting. I don't wanna spoil and the fans out there that the Swedes are playing right now they're in good position to win sort of burst of the top or. Looks like it's gonna advance so -- lot of the top four seeds advance Libya really interest in a semi finals of -- I mean now the real work begins for this US men's team. What do we know about the Czech team that we're facing today. The they have a lot of NHL players and checked the Yonkers that Patrick -- action. Some other players sort of been around. A little Britain they're always a good team. That maybe didn't have as -- about preliminary. Wound as they would have hoped but so you know the preliminary round games in a matter now it's if you win you move on -- lose you go home. You know it's exciting today in -- hockey in Sochi for. Another reason. It's almost like a family connections and Canada and -- -- sabres coach Ted Nolan coaching in the Lothian team. Former sabres coach Lindy Ruff an assistant for team Canada also buffalo folks involved. Yet there has been in -- Coach Nolan after the game last night and -- so excited it is this that was a really big win. Her to a lot he would see you know they're one of the lower ranked teams. They're all intrigue Larry games but they came back and put actually game then you know. Well coached all those he was ecstatic afterwards that was that was issued to impress him in the team and -- not a got to get right back at a today against Canada. -- it very tough game but. You know that's that's what -- patrol about. -- dissect -- -- games at the same time as the and I US Czech Republic and it's possible the US could face Canada in the semis right which would be. A rehash of the last Olympic showdown. Exactly it's been continue at all the top seed to win. I'm try to US would like Canada and Sweden would play Russia that's what they'll advance which. Going into the tournament -- probably -- favorite teams to to be there are so kinda hold true form and at that point on the -- anybody's tournament went. They regularly having a lot of fun there what are you doing I shouldn't say this but in your spare time. Are you doing anything for -- on an old I know work is fun for you doing list. Yeah it is it's I mean it's really neat it's spartans. I don't -- -- drag but I've been here since the first of February I laughed so it's been a long time and unity. You -- your family and you know different people back Everett and a great experience and you know -- You know last I was over US house which is what the sponsor house here -- -- -- the park grounds and you know that the -- I don't remember their name that won the extent to where there that you guys on the bobsled so. There's all these Olympian that's trying to verbally hangs out some look at US embassy caught. And everybody's hair and -- team USA colors of people walking around with their battles and you know you know Kristi Yamaguchi was there last night -- you know some others. He can't just take a step back into the wallet could be a world class athletes and their Olympic gold medal winners. And you know I'm in their presence so it was it's pretty neat CMB of. Are now that. And Jonathan Quick he'll be starting today. Jonathan Quick will be starting tonight and you know the guys had a really good skate this morning under -- they're ready to go and we had the extra day off so we have you know to play yesterday so. Our -- he'd like to leave his speed and I think you'll see a lot of speed early tonight. And how to check settlement. Okay all right will be watching and we'll be rooting for team USA thank you talking again. Great thanks everybody Mike Gilbert live from Sochi Russia -- his VP for public relations for our Buffalo Sabres. He's in Russia helping with public relations for the US men's hockey to him.