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2-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. Doubles -- He would. That. Hold to a point. The no one ponds with an assault rifle no. It's like yeah. -- -- -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an American. The morning. Brilliant move him from -- -- to each -- -- 930. I'd like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded. Joseph and I were just talking about their vehicles because if there's one thing I know its cars -- while I know how to buy them. I'm not a lease them and -- negotiate for a I don't know the first thing about how to fix -- I couldn't change my -- oil up my life depended on it seriously. It is up hourly and news radio 930 WBE. And the I think that makes me a bad person Joseph I can't speak for everybody but for me it makes me a horrible human being. Our Gary if you're just joining us. I am giving you a happy ending. And that I enjoy them very much it's an ethnic thing you wouldn't quite understand. -- I spent most of last night staring at my -- camp the -- You can look it up online if you'd like anyway it's nothing dirty believe me anyway. -- was it could be but only if you really really really kinky anyway. While we're talking about right now is -- winter have you had enough. Are you saying. Same the same person. Or horse or old. Or frankly are you love and the winter I know people who actually love winter they're called snowboarders. -- called a snowball dealers they're called ice fisherman. They're called tough bargainers. They're called -- snowmobile larger disparity midget snowmobile orders. Or call people who just dig -- time. And that's fine we've all got our thing right. And it gives you pick the right place to be this winter and you have enough. I'm basically in different at this point. Nobody -- I'm in different except when it comes to us -- blowing. The longer the winter goes the less inclined and the freeze my ass off in the driveway blowing this a lot of the way for guests who don't come. So others that also. Is there must see TV in your whole. I have a confession to make. I don't like sitcoms. The only sitcom for which I might be willing to make an exception is Big Bang theory. And that's only for -- -- Sell. That's an exception I can make Big Bang theory I find actually has some new fresh jokes and that from time to time. My big issue with sitcoms news every joke with the exception of Big Bang theory every joke. I've heard in -- comes in 2013 or 2014. I heard in sitcoms in 1968. There has been no change. So I try to -- -- accounts. What I do find myself attracted to very much are the on demand show notes on HBO. The the HBO series. I don't know what there is about HBO. But for whatever reason they draw me in. And I hate to admit this but -- TV draws -- Oh they -- they would drag that and Adam 12. And then they beat into submission with Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Alfred Hitchcock for my money still absolutely awesome so is there must see TV in your home. Keeping in mind that today's technology makes tide shifting possible. That's a -- term for people watch TV when it's convenient for them just like at others people listen my show when it's convenient for them online WB and dot com. That way they can laugh at me at their own time so and other own place so also is there an era. You actually fantasize about having lived in does it feel like you were born. At the wrong time. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I wish I had been born what may be in. 1898. So I would have been thirty years old in 1920s. So I could have been. Like Arnold Rothstein in boardwalk empire. My electorate just end up like chalky. All assaulting the black -- -- I like chalky but -- the -- season four he was left with nothing. Boardwalk and in mentioned you know three -- thirty start I'm 3180616. WB -- Let's get back to bill work over and Ontario -- built by the way I've put links up on my FaceBook page to sites that covered the erotic fighter. The Eastland disaster and a couple books that you can read. Dealing with a history of the Great Lakes of which of course buffalo. -- Colbern fort Erie Cleveland Detroit and all the other places are intimately connected now you've got a comment on winter I believe. Yeah I'd I'd just -- -- bright -- I'm not I don't when I was stuck ship I was thinking doubled called the empress of Ireland. And it's some content is brand that was rammed by a Norwegian freighter in 1914. On the saint Lawrence river and it was over a thousand killed. The empress of Ireland I'm not familiar with that disaster. You know that's the one the Salvation Army people I was thinking of there was a 167. On the way to a conference and they were they died to. Oh good heavens while technically of course the saint Lawrence is not really the Great Lakes is kind of a feeder into the ocean so that would explain my leaving it out of by personal knowledge. For a period and agreed -- Well depends on which way you're going and what you've got your salty license or the freshwater license only my. I I really enjoy your -- I guess I'd like that started tuning into it maybe three or four weeks ago and it's it's kind of it's a breath of fresh air can you tell it like it is. And I guess it's good thing I'm in Canada because that what I'm not the type of Cuomo would want -- in New York so. Now. And your picture on here by feel that the way you look right now. You're asking me for days. Yes it actually -- here and everything. Border actually my here's a little bit longer now in my face is a lot that are now. And I don't even know what that means all I can say is. So once style worked with the other anyone putting and the other one. And -- but in the Olympics. All all I can tell you and bill I don't mean to make you jealous but. All I can say is very hot women love the way I look I can't figure it out. Five foot eight maybe and I you know honest to god it's like being a star to say it. Well thank you bill it's awfully nice and thank you for being by now let's talk of -- talk about it here. -- I'm -- we're talking about letters are. There it was a passion I mean yeah I guess I must have enjoyed it as a kid that I I can't recall it. Now by I have my notes. Let my neighbor and I -- a mutual driveway they go to the Dominican Republic for two months. Starting like February 1 come back at the end of march. And so they capped his mind too that. Only know what the driveway which I haven't done since late last. -- -- That such a small town here. It's easier for me to take it to to reverend -- and then to get -- the garage. -- worked and Colbert is a cool little place it's like its own little village. It in the summertime it is the public can now days actually need that -- That quote from buffalo its not that firefighting boat comes over the. Edwards culture yes. Yeah but got no idea I know I've given up -- winter -- Probably. In the last fifteen days I've gone out of the house others need to get my mail -- support maybe three times. That they did ought to do what maybe I'm retired. Don't know the storm's coming I don't stocked up with stuff. I just don't heed the poignant and you know but I have that I got a nice old car that. I don't really wanna get out the garage. And so what am I gonna do anyways I guess they know that -- realistic thought I'd make a great. It would. Because you got CBC coverage. Yet that covered. Now I know news and all of my friends with Verizon five I was there really enjoying their. All. I'm sorry they don't get CBC's. I'm not well yeah. I actually do if you can get it on line and it's got all the -- programming and everything on it's a great site. Well the -- given follow the Olympics are closely this year with the think you can ever find myself getting into his hockey. Not them by the following pretty much everything I I pretty much sleep during the day and then I'm up from probably midnight till. Seven -- lard later not in the morning. You -- I was -- you today about curling. And I'm not talking -- newsprint and talking about curling a sport. How how does one actually try to be an Olympic. Level curler. Well. I could probably get somebody to combine your -- and cocky about it do you recall that the Olympics and 2010. From Vancouver. I don't work call my own name in 2010 at this point. Right -- named Cheryl Bernard. She would probably about the third surge person in the 2010 Olympics. Hotter than hell he was just yet on the team from Canada. And they won a silver medal. She missed a couple of shots -- Issue the chick who teaches curling in Niagara Falls. Out. Okay because -- -- woman in Niagara Falls I think she might be a cop by today any curling instructor by night. And I always wondered exactly how does one get into curling because I think that everybody needs a goal. And I would like for the next Winter Olympics -- of be part of the United States men's curling team that's on the that -- Campbell. About it's it's it's not it's it's pretty tough sledding and when you look at at these girls -- Carol now until 4546. And he probably started these guys start when they're like -- pictures -- Well -- a quick study. He's -- will we'll see how that works. It made it down kissing bridge like on the first day you're probably gonna do fine. Well yeah boy -- against skiing to me was like ice skating with really long blades and that -- you get your own equipment you improved by about 100% anybody renting equipment that's for beginners if you know you're gonna be ski and buy your own stuff. Yeah all right -- but not -- check her out. Carol Bernard -- -- -- at least the eye candy for you if nothing else is. Dude I'm a celebrity I don't need eye candy they come knocking it might the war which again. Yeah now I'm glad you I'm glad you -- thanks very much. Our event in 030 my thirties start -- thirty on the cell phone. 180616. WB -- -- it's just the same issue I mean we've got women lined up outside the radio station every day just begging for glimpse. You know what your radio talk show host in buffalo the doors just opened the -- like Moses. Let's find out about traffic here is Allan Harris Alan hello. I think what if you got family members were out of town right now on vacation and you know they live in an area that is prone to flooding. You might wanna call them and say hey it's balls to warm up on Thursday you want me to do anything at your house. Because. That's what decent people do. And also major future they're home free unsecured valuables and the -- payment. Now it's 25 degrees and -- news radio 930 WB yet I'm just yet about the massacred valuables that. You're just joining us we've spent a great deal with time today talking about Governor Cuomo and his plan to argued free college two inmates. And I think we pretty much talked about one out and it did not receive a lot of support your on this program. I would much rather. In the big scheme of things I don't wanna go back and covered ground we were recovered but just for those were tuning in -- organized say. Where you're doing fly off right now Tom have you anything serious offer. I'm one of the areas where this country and most other civilized countries are woefully deficient -- the -- that treating mental illness. And I've been on this bandwagon since about 19858687. When I had the privilege of meeting doctor Lee and Schuster. And ever since then it is become. Something that has been very very important to me. And until we get it. As a society you can expect a high rate of drug abuse and you can expect a high rate of incarceration. Because most incarceration. Most drug use is directly attributable to untreated mental ailments. Take it to the bank. Trust me on a cultural anthropologist I know now we're doing a happy ending. Right now. And the topics are are you sick of winter yes or no. How -- -- -- time this winter we done that topic before but you might have come up with some new ways. Also is there must see TV your house in do you ever fantasize about living in a different era. -- the 1920s. They -- cars hot women. And I believe wax wasn't that the -- Just like her friend. -- -- -- -- Now but thunderstorms -- I think that's about. Smoke that's a good. Worked under his guys. You turn around. -- -- -- -- You know I've often wondered if they get wrecked by the salt water. Problem. Anyway yeah that was from boardwalk empire by the way which only seemed appropriate because that we've got a couple of things actually three things on the agenda. Because at this is time of the show usually the last hour or so when I like the lightened things up because it working and with that came out wrong. I mean I hate having to do heavy lifting the last part of the show. So we're talking about. Is there must see TV at your house must see is I'm sorry guys must see television at your house and -- -- Is there and Iraq. In which. Use sometimes. Fantasize about. Having. That. Because. I think what attractions can be. And maybe to other port walking employer fans. About that show is it really does show. The glitz and the glamour. Of the 1920s along of course with the corruption and the decadence of the 1920s. Not of course that there would be a relationship whatsoever to the current war on drugs. And the corruption as opposed to the war and alcohol and the corruption because we although the corruption ended twenty years before we were born right. Right exactly of course so. I've always wondered. What it would have been like. Two -- alive and of age in the in the 1920s. And whether overly glamorize it in my own mind. Now so that I think is because. What are my grandmother's. Homes about what might grandmothers my maternal grandma and -- -- -- it was built during that era. -- In fact it was such an influence on me that. When I was out looking for a house. It was almost without even having to say it. One of the house that was built. Either in the twenties or in the thirties. And there's also a very strong reason for. Because you can -- me if you want to. But a long time after I'm dead and gone. My Holm will still be standing. Because back then I think people took a lot more pride. In building homes. Than they do now. Its latest up that I look at some -- -- nick mentions now. In Howell shabbily constructed they are. And I think to myself. You know what in a hundred years. Nobody going to be standing. Is gonna collapse like what -- -- that's where I feel about them. I hold my mom's house. My grandmother's bowl they'll still be standing because they were built by real American. Craftsmen. So I don't fight it. Coincidental. -- when I finally did settle on a hole after looking at fifty open at least. Bet I ended up buying one that was built in 1927. And I always find myself -- -- the same thing I do those of you live and older homes. Do you often wonder. About what happened in that house before it was yours. You often wonder about the Thanksgiving is of 1931. Has -- it was built in 1927. I wonder about the old cars that were in the driveway. I wonder about the families. Grew up I wonder about all the wild times in the hole or lack there. You know I wonder what in this is a metaphor not to be taken seriously but I wonder about the ghosts. With who might intersect or interact on a daily basis you don't go to the past. You know walking down the -- as I'm walking up but I don't -- ghost isn't ghost I mean stuff that actually happened there. I wonder about these things -- -- -- the do you guys ever have that feeling to about houses were you live coverage on your house was built your dad's house was built. I think in the forties was not. I don't think you guys live in the twenties because we've got two different sets houses industry won was 1920s the other was in 1940s. Inauguration meadows. So -- it was a 1920s -- few others from the 1920s and then a whole bunch of sprouted in the 1940s. So. I often find myself wondering looking in my driveway. I wonder how many model T forwards were in the driveway. I wonder how many people. Had harper. In that home -- quarter how many people had wild parties. I wonder what kind of formative experiences people had in that home before I lived here. I don't. I mean look there's nothing new under the son I just gotta wonder what happened in the space I occupied now. Before I occupied. And of course I have other thoughts that I will lecture out loud and anyway our phone number 8030930. And two questions. And actually three questions number one. Is there must see TV in your whole. -- -- Boardwalk empire but I have to tell you and by the way that's a show on HBO. It's star says Steve Buscemi as that Nike. And a whole bunch of other people doing a great job and. I just got turned on to that show because. A couple of people. Who know me said all you would love that show my brother Dick. He's been preaching boardwalk empire to me for about a year to have one of my FaceBook friends Rachel wells. She's the inventor of the phrase conservative area. And my mentor when it comes to these things she has also been preaching boardwalk empire. And I finally caught onto it on HBO on the meant. And right now all and it seems like ever since I've gotten turned onto it all I can check out is season for on demand. And I've seen all of the episodes probably about a gazillion times from season four on demand. So hand in hand with -- are wondering in this gets back to what it started off with this half hour about geez I wonder what happened in the house before lived here because it was built 1927. Is there -- era about which you fantasize. Is there an era where sometimes you say oh I wish I could live during the civil war. I wish that a lot of during the revolution. I wish it was when they're opening up San Francisco when during the gold rush. Just gotta wonder about things like that. -- apartment wishes I was a lot during the civil war. But I don't think it would've been very popular in the north. Part of me. The bigger part of me wishes I was alive in the 1920s for some reason that decade is always resonated with me even before reading F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby and his other works. And of course F. Scott Fitzgerald spent some time living in north buffalo for those who don't know. And he actually lived before Leonardo DiCaprio little known facts and 8030 my thirties as did Robert Redford on WB. So is there must see TV. What era do you fantasize about and might throw -- question. I'd ask you this before but I figure with all the snow we've -- are you sick of winter or do you say gimme more gimme more -- and up and -- it up -- Let's -- to. Sandy. In west Seneca sandy. I'm WB and welcome to -- The that -- -- -- -- we knew that that we knew I am going to walk home an older home and think about the people that live there. Yeah I wondered what was written parts of my living room before I lived here. I -- and and -- half -- -- and fortunately the house had very good ventilation. But. My son live in -- like -- -- -- very -- -- -- -- in Philadelphia. And mountain. It would allow refurbished but. And I went to vent about my rent and then. It was look like we'll -- -- with the clock stopped. And an applicant main floor and then you lock stock and underwent. I'd -- bedrooms are upstairs but you know I went up -- and I said. You're making them feel like the people that might have lived here in the thirties and forties and he said what are you talking about nine point won't get under. Look at him live here and and I even wondered like -- -- I -- what do you think they put their Christmas tree and he -- looked at looking at me like I was crazy. What a great night. You know what what a great thought and I'm sitting there thinking -- who ripped for arts in my living room thinking where they put the Christmas tree what a great thoughts. And and that I don't you wonder about the holidays that we're here aren't. If anybody I hear I mean I kept going I I really like I felt like I was stealing stop that it happened. It what might happen and I live well now what about. Fifty years old and where -- corner. So I don't Cantonese. Feelings about the people live here before -- And Powell in that apartment in Philadelphia was probably I would say like eighty or ninety years old. And it was an opt out. Well you know did your did your son have any appreciation. Of the points you were trying to raise because I have to tell you -- I get it because that's my thought process when I go home. Now he didn't get it in 1930. And when I kept telling her about that like I I would like I want and I wondered if any babies. We're aboard air at women. That I'm at and gave birth at home. And let the land that there was speed in the four year now. And I that I wonder you know see a couple people probably eight years and he was like. I don't know what you're talking about but I I don't feel net. When I go to with states -- us that an older couple that I. Clinic in their homes are at and they'll. I like an old singling out all of our liberty and then I think about that Koppel. Why can't think can't -- but I think at the couple well you know. Being hairy you know proud in moving in the how needy. Well they were Mary you know maybe after ten years or something and they read their families the year. Especially some of the older homes at states to help that I coach Hugh and I I think I wonder about the people that live there aren't. Well you know it sounds to me and our call me insane if you like you're really don't care I've been called worse by better but it sounds to me as though. You are a very intuitive. Person. And you are in touch with the energy fields that surround all of August. And for whatever reason it's almost like the past will reach out and make an impact under conscious mind. Unlike. Your son who is apparently not intuitive and not in sync with those energy fields. Now but that. I am. Very sensitive to things like -- All in all I am too and I will tell you -- honest to goodness one of the reasons about the house that bought was because when I walked into it it was absolutely clean. No spirits what so. Over in that place. None zero zilch nada by a steal a line and sandy beach. Totally empty and I like that. I don't know if there -- energy feel they're not you know -- And that apartment building and Philadelphia. -- Well I mean I guess I would say there's probably energy fields everywhere and -- digital metaphysical on -- now just a quick question also you've got a favorite TV show interestingly enough which is. Downton Abbey yes what is it about down -- the captivate you and so many other folks. Well. I didn't actually at the first three seasons and then. And and the file my husband. -- delighted -- -- into it deep entry and we start latching on and my husband who -- like a big macho guy. England he -- show. And they hit you overlaps. All of course I've watched. I love it and I enjoy it but I don't know why because it represents a lifestyle that I'm with which I have absolutely nothing in common nor -- they want anything in common with. Well yeah we knew that when I step down and look at the lifestyle. Relating to the coliseum against someone helped them get her out. And that her hair and and then. -- they can't nothing to do out AP. They do -- get ready trip back it's. Another big -- And you know discernment. I thought that certain there. Oh my -- we'll let you go. Because -- the dog you have to say goodbye and I'm sorry about the dog -- again I I must I must leave you on that note. Are right that good stuff. Like her -- she understood what I was getting at when you live in an older -- you do kind of wonder. Like I don't have any feelings about people who were beer but I do wonder intellectually what happened. 648 at news radio 930 WB EN. Not gonna bother restating the topics in the time we have left to his right in that Cheektowaga. On WB Ian -- you have a a must see TV show at your place which news. It just decides I'm expect. Okay they've already announced that the next season is going to be -- it's last but -- Aggravate you when you know that you're making an emotional investment in something that is gonna go away. I do yet that's -- that's. You know what can you do about it you know why I'm I've loved children if you actually knew what. I have not watched justified but I remember watching deadwood. And I just felt like why investing myself emotionally and something when the producers are gonna take it away in the some problems. Yeah well I. Something else I hit some of that figure brother from another mother brought a lot of us think TV shows. You I agree with many of things -- did politically speaking so. It's great help and it you know you talk about. You know the twenties and thirties I might my voice but I literally just hazardous discussion a couple of weeks ago about you know what would be the best kind of people -- My grandfather was born in nineteen and you know that would actually be a pretty good time to people aren't. You know. Well I and I sometimes don't wanna go back in time so bad it hurt. So if you go back in time and if you could be a grown up in another era have you choice. What would your -- Well. I like the twenty I think I would like to be twenty years old. In nineteen point. And with you say that with a full realization. That penicillin. It was about thirty years away. And that modern medicine. Was not as it is today amateur life expectancy it would have been minus about thirteen years. Well you know grapple made it 86 in in all. Anything after that our I think being -- so I would make me happy and he can hit eighty. Smoke -- pipe and eaten at bat in his gravy David Barker and salts and sugars and you know. That the difference primarily I think you know it is said to my wife -- -- -- early show is about the -- coming out of that. -- areas that you know when you have nothing to look forward to restart looked back or exit and remembering the good times. You know it's interesting to say that because. I often find do you also think that site. -- I can't I it just it leaves me flat may be it just reflects a lack of imagination but I just don't get it and I just can't get into. -- Well we we must be related in in some way shape or form are you part Asian too. Important -- and second parts. But I think -- like that I went to -- I think I might have even been there is same I graduated in eighty. Seven. I I was before user I was 1981. All right I gotta go I'm glad you called I. At a time I'd love to do this topic again at some point I joke ever has -- a master control doing a magnificent job John Sherman your calls and doing a magnificent job. Neglect our shop which -- Joseph that's going to be -- two words folks no matter where you're living here. No yourself. --

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