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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

2-18 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. He went. Through. -- hole to. And and welcome to the New York's yeah if they got -- street and conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- and it's like yeah. -- -- -- -- -- There really is nothing like a short time now. It's not mind he's 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. All right so -- I noticed there at a -- of sorry can't help myself but now. What does that for every time is the live from Austin Powers and if you are familiar with the movie you know the context in which -- spoken. -- -- -- Because it's much deeper than you'd think it is but then again I'm a little -- out when it comes that metaphors and stuff so you know I see things that. But mere mortals can't. It was almost an English major to middle -- the UB get the language component of my BA equipment -- you know what I got to the point right discussing WB. Because it's history communication and two more classes would have been English as well doctor Bruce Jackson would've been proud of Eric I would think you'd be back with a liberal professors were really cool. -- -- -- the guy like me that they like me. I don't quite double. But -- Why because that then. It's different that it is now. Back and guys like doctor Bruce Jackson and built last year like guys who thought out of the acts because they all -- -- rebels themselves. So even if I didn't agree politically with them they admire the fact I'd at least think out of the box. Unlike the public education system in high school where I assure you creative thinking was not a plots. It is twelve minutes after by the WB at all all right I need to acknowledge the presence of a couple of people in my life. First of all that's -- they have. A rather -- unexpected -- cat scan of my brain yesterday. It happened about 830 last night. You know if you're the cat -- where they say we're gonna put the -- in you for contrast. And you might feel a little flushed in a little war. Okay you wanna talk about understatement you might feel a little flushed and a little warm. Myself. -- and it's like whoa. Seriously. I mean at first I -- -- that I found it strangely delicious. So and that it it was the blood work. And as usual and they're not sponsors yet but it really should be. I had a chance to see my buddies epic Quest Diagnostics on -- road in Amherst. And anybody who knows him. At the young's road location of Quest Diagnostics. Knows that Kim is a special person. I mean special as in we're like two peas in a pot. And by the way if you Nokia and and and they'll take this as disrespectful it's an inside joke. Kim is my official black milk. Okay just so you know if I were to call her anything bought my official black -- She would be upset she demands the respect of my calling her -- -- But we also hit in the room today a Sicilian spit fire by the name of Deborah. I have to play a simple. If every medical professional could be like Kim and Debra. Going to the doctor would be something you'd wanna do every single day. I don't think of laughed that hard in a long time but. It shouldn't be that far to go have blood drawn but they always make it -- I went under. So I don't know privy Quest Diagnostics managers listening but I want it and well I love him. Kim is the well you know the word I'd say if it was -- on the radio Kim is not. And so is Deborah and you got great people over and I just -- you can't believe how much I adore them. And then I'll be having more fund they're in the not too distant future. Get into that at an appropriate time. It is. Yes Joseph you're right it's syphilis I was trying to keep the secret but now it's out. Be in the royal family are right it's fourteen minutes after five news radio 930 WB EM -- and you know it's just think about it or leave this topic but people wanna talk about it. And you know folks. Week we have new listeners joining us all the time. If I had to issue a question it would leaders. Is there any value. In New York State tax. Lawyers footing the bill for inmates education. And I have no problem with inmates getting an education. I don't know why we would have to pay for it. Why not do it other student loan basis. Now that makes cents. Hey look we know that you're in prison now. But we're gonna give you something to do if you wanna do it you won't pay back the system at such time these were able to pay back this system. Boy I have no problem with that whatsoever. I think only a more on whatever problem with. And again folks. For people who proven themselves on cable or unwilling. To play well with others. Because they just can't help but killing other people are beating other people senseless were robbing other people were ripping other people off. Prison is a great place for those people -- prison was designed exactly for those people. Unfortunately. I don't care because we will liberal on this are not really don't bother. Unfortunately. I think a lot of people in prison right now. If you've got family members who are maybe you can agree or disagree with this I don't know I think a lot of people in prison are basically victims of themselves. And I think that they also have underlying mental illnesses that were never properly dealt with. I think that is at the root of our incarceration. Problem in the American. I really don't I I've said this for years. Let's get back to the calls and WB -- let's go to Cleveland Ohio where Alex is -- witness Alex thanks for calling and it is your turn sir hello. It. And like that that follow up pretty well but but I excellent all right well what that. Hey I don't even aware. Of I like all like that -- got to expect that. Inaugurate. -- -- late -- You know you're. Like well but our. You're eighty's and ninety's that worked -- -- -- audio. On our outlook then looked like written. While early. Only -- but in the -- where all of our Libya war and they were certain people and air are we all. -- all at the I think -- -- right but should Serbia. Part of law on. -- somebody who -- at all ironic given that you. What a day out there at the -- -- -- too. Why we think that well sport or one outlook we are. I don't want to be or I had no idea why -- all -- all of what to do. I'm not running away from -- -- but it won't stop work Senior Bowl. Because they -- operational. The public that they were gonna pay more firing away it got out of my all. Well -- don't -- fictional. Well in all I would open. But you know we are what I am not absolutely not they -- I agree with you want her purse that. On this are at the apple Phil Spector we -- to go in and out of debt problem and her about it throughout. -- But the thing. -- never won. An application -- -- but you know the beginning that. -- that that situation you know we're you know all all would -- 88. A large number of that they could then at that yet but I would say if -- image of a Alec had a the market -- what would you execute that -- Forward apple. Went as the want is -- -- communication and they're you know what. That -- wait a fire here -- -- -- state. Well there aren't all. That they got out it's a. I wouldn't recommend a degree in communication English or history for anybody. Unless you're gonna use it as the entree into law school or professional program. It can't hurt but it won't be I'm an employer out there with that in the end they're oh while -- A lot of people unemployed that you have ballots and you've got -- work. Now. I think if I have had eight people were front and I think basically edit it and Great Britain. A lot of doubt about there actually via the electric chair and where -- right this year. Ought. That meet people you know all the all -- You know repair them all and they don't have the people -- not get there are. I got it. Alex I want to continue our conversation because you are speaking my language this is another one of my crusades so don't go anywhere because amen amen amen. But right now let's see -- traffic here is from god or from Satan here's Alan Harris. Right now it's at 25 at news radio 930 WB. The end. And we do keep our eyes on that warming trend for Thursday but just know that even though it's a warm up for Thursday. And we've got that flood watch in effect. We're gonna go right back into the deep freeze right after. So clearly somebody out there really upset -- or mother nature and I think you all was all an apology. Let's get back to Alex in the Cleveland Ohio and Alex talk about education. And liberal arts degrees and I could not agree with you more. My daughter is getting a major in political science but she's only doing that as an entree into law school. So that's -- long range plan political science law school done. Now as far as the a situation with the trades I could not agree with you more. I don't know why. In our society we short sell people who were great with their hands were great mechanics great with refrigeration great with truck driving great with renovating. But we do know. Georgia don't even want to -- -- it earlier there. -- those. -- figure -- I want it well off. A bomb. It got -- back but were up orders. -- well -- -- -- -- people realize that -- out there are a lot -- -- On the morale people read them all they walk out. Up and go oh I'll get -- at a act would break up that they do. I think era under appreciated war. What they go about it they'd trade -- though about -- -- -- -- On a regular guy -- and they -- all the people all. You know it's funny because the guy called an earlier who's a corrections officer if she hit him like water hits -- ducks back. I mean you're talking about a guy who definitely can compartmentalize his life. It seems like he's really happy with his career choice and it seems like he doesn't take him home with him. So while I admire him up for that Alex I got to move on I'm glad you called and I think he's right that it you don't want a whole bunch of people liberal arts degrees who all money but really have no career prospects. On WB -- To me there. This. Yes. And okay. -- times like -- that we can't play the rest of the year. It's 534 news radio 930 WB yen by the way. Despite all education despite all the Shakespearean read and despite all of the English literature I've ever read those two words are still an effective come back to any insult. -- It is especially useful when dealing with guys with whom work. -- joke ever master control and the official texture of the -- relational. And John Sherman my neighbor and also our call screener what do you -- recalled my neighbor. The -- as job I've lived down the street from each other probably as long as John has been a lot of and I didn't even meet John or know of John until about a year ago is just bizarre. Anyway. Well I keep myself. You know I'm the other charmingly eccentric neighbor. Right and other rumors. Lot of -- house Tom. The camera -- right 535. At that WB Ian and I -- -- and hot -- now we have. And we have by so many things were getting into this morning now I have to tell. I think the intimate thing -- got -- played itself out is if I may say so. Let's put it this way if I'm sick of talking about it you're probably sick of listening to. I'm just ended by saying it's bad. Personable. Not -- Not everybody in prison. Is an evil person. -- There are people more people. Are in prison because they hurt themselves. -- are in prison because they hurt other people. One of the failings in our society. And I've been on this bandwagon since 1987 -- so. Has been our absolute reluctance. To deal with the mental health crisis in America. Nobody wants to talk about. Except your humble host for the past. 25 years. To talk about it. And it's out there every single time I do we show on mental illness. My lines light up. And to the lines light up with calls from the inner city. Yet some people are in the inner city. But. My lines laid up with people from the pew poll in Lancaster. And Clarence and Williams bill and East Aurora. It's a huge problem. But it's a problem that nobody. Wishes to talk about. And my theory. And please keep remind folks with all due respect. -- a keen observer of human condition. I am a true cultural anthropologist. With all due respect I have to -- -- A lot of people end up in prison. Because. Of our society's unwillingness. Not pretty but unwillingness. To come to terms with the mental health crisis -- America. And you don't realize how huge it it's until someone close to you a family member or close friends family member. Is susceptible to order comes down with with a situation. And I gotta tell if every time I bring it up as a -- People like your friends and neighbors call him. And talk about the hell. That is mental illness and I would not wish that on anybody. Even my worst enemy. Me even writers for the Buffalo News I wouldn't wish it on any of them. Because the families with whom I've spoken it it affects entire families even if there's just one person. And unfortunately. Instead of dealing with there halts. What we consider criminal behavior especially with respect to drugs. We'd much rather throw people in prison because some of it makes us feel more comfortable. Well we -- present or off the streets. Well why are we throwing them in prison when they have a medical condition. Maybe bipolar disorder possibly schizophrenia. And they are trying to self medicate because they can't get into any mental health program. Well because prisons were able. Rise. Until that your daughter. Your grandson. Then suddenly -- takes on a completely different mean. So. I'll get back to my initial premise. That not everybody in prison represents a danger to you or your family. But look I also wasn't born yesterday. You -- either. And you know there are people in prison who never should be released. Because they're born killers. They are born to make the rest of us miserable. Now maybe they were born into adverse circumstances. Maybe they didn't know their father maybe they didn't older mother. But for whatever reason they are psychopathic. Socio path that animals. And they would just as soon chillier -- picture. Well we have a duty to each other to keep those people under lock and key and I'm not saying we need to be cruel to those people we adult. We need to make sure however that they can't do any damage to the innocent. And I think that's T. But. If we would spend. A fraction. Of what we spend to incarcerate people on mental health treatment and drug rehabilitation. Which often times by the way is a direct result of our inability to deal with mental illness as a society. We would be so much better off. And alternately it would save us Monday. You know nobody ever argues were when I raise this point. Yet nobody wants to do a damn thing about it. Pretty -- All right let's are we get this thing now okay. Allen seems a little like he's going to be under the whether he's got what everybody else at the radio station is there. By the way it. I want to applaud the people have seen lately coughing into their elbows. Why -- watch you guys are learning you're coughing into your elbows. Is there anything worse. Especially those who work at a check outline behind the register you see somebody hacking into their hands and they did you the credit card. With a twenty dollar bill all my gosh I would not wanna touch that for all the tea in China. Weakness goatee and China -- right for all of the badly made underwear that comes from China I wouldn't wanna touch. So people are finally coughing into their elbows amen amen amen. Not that it's a 100% say it's a lot better than hacking into your hands now would it change gears a little bit. And I -- without. I wanna whip out some new stuff. In fact whenever -- -- that I wanna whip out some new stuff I'm. Very much reminded of a famous line from a Mel Brooks movie you and me while I witnessed how the. Yeah it's. Here's what are my questions. Are you sick of winter. Or do you live for their stuff. Are you -- -- winter or do you live for endless winter earlier played a solid from the beach sports compilation album endless summer. And right now we find ourselves in -- in endless winter. I would like to remind you. That this is very fiercest winter -- had in several years we have really dodged bullets. All -- while -- the past how many years it's been however many years it's been a whiff of -- the mild winters. I knew what was gonna happen by the way you can thank me because the the minute I bought a Jeep. I instantly doomed the ski area news and not having any snow whatsoever the past several years. Because while out to palm centric universe. I by the Jeep notion well. That's how these things work. If I had bought a rear wheel drive 1977. Oldsmobile. It would it snowed like the dickens'. Pet dickens' so. -- had enough winter. Or are you say to yourself this is my season baby between the snowmobile in this no issuing misty -- -- skiing. Boy I feel like an anachronism. Snowboarding. Because nobody skis anymore. Everybody spoke -- I think my ex wife might be the last skier in the world but she also -- converted into us or. -- kids. They used to ski. You don't ski anymore this court. Now I don't know about you I don't do well with one -- More I don't -- one -- -- well. With let's see two feet on one object. Now -- scooters always steered me for that very reason. Snowboarding. I would be an utter and complete spastic. If I ever tried to snowboard I know my limitations skiing I took to like a duck to water. You know why -- it's like ice skating. But with skis. I love this I learned the first time ever went ski. And by ex wife will -- -- -- we went to kissing bridge I started with three runs down the Bonny eagle and but I said okay I'm good to go. And that we just went skiing down she couldn't believe. And by the end of the night at kissing bridge your humble host. Was doing the doubles funnel. I felt like such a stunt my first time skiing and I'm doing doubles funnel. I guess I am all that and a bag of chips. Expect when that expression was actually get. So snowboarding. Is something I'm never gonna try 'cause I know it's something I won't be able to do and I don't like things that hurt my ego. And I know that could be an absolute moron trying to snowboard. So deal like the winter or have you had enough of right now I think I'm kind of in different. The only thing that I've noticed about winter this year is the longer it goes and the more snow we get. The less likely and to feel some great need to -- to drive. Every time I look at the snow I think they'll do it before work. It'll melt. -- don't wanna get all. It'll melt. So I've got lazy when it comes to snow removal. And I told the story earlier quick story about somebody have not seen in years came over first words out of her mouth. My mother shovels her driveway better than you do. Alone -- mom's like eighty odd result. And hurt hurt the pride hurt the pride man big time that was a strikeout night. Now the other thing years. Because it is winter and we are spending more time inside. I have a question for. Is there in your household. Must see TV. I hate to steal anything from any TV network. But is there a show at your house. For which everything else must stop and that show must be seen. And I have to put a little asterisk there. Because the DV are. And before -- the VCR. Basically changed the way we've watched TV we are no longer. Subject to the -- -- increases of network scheduling got its -- I'll engage in what the media moguls call -- and -- Doesn't matter for shows on at 3 in the morning watch when it's convenient to us. Is there. By any chance a show in your house that is absolute positive -- have to see. Hand in hand with that. Is subject that I just came up -- on FaceBook. Did you ever imagine. Living in a different era. Because every time I watch boardwalk empire which. By night constant references to the show you probably figured out I finally got into. Every time I watch it I think to myself. Why was -- not alive then. Then of course I think about the absence of antibiotics in modern medicine that I realized there's a time and place for every night. 5478030930. Is the phone number 803 all right thirty start at thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WB EM. We go have some fun to start the happy ending early. My Asian side coming out. You know that that ramp that when you make of that right on through river road to my eyes wide ramp with pretty good visibility on -- -- summer day. And that don't know exactly what happened but. Certainly godspeed to all of via all of the injured in the accident there's such a beautiful part of her area hate to think of tragedy yeah marring that location. AccuWeather mostly cloudy breezy tonight the overnight -- 27 temperatures will rise late. Tomorrow cloudy and breezy bit of snow in the morning little -- accumulation couple of afternoon snow showers and 38 degrees were holding at 25 at news radio 930. WB the end. OK -- three questions all of which might or might not -- number one. Winter have had enough or use and the gimme gimme gimme gimme more number two is there must CTV. In your whole what is it. Also a little insight into your mind to the audience research and number three. Is there an era. You fantasize. About. In terms of how would you have made it in the 1920s. I do fantasize about the 1920s I have to tell you I have for a long time. And then watching boardwalk empire has done nothing to douse the flames of that curiosity. He says flames let's go to bill in the port Colbert on WB yet Heytvelt. Well I was actually just reading about a horrible fire in Toronto. Last night of a vessel called the -- -- it. And realizing that it actually went through the well and canal entering in your part of the world import Colbern. Before going in the Lake Ontario and then that tying up at the end of -- it was a -- street in Toronto. Over 100 people -- in that fire in September of by the 1947. So I was thinking about -- Colbert last night. Rather instead rather interesting you call it. Well there you go no idea I would have a one year old Le mat and living in Toronto when that happened. Well it's one of the league -- one of the most horrific tragedies ever on the Great Lakes the biggest disasters since the Eastland capsized in Chicago. Now what's on your mind. While we just cannot give up but that ironic was that the women have all the Salvation Army people on. I don't know if that at Salvation Army people on it it was a September crews. And there were about 500 passengers on it it caught fire. In Toronto Harbour and most people were able to escape the flames but for those who did not it was absolutely gruesome. Yeah because it seems kind of ridiculous when your dock that. They've been that many people die -- Well -- -- but again you know what it wouldn't be the first tragedy close to land it worked great number of people died. If you look at what happened in Chicago with a vessel called the Eastland. The worst passenger maritime disaster in Great -- history it happened right at the foot of by the Clark street in Chicago right -- and and you know what built. -- much as I hate to do this -- I have to have you hold on until after the news break because our maritime reminiscing of horrible tragedy has eaten at the right times so elected hold your thought until after the news at six okay. You about it. Alright -- folks at those who have not read anything about the Great Lakes of which we are part. You're really missing out on a great deal of our local history and those -- you work climate change freaks please understand. Without global warming. 101000 years ago we wouldn't. Likes.

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