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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Brian Mazurowski Talks With Mes Que's Jessica Pirro

Brian Mazurowski Talks With Mes Que's Jessica Pirro

Feb 18, 2014|

The Olympics in Russia means that important events will happen at odd hours, and some local bars are gearing up for early openings.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It might come as a surprise that some area about ours who opened for this past Saturday's early morning hockey game were packed but the same can't be said for Jessica -- -- is one of the owners have -- -- on hurdle avenue which is made a name for itself by being open early weekend mornings and on weekday afternoons to show soccer games -- talk to -- about what the atmosphere is like for those early morning games and how the decision is made his -- once opened up. Yes absolutely lol what a big game that was -- it was a great turn out. Com we have a great following of fans vote for hockey as well as soccer which -- is known for. In early morning games -- than usual for us so we had a great turn out -- feel. Mom in this place it was pay act and we're not huge blaze -- it was built -- from wall to wall and had a great energy throughout the game. You mentioned you're usually open for. Soccer games early weekend mornings how different was the scene though last weekend many usually. It was pretty. Familiar to us because I think a lot of the same types of fans follow these types of of gains so a lot of our soccer fans are here to watch that -- game. But it is a great feeling of community here when people come to an escape especially on the weekend mornings. Mom and you know they had a -- Type. Energy throughout dad is the norm for us that we see in our soccer games. Now what are some of the stories you hear I'm sure there's been there's been a lot of big games that happened in the middle of the day during the week tomorrow might be another one for some of the things you hear from people who stop by missing work state Colin six take a vacation day. Well it definitely urge people to do you know follow the rules of their employer that we do we have people there really love. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And they will work their schedules around it to be able to be a part of it be president. She views these games because the intensity of some of these games is what's the memory are gonna take away from being here. Com and snow we definitely. Enjoy. All types of games throughout the day and we do see -- Mariane you know type of attendance. But we do see the -- we have groups that follow the differences -- exactly teams that we play here. On in the entire group will come regardless of the day in terms of the time so it's about the love of the game and that's it's gonna bring women. I think you mentioned meant different groups of fans I've been here for a few IUS soccer games before and it seems like no matter what team -- -- supports one America's sign everyone's wearing the same colors is that. Kind of the scene around here on the US side. Yes they think definitely when USA is playing and that's what everyone is cheering for -- you know but we also get USC being fans that follow other types of teens as well and so will those scenes of their jerseys now and then depending on what team is playing but definitely the US ACL -- beat Pittsburgh the soccer in the hot -- Com is pretty much everybody here that's watching. You don't have to be open early in the morning but it's kind of something that fans around buffalo it's almost like they demand dead at some places be available for them in even more so for you work for the soccer crowd that was apparently many places to go early on a weekend morning. Can -- talk a little bit about that that demand that the buffalo sports fan and how it's led to not only big crowds this past week but also. You opening up about this place to begin. Man it's a great question when we first opened up last gala will be just about two years any problem. We really listened to the fans and what they want it and social media is a big part an -- -- so what we were getting requests on her FaceBook or Twitter. Tom helped us to kind of define what her schedule was that a little play. And we weren't -- you know where people would show up at 7:30 in the morning and say -- game and they dead and they kept coming back and sell our. Business model really revolves around making sure that were available for people to comment watch the games and we work the schedules around them. You follow a lot of social media whatever people are talking about and that's part of how you make your schedules absolutely assists meaning is a big part of our business mom in a big turn everything in the energy around and take the sport. But when it comes to soccer mom that's driving force for us so we will see what the interest is to determine if you know for example we were planning to open up early for specific games with them -- start to see -- crowd. Of interest coming and then all of we'll adjust -- but what his then very clear for us since we opened his dad. The early morning in Center City sending people will come and so we're going to be here. You've seen what it's been like this past week Friday there's a hockey semifinal someday might be the gold medal game what do you anticipate. Well we definitely -- following that very closely common working man into the schedule that we do and that's something that we're tweaking a regular basis we look at the different types of games there and it what's gonna happen -- stressed. Tom from our customer based on the and we will adjust and and -- comedy and so we anticipate that it's soccer it's hockey. We've also been playing some of the Syracuse games recently is this your views allow myself so we get great interest in that as well so we really definitely listens -- the customer's interest. Com and we'll be accommodating what we can on based on the various schedules you know we definitely are -- -- that their mission of who we are. But we're willing to tweak your schedules to accommodate such things as the Olympics you know US AM in the hockey team and is something that just speaks to that that we are gonna company.

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