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2-18 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Quarterback -- Beijing governor have said it -- we're talking about Andrew Cuomo seems that -- off the deep end here with college cash for cons. He wants to provide -- above 5000 dollars per prisoner. For college money wilder -- in jail. We don't see the parameters in this program as to whether that will be for short timers on way or will be for everybody because let me just nice -- -- the other night I was tossing and turning. And I was so concerned that maybe. Bucky Phillips wasn't getting a college education knows he's incarcerated. And I'm thinking if only we had a program. That would define people like Bucky Phillips and other murderers rapists name name the group. Okay because I think it's our job no our obligation to pick up the tab for them. Not quite what do you think. So at -- -- Against it already did Jane Corwin. Comes out strongly against -- senator mark progress on today boy accidentally call -- -- why I keep doing. The -- of evidence that very stellar names but there's. There's no coincidence so senator mark -- Saturday and Jane Corwin already speaking out against the program. If there was a pilot program and all seven. And if it worked. Get get a pop up and get a privately funded not everything has to be on the taxpayers back. If there are Philanthropic group said think that this would -- oh -- worthy purpose component of the money for this program. Wide of -- taxpayers have to. After -- all of -- I mean and CEO. Last week got a New York City wants to issues certain ID cards to equals so you know lines. So that they can get their benefits. -- they can. Can't drain the treasury fast enough meanwhile you're trying to put a few -- together for your kids college education my suggestion today six and get my gun. Gone to a hundred all purpose liquors that not a liquor store a convenience store. But don't hurt anybody but just do you go to jail get a free college education I was network. Obviously my tong is in my cheek crisis because some more Ronald they literally. But if you think about it it's not that far off the markets that alright though it's a Leo Chris we have lots of vote the postings on FaceBook. Yet as long term Joseph he says I am not okay when this I was never criminal I've never been to prison and no one as well rewarded me for being a good citizen. Criminals are locked up for a reason they should get a college education as a reward for yeah I agree with that. Think about it in this state they wanna punish the achievers. And wanna punish you if you if you're making a living without needing the government -- they like to reward those who need the government. Because those of the people talk about recidivism. Able that. Show recidivism at the ballot box you give them something they'll vote for your full life. And so this is another one of those do good feel good kind of things. And if it's that good and if it feels that good let let the private funding do what Austria. This -- from Maryland she says that paper has by the time -- in prison it's already too late we should invest more -- education for regular citizens now when -- high school in grade school instead of wasting tax money and convicts Maryland is exactly right. Think of the billions of dollars. Spent on education. For the people who were in jail now didn't -- to do them much good. The -- of dollars from Maria from from kindergarten right up 20 whatever they're in jail for a reason. And to think that all -- OK the recidivism. Rate will be lower. My idea my thought is if it's a great program. Let look via a private funding -- Let's go to -- -- it's in the job on WB yen. John patrolling airports. The idea recently retired. From corrections the end this college idea isn't new. They were doing it -- -- late seventies early eighty east. Inmates -- -- that we're doing life. We're able to get four year degrees. Some were able to try to work and advanced degrees. But there were never going -- While so they were in their pro life and they would there was still getting them yeah. Amazing. The program. Will eventually discontinued because it was cost ineffective. The state legislature stopped that for the reasons that you're giving people on the street can't afford to send -- kids to school. Yet we were giving degrees or spending money anyways I didn't -- -- work on home. If you put it in me -- medium security jail where supposedly the inmates within six years to go home. Quite often he's not there long enough to finish the degree anyway. No good point you have to look good points there. Yeah I especially I -- I knew it was a pilot program and -- seven but you say it goes back even further than that. We -- the pilot program was after they discontinued. The taxpayer rip off. Some private organizations did fond. Through grants. What you're. What you're being told also pilot program they were just trying to bring it back and trying to get the legislature to jump on the bandwagon but it didn't work. Meanwhile the cops that caught the guys and you know the folks that worked around Bermuda and get free college but the people who were incarcerated that you have to keep away from society would be getting -- that doesn't seem right. Right and it was that the colleges like dead -- very few states. Universities were united he had what they called the consortium. Which was Niagara contentious and was older I can't remember what it was my -- guy or not but. Why are. What a boondoggle it was for them money kept -- Mindanao. They would hire professor who really worked attached to the college. When -- the state candidates college program. -- of people thought well I'll get to go back on campus know they were all don't. Well colleges were just looking at this little money tell. While you bit and you give us an eye opener what with all that information -- want to thank you John appreciate it thank you -- brought out. Gaga thank you. Wow so here's -- from -- a conversation. They weren't pro life were part of a program so it never -- -- that. OK some people who were in polite sentences. Ago out before or via a degree was finished and then once they're out there is no guarantee they're gonna finish up. And -- -- colleges were hiring. -- professors that weren't even part of the staff at the time were part of the faculty the amazing. It's amazing that's why here's my clarion call for all you liberal professors who think the world isn't fair you know what he really sometimes isn't fair so why don't you go pony up and and then notify the governor send -- an email send them a Twitter -- -- send them something saying. I would like to as a college professor. I'd like to donate my time I would like to work pro Bono for the betterment of prisoners. No salary expected no benefits expected -- out -- cost me time and in energy but it's worth it. Okay get a volunteer group or groups -- vote very liberal minded professors who think it's worth their time. I don't see that happening but if it does maybe you'll listen to you that you really do care about other people and not just the job with a revenue that they produce. We'll be back tomorrow between company under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB. Is so predictable low. I guarantee I did not so I was not glued -- the news over the weekend but I guarantee you the usual suspects that we elect Sula. Office or go to Albany will be in favor of it they can't give away the taxpayer money fast enough. And what's really almost comical. It's not our show for today and I and I don't want to comment on today where it'll be a future show is Howell. Over the pre K which is prekindergarten it's for girls. What it really is it's not educating for your girls as providing more jobs through a unionized teachers that's what it means. And it's to take the take the -- why don't know. The great burden of of actually raising a child. Away from the parents and let the school do. And now they wanna start earlier weld blogs ago and the -- ago as a it's too much. Too much nerve he wants to have a citywide. Pre K program which we funded by taxing higher earners and almost has no wait a minute this is going to be is that program they're racing. Toward the -- the bankruptcy O line. They can't spend our money fast enough. And they can't find new ways to do it fast enough well Jane Corwin says yet. To this senator mark or -- says -- tests of this. But the usual suspects as as this a story plays out the usual ones who can't give it away -- -- stand in front of the camera and tell you what a great idea. Meanwhile people keep leaving. Keep leaving in droves. Meanwhile people is -- -- all kinds of debt. Four or college that they you gonna have to spend a lot of their life a lot of their working lives paying back. They don't get the free ride but the guy that's stuck up the store the guy that rape the woman in the dark Alley they're gonna get. The free college education. And this -- starts in March. I don't expect a long public -- A period of conversation about this this is the way Andrew Cuomo operates he ram -- things true. And he wants the he wants to grab every last red -- he possibly can. Does so that he can take credit for Earl. And I say it shouldn't be credit should be. It Austria and I'm trio wanted under its -- it's -- -- -- 930 let's go to -- -- and then vandals and Kevin -- on WB yen. Based sandy you know. Actually. Through. Hell it's people with great liberal intentional -- -- I'd like that. And and this city killing people right tool will be actually it was scumbag. And it didn't quite credible. Tutu Tutu that promote Brian and make in citizens of this country. I accept that also look to have one of these people Arctic gas or -- night on the weekend she can get duke which had secured a plot. Yeah they got they are they're very happy to give away taxpayer money to make the rules looser for those who break the rules and make the noose -- from those who play. I don't -- -- said that look you don't. I wrote that ST people might not -- -- -- -- each deep. And then I'll now register as a Democrat from -- I would run pulpit and -- wind -- I believe it will this particular well what we don't hear and I really really cool. That. -- -- -- For example. If we did these approaches are needed it'd be at Greenwich Village although there are no I would advocate T shirt. It's glitzy -- New York's stop the stupid for. Me to. I really think it's a quote I think we get separate from New York City. It hit him really as I mean that every liberal cause they can possibly find them now the latest one is this a pre case of the -- Videos they're willing to have its expert pick up a pick up the dime thank you very much. Yeah -- member of women used to Wear. I via a T shirt with -- Errol. Neck -- either going right -- left saying I'm with stupid which would be -- husband okay. But there would be good one to have Western New York with a seizures as I'm with stupid and have the arrow pointing to New York City. I think that that article I think it's the most out like that are there really go Chris scope with a couple more FaceBook boys because we are a lot of entries today. There's one comes from Joey he says what an idea make honest hardworking Americans pay their own way and give free -- to -- this is the Democrat way always pandering for votes as -- and he's exactly right that's exactly what it is is pandering is voters and the usual faces will appear on television cameras telling you what a great idea that is. Every butt kisser that we've sent to Albany will -- -- that you know why because they see it as an investment. Every dollar they give away. 21 of their constituents means they're gonna vote for them for -- then never gonna change it doesn't matter what kind of vote programs are brought up. What kind of financial. Stability or or an ardent our non where were looking at. They're going to be able account on their votes another. This one comes from Craig he says -- -- I wanna -- give free -- to illegals to what is the hard working middle class always gets screwed here. Where is the tax relief for ordinary citizens well we're. The wager that there was illegals because illegals get the discount they get the in state. Tuition now so 10 last week we're talking about this said it. They had a relative living -- them from another country that was. I'm going to college year and she had to pay through the nose OK and she was here as a guest and -- going to college well. The illegals get the instate tuition. So they snuck into the country and they pay less than the person who's here to study is paying through and knows. And if you live in in a nearby state eleven Pennsylvania eleven time eleven Massachusetts and you say you know whatever a lot of good things about university of buffalo or. You know name another college and in our state public. And I like to go there well UK and what you got to pay the out of state tuition which is considerably higher in the in state. So let's say legal taxpaying citizen from another state patron of the notes illegal snakes and get the discount. -- is -- and is it that I missed the end of the world as we know. That I miss right or wrong you talk about. It's not about courses to be taught how -- of the teachers another teachers about the politicians and the educators going to a common sense logical course make -- pass that first there's none of this makes any -- We don't we don't reward the providers here we punish them. We don't punish the people who are supposed to be punished because of their behavior in society we reward them. But that's an ass and backwards studio as insurers now seems like that to me. 80309301061692. For six -- at 930 meanwhile load -- once FaceBook page she makes it quite clear that. It is commendable -- commendable gesture to give -- an opportunity to be productive members of society but not with the taxpayer dollars. These are building a better education system. Is that risk children the opportunity stay out of trouble build better or more successful futures -- she's against the true. As is Marco -- Saturday. And would all the money spent on education. For these people if they've lived in New York all their lives from the time they were probably a six years old up and bill's time in jail all of that education. That was available to them -- seem to do much good does it. We're back remark will -- company under Israeli and I thirty W -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB GN and call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Why is it's not funny certainly bugs amusing let's say that we amusing is watching. A Cuomo on the block as a you know try and outmaneuver each other as -- who can give away the public treasury more in a faster way. And with Cuomo it's probably in his mind. I'm trying givers as many dollars out to as many people to try and reap the rewards in the next election the -- it -- just got elected and but that's probably his MO two -- another fighting over whether it should be a state program -- can be in New York State program. On a pre K. All day pre K. I wanted a picture -- child was like at the age of floor which would be pre K. And you tell me if your child had an all day attention span. But what they're good for -- -- it's good for funding to cheers and that. Adding jobs getting those union votes as you know how important it is a pre K through a successful life. So it's a joke we're living in a joke state and it's a sucker -- and why we're here. It's beyond me Chris though let's go to a couple more FaceBook go please. This is from Ricky says I'm OK with prisoners getting a ged but giving them a free college education is grossly unfair why would normal citizens. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Things like that which will be beneficial but you gotta draw the line somewhere is ridiculous to think that. Okay suddenly they're going to be enrolled in this program which costs at least 5000 dollars person and suddenly you're gonna turn their life around. Who knows why they enrolled in the program who knows if they'll ever use it. And all the billions of dollars spent on education we still end up with a lot of people in jail and imprisoned so that education doesn't do them much good. Mrs. from a Janice she says I'm gonna spend the next ten to fifteen years spending down my student loan debt while account -- gonna get his education paid for. If you wanna go to school. And -- -- -- go to prison at this point and I don't see you know why should have to pay for but as I said as a joke and they sweet sixteen party just got to get your son or daughter guns on the -- up someplace don't hurt anybody. A body armor armory. To get to a college degree honey. I mean it's ridiculous obviously my tongue in cheek saying that but it's not that far out of the realm of reality. Let's go to Allison and block port Allison on WB yen. I'm like god I rants about are you kidding me I'm sorry emailed her back in the governor I never motivated to do -- The difference that big brain fart ever. I mean we're here my daughter went to -- a -- battle -- in your mortgage. And she -- in the bartender at the governor hasn't created any jobs around here for her to earn and earn a living and and that daylight hours -- -- work. All kind of crazy hours. But right now well that's a good. -- -- local. -- and she. The way the job market opens the forty -- weeks I've been in part timer on my -- on any given away. I'm glad you brought that up because Cuomo in selling this makes it sound like if we can get a degree in the hands of the president there gonna go on get a good job and you just pointed out so many go graduates who aren't prisoners who weren't in prison. You either are underemployed or unemployed good point. But let's talk about now -- -- now. -- -- That intellectual level of criminal. Is often very high they got its web question literature let's talk about me -- hierarchy of needs. And let's talk about more me SE few car what -- -- -- what. College are. People got failure programming. Actual actual year. I might edit documents element into -- and got his education. And well you -- the optional and but who I agree or not gonna change it at this point they're light and pretty early pre school care for people who are out work. Exactly exactly you got I can understand your -- because we're betting campus Emery usual are. And it seems like it's closing it on. I can't afford to pay for all hit tens of thousands of dollars here to go. College and get back and they -- now campaign for a bunch of people who -- aren't going to be a good return and that's. I love Allison I feel your passion and I Sherrod to thank you thank you very much. I consideration in the event I'm glad Doug gave her an opportunity she's exactly right I'm glad -- brought up the of the point about. About her her kid who's graduated. And is looking for good job there aren't a lot of good jobs around there so the assumption that the big governor by some of them puts out the areas that you know. Once these people get out of president they've got that college and a big either going to be productive members of society. I don't know going to be fighting for the same jobs as the people who just got out of college at the same time -- ago out of prison. With the same -- who didn't go to prison. Okay and very large number you talk to anybody who's as a kid has graduated lately or talk to work as Roger violently. And they'll tell you jobs are few and far between. As one of the reasons we're losing a lot of people bad in the high taxes in the -- Soto is that the -- the the prisoner is undergoing a Frontline get the job while the non prisoner doesn't is. -- -- Mean -- worth discussing has. But that's the way they're selling this and have you noticed that it seems to be. The -- modus operandi now of Albany the just brings stuff on its. At any have you heard of this -- a week ago probably not -- publishers you know -- in Albany. No they just suddenly come up with a there's no public comment period we don't get a chance to a really you know a contact people who try and stop this of this Bali. And then it's part of we -- out with a obamacare as part of us we saw it with New York State same thing. Same thing obamacare was pro prolonged but it was the same thing it was it was a big cram down our throat. And here's the deal cram it down your throat and here's the check you -- or. We know. I don't wanna pay for prisoners education I'm sorry. Bad enough we have to pay for their incarceration. Don't try and sell me that it's a great financial step -- that throw another 5000 dollars into the pot hoping that something happens will be back after this. You know in the town of Boston eight years tool for your stance -- when I was in the town Boston. It was always beautiful kind of quiet not a lot of lot of action but Tony you tell me. They had a girl and her boyfriend creating were having a sub sandwich and he ate her sandwich. Yet according to channel two. She was charged with driving while intoxicated. After she had -- -- from with the car turn and arguments against. He -- her solved -- -- stubborn she ran over whether car you have put their. Telling troopers that he slept. All is -- -- well maybe he did. Maybe he's slipped in front of the wheels and he may not have slipped that in 9%. We don't know audiences of these probing questions but I did learn something from the story of what's that not to eat anything that genie can't exactly efforts you. Surprises me about animals I've had a lot of cats. I've read dogs through -- against. Is that those same wanna -- there's two bulls out for them and it is to water balls as two balls for full whatever. And of war is eating out of -- bowl okay and the other cat comes and starts eating out of the same bowl. The first cat will just walk away they never fight for the food maybe that's because is not in short supply. Maybe if they were hungry they might have but in the in the real world I'm thinking that you'll we've seen all these animals shows were. Where lions. You don't mess with a -- alliance eating. And house cats are not alliance but I'm thinking and that's that's totally different than that and the wildcats they're willing to share their -- one walks away and incomes Bakalar can have I'll fight my son over leftover cookies I don't blame -- and -- -- I would not run over my girlfriend or my wife salsa which. Must've been written with the FedEx Cup news. Really good she's not that -- you know the color of big foot long he yeah I should build on I think you're. You -- Aren't -- -- variance they were Jerry thinks about this fabulous plan from Albany -- you're on W via. I city. Democrat and I guess. Almost like a look pretty detention to spot -- players -- other. He can -- dictator. I think the only way this city is gonna change. Is that we. We have to elect. We go to to vote. We got to change of people that are there for a while to get people monitor it and don't always do that I am a Democrat of Oregon is all well aware that Democrats do the same thing. I just think that. We need to take a lesson from taxes in Alaska order there they have a billion dollars surplus and we should be learning from them. We just get deeper and deeper in debt that is gonna change until we get new people and there and new blood in -- working for us to not just from themselves. The same old same -- -- stated every year it's the same stuff over and over. Yeah it doesn't get any better and well -- also the governor of Wisconsin turned a big mega. A disaster of a budget into surplus so it can be done you have to have the will part of get a gun and -- pass the word out their jury don't let fellow Democrats know. Did it get plumber thing I hope. One that says the deal on you know whether. The video out he -- see in the not elect people to go to our. Killer talks about Obama here because. If it's that's a good video of our country. Okay thank you very much. It's a symbol symbol and as long as as his New York is part of New York if you don't wanna my drive. It's going to be tough to turn around but not impossible I mean look what happened in Wisconsin. Where they -- pulled out all the stops to try and recall the governor and it failed and failed. And then what happened is the governor's -- in the state bureau Republican. With some common sense stuff. So it can happen but here's the deal and I agree -- Jerry Jerry says he's a Democrat and he's sick of of Andrew Cuomo I'm sick of Cuomo I'm I'm not a Democrat. But the point is Cuomo doesn't sense that. Or he's not getting them back in the and he is. In his way -- simply because he's trying to push all this stuff now. And this could. According to his god help them get reelected otherwise why would he do it. If he just believed it but thought it would hurt his reelection he would wait until after the election. OK I got reelected now I got four more years instead he's piling on this stuff on now. So he's gonna think it's gonna help me. I have -- get this done before the election that I take I can take credit Ford instead of taking the blame for the big difference I mean you got this. And on an even bigger scale you've got the the pre K all day. Which your forty year old would be going to pre K. All day paid for by the government of -- all had enough nerve to come out -- his own plan in New York City. Funded by attacks on higher incomes. And Cuomo says wait a minute this should be a state program so they're fighting over who can give away the money faster and it's basically for all day babysit. It seems to me dad. The one city that Cuomo needs the most publicity that he. It's he has they have he can do without the rest of the state ordered him reelected tourists near city so which is extremely liberal self throughout his many liberals then you've locked up New York City so even if trump comes then. Cuomo -- If trump even gives them a battle he's got the edgewood New York -- you're. -- -- to politicians I just mention about two cats not fighting at the water at the food fish okay. These are 20 a bird liberal minded people who wanna give away your last cent they're fighting all over who can give away faster and The Who have jurisdiction and I was gonna get credit for. It's an amazing moment amid -- -- it's it's on the front page of the newspapers. They're battling head to head as to who can give away more taxpayer money and what does that entail it entails teachers' unions. Because they're not gonna hire babysitters. Which is what they need if they do this program that -- hire teachers. So if all of a sudden you got all day pre K. Now I don't know about you know what if you're forty year old has the attention span. For all day. I get on jeopardy or something get her on jeopardy. Because -- for girls don't have that so what they're saying is. If you don't wanna be bother raising your own child will raise your child for your dropped can drop them off at least and will take caramel day. I can always speak of the daycare that nick goes to the same goes to. And that is that they don't. Even do all pre K all day they split it in half they'll do instructions you know in the in the more but the rest of the time it's played in sleep and. The reason they want an all day is that your target stores are more just like when film -- more stands up and says though we're gonna have. A smaller class size. Well why they just say we need more teachers why they surmise that because they don't want to do that that would be to lobbyists. They smaller class size in order to have a smaller class size you either have to have people not enrolling in school or you need more teachers -- that we get -- I think so and then this is an example of how a mass hiring of frenzy to baby sit. Four girls so and nobody has shown me no body has shown me any kind of research done on three K. That says that as an adult you benefited because you're in -- Now you can take pre K but let's not pretend its something it's not. It's a way to get out of out of the house the earlier. I get away maybe you have to work maybe you just don't want to bother women who knows but that's what it's about it's not about education in meanwhile suckers like me pay for our -- -- -- kids to golf your -- well that's the way it is. The people who accomplish something in New York State are chastise him and shaken down. The people who are a shakedown artists of the benefit of the -- Very liberal government in Albany and your -- About wraps it up. Yeah I could use in college classes telling his theories that would be easy to do quick getaway route I have -- -- -- Think they recognize me I have a hoodie it's what my body over -- exactly I come from a poor neighborhood. I've got about where becoming -- because they becoming a -- never. We'll see you are not under greater than thirty W via. Which they never dreamed could be used.

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