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2-18 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This comes under the heading of you can't make this stuff Bob Andrew Cuomo has announced that he would like to this is a program a starter in 2007 -- private funding. And a limited amount of colleges. Give a college education to. Criminals people who are in prison I'm calling -- college cash for cons it's Andrew Cuomo's idea. And as I said you can't make an -- -- he says it costs 60000 dollars a year. For each prisoner and the recidivism. Rate is too high so. I'm thinking they should have a free college education. -- -- -- The he has not said what the total program would cost they haven't given any qualifications. -- what it is but it. For every person I guess that is 5000 dollars five. Thousand dollars got a and so I'm asking of are you -- -- up this kind of money taxpayers because the -- the -- -- -- -- for and you know what -- yourself off your rocker with this anyway why don't you make it a full educational experience and let the let the convicts have -- Trips would be nice. Field trip and bring them to the local dairy and show them how cows produce milk and whatever. It's just -- just insane living in this state is in sane he rarely has because that taxpayers pay for everybody. The cop that caught the criminal doesn't get a college had a paid for. As I said the corrections officer doesn't get college -- paid for why should the prisoner. In fact it's not to a corrections officer former one anyway this is Stephen hammers behavior on WBBM. Good morning hello state. I wanted to mention that governor probably has and other agendas which he isn't telling the public. What you want to do was to double boxing throughout the state inmates to jails more unsafe selectors should -- tried to -- cared for the horse's nose. The partial follow the care and I think that's what's going -- it we gotta be you know all. How many how much morning got stole from. -- would not Cuomo ran it -- not you know I just don't trust this governor because it that's why I've never voted. -- -- I don't trust them -- now I wouldn't have the insight you have vote you know being a retired corrections officer I did not know that that's something that they were you talking about are pushing. Oh yeah that's yeah they don't yeah it's terrible what's going -- I know XP from things. My own experience I know what it's like to be beat on charges -- have my bones broken. And my brains scrambled from being heard at work it's a terrible thing. Well officers go through it's the it's it's unbelievable the people make policy. Go president may have blocked the -- -- council they can come through would take at -- that's how dangerous these. Oh absolutely well we wish the best I'm glad you spoke from an insider's point of view because I think it's insane thank you very much just insane. Yeah okay they say the recidivism vote vote will be less if they have a degree. It it's what does it end. Assessing where president. Another words like differences with the illegal. Immigration. -- downstate New York City they wanna give home ID cards the illegals. -- so that they can get their benefits pastor he can't make this stuff up. The illegals also already get New York State. In state tuition for college. They then that's something they get that you can't you know you get if you live in Pennsylvania. Or Massachusetts or the surrounding areas you'd like to go to college in New York State you pay through even knows if you're criminal now -- notice is easier. So here are we're rewarding all the bad guys and draining all the good guys. Who thinks that's a great idea I'd like to know but yet people think. They keep -- to Bosnia or just want election down there now I don't know. I have no idea though whether -- whether Cuomo will weren't we will win reelection. We haven't seen the white smoke come vote Donald Trump chimney had so we don't know if he's going to bless us with the run or not. I don't think he's going to but so bottom line is if he doesn't. I don't think we have much of a chance especially. If it's not trump I think trump is basically for what we -- our only chance. And even that's a long shot so this is what we don't we keep. We keep giving away our tax money. And now the target -- even more programs with the universal pre K here's universal pre K means means for a four girls. You can't take care of your own four year old -- the state will provide you with a baby sitter it's called pre K. We'll hire qualified teachers to be babysitters. And so you don't even have to worry about your -- short of giving birth. Everybody also do your work for everybody also pay the bill Ford and that's what kind of a state we've turned so it's ridiculous. But that's the way it is and and people keep up voting for these clowns. Let's go to Franken got to -- frank what do you think it asks. -- city is that you know the thing you've heard at all. Hurt at all. It's very into cup how the problem. -- -- -- -- -- Guy and got bigger city Mozilla yeah -- come up with this and we're slang detects people. -- over 500000 dollars defiant little place. Don't think no one know why people who live in your city and alms people right here and I don't like eight white people are leaving this state and -- that they are. So I think like this. You know I -- for a lot to me it's deep and rates that are in Britain. Our recent security are rapists. And against the Arab murderers. For what ever other -- -- and therefore. You know it took them that they had gone to school when they were supposed to go to school. What are we were young. They tell their parents according depicted the children and -- in return to them. Maybe we will inherit the problem that we hear now there are doubts either from what makes you think that -- them. College agreed to -- Kapalua probably are -- to begin. So walk. Almost think that I. Well look at how many politicians have a college degree and end up in prison so college degree is not necessarily get out of jail over regard. No I mean you know -- you're -- protect remembered. What I. What I would outward like disability. Which -- early nineties and I are we're heading off to college. And it -- and money were extremely tight I -- I -- -- really. Pardon -- I say it outright lies and we're electric outages and there we were looking for further right it's all. I -- working. And -- making our interpreter. -- the 2000 dollars over we according to write Angel assistance to save our lives. Because I like we're making -- much money. Well. Well -- the -- insects away is we eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches -- -- -- -- kids. Just so so we are outlandish statement get help from the federal government will get -- nobody -- We're here and try to get any assistance from the city you're from the colony or from anybody we did what we can't do this -- -- -- through college. And it did go to college and there are doing very well right now. Now what you have to do is that I had ever sixteenth birthday you'd have to giver Gonzalez go rob a convenience store -- -- college I mean it's ridiculous. Ridiculous almost 14 eastern that say -- that the progress here the true. I'll figure free education -- goal and our Robert convenient source someplace. Can now get thrown in jail had been altered my education. Grants the Governor Cuomo. It's written yet. And Cuomo friend of the Conn why not thank you thank you very much. It doesn't get I mean it doesn't get anymore bizarre than words and we're living right now we're living in an alternate universe in this in this state we really truly are will be back after. It Austria and -- 301806169236. 930 -- general Cuomo's college cash for cons. And -- -- proposing some -- Kosovo 5000 dollars a prisoner for a college education college courses and they'll offer him. Let's say. They'll offer different associates. Degrees and have a list here of what would be available he didn't specify the overall cost. The this state will issue a request for proposals from qualified educational associations. In March. In 2007 the department of corrections has partnered with colleges including Cornell and Bard to offer privately. Funded degrees. At 22 prisons and this will be an expansion of that except this will be publicly funded taxpayer money. Now I -- have no problem with prisoners. Of finishing their high school degree of grown up. I have no problem aware of those trades you can and you can teach trades within the prison walls so the job no problem that that's good when it comes to college that's a whole different ball game. Because people often a sacrifice and suffer. And so they're kids go to college. And either they're broke when they send them -- broke when they're done or they carry huge debt to be paid off because we pay for everything. Of the prisoner would get it for for so here's my idea. See if you like this okay and now our republic and -- Away where. -- I don't know law and order people all. You know spending taxpayer money wisely usually the people that like these programs. Are very liberal. Something the them have problems in their -- that's why there and though as rape consumers. Ever. Do whatever we can mimic them better so here's my suggestion you know what you find a lot of liberals. In colleges. Don't you know he'll find a lot of liberals. As professors so here's my suggestion and I think it's a great suggestion this'll help your conscience and it'll help the budget. It will make everything easier for everybody. Why don't they have a ball and -- a volunteer program where college professors. Volunteered their time -- ball no. No -- knee you've got. Because I think you know liberals are very generous with taxpayer money when it comes time to pony it up yourself. Free shows how much you care about the guy to rob the 7-Eleven. Show us how much you care about the guy who cripple the cop in the line of duty show us how much you care. By giving your time. Him and your effort for 42 this program. Because otherwise somebody might think that you like this simply because it's more income for EU. Now I know that that really sounds cynical all but that's the way I feel about it. Because I'm sick and tired of paying for everybody including the dirge as a society the murderers the rapists are going to get tax money. Of mine to go to college you gotta be kidding. I think I guess we're Tony on this one before Mexico. Yeah I'll help out yeah I don't put my hate for the -- liberals who can't do enough with the downtrodden be incarcerated. You've popular time for free -- -- an opt out of college professors for cons. And work port when nothing and then maybe I'll listen to -- What it -- whole program with the Oklahoma. I think this is just ridiculous. He's got to be eliminated he's got to be someone's got to step up and beat him before he totally ruins the state. Swirling around the drain and he doesn't seem to get enough hi I did not see this or everybody says he's a survey of ten cities that are are in trouble. And are losing them losing. Foot hole one at ten cities are ten dying cities -- in New York City and New York State placed three of its cities and Robin have three of buffalo at number three Rochester number four New York City at number ten. Now we're allowed to get a hole that's serving a strong I think is just ridiculous ridiculous though -- human. Doesn't even -- Louisville let's go to -- well on a cell phone will you're on WB. Beijing and he real quick in and out all the leaders are talking here. About what you can order now. They already get free college -- brother in law partner -- -- he didn't triggers it and I guess through yours is the key. I doubt that I'll you what the security -- security at 3200 dollar check. We're departure check you're automatically eligible for about factory right well here. And he was entitled to all the twelve years of college pre paid by me. True at all all these programs. Not only. -- -- -- the pictures are athletic director worked at all. Now while I I know awards in 2007 there was a private program. Funded with private money that you used at Cornell and barred a university and -- and others. But the bottom line is it was not publicly funded this would be a publicly funded so it's even more money thrown at it well thanks for that information that I didn't know it thank you very much. Yeah here's -- here's a story this is though from WB in itself okay and the program offer associate and bachelor degree education at ten prisons one in each region of the state according to Cuomo's office. I wonder they don't want an Albany for all the people serve in Albany they should have a prison clothes to work and -- that there be appropriate. A New York currently spends 60000 dollars a year. On each prisoner and this will cost approximately 5000 dollars a year for this plan. The governor did not specify the cost of the overall program. The stable issuer request for proposal from qualified educational associations in March so that's next month you'll notice. That all this stuff we find out just says it's starting or after it's already started. Did you hear any public comment on this were there any hearings that anybody get a chance to speak out as an average tax -- citizen I didn't. Since 2007. The state department of -- of corrections has partnered with colleges including Cornell and barred. To offer privately landed. Props are privately funded degree programs at 22 prisons this new program expand on that. Senator mark or -- does not agree he says I support rehabilitation. And reduce recidivism. But none of the taxpayer's dime when so many individuals and families in New York are struggling to meet the ever rising costs of higher education. I'm fighting to restore the availability of gradual love root level tuition assistance program tap funds to middle class taxpayers. That was previously eliminated so they eliminated that and now he wants to spend money on prisoners. I'll continue to fight for its reinstatement. Before I even begin to entertain the idea of supporting this program that's -- markers on -- that wouldn't like his vote on. New York safe but I like his his position on this for sure a lot. And I want your position you know why you're entitled their position who did you live in New York stay -- -- gonna cost you money it cost me money. It's it's it's a state deal. Ended there again -- just bring it it's a wonder he didn't announce in the middle of the night that's how they usually do business in Albany. Do you favor this or do not favor this and sure. Not college professors who want to take care of those downtrodden. Shortened -- act pro Bono for free. -- won't say how much you -- of the dumb fraud. We'll be back with more under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. We're back what did you go to a -- image. I've come of their conclusion that Rush Limbaugh is right I've -- the conclusion that Tom Golisano is right I've come to the conclusion is a Sean Hannity is right. What conclusion that they all come to do that living in this state as a sucker bet it is a sucker bet. If you're productive in this state they screw -- -- wall mean to block he just got elected a downstate is mayor of New York a with the promise that. He would help eliminate our our help alleviate income disparity. And -- why does he make more money than you do that's not fair that's not right. And so about now they've got a proposal to tax hiring comes. To vote to fund the boy does he -- A pre K all day program. -- okay. Anybody out there and I don't wanna get off track but anybody out there tell me that -- four year old as an all day attention span. Our management here at -- doesn't have an all the attention span so I'm sure that well maybe that was a bad example of what I'm saying as a four year old doesn't have an all day attention span. It is the pre K. Is simply this it's a baby sitter. Got it so instead of hiring babysitters. Unless we get back of the fifteen year old girl who's saving money for prom dress. No they're gonna hire teachers for this. And so now the Bosnia -- Cuomo -- fighting over who's who's a program it should be it should be a state program said the governor. But meanwhile the -- they can't give away the money fast enough. In the closet saying got a New York we got to have these ID cards. For illegals so we can get them their benefits faster we did that show last week and now Cuomo comes out with -- us. I could hardly wait to get on the air today governor over the weekend yes we wanna give college education through. Prisoners. So I'm calling this college cash for cons. Where they will take the money out of your wallet the value of the ones working. Then take your money. And you know the one the saving for your -- college then I'm gonna get a from a government they're gonna take they wanna give it to a con. And that's the way it works in remarks and those who produce gets screwed those who don't get welcome. Those who break a larger welcome those who Obey the -- -- this is a sucker bet living in this state I can tell you that right now. Let's go to Charlie and for -- -- Charlie or on WB you know what you think of this cash for comments. Good morning -- hello in Europe and where. Grads -- What happened. -- -- about that it is. Impatient. About it. And we can't now. Charlie Charlie if you're listening trying to call back -- put your right on the air but you're in a bad cells on what will put him on that have outlined it. Yeah I'm asking if you if you like this I'm suggesting that for all of you liberals out there especially you liberal college professors who. Wanna use of taxpayer money for every good cause you think UC. Why don't you simply volunteers services. Come up. And that'll make you feel good 'cause we can't believe that you only care about the downtrodden when it means money in your pocket. You only care about the -- downtrodden one means jobs. Or extra time -- -- compensated time. If you really care then you do it pro Bono. For those of you not in the law department that means for flowery. And so when I see that when I -- college professors for bonds. And volunteering. Their time so that we don't have to use public money then maybe I'll listen to. Until then. It's it's the same ball same ball. Doesn't enrich your paycheck does affect your wallet does he give you better benefits does that help your retirement plan. Because the liberals are very very fast and loose with with the the taxpayers' money. Very much. 3301806169. Through resistance there aren't that it would would give Charlie another shot I will be in a better zone go ahead Charlie -- -- what's on your mind today. -- don't that's a lot better guards are. Well case then I was talking to a former lady approached chop wood county about this very subject last night. And he was an instructor from -- -- participated in the program but twenty years ago. And it was quite successful. -- recidivism rate was under 10%. And it's say is that taxpayers. Thousands of the doubt I'll burst of incarceration right. -- against saving taxpayers. -- yes I am I -- I don't think taxpayers and Charlie -- Charlie I'd I don't think next is there enough by a really been more first of all that caused all the way to Segway is a it is it is a it is private private dollars funded the 07 project okay there if it's irreverence. I'm telling you saw that. Farther back -- would -- 1520 years ago well why don't have. Out of the project well that was going why don't we talk. Well if you want to listen for a minute maybe maybe you can or something -- the 07 project was privately funded if it's such a great deal we certainly have announced Philanthropic organizations. Why does everything have to be paid for by the taxpayer if there's somebody who takes a strong interest. In the criminal justice system and thanks of people get a bad rap -- rap. Maybe they should round up enough pride bit money for a program instead of every penny coming out of the taxpayers -- That's the way it works well it's never like that they might do project. Let's do a little project was some private money this worked out good now let's go -- -- the taxpayer shall wait 5000 dollars a prisoner. Now I don't know they haven't released any information. On what the qualifications. Would have to be for somebody to get this program. But at 5000 a pop. It's going to be expensive. No matter what it is and Cuomo did not announce the cost of the program. In 2007. The department of corrections partnered with colleges including Cornell on Bart. To offer privately funded degree programs that 22 prisoners. I'm 22 prisons. So as -- my position as does does everything have to be from the taxpayers if it's a good program and there are people who care. And there are people who care with money in their foundations -- cared and wanted to do some good indeed how about this one take this one. Instead of us the taxpayers -- oftentimes campaign for our own kid's college paying for a prisoner. I'm paying for a cause and paying for rapists the murderer who knows why. Let's give them a freak free ride because maybe they'll come back when you released. Will be back after. It'll be interesting. They're going to roll out suggestions. Not suggestions are going to roll out. Our request for proposal. That's what the state calls that for qualified educational. Associations in March. To be associated -- this program. Have you noticed that whenever they try and just blind side -- with something we have no public comment on the have you heard anybody talking about this before this weekend. And now and march they're gonna start. Soliciting. You know one of colleges to participate hadn't heard anything about it and that's the way it worked with the a lot of the legislation comes out of New York has done in the dead of night on a weekend there's no public comment on just his ram through. Well not everybody agrees with the first at all. We have to right here. Markers of a before I get into that. It'll be interesting to see what the parameters are if this is this -- just for people who are short timers who are only going to be in -- another year to. Or is it going to be for any prisoner -- of any browser you're -- thirty years what good is that gonna do society. Probably not much. So is this war and -- offenses are we going to pay for college for murderers and rapists tomorrow. I'd like to not like it's spelled out a meanwhile this is from Jane Corwin FaceBook page. Giving inmates an opportunity to become productive members of society upon completion of their sentence. Is a commendable gesture however using taxpayer dollars that could be directed to our public education system sends the wrong message. Millions of honest hardworking New Yorkers take on debt to fund their own education is it fair to have them pay for others as well. Building a better education system -- at risk children the opportunities there out of trouble and build a better and more successful future. Governor Cuomo needs to take a hard look at his priorities that's Jane Corwin. Now senator mark -- Saturday. I support they rehabilitation. And reduce recidivism. But not at the taxpayer's dime when so many individuals and families in New Yorkers struggling. To meet the ever rising costs of higher education. I'm fighting to restore the availability of graduate level tuition assistance programs -- Four middle class taxpayers. That was previously eliminated. And I'll continue to fight for the reinstatement. Before even beginning to entertain the idea of supporting this program so of course not he's against that. And -- against its -- a couple of voices heard early on and most appreciated. -- if as I said if this is such a hot shot idea. You would think that some of these Philanthropic organizations Wednesday. We will kick in money because we want a better society. And and habits of privately funded made -- professors at the college level who seemed to have a great great heartache over. The unfair treatment of of some human beings would like to volunteer their time instead of being paid for. Maybe volunteers. Shows me your heart's in the right place when you show up at something you pay for it it's just another job as far as them. So taxing that could be a private program an average -- program which. But on taxpayer dime I'm sorry. I don't -- -- 60000 dollars a year keep this guy in jail I don't know what we spent prosecuting them and finding him. And they're dragging him off to jail to court system. With lawyers involved we all kinds of money and now papers college education you gotta be kidding. You've got to be kidding. Let's go to. Was next with some you'll. Probably be on one which would be Mike in buffalo -- WB. Cindy good morning longtime listener I'm good to get a hold that you I was a prisoner for some time I committed. A lot of lot of business burglaries and I had an opportunity back in the early nineties to take college courses. But that was an advantage for mediate didn't cost the taxpayers. A lot of dollars. I was given that opportunity and paid back the education system while I took these college courses and now over the past twenty years I pay my taxes. I have -- employee and I was afforded great opportunity take college courses in in prison. And -- and other committed another crime and now I have a great business and I just think that. The taxpayers will be in the Poconos it's a wrong move the broad strokes. Of course always thrown out there by the politicians and we have to suffer for. The first song I'm glad it worked out well for you Mike we like to hear stories like you just Roloson that's very beneficial and the same amount of good could be spread with private funds as a public funds and I think that your point -- Yes it is and I believed dead -- different system should be in place where. We. Double what I wanted to prisoners should have to pay the education system and -- -- on the backs of the people that we of armed like the taxpayers. Threaten them through the courts dragging them through our parole they're -- old -- need our money tax dollars that are involved not just by the person being. Incarcerated but there's also residuals says that but -- a person -- an education -- should be taken upon that inmates. To be responsible. Well several well spoken thank you might appreciate it thank you very much a very good a responsible -- taxpayer or guy who learned his lesson and and it's something that's great. You know you have to think the way the way it's presented as this Cuomo said Acosta 60000 -- don't incarcerate a -- program. The this program to -- 5000 dollars though for each person that's an enrollment at for education. The recent recidivism rate of the repeat rate is less than it was before. All right so that's how it's sold but the bottom line is as soon as as the Leo -- -- The costs of getting that person to jail. And the cost of keeping him in jail and whatever. Now the added burden of a college education is more than we should be expected to pay. We should be expected to teach through a treat our prisoners humanely. With good food good medical care. There's a decent life outside the fact McGinley the president all right I have no problem that. I also have no problem way of high school education being finished there. -- no problem would trade education being done there. Because that is a useful something that they can actually get out of jail and applied for job and maybe find a job because. Of the educators have been saying there we've got to produce more people that know how to do trade jobs which what are good paying. And they're good solid jobs and bill would would give you a decent life. But to just throw another program and us the taxpayers and is virtually at the same time as. New York State -- -- New York City about who's going to find you reversal all of Dade free K. Another words the state wants to fight the city. Over who's gonna provide a baby sitter for your four year old every single day and they're also talking about providing dinners now. I mean it's ridiculous it's one that the state take over our lives now. -- Cuomo is assuming that once a prisoner gets a degree -- he leaves the present system is going to be able to get a job. Are based locker into just walk into here's my diploma we realize how difficult it is if you're convicted felon to get a job. Period. Does he also understand how many people who weren't prisoners who have graduated with a degree are either working in jobs outside their field or are under employed. Or totally unemployed. These are people who don't have a criminal record. So suddenly is it going to be magic because somebody says yes I have a degree it was. Okay how about the person who wasn't imprisoned with the same degree was gonna get hired first let's guess. Shall we guess that one. All right so dare they they sell this fantasy and that's what it is a fantasy. And think of the billions of dollars spent on education. Well look at buffalo billion dollars a year less than 50% graduation. Now ha obviously just throwing money at something -- and throwing a degree is something. Didn't make that work OK because there are out of school would -- agree not even a high school degree half of them half. Half of the students in buffalo so you're telling me is gonna BO magic elixir. Because you're in jail now people are gonna flock to the gate waiting for you to be dismissed -- saying -- kind of person we want our drug company I don't think so. Like Mike's attitude the last caller we have these -- together we'll be back yeah.

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