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2-18 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 18, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello is -- over the -- I can't even look at the TV anymore while incredibly US Russia I I don't -- rigorous enough with. We'll be Russian that your. I mean is now located hardly anybody's talking about a mentioning different I I was kind of exciting. Not as exciting as Johnny Weir is open however. I. Hockey players and in the pairs skating that would be fine. But they haven't changed sports have a hockey players. Changed so you know places with a figure skaters. I'd like to -- instead of the -- man or woman have a -- -- world Malcolm around the guys I think that would be fabulous. -- And then I have some of the the ladies skaters. Play hockey I think that would be really really -- you know or find out who. That underneath those snowboard outfits and some pretty hot babes. The ones -- -- -- -- you don't look like you have fell off a corn flakes box it looks a -- some. While there's a web site that showed a lot of these ladies that are in there in the I'm in the Olympics like even -- one it was a name teeters last matches snowblower. And -- look at her she looks like he's fourteen and as your little sister and she was just on on on a box of Kellogg's. Not quite the same when she was photographed while. I mean there's there's a lot of very very Mo Jones which everybody you know raved about. It is not even in the top ten compared to them while New Jersey guys are checked that out and Arnold website you know I'm on social media all week as it was -- I can't I can't I sometimes. I have to have water thrown on me to get me away from aboard the keyboard in order to Bob and all my only. How somebody was asking what the make and model of your headphones. Because she's interested in buying up. Okay now as always warn about headphones. When you're trying to on the start they sound like they're gonna sound when you listen to him in the store. He got to plug amending your source where you're gonna use them in office in -- it's going to be on your iPad or iPod you Cameron met with you. But they're different but -- at odds are Sony's. MDR 7506. There of these professional model -- because I'm professional. I'm more professional like -- -- X. My horoscope today. Now I look at my horoscope every day and it's amazing how it fits my life it I don't believe it. But but I do -- -- -- -- every -- listen to this today first of all you're gonna follow along -- -- feces so check it out you know some people are. Taurus and Jim and I and cancer and Leo -- -- species -- check out what it says for me today. I'm not making this up if online and time reading. Stay in the line. Don't ask or look for trouble he -- meddling will lead to an argument. Protect your reputation and show compassion for those around you. It's better to be safe than sorry. Here's what I say to my horoscope that will be good day if it hasn't happened by now it's not gonna happen so that's at. Idea I -- it's airline. I don't metal and don't ask for trouble what the hell life while we weren't living at the moment. I want you guys what are you zoning leave rock leave Barack was trying to work here and self reliance is your best bet don't count on anyone at home. -- here about cooking or sex if I'll Google with sort of Leo Leo Leo okay here's Leo. Look for a chance to show off your skills. It is excellent with sports he really is and I'm not just saying it's -- that is what I do that's not the way our cool dude dude dude. But he really has. You draw scrutiny if you make an unusual choice and then OK that's all right now but mine was right on and -- York. Mean Christmas. I would say that -- since you're all over Russell's immediate -- really you get a lot of requests from names that are so. Strange and obviously there. What do they call those fake couple files. Into efficient accounts may have thought OK I'll I got -- time I guess some in Chinese and I get I get somewhere here's the thing real. If you've ever sent me any kind of vote like email or an inning with -- attachment. It got deleted just don't know I don't open anything even from people I know. Even from people I know I John Burns now I know numbers don't particularly like a -- much what I'm gonna. -- -- you know just delete the -- because I got a virus once from a friend of mine who didn't even know was attached. And so now I just assumed that every attachments a virus that. The -- on. Yeah -- video about the hockey game we did he or didn't that he did quick move that movement that or not. I don't think it would you -- and of the -- it was a scrum in front of -- -- Around the time that that happen to probably get knocked off then and nobody realized it out and I'm sure president I'm sure there's a stationary overhead camera. And to be very easy for them to check the footage and find out if he did and I mean the Russians are now protesting right guys who is being a bit iffy about all of this the Albert you've got to listen to him he carries a gun well okay. It in whatever he's got here and in and then I'm surprised the the officials as they're walking around yeah exactly they may not an arena well that was a late night again -- I think it was a Fallon did the -- want to call it our guys have been jokes said that. The US teams moving on to the next round in the Russian team are missing. Well look. What is a pretty good line of your -- about it. Yeah it was a very exciting the shootout thing is. I love shootouts it's quadruple that they'll make your nervous wreck yet now I didn't even -- this guy was that made Florida six because problem. Marginal hockey fan I don't. Follow much I didn't know we will I'd ever heard his name before but I know -- like the Russians on the Russian side Ovechkin didn't even get the show now is any like a great score -- what do you think they didn't even a cinema. Prefer that Chris -- is a great score he shoot the percentage is in. It's not outstanding but it's around 30%. -- was a little surprise that now try amount I mean there's only teach DOC should and it in an interview afterwards that guy. He was -- -- -- when it because it was a running out of moves so I would think you would like to give the goaltender may be a different look it's probably easier at least you'd assume so -- facing the same battle cat is an and that wasn't McCain and -- -- -- issues now so it was it was unusual but very exciting. -- wrote a column in the Buffalo News about it rule one of the columnists strangely enough. And I totally agree this really. For people who are marginally interest in and hockey this was really a great plus game. Because it showed how exciting game as if you know hockey knowledge it is X an exciting game anyway but this was over the top. I think one of the reasons at least two ways and I posted this over the weekend. I wish he NHL would adopt the Olympic size ice during their watering yet because now we're getting to see these guys gay straight in to see creativity -- -- -- it's fun to watch. It really was it was a fun game to watch and -- will follow that OK we'll take a break will be back -- more would be and company on news radio and I definitely are WB yet. I don't -- us hobby. Olympic skating they always. They always -- sandbags skating. When they started they NBC broadcast last night and 8 o'clock. Is -- cut up -- ago Paris and -- That it wouldn't be coming up anytime soon I was right. First they went to this is more than they went -- -- sort of showed up at almost 11 o'clock that's the way they Dick are now -- VO when they know there's something you want. And but the -- the American and a ice ice dancing couple. -- -- the one moment the woman with a severe make up. They had scored in their short program the highest score ever awarded -- stance. OK at -- and end the Canadians were second and they train with the Canadians and their friends and they had they shared culture whatever. Data show that although we know it because it had come up short though 1 o'clock at night I gave up on what I saw that they you know boom boom boom there weren't gonna go to it. I went to bed I knew I'd find out because -- knew I knew I'd find on any specifics. Today meanwhile Johnny weird you know Johnny whereas now. He and Tara Lipinski. We're commentators now you probably remember Tara Lipinski could she was really young when she won she was like fifteen. OK and we hadn't seen in terra -- -- in the skating circle in a while and she's matured into a beautiful young woman and and she and we are now I guess where the hottest commentators. On on a lot of the sports and and they're getting accolades we hear I don't abuse -- John it wears -- -- I thought he barter from tower to be honest with you. To say that he was. Best known and he was decorated. An -- on. That here's the best way to describe John Edwards office okay by Olympic rules if you Wear an outfit like that. You have to have a sprinkler system attached to me that's just the way it is. I mean there's just like I'm -- -- US margolies and it looked like it was a little jealous that -- a little play next to where we it was a great scattered and that's our 11 gold if I'm not mistaken. But to say he was. Under dressed would be like saying Salvatore is Italian gardens is under decorated. I'm in just a remarkable but they did a great job and skating is a lot of things -- I'd love to watch. In the Winter Olympics let's see what else is going on. This is out of Hawaii. A 107. Year old woman. Believed to be the big island's oldest residents had died. It's -- -- or so are made as they are enemies are made Williams Landers. Died on Monday at a 107. And it was like it really quite dramatic which just fell right off the board. I mean there are few issues. Issue is that you're going to -- and then suddenly she was gone that's the way as a 107. She had via chip training wheels on the board but is she was doing a great week we are hoping she'd make it. You know at the beach at least she washed up several hours but that's good hundred -- wanna be a 107 no not at all. No I you'd think like if I could be initiative -- yeah I had Phil Griffin that you look at the people wanna set -- and it seemed -- -- can't -- get their -- I don't wanna be broadcasting elements. -- Know -- are known not for me and they always go to people and ask them what their secretive. Mark quite fun you know there they have a drink every day in and stuff like that but. Now 170 little. But to over the top remain in Las Vegas now this is a couple. There -- I guarantee you will we'll have a long happy marriage because this event happened at their wedding in -- okay. In Las Vegas police said several people injured and they showed out. At a wedding reception. The injuries did not appear to be life threatening and neither the bright northern grew more wounded now I think any time the wedding receptions over nobody's wondered. I think that's that's that's that's a good sign for a long happy marriage. -- Brendan had gone. 20 right well shotgun wedding maybe. -- -- A -- don't whip out a must -- you know at the -- is there anybody here. It's a reason why these delusion about being married and the people region of their holes and -- propaganda -- -- -- -- -- It slides recognize -- -- To. The bride supposed to be in the -- manager gone. -- and not make you drive by by the wedding -- exactly exactly right. So now Tony had a very exciting weekend that. And Olson's. You're still salivating over the cupcakes you -- Wilson's widow commercials rules every day and every time I do one. Tony start celebrating it's like Pavel offs producer. Yeah you drive me crazy M when you start with the canola and already are six and then they posted it and their FaceBook page I got to see when it looked like. I'll have to have that so we made plans -- -- while I'm going after my show. All right to Olson's getting -- -- cupcakes and getting cookies we're gonna be set for the week. And it was -- when he goes there all the gas use you know top stood out yeah and then cut the line or anything goes on like everybody go yeah yeah bought -- -- covered up myself and no good in -- went on a moment your joint -- -- as I haven't had a -- well I got to deal I got a new. Well I'm glad you enjoyed them because. But he certainly sounded good -- now you you're verifying they -- good. This is out of Bridgeport Connecticut. And urban farmer is advertising chickens donkeys and pigs. On Craig's list. Nick -- if it is adamant. OK it is relevant. If I want your fairway and because it's fair when I felt. -- I can easily -- and this is what I do this is my profession. This is how I rolled food. Comedy is my life yet -- but when you felon and it's even better. It's there there are selling chickens donkeys in pigs on Craigslist. As he faces pressure. To close his operation. Because the neighbors don't like it. The dunk a seat he's offering three donkeys for 300 dollars each. OK so you can get. Three donkeys for three so that's nine and 900 dollars for room. -- for three donkeys -- my sister because maybe the once she has on the porch is seen better days but 300 -- is is a lot to pay for. A donkey and you must. They must stayed together it says that dog he's cannot be separated well I'd I'd throw some cold water on -- bet that separate them. So anyway if you want to -- not I'm not to. Like you a little tired of hearing about. -- Donald Trump going to run through. Here's how you can tell he's gonna run. Wendell white smoke comes up the chimney on park avenue he's garner -- -- don't want to hear anymore about it -- be -- more would be. WBZ -- 9:30 AM as buffalo as lake effect. Funny Iran they have done a court she's a pro ball and that's not said there's Dominique and I had lunch together yesterday. At separate tables -- I thought -- What the longer as though which is on George Irvin because whenever I have a day off I usually go there and get the apple -- it is un believable. And as I'm walking in a voice says hey what are you doing here and I looked over to my eyes were still a customer outside and it was not a equities having lunch with his own very nice. Nice except you know. Yeah and I'd let him bask in the glow vote you know knowing me in a public place. I figured for that. He touched him in my garment. I'm thinking he's gonna pick -- -- -- right any rates -- -- not in a million years and the last time. I saw him in a restaurant and I I had an -- guns and two is stable in my compliments the only thing go racing your doors pick up -- -- -- the cost of the body. Hold on -- but it was good to see via my friend Dominique. For those of you complaining that it's too cold here is a winner. Be happy on -- Livan Duluth OK on Sunday it was a minus nine degrees. I was below zero minus nine is below zero. That means it is the sixth the -- days of below zero temperatures this winter 66. Followed days. Below. Below zero. In Duluth Minnesota about that I'd pack up and leave so -- on your Frazier growth on growth yet known have a frozen tundra I don't frozen time. That's a Bob and Michael -- for a few minutes it'll defraud so. -- -- out of Las Vegas if you'd like to go to Vegas. Here we have a deal for -- go to WB and dot com and join the insiders' club. By ten -- on February 27 for your chance to. Go to the WB in Las Vegas -- -- -- -- this courtesy of -- -- travel and fund jet vacations. You have to the sent us an essay in 93 words or less why you deserve it Las Vegas getaway. A one winner will be selected. On the SA entry by the sole discretion of a station personnel you know what that means. They -- up in the air whichever one ends up a motivator and knows that's the one that wins it's it's forever it's perfectly fair but there's wondered how they do their sole discretion -- -- all -- years that a program I never pick winners ever. I have somebody else to. Because sure. I think. -- That if I picked a winner for any contest -- KB which I didn't. But if I said I have that personal would have been -- next door neighbor that's it so it works out but now have somebody else. It'll be announced on the -- the twentieth you'll get a trip to Vegas including roundtrip fare. Five night hotel Sunday through Thursday Vegas airport transfers and a -- on fun pact valued 2500 bucks. Package subject to availability while they'll. Valid until December 15 2014 and requires. Thirty days notice when -- guests must be 21 or older by the traveled in otherwise general content rules -- so that's that Vegas. Everybody Los Vegas and them you know they said that. Once. The other venues started getting gambling in Vegas would dry up. No nobody on. And certainly in Atlantic City or anybody else -- but there's still have a serious problem with those jobs in. Trying to sell. The housing market this is really it was our first of all it was way overpriced -- I know my sister and her husband look there are a few years ago when it was way overpriced that it went from way overpriced who. Despair. Down in a league gutter okay. Now it's making it come. As far as. As far as housing is concerned because it costs too much the big problem -- moving to Vegas is H two a rule is only so much water. And that's the problem the bigger Vegas gets -- -- waters available. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right let's say what's going on here. Often times. I wonder why in the hell. Anybody lives in New York State. Absolutely it's insane. As a talk show hosts that we go over all these things and they across my desk we decided you know this is so worth talking about yeah people will be interest in this -- of forgiveness. But there's never any shortage of insane New York's new York and New York City ideas never any shortage of it okay. Remember last week we talked about the new mayor of the blahs the showdown in the city. Wants to have special ID cards made for illegals. People are here illegally. So that they can get their benefits faster. I think you know we can't -- -- which every left behind and I have No Child Left Behind we have no state left behind in. In filling the of the empty hands of people who are here illegally okay we wanna make sure that. Not only giving your legally but they get their benefits and are you absolutely shouldn't beat up where it. Last week. Minding my own business and I'm hearing a story and I'm not sure I'm hearing it. As the governor saying a lot. We should pay for a college education. For our idols. And I went. And I wasn't sure I heard it right but there is in this is his proposal I'm calling it college cash for commons. Okay college cash for cons now for the view. Who are -- you -- trying to send your kid to college may -- had a cosigned the note may be they had to sign a note college student along. Maybe had to give up something for a long period of time to save some money. Maybe you started saving for your college. Tuition for your -- the minute the -- it was a born or even conceived. And you're barely gonna have enough to do it he can barely make you're -- your tax payments or whatever so this wonderful. Yet about governor we have named Andrew Cuomo decides. You know one. It costs a 60000 dollars a prisoner. To keep them incarcerated all year. Outlets or another 5000 dollars on it and let's get them a college education. So I'm I'm. He knew because he says with a college education. They'll be less recidivism OK let's repeat offenders when they get that sheepskin yeah maybe they can make it in it in two way -- what's the word used for those of weapons. Imprison a share of the yeah I give a -- -- and and make it into a ship. Now I don't want to sound like I have not a lot of passion for all I don't know murderers rapists things like that but I don't. Okay you'll commit the crime now it's time. Do the time I don't think -- the president has about rehab prison is punitive it's supposedly. You take them out of the general population because -- threat to the general population and now. You wanna give tax Payer dollars. To educate. Criminals people who have committed crimes against -- You are part of society. And this is what he wants to do -- I guess it is gonna change everything in New York State remember when your kid was sixteen. I you're sixteen and you're going to get a special. 816. Great gift. Now what they'll be doing is when you're sweet sixteen. Maybe data mom will give you a gun and say here -- We really can't afford college but here's a -- now. Don't shoot anybody you know fatally but maybe wound a few people you know send them you go to jail but he's gonna get free college. A lot that you get free college education just trying not to knock anybody off. In the old Warner Bros. Vernacular don't bump anybody off with -- your -- All right but here maybe a sim bowl oh I don't know armed robbery as long as the person you're robbing is -- markers Uga gear. Our -- -- this is our savings plan instead of saving thousands of dollars for your college education we're going to go up by two way yeah. A questionable cited found a buyer -- done for nine years a file off the serial numbers they're happy birthday honey. I mean it's crazy it's insane. It's tough it out. To pay for our own kids' college. It's tough enough for the kids to help pay for their own college it's toughen -- the pay -- the -- stone and now the governor wants to give college education. Two prisoners. I mean this guy I had -- you know why not I've never been on has been way. New York say there's a ridiculous idea and this isn't The Today Show. But -- as -- maybe tomorrow who as you know what else he wants to do not for today. All day pre K for the entire state won big babysitting service paid for by EU. Because the Florida girls mother and father don't wanna take care of them themselves so they'll send him to universal pre K for the entire state that we do. It's insane. Using knots because I don't -- pony up for. Is I don't know if you are willing to do it. 803093018061692. For six star 930 you know who isn't. Is senator mark percent. He's already come out of first public voice I've heard. Our come out against the does not wanna do it so congratulations we didn't like his vote on the -- back but I like his vote on this a lot. Will take your vote and your thoughts of whether we should pay I'm calling it college cash for crimes. On news radio 930 W via yes our governor Andrew Cuomo. I decided that it's an idea let's apply college education. Two criminals people who are incarcerated people or imprisoned. And will use taxpayer money -- this robbers are private. Are kind of deal I think -- seven. Where private money was used as an experiment to see how this would go private money can do whatever private money wants to do but when it comes at taxpayer money. I think it's ridiculous I know I want you think of this scenario now. Okay a guy was a guy I mean I know there are female criminals and there they're as tough -- guys and they kill people in all I know all last off let's get past that shall we -- -- a guy. Guy commits a crime. The policeman catches. Now the policeman doesn't get free college tuition. He ends up being convicted and he goes to jail. And he's looked after Avaya a corrections officer a prison guard the prison guard doesn't -- -- free college education those -- far the -- has to pay for his own. Big corrections officer has to pay for his own but the prisoner the guy -- -- get a free. He's going to get free college tuition. They haven't announced the parameters yet but he said around 5000 dollars a year for college courses. So 5000 dollars a year of taxpayer money for those of you let's just make it easy about a hundred dollars a week little less than them but it. So around a hundred dollars a week. And and taxpayer money. Going toward college education for criminals I call -- college cash for Klein's. I'd do you favor or do you not industrial Montreal 1806 on 6926. 930. He says that when they get out of jail then there's less chance of recidivism the less chance they'll be back because they'll have a degree. -- let's go to a Joseph and -- Craig Joseph event this is a great idea or what. -- -- Yeah. It's ridiculous everything it's about this -- -- now. And then earlier this week particularly ordered it. -- what last week they want to give -- convicted felons the right to vote. Yeah they're working on that so yeah there financial OK if they get the right well then I say. Okay you get the right -- -- again because it's only logical. Yeah I nationally Eric Holder is working on that now I think he testified last week that he thought that was a good idea. Yeah I mean well -- politician. They need to get that goal or less help politician put money in her mouth but this whole thing with Cuomo he is such an idiot. He does and if so it's like we're living on another planet I mean the Bosnia oh down in New York wants to give ID cards to illegal so they get their benefits faster. Cuomo now wants a universal pre K which is a babysitting service for four girls. Throughout the state taxpayers and at the paper that and now of college education for cons what the hell is going out of their minds. I think I think it'll help I just got laid off from my job last week. And that's why jog your discovery period it's probably rule -- is -- -- house and say port sale and fired by. It's pretty sad judge Joseph but I understand what you're saying thank you thank you very much it's it's almost crazy. It's almost crazy I mean yeah if you just total look at the totality of these ideas New York already. Gives the in state tuition to illegal. -- illegal immigrants they already do that okay so if you're living in Pennsylvania are you live in Massachusetts and you wanna come to UB. You pay through the nose OK but if you're in New York -- illegal you get The Who -- -- So. Now. Illegals. Which have broken the log at the instate tuition and college. The blogs ago once -- special ID card for illegals I don't know how you prove you're an illegal by the way that that would be interesting. So that they can get their benefits faster. Now ought to be mayor of the -- CO and Governor Cuomo both want universal pre K. The city says we don't wanna wait for the stay will pay for ourselves by taxing on hiring comes. And so that universal pre K is is for girl okay so vigil -- for your result. That means a mom and dad too lazy to look after the kids themselves and so will it will provide a baby's will hire teachers more at the union vote there. But when -- it would have been teachers are you know what kind of teaching you needed for. A one would say that your hiring teachers as babysitters. That's what I would say. And so they want that and now Cuomo wants us out of there might. And out of your mind meanwhile wherever -- third worst state for hemorrhaging population and we have both we have lost more population. Than all the other states except who. Okay. That's and that's -- there's only two worse than us. And it's just a guess to be ridiculous and when you look at the totality of it it's amazing. OK let's go to mark market Niagara Falls -- on WBM. It's sending mark usually you're on the same page but I have to disagree with it with this -- Appear. They can. Finish there are useful to agree. With so many. As well this you know they're so. Get into some type of skill set. It'll some quality. They trigger though. It's world over and over thousand polish courier for prisoner. To close soon there. And the ones that have little skill set when you're back on the street or are useful to very. In the resistance is shown great. It's almost twice. What it is for somebody who leads. The corrections. It'll facility. Was at least some type of skill set you know. Well I -- -- I have first of all because we're up against the break I have no problem. With finishing high school degrees no problem at all I also have no problem trades. Teaching them trade within the prison walls but once we get into college that's something that most families have to save their entire lives war. Or go up to their neck in debt for that's -- draw the line thank you very much. Yeah I have no problem at all you wanna teach -- -- that's great we need a lot of good trades people and that can be taught within the prison walls. And now suddenly they they deserve a cost of college must be kidding me a -- and 5000 dollars each taxpayer. No I would wait for that checked him in the mail will be back after.

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