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Trump Bid For Governor

Feb 18, 2014|

Carl Calabrese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Political strategist Karl calabrese is with us on the WB and landline Carroll good morning. Donald Trump there's a lot of new stuff out there today Carol. I trump has fired an aid because of a story in post feed about -- presidential aspirations. And trump is going to see pack early next month they conservative. A political action committee in Washington which is always you know headliner for wannabe candidates. Where do you see this don't -- Well let's target the Donald Trump saga continues but I've got the feeling that I -- any defenses and that that the party leadership is. In their own minds probably putting an end date of this where they're gonna basically told it's kind of it's official cut bait and we're all getting very close to march. That they can't continue much longer he's either got to compete -- or is going to be out that the parties have ample and the candidate but that's I think we're getting to that point. So you're suggesting right now Karl that county chairmen like that playing poorly urinary county. -- losing patience -- Donald Trump. Well I'd I think they don't -- -- impatience is the right word but I think as realistic as political realist chairman Langley isn't and his counterparts are. They they're looking at -- older they're saying look and this is a major endeavor when you're taking incumbent. Who's right now got 3132 million dollars in the bank when we just gonna have to set the date so I think that's just the realistic. Practical political thing to do. When you think is -- cut off time for this. I think it's going to be sometime in March. It's got to be I mean is normally the party would endorse a candidate in in May and remember rob mr. Reno last week. Started there will be the end his own political campaign account. When the party leaders as Donald Trump the earliest immediately he set up. As a as society's interest at least set up a campaign bank account he says no. -- was already done that we talked about it the last time. I was on your show. So I think you're gonna see -- -- Stoke the fires from his employment as well. We -- everybody is looking for some kind of a clue hand some kind of word. From Donald -- so we can figure out which way he is leaning but he's not talking -- -- worthy of the rest of these guys and everyone else they can't wait for the C pac conference in the. I know I I might think they're I think they're getting very very close. 22 looking towards -- history. You know just last week -- -- very different poll came out late in the week the quinnipiac poll came out which concentrated on our belts -- situation in New York City. It was -- -- that they gave the advantages and disadvantages being doubtful he's very very well known only 11% of New Yorkers say they've never heard of but. His negatives are incredibly underwater. His favorable rating in New York State it's 27% is unfavorable is 60%. Total one under water. And when you look across the regions of the state -- upstate which is all of New York with out New York City. It's 33% favorable 54%. Negative in New York City is home town 18% favorable. 67%. Unfavorable and in the suburbs of New York State point 9% favorable 59%. Unfavorable. Those are really bad numbers out. Can you change goes around sure -- -- the money to do it sure. But it is your political -- -- you look at those numbers say wow yankees won't loan but not in good light. Yeah and you can read that called a quinnipiac poll on Buffalo's new site WBN dot com for closer look at those numbers. -- also in the poll Karl. Cuomo Troy ounces. And not only history you know the trump to. Absolutely he knew he was up on -- -- Reno. 58 to 24. In -- head to head on -- It was pretty close so they'll just by. You know is 63 to twenty sex. Think there is 63 to 26 and again is when you look at the regions across state even upstate it was 57 Cuomo 35. -- Reno. Are like 35 prompt. 58. Four Cuomo and 244. -- -- when you look at those numbers are also the other numbers we've talked about. This favorable is up near 60%. His job handling up near 60%. And it is the heart reelect over -- you vote for the governor reelection regardless of whose opponent is was 59%. Why do you suppose he's going to see pact is -- sentiment to stroking his -- Well received deck as a major event of the conservative. Side of the aisle every year they. They get big name speakers the people who go to C -- and pay money to register receipt -- expect big name entertained speakers. Oprah certainly build build layers of big -- entertaining. He will be a good draw proceed to -- And it will give him a nationwide -- to talk about whatever he wants to talk about be interesting to watch that doesn't talk. About New York State issues where does he talk about national issues that might be a clue they're. Great to talk with you Carl we appreciate the time thinks that's political strategist Karl calabrese.

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