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Peace Bridge Problems

Feb 18, 2014|

Joe Golombek

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB and live line and welcome buffalo common cultural member Joseph Golombek. The Joseph represents the city's north district Joseph the morning and thank you for joining us. We're going to talk about the peace bridge on the tractor trailer inspection of the scenario coming up. First of all was well the -- north buffalo -- It's beautiful sunny balmy -- terrible -- when I got the newspaper this morning I could feel the cold air coming in and I just shook my head. Well boy okay we've been telling folks that does senator Chuck Schumer announced but he is backing a pilot program to. I don't know how long does is going to last month for the time being. Beginning on the 24 of February all these big tractor trailer trucks that bring goods into the US from other areas. They're going to be inspected. Somewhere on the Canadian side of the border. So that all these trucks don't have to be idling. And spreading contaminants into the air where. They've contributed in the past several years to a high rates of asthma. Among kids know I understand you have some concerns about this tell our listeners what they -- Her -- ever since NAFTA and -- in the early 1990s the -- truck traffic to go over the peace bridge. The asthma cancer and stroke rate has skyrocketed in their westside community. And the problem is that the -- the air flow crumbs on the peace bridge is just brings all of the contaminants into their neighborhood air and you know I think that would. The senator Schumer is doing. Is good to talk about this because people realize that it's a problem but I think it's only you know start -- after they really need to look at this seriously look at. Moving the truck traffic to our the Lewiston bridge would be used to do prior to the -- and yet treaties. So then Joseph at best pitcher in favor of moving all truck traffic to -- in Queens and. Yeah ultimately yes I think that's what they need to go. The lowest America Princeton bridge and then would be the beneficiary of all the tolls. But all those heavy truck traffic generous -- the doesn't sound like something the peace bridge authority. Would be amenable to what do you think. Right in the -- that the biggest probable when Governor Cuomo was elected one of the things that he that he was going to do was play to reduce the number of authorities in New York State and I think that the white this thing that they could do. Is Newton put all of the authorities for the bridges under one authority in the instead of competing with one another we could all work together for the benefit of the residents of Western New York. OK with that said why do you suppose always bridges are competing with. Each other instead of being on the same side. Are I think just simply because they have different authorities that are you know each trying to make money because there's jobs that are eat -- each and every one of these bridges and it's easier to compete against one another than worked together. Joseph let me ask you this. We. We realized. The high asthma rates among children on the west on the buffalo that's been well documented the things to a lot of research at the State University of New York at Buffalo. But recently congressman Brian Higgins. Has been accused of ignoring. The issue high asthma rates in children on the west side do you agree I mean has it been ignoring it. I think that everybody at a higher level has been ignoring it to one degree or another I think and it's catastrophic the air and this should be. You know front page news this should be news that every state and federal elected official. Talk about whatever they can and I think unfortunately yes you know many of our elected officials. Have not addressed this the way that they should I don't think that they understand the issue. Or in its entirety. Joseph are using that to that prior to NAFTA and then 1990s. There was a truck traffic at the peace bridge. There was minimal truck traffic on the peace bridge the -- Lewiston bridge was used port truck traffic. Do you have an idea where Ian Campbell those pilot program February 24 is going to be carried out and the -- asking that is. What makes a bunch of trucks. If the peace bridge. Less objectionable if you put up a few miles north up in Canada. If he had stepped out of character and if that's what part of my concern is that that I don't think that it's because you're doing these are. Inspections on the Canadian side apparently going to alleviate the problem are on the American side in the west side because the problem in the air currents that -- The pollutants we can -- -- in push -- right into that web site neighborhoods so what did the trucks are idling or whether there's beating die quickly you're still getting contaminants that are pushed into that neighborhood. OK we will continue to follow this story Joseph thank you for joining us. -- think you take care of buffalo common cultural member jewels of -- about who represents the city's north district.

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