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Trump Inching Closer to Run?

Feb 18, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB and -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity talking about Donald Trump. And Dave there's a new indications -- he will he or won't he. -- Rico with the Erie county Conservative Party says. Trump has moved does step closer not automatically ruling out Iran if there's opposition. At the state GOP convention we hearing. The -- but it in maple believe it when you see it category it doesn't really see in the tunnel apathetic closer or any further away from running for governor that it was maybe. A month ago. Or your account you can argue a decade ago given the fact that the that Donald Trump is. Bitter with the idea of running for political office whether it's governor of New York the president of the United States for a couple of decades right now so I use you pretty much at the same situation. -- -- -- -- for many months in this particular scenario. Aware that the Donald right now it's saying like if I don't have a primary challenge -- bike and run. And obstructed that anyone coming at Lafayette school you know for example he executive of west Chester county. You get out of my way that alcohol and by it -- by an opposition that come out kind of the table and a with the Donald at this point. You know you mentioned the same -- last time we talked about -- David you know Donald Trump doesn't seem to have. Many fans here in buffalo Western New York we're running a listener Paul at WBM dot com and virtually everyone taking part in the polls so far. Does not think that trump is going to announce as a candidate. But -- -- -- says that because there is actually -- national poll recently a couple of weeks ago was taken by the at least for some public policy polling. And it asked respondents whether they have a favorable opinion title talk. And -- but couldn't because so well only about 22%. Of surveyed have a favorable opinion of trucks. And 61% confident at an unfavorable opinion what the rest saying that they were undecided. So what you're talking mentally whether you're talking locally in buffalo and Erie county or even across your states is it ability right now just does not hide itself. If you don't run for governor say it got pretty and then -- something here. -- major issues of course he has all the money that you would ever need to run its campaign to get out. Elevation hire staff to do what you need to do to run and it's a -- and it's -- populated as New York State. It's the same time of people actually don't like and -- taken seriously given that this and all of -- run up a local that's that's taken place. In preparation or not or -- running for governor. We're also hearing that trump is going to -- -- on March 4 that's the annual conservative political action gathering. A -- Generally hear from a lot of candidates there don't true. Yeah absolutely -- I was there last year and and be there this year it's listen to what all the books are apt to say it's a great platform a wonderful soap box. For anyone that's message from the most prominent conservatives in the country it will go and and again use that as an opportunity it's because of massive. At -- the people. People who are truly truly the biggest believers. In the conservative message. In the United States right now and it'll be very curious to see how well relative to some other very prominent Republicans and conservatives. In this country will be welcome. Thank you have some supporters even though and maybe if you are between on the social scale. In terms of its political optical ability you -- lots of people do what you support and and that -- They're here at the -- here -- from them out but from the people who Arctic and the Donald Trump on there. We know David also could there be some risk involved here -- all of these Republican county chairman. You know falling down -- Donald trumps -- -- mean they've done everything except send him flowers. -- well eight -- if Europe can't drop -- Reno who looked like he is setting the ground work to become a gubernatorial candidate on the Republican ticket. A -- -- set up a little bit right now and that may worry camp site is not officially declared but he had a fundraising committee. It's -- You know for governor and the -- Petrino for governor web site right now itself. That's about it's clear that any indication going right now as to where this is at it. At least perhaps to Reno and that goes back is what concept himself if he's got opposition. On the Republican side if you ask a run in the primary he says he doesn't wanna do that and it doesn't look like he's going to get his wish. At least in this particular regard. Dave nice to be joining us thanks. That's Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity in Washington.