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Latest On Wintry Grip

Feb 18, 2014|

Meteorologist Jeff Wood

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Straight now to the airport weather station meteorologist Jeff woods standing by ready to talk with -- -- about our weather. Jeff good morning thanks for joining us reported. Some snow coming -- today and then we have the potential for some flooding first run down the warnings and advisories posted. -- First thing first we have they would advisory that's in place for -- area -- buffalo we're looking for ordinary town and -- toward the Chautauqua county and that wind advisory does remain in effect through a late morning -- and AM. And and we have the output watch that a remains in effect as well not can be Thursday evening through Friday afternoon. OK let's go back to the snow how much do expect forests and how Long Will this be lasting. You know at this point it. There is strong winds we've been in overnight and a lot of dryer -- trapped -- across that no it shouldn't really see a whole lot of snow out of this. At this point I'd be shocked if we. -- much more than quarter half an inch. Okay that's encouraging news for our listeners -- probably wondering right now what the driving in this morning will be like. And on the drive home this afternoon. To write yeah like Clinton did for the -- in the morning and really it's it's going to be we have -- -- light -- and then but this afternoon. We. Should should be then things start to clear out. OK so then the warm up comes after the snow today and that tell us about that. Yeah out. By when -- watch between India more -- pushing north toward the area and that will push temperatures. In the those into the low forties possibly even mid forties across the portions of what an area and with that we will start -- some -- the snow melting off. Is two point thread about freezing Wednesday night that's really what even -- enough. Certain. Starts ago. All of our and Linda waterways decreased to buffalo river there all choked with -- -- Lake is eyes covered do once the site stars -- there's no place for it to go. Folks are getting a little edgy especially those eleven flood prone areas. Yeah and obviously the date they have have every right to the particularly that Thursday and Thursday night or really had a melt in. Accelerated. Particularly with potential for rain coming in on top of that. There -- -- between the rain. The fact that the ground frozen and so it's going to be tough for. From the snow melt and the rain even more into the ground plus the average right -- Really could have enough on our hands by the end of the week. -- -- how much rain do you forecast that will be seeing. In a pool of lol if you at this point there's still some uncertainty in model. But it at this point -- could -- Have -- so. OK Jeff most chatting with you thank you for the update problem. National Weather Service meteorologist. Jeff would.

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