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2-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. Now what he would -- That. -- -- -- -- -- -- No one ponds with an assault rifle no. Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York if you've got health care -- then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like you. You have loans. I'd like -- That remind you that dead. Mr. Roberts at one quick thing you and you alone are responsible for. Think you put any work on the on the Internet and the repercussions. Just just say it out there are always repercussions you know were. Various breaches of my -- Wednesday. Shall we say civil advocates always repercussions. Never short -- repercussions. It is ten minutes after six -- news radio 930 WBE and that. And Joseph beamer is a master control John Sherman is our call screener. And when they gangster we three ballot address these rest of the joke is. We we've talked about. I did that wanna hold so. We can move on without. Irritating anybody I mean the other people -- they knew that we might be changing so. I'm I'm fair game for them. Right -- don't worry about it we're changing. Which we're change underwear. Sorry I don't mean do. Three you don't have to it's taken a more calls and I'm president's. Now all up by the way before the break for the news -- I said that FDR and Abraham. Lincoln were at least favor president of I didn't finish the sentence because I was a little -- heading into the break I don't go figure but. My least favorite presidents in terms of civil rights. And Americans. And folks. All I can tell you use the more I've read about Abraham Lincoln the more absolutely despise the man. The more I absolutely detest everything he did it. First of all he spoke on both sides of his mouth regarding black people. He spoke out of both sides of his mouth. Go back and look at his quotes. About our black Brothers and sisters. Abraham Lincoln was hardly some enlightened man. He really wasn't. Number one number two. At a time. When America needed to. Basically protect the civil rights of its citizens -- the the civil war. Abraham Lincoln single handedly was responsible for throwing political opponents in jail. Without charges. Baltimore Maryland. Basically the entire city administration ended up in irons because they politically oppose the Lincoln administration. Many northern newspaper editors were thrown in prison. Talk about violating the First Amendment. Not to mention the fact that. What I despise. About Lincoln is the fact that our schoolchildren are lied to about this bearded phony. From the -- her kindergarten. Washington and Lincoln. George Washington probably wouldn't drilled Abraham Lincoln one. The two of those guys were about as far as to be politically. George Washington. It would Abraham Lincoln did in the civil war chances are George Washington would have been fighting for the confederacy in the civil war anyway. As a Virginia. Every awakened. Was a -- And he ruled oddly enough in much the same way as another son of Illinois is rule. Like he got by decree and against the constitution the foundational law of this country. I can't respect -- Absolutely not. And I think the reason history is so kind it. Abraham Lincoln today involves a plane and Ford's theater and a guy named John Wilkes -- But that's the only reason Abraham Lincoln. Is not regarded with more suspicion today by serious historians. Because he was the first American president assassinated. We basically just as the civil war was ending. He was murdered by John -- But when you go back if you actually look at the record. You'll find. He was no friend of the republic and it was certainly no friend of human rights. Are talking about Abraham Lincoln. Whether he was talking about our black Brothers and sisters. Where he was talking about our southern Brothers and sisters or our northern Brothers and sisters who opposed the war. Abraham Lincoln was a desperate and -- -- And he did not free the slates. I cannot go into detail on this doesn't wanna lighten things up the final hour of the show and give you a happy ending but. Lincoln did not free the slaves you go back you'll read the emancipation proclamation. And you'll understand what it was and what wasn't. What it wasn't it was a freeing of the slaves when it was was a cynical war move to free the slaves only and territory controlled by -- -- -- yourself it's all there in black and white. -- -- -- -- And the other American president. Who absolutely disregarded our constitution. In the worst possible way. When the American government should have been protecting Japanese Americans. At the very moment Japanese Americans -- the government to protect them the most. The American government said screw you and put urban concentration camps. Internment camps -- -- 20000 or so Japanese Americans. Somehow it's play that's not protect. Its well. So. Lincoln and FDR. Very high up on my list of scoundrels. In the White House. And of course don't -- Hyde Park on Hudson didn't help my image of FDR. Anyway. Well I'm jealous of course anyway. Let's that you see. -- parking lots and with that over it now there's a lot Puerto Bill Murray in stripes you know and ghostbusters. Speaking of which he says with a brilliant transition. You know usually. I -- goes chosen paranormal shows in October. Because Halloween ghosts spooks. -- I'm gonna give you a hourly happy ending today I was actually gonna spend more time doing this today which you guys kind of surprised me with overwhelming response. I -- over holding response. To my area best and worst presidents question. And I do love George Washington by the way. Have you -- experience you would like this year. About your close encounters with. -- super natural. With big ghosts of your life I had -- -- my FaceBook page said. That he or she is actually being tormented. By ghosts in the house now. Whether or not that person calls and hours listening I don't know. And I don't feel like naming names. If I don't feel like looking up again on FaceBook. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start on -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yeah. Now the one thing I want mocked. When you call it. A first of all -- set the rules like I suppose I need to go back and set the rules reports. There are certain calls I will not to. Where comes the -- Joe's. And let me just tell you what they -- quick. Any called it involves you being in bed or just waking up automatically. Now you don't get on the year why. Because I believe. In a skeptical approach to ghost stories. As I do -- skeptical approach to pretty much everything in the realm of the supernatural. Or the paranormal. Whenever somebody says I was in bed and it. My radar immediately goes up the cynic in the skeptic in -- comes out and I cannot take the story seriously. And if I can't take history seriously I don't think that the very skeptical among us can take the story series. As I I believe in this stuff. I don't think you're crazy. If you've seen a ghost. I don't think you're crazy. If you have heard sounds. That were not -- I mean let's put it this way if you're crazy you're you've got a lot of good company. Because I don't a lot of people who are responsible professionals. With professional licenses. And some people actually carry guns for a living. Who have seen ghosts. So you're in good company. But my one rule news. Any story which has even a remote possibility of being sleep related. I can't put on the year because I can't take it seriously it's just -- open for. Tearing apart. That's the rule. Other -- Go ahead. This is a -- shell. I usually just do these in October although I have to admit sometimes they try to -- when it in the middle of July when my bosses out of town. -- 03 -- thirty is the phone numbers start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. 803 on -- thirty. Start -- thirty and 180616. WB -- end. I want your real life ghost stories. You'll enter a non judgment zone. I will ask you questions designed to evoke additional information from you. But you saw what you saw you've heard what your hurt I wasn't there. So. It really is up the U. You know people have been seeing. And reporting on ghosts. I think since the -- Marion started carving in the clay. It's been a long time. Now a phenomenon that is experienced a while the world in every generation. Sorry there's got to be something to it it can't just be random it can't just be sketchy. Shakespeare certainly was huge believer in ghost use ghost and many of his place. Of course were more advanced now. 21 century. It'll thrilled at thirty start I'm 3180616. WB and let's find out about down to Mexico and here is -- element -- Alan. All right let's let's get into your ghost stories may give you all happy ending. It's the Asian part of my genetics coming through here is William WBI William. Yes I look at big box store are all -- Hamburg one night date totally out of work in tight -- took -- out. What do you do -- And it you know it stopped about doing -- work. And that there you know. I was -- golf fans you know as well affairs. Are you cure what -- display of fans. Okay. And it manager in order to they're yours is where you actually I'm I'm -- debate. And set up forever extort. They do know pretty well this. Honest like. I didn't think our. Hey -- -- me -- describe what so I'd describe it. -- around at night. The badgers is that demanded all the in the office. And to wait that Burton who are described. Guys at the time o'clock that day. On -- Before I presume that this is a ghost story because he told you that after he died. No I was talking to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our commitment -- source that really ghost stories morbid coincidence story. Or a guy who was sick he it. What BM. That day and I wouldn't there are authority office. At 3 AM that night. When did you talk to him is the question. If he died 4 PM what time did you speak with him. I spoke to -- that we would debt. A -- candidate whom had. Wait hold on because I have to ask a question about surveillance tapes because those stores always have surveillance videos. Don't go -- under his radio 930 WB yet what are my email or says about Abraham Lincoln. You do have to give him credit for being a great vampire daughter. So there's at. Electric Light Orchestra sorry. Really. Really. 633. At that Israeli and I'm thirty WB and that and let me love -- long time they give you a happy ending. Talk well I'm doing the happy ending part of the show now talking about. -- your personal. Most stories and that no I won't think you're crazy -- I think you're insane that I will lapse at UN for psych evaluation I promise should. Because -- a lot of people have seen ghosts Lotta people have heard ghosts. And I believe in what Shakespeare wrote. And Pamela -- Pamela says. There is more in heaven and earth Horatio. Than is dreamt in your philosophy. Anybody who says that humanity knows -- is to know right now. Is that pool. Back and William -- on a cell phone worked one of those big box stores and he was sent to a different story than the -- usually. We're usually was employed. And there's a guy at the patent powder who died unbeknownst to William. And William had a conversation with the guy at the -- powder after the guy at the -- counter had already shed his mortal court. For the Shakespearean references just don't stop. And I wanna ask you William worth terror surveillance cameras on the paint area couldn't to have verified the story. I noticed all about it talk about body cruisers and managers. And what date -- -- is less worse. Is before he passed. There at the time clock. You know achieved a lot of what I -- wanted to go. Well. Com. When you were talking with this guy who you say it already died was there anything on worldly and currently about his eyes -- his voice -- general appearance. I use -- aren't stopping there are ready to do well it's you know this guy we're at a check out the you know. And he gave me Alitalia you know per day out I was there are -- -- you know ability -- like. So. But it almost sounds as are you talked to him when he was alive before he was gonna check out -- the time clock so there's really nothing mysterious about Paris. Well coordinate system managers he had got a -- before. When they always an opposite and probably not the -- any about the dead -- because emergency crew or whether that game because the guy before I got there. Got crisis manager crisis counselors things like that. That's that's an interesting story what are putting your other coworkers. Had similar experiences we just never talked to them. Well a lot of city manager who stretcher back deep amber are still -- pop. You know. What did I hope he -- here where he would say any about what happened -- -- -- restore. Well. Don't know that any news business that. Then again it's a job thanks very much I don't want to say thank -- idea that interest. -- interest. But I wish that it has surveillance cameras mean I Otis said would you see the here is frank in buffalo WB yeah I break. It I am most excellent and they -- -- -- intelligence but user experience any certain notorious dwelling. In a place called Fall River, Massachusetts. And I'd like you to tell us all about it. My wife and -- we we were given a certificate. For bed and breakfast that we want and we went down to see part of the Titanic exhibit which is ship could be at salt river. We stayed at the review board and how we stayed overnight. Now for those who don't know and forgive me frank but I always have to look out for people who were educated in America. The Lizzie Borden case was one of America's most sensational murder cases before OJ Simpson. And it involved a woman Lizzie Borden accused of acquitted of murdering her father and her stepmother with -- hatchet and please go ahead. We had to stand there. Wished it would separate couples at a houseful. They put it stops here in the attic which was converted into problems. And to deny that we stayed there're. We get part of the so cool from the Discovery Channel. They were filming. The house that it will report back here after. Work during Halloween. We. And my wife is putting some of our clothes in the torture to war. And all the war was won -- closet it was one Dresser -- and it was one that was double bad and as my record is pretty close and extreme doubt. And said you know she asked me -- I was in the room wired poster. And premium archer chief said wedge punch me in the there -- in the related. -- or something it. And they turned around I -- didn't take anything up and as -- it was only. Fooling around. And we -- to put our clothes away and yet in the but that there was a steamer trunk -- an important that you -- on it. And I -- the steamer trunk from right side of the bed and I opened up my suitcase so bad art critic my quotes that they would be. Wrinkled and and we went doubts -- we had dinner with the weather question the couples. And the following morning. When we got out steamer trunk with particular -- -- what makes a case. What fold it down in my we. Although we we went ahead a few hours. You you move the steamer trunk you went to dinner then you went to the next morning did you. Was this steamer trunk where you'd left it before you went down the dinner when you came back from dinner. So this actually was moved then as you slept. Answer was well I was able to wire whatever reason -- my clothes were pick inside eight. The so case and they want to hang him or would assume it's where he had the so -- sole -- my clothes saying it over so that it would give Michael. And this was important pitcher was picked up on the street the truck -- try it but it freestyle. What it was I don't know but yet most ironic thing elevated yet if we get home. From our vacation. -- white got a huge black and blue -- bad. And -- White. You know this is where she claimed that you was punched -- -- and I thought it would kind of ironic and yet but what really set everything apart is that our white. Took pictures inside our house we took pictures of everything all the different problems. And inside the world. Where Brett was -- something -- that are. They had it looked almost like a human being. I'm not about a percent sure. If it's the mere little woman and yet but it showed them holding something over there had been imported it's sort of forgot straight. Subsite what I did was finish at a picture of that is True Religion for hours. And they did call me they actively -- thank you for sending it to us we'll put it in our. We have hundreds of pitchers. Almost almost the same thing and had -- brochure different apparitions of the house. What year was is -- to Salina. We want here. -- -- and for those who don't know the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts is alleged to be a haunted spot in America. They went when he talked about your wife asking if you plaster in the back. Mean I'm thinking about the most logical explanations first it was a long drive from buffalo maybe it was a muscle spasm. But the bruise. In combination with a photograph you took I find that to be interesting. If you have access to the photograph could you -- emailed me a copy Tom at WB EN dot com. To answer we do -- bit. I took that negative we just yet one of the -- -- cameras -- like bought at this store. And we sent the naked. They can get there was not the law and had I called Kodak. -- at that our first court picked the drug store and we shall the drugstore it. They keep it there yet and they set yet we get had been negative look yet. And there weren't cricket like 35 dollar charge and and -- we don't have been at the end quote act. And it may act out here I have been negative was not -- mom I want an -- cutting weight and when I got a cap in the latter one. The picture Jew. All the army at your ability to work out. Yet it's worth the order of the house -- -- and -- under the picture. Okay I'm an apparent allusion with the road noise but please if you can email me also the physical copy because I get way too much male but if if you could possibly send me a copy as an email attachment I'd like to put it on my FaceBook page. Nobody ever does but. Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WB Ian that count. That. It just all more things just that we -- -- and can't eat through was this gentleman that works for the Discovery Channel there was they had camera beyond their that was Tillman house. He turned around and she really complained. It's just equipment some of the equipment was world peace at some of the equipment was PR repair. He claimed yet there was nothing wrong with equipment prior to them setting up to win this. There archived story of the -- important what we have had in the record attachment cherry in my house he said he would not fall -- well. What he said the equipment was Roy and I presume he means the circuitry in the electronics. Yeah yeah that's very you know what that's very common. In in places that are alleged to be -- whether it's the Lizzie Borden house or whether it is certain areas of the battlefield Gettysburg. -- professional people who go there to web video graft. These sites often will have the state of the -- cameras misfire malfunction and fry when they ought to do so and the thinking is that these manifestations somehow use on energy from these devices to aid themselves in the early manifestation that's the theory. Anyway -- While breaks it he really email me your copy the picture because that I'd love to be able to steal opposed to my FaceBook page. Well thank you well great story brilliantly told I might. I cannot see the name of the person from the -- you're gonna have to help me guys. Mike in the pew on WB Ian I like. -- -- It's a rerun of the stories told about two years of the public that stringent economic -- daughter's graduation party. You tell -- the quick. A 32 version. -- -- died six years old like -- graduation party was. Five years ago. Saw him walking up. The rightly in my house. -- -- My daughter doesn't -- in talking to Mike my cousin Bruce clears date. There's a little close at the end of this -- sixteen months I was injured. Bet he'd. Be killed up or use it and on -- -- Literally just kind of glad to have my -- was good for about a week. OK let's let's just expected Jimmie you're dead friend at the graduation party talking to your cousin. Bruce -- Bruce having conscious memory of talking with Jimmy. It. Yeah that you saw Bruce hawking. -- -- -- It my daughter Caroline did. She. -- -- without I won't know just as you please just -- Talking but she wasn't he was talking brutally assaulting. The -- -- about what -- was saying. But does Bruce remember talking to Jimmy -- question. -- we just never thought there and to whom was he -- It kept. When my daughter who's now 26 she was 21 of the tablets from who can't read what people college graduation. Saw him talking with. Not that you said that -- with everything going on the conversation. -- -- a conversation with another person. Oh OK so Bruce was not speaking with Jimmy Jimmy was part of the group. Well isn't that interesting but -- daughter also so all you're dead friend Jimmy. Now your daughter's there right now. Okay for a Perry Caroline so that's kind of freaky story so you actually believe you -- the ghost of your father's best friend Jimmy. Yet they're not that would include the first time. About. I -- six months later I wouldn't property shopping you're getting they're putting out itself as well. It in what fashion was he pointing at a sale. But he was beginning by the fell right out at a I was looking for and -- and -- favorite products come a point but I'm saying. The out -- it with spot card 99. So. What did you do when you -- what happened to this president stated simply evaporate. It is I didn't return in the door it was on. My friend but I think that. That -- -- London on elements yeah I didn't know that and then at CRE. I think he did that that appeared. So basically you saw him long enough to establish it was him like more than just a second more than the twinkling of nine. And your father also saw him. Well and have you seen -- cents. I -- that won't happen but -- saw him about it me. I thought minding your caddie that it. I'm -- just. This past year. I'm in good you know not the president Don -- -- It is going to like everyone else. Was he by himself. Or are. OK but if he's with a group of his friends are the friends alive for debt. Our lives there are people alive outside and get their right now I don't really know but the big thing is it that but. The other killed. Hewitt the party he would which are other guys who are alive and -- thought -- -- -- Okay now in other words when you say you're not really sure but -- Tuesday -- I assume that you may have been under the influence. Okay well we're gonna discount that story even though I don't like to discount -- I'm gonna have to do. Based on William Hawkins theories that you must eliminate the most logical explanation first before you went further. Are you must consider the most logical first but I'll tell you the story really is is interest and see if I receive full body operation I'm not gonna let that thing goal. Until I take a picture of it until I do a self he'd be in the operation. -- Okay great story Carolyn tell your -- about forming. RI -- anybody wanna argue with what she does that news. I -- she is so matter of fact. So I just don't like yeah okay this happens. I -- this stuff. Calling -- I really don't care 650 news radio 930 WB and its hourly me -- you happy ending today ghost stories. Golf should start taking ghost calls earlier because a lot of I can't possibly do anybody else justice. At all what they want I'm going to await. With bated breath. With or without bated breath I will -- the picture from the Lizzie Borden house and of course that. For those who have never heard of the Lizzie Borden case in Fall River, Massachusetts. Very famous Paul is sung by children. Lizzie Borden took an -- gave her mother forty whacks when she saw which you dungy your father 41. Mother father interchangeable. In that particular aversion. But the funny thing is she actually walked she was acquitted. Of the homicide she wants and she became Avery wealthy woman. She inherited daddy's money and move to that part of town to move this ball like -- -- -- true. All right. Now I guess that's gonna just about wrap it up although I do want to leave you with one useless information on president's. I don't know this market. We had a president once his name was John Tyler. John Tyler took office in 1841. I will say that again John Tyler took office in 1841. Twenty years before our civil war. John Tyler was president of the United States. Would you believe. His grandsons. Two of them are still alive today. I kid you not. John Tyler son. Had sons in the 1920s. And they are still -- So president John Tyler who served in 1841. That's what he took office. Has living grand sons not great grandsons grandsons. That's kind of cool. Full details on my FaceBook page Tom dot -- our as and B a UER. Just that L -- to the end. -- -- -- Arlen Specter -- -- for his usual masterful job at master control and John -- you or call screener. And up folks that slot for all the calls and I was expecting to do a lot of heavy -- Rodriguez may be work. Anyway I'll leave -- these two words no yourself.

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