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2-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I -- the look he would write. And think yeah if India holds look. -- -- think maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- can why can't really feel stupid. But apple people in charge. Back. I'm not only are they don't know what this. Good. Kind of evicted people you know. I'm very. These greedy and -- you know partner one simple request. And that has to have sharks win. But didn't make everything that I. -- -- -- How is like Satan but there's a keyboard when it's all about -- keyboard but obviously you know. It is a nine minute are we on five minutes after five it is ready at 930 WBE. So let's just can't stand after I get up tonight that. I don't think that's going to happen at that -- up. -- -- Via position failed to specify what part of my body needs to be cat -- While they were part of my body doesn't need to be here at standard. Anyway out it is and that's after I've. -- ready at 930 WB EM explain a lot of things actually but. But seriously folks -- office open I I can't believe this topic is actually working because this is not a topic. If I was sitting in my office and I wasn't doing the show I would say there's no this is gonna work if that's exactly what I thought before -- the year this way it's gonna work ethic on the air and say and put your favorite president of all time. You're favored president well. I'll be damned if the fault -- that -- -- the minute I said bet. At this have a touch with you guys on presidents day. I'll try to relatives and lighten up later on. But you know it's interesting rate hole called earlier and I have to tell you. Even after listening to my -- my seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher believe it or not I. I have no zero idea where he is on the political. Continual. No idea. Because when he taught. It was the days when teachers actually taught without telling you out without indoctrination. That's what I'm trying to say at least they gonna camp -- They were always teaching and we didn't get indoctrinated. But one of the reasons that I'm able to think out of the box and -- that we -- It because I was allowed that creative thinking ability in junior high school and a senior high school. Because standard education. As it is today I think I would have failed miserably at our every some of these. Questions they give the kids on the tests and some homework assignments. That I laugh. Because. Just say there's -- wanna -- a Shakespeare expert but I'm pretty damn good at Shakespeare. And I read. Some teachers. Question -- On a Shakespeare play. And I didn't have a clue what in the hell she was talking about. Really. I know it's that this is stuff I actually know. I'm not talking about how to change in engine in a Camaro were talking about Shakespeare I. I was lost so I can imagine with four kids at the go through good luck. You know it's all part of the planets all part of the master plan to make -- apathetic. Don't let him get the fight the power fight the man. This enemy afternoon where rebel. Since most people turn people are rebellious in their younger years and then they settle in to this today sedentary. Stick in the mud -- Way of thinking. The exact opposite. I'm more free thinking now that I have ever bitten. And I've learned to think creatively more now than ever. And I don't like thinking in the box like thinking out of the box. -- like creative thinking like my own analysis. You can't do this job and not have your own analysis of stuff. Which is based on a solid understanding of humanity. Which is based on a solid understanding of history. And which is also based on your ability to take history to take your knowledge of humanity. Put two and two together and come up with 78 but then explain how you -- it. And make it makes it's. All right at best and worst presidents ever. And are also the most under rated president ever and by the way as fate would have. Here's here's what here's the rest of the story with the phone call from my seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher re able. The rest of the story is he said Harry Truman was the most under rated president and I will agree Harry Truman. That was a great man I would love to -- -- Truman. But when I was -- -- classes. That was at the height of Harry Truman mania that was right around the time liberal Miller came out with -- -- -- up plain speaking. About Harry Truman. There were -- number books recordable Harry S Truman that came out. And for one hell when we were in the the doldrums of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter America looked to Harry Truman. In the same way as Paul Simon. Wistfully looked at Joseph DiMaggio as a metaphor in mrs. Robinson character almost became a metaphor. For. American presidents who set what they meant and meant what they set. In the era of wishy washy vacillation. Put that in a bottle and put -- on your shelf Josep pearl Bauerle wisdom are -- let's say I get to the calls on WB Ian here's Paul in south buffalo you're on high. -- Well I'm honored actually thank you very much it makes me feel good. And I have. -- -- I want -- my president. Or not work in our hearts. -- -- Paul I know they held on for a long time but. You're gonna have to put your mouth closer to the microphone on your own character count cotton in and out on the. Oh my gosh like. The world to different Yasser. Okay my favorite president what it was the most awesome. What is it now while a rate. -- -- -- Ronald Reagan I have to go round rate in his war policy said the standard with this country I was proud to be an American. -- witness here -- looked everywhere that I went out what I was looking over my shoulder Ronald Reagan did a phenomenal job make -- -- project. Okay we're gonna we're gonna revisit that in a moment and you have -- least favorite present. Can't down Barack Obama he's -- disappointment ever seen in my life armed. I don't wanna dig into followed him because he's going to pretty good job of that and adults still what I will say is that he's a tremendous disappointment -- -- people. He epic he had tremendous opportunity to bridge gaps and has set a standard and he failed miserably. Well you know I have to tell you something Paul and I'm not trying to be I'm not trying to be a tool when I sabres. But. Somebody told me few months ago. That even in this little -- on job I haven't buffalo. That I had a choice that I could either use language to bring people together and unite people or I could use language to divide people. So it was around that time when I started referring to my black listeners as my black Brothers and sisters because. I didn't want to save us and them. You and me I didn't wanna say that because I want to make it clear that were all in the same boat together. And I wish there was more of that from President Obama because that's what I fought at least some of his presidency was going to be about. You were not alone in. Most of -- African American demographic that voted for and we were ought to think that this man was gonna revisit some ideologies -- founding fathers get you neglected. So keep doing the opposite. He questioned the key -- and I didn't hit anything to reach for. He reached for G got the prize and he just satisfied with and so it's one of the most selfless things I've ever seen in my life. Well you said it wanted to get -- -- and I'm gonna have to respect that for right now tell me more about what you liked about Ronald Reagan. On low ratings. Reagan was the kind of present and not only kept but they seemed to kind of -- that wasn't afraid to come directly to the American people that -- know what was colonial which -- Game was -- I loved Reagan and I'll never been prouder to be an American people around a Reagan was leader cockroach. You know what the things of that always bothered about Ronald Reagan was and please don't laugh but was Iran Contra. Because at the same time as we're publicly taking this position against Iran. We were behind the scenes selling Iran weapons and using the money to fund the war against. Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas. Indeed -- one. And I never you know that looked at. I know how the -- game works are right I know. You know I know the spy game works and how intelligence works at all undercover black ops work I get that. But for some reason I wish I was a little beneath the dignity of Ronald Reagan. I do I do believe that that was a negative blemish stepped. Said that did weaken the power of that particular presidency but I don't think it was enough. It's it's outweigh his place in history. He took our country. Think about the economic thing that you did as well it would be sort it was a Clinton it was reaganomics. You know to wait before Bill Clinton decided turns cultural work written already under attack. Economically limit cheerleader for policy rate it was the middle. Well there are a couple of blemishes -- there were a Reagan had number one amnesty. Basically. Reagan caved on amnesty back in his day it did not work out as we were told it was going to work out. Number two. With respect to really cutting the size and scope of the federal government that we went through the grace commission and a zillion other things and fundamentally now in 2014. We've got a bigger government than ever before. And I thought I always thought that Ronald Reagan had a chance to be a road block and to really cut back significantly. And it just never happened. Would you got to remember -- China which Ronald Reagan's presidency that is height. Remember we still did the Republican Party had not this segment yet we still had the old power lying Republicans still in place. Even -- -- one single thing. It was hand strong it was constraints because all legal was so far with the American people he had to work with this part. He couldn't separate from party he had to be -- -- was party and still try to devote to what it's like well the walk I wouldn't wanna -- that. -- if indeed thought misunderstanding Ronald Reagan is my favorite president in my lifetime. By far. My least favorite I got a target if it's really between Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. At least Jimmy Carter was just one term so there's bat. All right hey all I thank you very much for the call and yeah well. It's -- talking thank you. -- to rob -- bank. 8030930. About a -- say as far as the poll. Us you know being together instead of using language to divide that's where it's become very important to. Because I get sick and tired of people on my side of the idol. Which is conservative Terry and being painted as some hateful. Political ideology which is exclusive. Of anybody who isn't like us being a white guy with -- Asian. -- they don't go anywhere -- is that we're gonna check traffic right now and here is mr. Allen Harris. But anyway aren't gonna just get back to the whole language that. And those of you were longtime listeners to the show you will notice. The difference. And basically. -- the way I view conservative area cross between conservative and -- here. The news. A conservative -- -- does not judge somebody at all based on extraneous factors it's all about is somebody a patriot. Does somebody believe in the values. Of our founding fathers. Does somebody believe. -- the values of America being a republic. Having a division of powers separation of powers three distinct co equal branches of government acting -- checks and balances one upon the other. That's what's important to. And I don't care what -- somebody's race thank you talking to somebody who haven't in the what the hell I am. I mean I know part Asian I know apart Caucasian and god knows what LL site. And I do mean god knows word Ancestry.Com wanna do the DNA -- whatever but notes. So I mean hate is just a stupid thing to begin. Number two. It just sounds a lot better. To say my black Brothers and sisters. My Puerto Rican Brothers and sisters that it does you and them. Us and them that just sounds like a club that you can't get into like -- and let's just be part of the same family called the conservatory in -- All and by the way I also in this that this gets in trouble sometimes with my conservative Brothers and sisters. I also don't care if you work homosexual. Bisexual or transgender. Your orientation. Is not my business it truly isn't and you ought to be judged on your orientation any more than I should be judged on my. Where were on vacation. There at a news radio 930 WB Ian. Yeah yeah. My. Okay. -- -- These guys. McCain is searching. Yet -- hole. Search news. Bowl. Okay. -- 53. At news radio 930 WB and hourly with you on the radio on a Monday it's presidents' day today offer you and it's a cop didn't permit. So I get to work on presidents that bots. It means. It means that they often say it's on the the -- that is backed up. Rush Limbaugh said it best today president's -- they brought you by the ski industry. -- would accommodate you were -- skiing. Now you enjoy. Well it's a short season absurd that's a skiing I -- snowboarding. Skis anymore at least ports. Are. Up by the way now market talk about the NBC go too far with the questioning about Bode Miller. Well there comes a time we got to pull back. I mean. I gonna jump all over -- -- tweeted twice that we shouldn't gang up on the lady asking the questions so if he feels that way. I think his opinion takes precedence so on the back of a jump ball over sometimes you know some people are more in tune with -- other people and men and other people are in tune with other people. And it's just the way light just wait goes all right we're talking about you are making me work today and I hate you produced it it it it can. Today announced that the ghost stories all today. Because my bosses out snowboarding and I thought I could get away with a -- so yeah make me work. Are interesting how things worked out today because. Idea started out by quoting an article from the out. National review online. Talking about the fact that president. Obama. Well basically folks we live -- lawless land. And Ers President Obama or George W. Bush. When you have an executive. Who is accumulating powers to which the executive has absolutely no right. Those powers in those hands that are illegally hell it's almost like he's got a an unlicensed gun in his hand. We know liberals feel about guns. So. I have a problem with that because it is a basic idea of America. -- to basic idea. -- we have in our country not -- -- not a dictatorship. But we have three separate. And equal. Branches. Of government. They are supposed to be checks and balances one upon the other the executive the president. The legislative. House and the senate and that the judicial the Supreme Court. Which. Has taken on the role. Talk about taking powers are not enumerated. Deciding whether laws are constitutional. Or not. I've started that with Marbury V Madison way to win. So. Now all we have a president who is. We're no longer a nation of lawless. We a nation of eight men. President Obama. By decree. Making laws and changing Wallace. And I don't care how black you are and how much you wanna support your guy if racial politics are important to you when they're not important to me in the least. There's something very wrong with that. There's something. It's very war on the American about them. That has more in common. -- -- Central American or South America banana republic. Then it does with our founding fathers. And I have a major problem. And as I said on my goal this year is to Mary a black conservative woman so I have a black shield. So nobody can say I'm a racist. Course all the horse of the little -- -- office don't get me wrong Bristol. Our let's get to the calls on WB at 803 all right thirty start -- 3180616. WB and Randy is. -- I am -- that good and the bad my good money good that we got to be Ronnie Reagan's. Man said it would be mad man what he said. And then you take those eight years she needed more historically for this government in this country than anyone else. Give me if you would. If you would give me the best moment for Ronald Reagan other than when he was shot he said honey I forgot to duck. -- -- Pare down this wall. Yeah and thank you I'm so glad you remember that. And furthermore. So many people shortchange dead man is being illiterate he was one of the most knowledgeable well read an intellectual people. Did -- people would never give him credit for. It when you go back and you listen to some of the speeches he gave us some of the articles you wrote when he was governor of California and back in the sixties when he was doing stump speeches all over the country. His knowledge of American history in the founding fathers and his. His ability to encapsulate some core ideas of conservatism. In a way that can be understood. And the way the could be non threatening I think was nothing less than absolute genius. -- Other Ronald Reagan was truly an amazing man perfect absolutely not an amazing yes best president my lifetime. Right and if I may the bad side I'd have to jump bag -- number two Jack Adams who is the good guy and number six John Quincy Adams. I don't think look so good part of that I believe is because of the good old thing caught nepotism and my family flat -- in life. When you look at the bush is a homicide but this book to bill and Hillary. Same thing to go on. Where did you go back to John Quincy Adams. While long beggars can't be taken about how people. We're successful and -- -- and Washington was followed by Jan Adams and then number six John Quincy came along. And I believe we'll -- they good old boy system in nepotism played a larger role in him and how -- he was quite as confident. Or affluent to be able to up. Promote via the constitution. And I usually added an analogy jumping forward to George Bush and you hear only a bad. They actually did good things but then he's the example bill and Hillary. Same old thing you get those standards and you gotta admit began it was a good politician he could talk. You know -- itself -- -- expression ice that's the most but then again Hillary governor in the back door and she's. You know it's gonna happen. You don't know now I did not notice I just looked up gonna be out of -- -- when he was president John Quincy Adams. Actually paid off much of the national debt. Not the annual budget deficit but the debt. Agreed but that was through legislative help there was a lot of affluent people within the legislation. And collectively they were able to do that so from bad. I don't think he personally doesn't I mean as president his policies. Were able to collectively do that -- now he wrote the check. No I understand I understand but then I they say -- we were you just couldn't leap forward to let you bill and Hillary when you determine that that nepotism. There's a primary example -- where this girl you know she's the one the favorite that's going to be next. And and you know over again I mean we talk about Obama all day long. It just a revision of what Obama is. And it worries me because we know for our country going in it would continue down this path with this this this thinking process. You know you know. Move on now I mean from the states to act locally. All of the lights and that the thing that I I think is the most important is how they give a little tidbits that people. You don't make them feel like the government therefore area and what they're doing it is just call were arming us. So ultimately become a global economy to make us believe that we need dumb. And the big boys the rockefellers and if you go back -- Federal Reserve of the creation. On new years -- that thing was well an event planned. I mean then that this wasn't just by coincidence there's no such thing as coincidence so that Federal Reserve initially. Started things going in the direction where we are today. And we're gonna make global community and not get somebody like Hillary's gonna sit there promoted John and get -- -- because you feel a certain tracks. Well it's going to be you know what it's gonna be really interesting to see what happens but unfortunately. I think it's going to be and should be the election of 2016. Is going to be exactly like the election 2012. The epitaph for America will be you can't run against Santa Claus the Republicans and whichever sacred Cowell. Whichever come -- for slaughter they nominate. Will be created as let's see he doesn't like black people he doesn't like Hispanic people he doesn't like women with. And he wishes we can return to slavery I mean that could be the at that that's going to be the narrative against whoever the Republicans nominate and of course the Democrat. We're gonna be told believes in now let's see economic fairness and in a proper distribution of income. Income disparity will be corrected that'll be the big one they talk about in 26 to eight. He had -- out ahead and you know -- so unfair is that it's so it's all in just. A exploit. And they just they they build up the Democrat and the Republican. He -- variety just want everybody's money and it just it's terrible and I'm down to globalism. That's the big agenda that you really need to protect. Well that's the -- that's the larger picture and that's the hugest picture ever mean and to get back to it you know I know it's been a feature inside five and it's been a feature in of many a college course but. There are no countries their largest corporations every day that becomes an increasing reality. Yeah out and the Federal Reserve when they get their big ground oak table almost got a small and black a scholarship. They knew it was common because on New Year's was they're getting their little by little. And that's involved that we were gone. Are well. The idea well I wish I had more time to talk Cuba the party depressed me enough thank you. And we don't did you call him. Suspect John Quincy Adams I feel that actually John Quincy Adams that's pretty noteworthy accomplishment as a diplomat. Including being one of the guys behind the tree of -- which end of the world 1812 America's second war of independence. And -- he was also instrumental in the signing of the rush baguette treaty which you might remember from your history classes rate poll my teacher who called in earlier. Demilitarized. The Great Lakes. Was a key factor actually in demilitarized and the Great Lakes each side the British which then controlled Canada. Who then controlled camp in the United States were only allowed like one warship having one. Relatively small cannon on. Don't know battleships are -- -- just one little and so John Quincy Adams. Pretty a pretty amazing life and by the not to ramble. Never wanna be accused of rambling I'm going to these things it's always with a purpose. Like polygamy is a big highlights for children -- with a purpose. I'm -- highlights but I -- publication I read it every chance I get whenever I'm at a doctor's office does that make -- twelve yes. Largely based -- eight but. The construction of the USS Michigan. The first. Iron holed it warship in US naval history even before the monitor them -- in the civil war. We have a ship that was built in and it was Erie Pennsylvania. The USS Michigan. It should and originally it was supposed to be a battle way with Canon of the laws don't. And the British got word of it and they said wait a minute you guys signed this rush -- tree. You can do that the American administration -- all it's their right and bass stripped the USS Michigan. And the whole of that vessel can still be seen. In theory -- Little trivia for you. All relating to John Quincy Adams beer for making it fund with a purpose. All right let's I get back to the calls on the WBE and the I can't see guys who's on line number two with a name has been changed to protect the guilty here's Dan on the west side Dan thanks for holding Europe. -- -- All right I was gonna I was gonna say Reagan you know and going with Reagan. Is within my lifetime I know them all about. These guys before the -- -- like -- sketchy and I'm not satisfied with you know a lot of movement for me. But -- Iran Contra thing you brought up. I hadn't voted for Reagan either time I was coming around. Right I did a -- from towards. Yeah and I was and I I was wishing by the end that I had voted for him but I -- elsewhere or that I could say yes vote from. But the up. You know it didn't matter because even when Ronald Reagan won New York State Erie county still went to a Democrat. -- -- knowledge. Via. -- with with Iran Contra. As I was. Figuring out what was going on there was no downside because. Congress has set the tone that these countries out in the field and pulled the rug out from under them and and so they had a skirt a lot of -- of to get. What these guys needed to them and in order to do what they sold anti tank rockets. Severe -- musica musica Saddam Hussein. Where is the downsides. Oh well the downside is what you said skirt the law and if your nation of laws than you've got to violated your founding principles archer. Well the problem is congress which had this practice they did it's our own guys and then in the sixties. You put guys in the field and then you pull the rug out from under them. So this was kind of like I -- -- situation and and and so by that time. In all the guys who were dealing with the then you know. Great choices but yeah. I was but I ended up in actually admire I was became an admirer of -- and you know. Well you know and you know this this whole Miami and it was. It was. Just an awful place. All -- north and when you -- Ali you're talking about that Oliver North who by the way single handedly I think saved that situation for -- PR nightmare for the Reagan administration he won over a lot of people. We've views which -- answers. And with his basically schooling. Congress. On what it's like you know what it meant to be an American and congress ended up looking like -- Pools and North End up looking like African hero. Yeah and it only need to take a beating and and then of course they all -- and the. Sure there but he you know what it took he took allegedly kept on ticket. I've heard it somewhere hey Dan I want to hold -- if you can because -- basically -- up against the clock and -- don't break properly. It doesn't matter Joseph beamer has a very sharp knife in the next room and he is authorized at any moment to use it on me. 28 turn into a soprano indeed make me -- -- fit for either so please hold up. You're just joining us we're talking on President's -- right now anyway. -- -- two guys would let me mail it in today and you're not. We're talking about the best and the worst presidents ever. My favorite -- thought he can't go wrong with George Washington my least favorite Abraham Lincoln. And FDR.

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