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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>2-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

2-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. -- with. That. Hole to. The and welcome to the New -- yeah if they ought to be extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- There really is nothing like a short time now. Today it's not mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. -- well it hit his. It's hot. It's -- our way through the united thirty WBZ and the I urge my desk at the black history. And my black Brothers and sisters and I don't mind the -- that but. I think I don't like saying you people I don't like -- us and them because that's divisive I'd rather discount you all as part of my family. When I say you all I'm not being Joseph Biden you all. That is that you all eyes at you -- Exactly and -- it gives I have to come to work drunk lately anyway. It is out pumped about that. Stone but not a -- it's September it's after four -- -- -- about bet -- news radio 930 WBD and missile shot values you bring attention. So. Anyway I did put the piece up. National review online I put that up on my FaceBook page and check it out yourself. You know one of the things that it is a -- really calm. But the making this and you know would do this a long time. And I will never ever ever it if I lived in the gazillion years old I never would have figured it out. How -- Go left. Is this obsessed with me. You realize there about ten people in buffalo. I fought to be absolutely consume their entire existence. Seriously. They come to my page I don't know what they're expecting this one guy -- -- page the thought that you actually have followers and fans frightens me. It frightens. Really it you don't frightens me. What frightens me is the death of the constitution. That frightens me what frightens me it is the American people because that's dumb -- is they put Obama in office twice. That frightens Maine what frightens me is we're supposed to have separation of powers three different coequal branches of government. The executive the legislative and the judicial and we now have the executive accumulating powers at a rate that has never been seemed to work. -- accepted a dictatorship. That frightens me. I don't know why wouldn't frighten somebody on the laugh because god knows it was George Bush doing it there'd be riots and the story. But it's Obama doing it and we can't say anything bad about Obama because as you can tell. I'm clearly a bitter angry old white men was a racist. Clearly a -- there would be no other explanation. I'm obviously a black -- racist they just it's written all over my alternates it's written all over everything I say and feel inside. There anyway. Don't find -- lectured the -- Just to be just to be controversial what. That would give the black chick -- I want a little lesson from Obama. Say you know what actually that's a really good idea copyrights that. To say if you know I know the people of the buffalo dental group market probably get that thing can -- -- She's got the gap might -- they have on the mocking her east of the same. After -- a and I'm gonna -- a five a black chick. That will be my official shield from charges of racism. Let's see she's got to be. Black she's got to be conservative. I don't like big butts. Okay unlike cervix a lot. Sold well like I just throw out there in the pelvic tilt is different between caucasians and African Americans that the medical true is that it's not racism. I'm always gonna play a -- Not -- they wanted to find a black woman to marry her and that is going to be my shield. And hide behind her every chance I get Tom -- he couldn't be racist look at who he's married to. But I will say memo book to whom he is -- I'd have to correct grammar. Joseph still kept my answer makes a lot of shocked that you not all over the joked he'll among its. Yeah. I don't. Daniel price you get the. Is that I admit that I have virtually the thought of their fighters all of this is it's a good time to admit that market aren't. Government all right I'd like to. It's the holidays and I cannot be serious today I'm sorry. I think I've done my serious work for the -- I've done the heavy lifting for. I have done a masterful monologue for the past -- It has been don't want Joseph when I listen to the best -- I shall be. -- -- Cleaning my upstairs as -- clean my downstairs by the way folks the mountain of paperwork is out dispensed with Ike roared through it over the weekend. Yes but I thought the match White Sox. All so what I find the black woman she's got to be conservative hot. Without a big but -- she's got to enjoy. Matching socks I'll do the laundry she's gotta match the Sox though I can't stand. But anyway. That's demeaning all don't all do something demeaning for a clean the bathrooms I was there so. That. I've done a great show already. Won that I will enjoy listening to myself as a listener what I've listened to myself later on tonight. In fact this is a message to myself from myself and Tom I don't offer it with regard graduate and bring the -- thank you Tom OK got -- now. Let's. Let's get it to something else. Is that wrong to give yourself messages like using the radio station as your own personal like medal thing at your -- aren't. You know -- guy's name. That reminded the point that I remember her time being serious today because as presidents they. Are -- ask you serious question. In that I wanna ask you frivolous question. But to -- it's not really frivolous. As it is to see what takes off. And Adam. Whom do you believe has been an all time. Greatest president of the United States not a lifetime no no no no no not in your lifetime. But the all time greatest president of the United States. Before you called it and that I must tell you. I want to think long and hard about what you're gonna tell. Because the fact of the matter is. Most American president the overwhelming majority like 95% of them have been studies in mediocrity. Most of them have been. Just mediocre average. Very very few -- -- Are the truly great American presidents we've only a couple of great. American president's most of them absolutely studies in mediocrity some of them great examples of the Peter principle. Meaning of course that you rise to the level of incompetence. -- few weeks ago when I talked about euros. And I said that general Ulysses S. Grant was my hero. President Ulysses S. Grant was not. He was an example of somebody who was a great general he was great war but as far as being president he was not cut out to be president. He rose to a level of his incompetence. Your PH and the worst president of all time. In terms of civil rights. Every public and FDR. The worst American presidents ever. Because at a time when Americans most needed their rights protected. Both Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt -- people to the talks. During the civil war and during the Second World War. When American citizens need of their government to protect them the most the American government said screw you into. The internment camp you go. So I'd have to love basically point about. I don't know who would be calling you -- money here but the important thing -- you take this in the next room please equipment gonna trickle back. I give you permission to answer the -- on my behalf. Because you know they're gonna try to call back you can answer thank user that I thought that was off. Anyway it will be the marketplace. Anyway sorry about it guys that was and rip my cellphone on it for some reason I just did so the best of the worst president of -- -- That is lacking the frivolous later on a commercial one ghost but if you wanted to keep the presidential thing alive I have no problem with. So let's. Let's take some calls on the WB expect in any actual numbers. Back lately I'm not expecting any parent here is Mike in buffalo WB yet they -- -- Tony hot conservative black chicks who might like -- Mike I can't understand a word you're -- But I think George Washington about it and horrible home life give me some solid examples -- OK well why he demonstrated. His leadership ability. And revolution. And also it while. Or is country name and it he read. And write and read is -- You get a very clear picture. The country he -- And -- I believe you might be a reference thing is fair his so called farewell address was from which was actually written it wasn't spoken as I understand. Well it was yes exactly rating that's right and are also well I'll eat it up -- of virtue duty. You know. Just the fact that. Bad. He put it like I'm lying or is country our leaders. You know especially modern times hopefully you're like why after all. You're damn right. You're damn right these fat. Old people in congress will be more than happy to send your kid over to Afghanistan but you'll get off their fat asses and go there themselves they'd be they'd be slowing themselves the entire trip. Right so that's that's that I you know it just didn't want her odd that reflected in his writings which I actually read. Well you know what I'm so glad -- George Washington by the way if I may say so sure an excellent choice George Washington had nobody as a TrailBlazer for him he was the -- maker he was the first down -- trail and I'm sure you already know this but George Washington was actually offered. Eighteen ship he was offered a monarchy and he said no. And you know damn well Obama would've said get economy. I think impacted that at all. All right well I thought -- elect George Washington I believe you have struck pay dirt with bad at truly. An amazing American and truly the father of his country perfect no. But as far as leadership abilities -- you have to do is look back at valley forge. And by the way George Washington was not afraid to surround himself with some absolutely amazing military men from -- Poland and -- Other guys would have been intimidated by bringing in oppression and a poll. He was not. Well just don't worry at all -- can't or. Exemplary what you might I'm glad that you called and thank you for using the word exemplary you've been an exemplary call. I'll try to seize up -- route to being mean and nasty group that would be wrong. Thank you twenty minutes after four let's go to traffic right now ladies and gentlemen let's go to Allan Harris -- -- And again between John Susan and sandy beach you're talking about decades of experience it will not be their first rodeo so if hell -- if if everything goes to -- a hand basket trust me they've got you covered nobody does better and John Susan and sandy they've got. And it is that right now 22 degrees at news radio 930 WB EN. Honestly guys honestly put throws a shoe story. Yeah well I tried watching boardwalk empire over the weekend to. Expel Austin Powers from my mind and that's what I did but Austin Powers is still in my brain. So anyway I don't twenty year old movie I can't help it. I'm a fifty year old. Trapped and all the twelve girl trapped in this fifty year old body art let's go to -- in the delicate bill I think this topic was gonna actually I'm kind of surprised at its. Best and worst presidents. Bird finisher on WB and hello. Enter your accident yeah -- Andrew Jackson. Rings around he got through all look at there was blood under his presidency. -- is there anything else noteworthy. About Andrew Jackson's presidency. Were well aware Andrew Jackson and his personal code of honor which is very hard to find and politicians in any era. -- and his general ship especially the battle of the were ones and elsewhere. But -- his butt and by the way -- Jackson's. Rebellious nature against the British firm which securities stark his entire life when he said he was not going to shine and officers boots thank you very much about what else about his presidency. Did you particularly from your reading find no worry. They just stood up forward right and he didn't let people bully and. All right Melanie was held a shock to. Thank you thank you -- in -- I always something else about Jackson hopes. I was gonna tell you that he was not the he did not hold on to grudges but that's gonna have to wait. On WB. My legs. Body man. Yeah. -- -- we'll have to display the entire thing but it's about ten minutes long. -- -- I've never seen Billy Joel concert of -- out of -- jolted lately those of you who don't know that. Wanna see given counterpart you talk about a guy who. I did not expect him to age the way he has aged to look now all the way. The I thought it is gonna age and you don't like okay totally unpredictable to. You you look at it from the 1977. Era that you look at him now. I -- not expected to work today as he does. You know I thought it was gonna do it a different -- now he's. Basically. Bald with a -- I'm not saying anything I'm not judging please don't get me wrong he sounds great to raise his voice is still married stop with the -- which -- obviously. But I sort of just keep -- here we just beat Italy wider and maybe maybe a little bit them out but I wasn't expecting at the poll. You know ball but it looks for but it's not that. A judge somebody's here beat up alright -- by 34 -- -- little -- -- -- Spoke to haven't cats. After ago appeared to. Now the phone rang a little bit earlier. Because that was the marketplace. We -- -- -- too. And apparently the position. Has not hold them what body part you're supposed to stand to. And here I was thinking that I had everything all set I even went to the Amare plays today before work -- -- -- get all the paperwork done I wanted to be good patient you know what you then -- ASAP. And they don't know what body part they have two cats to. We talked to the office twice in nobody's gotten back to them. So here I sit in limbo that you -- in medical limbo not to be confused with -- Rush Limbaugh. Right now every liberal is saying it. Today is that if they do the kids did you have dual threat to brave and hit. -- It is up for 35 news radio 930 WBZ and you know like I really did not expect this topic to work. I just threw out there because I felt -- presidents day if you probably do something serious even though I'd rather morality and honestly. Button while descending got to work on holiday why make the company look good. Do you have an all time favorite president and actually favorite. For. A president you believe set an example for other American presidents George Washington I think is a great choice. A couple but I don't wanna -- George Washington I think you'll find -- I don't believe the most over rated presidents in American history. Our Abraham Lincoln and FDR. And I believe that because I'd be very simple reason. I take the bill of rights very seriously. And any time when Americans most needed their government to protect their rights. Both Lincoln and FDR ran roughshod over those rights. And in the words of George Carlin. I can't use every word he used but. George Carlin you've got no rights you have temporary privileges which the government will revoke and it's convenience. Just keep that in mind. Our let's get back to the calls on that WB at 8030 and I'm thirty start 93180616. WB Ian let's go to wild west and west Seneca you've got an all time favorite presidents or shoot. Ronald -- Atomic clock. Well I think just like it that I think you can think he's set an example especially from matter president. You lack courage not known as a -- in yet despite his reputation. He brought to the military industrial complex and actually brought the Marines they called from Beirut. And was quietly. Just like about it in Israel was in G our leaders now taken a cue from him seem like notable whenever. It is real and it. Well he hit -- my award occurred that's for sure. Well -- Obama certainly is not can win any popularity contests today in Israel are you probably the most. Anti Israel president in my lifetime. Definitely got people pay their -- but he he's spoken Israel and it was -- apply this. But a college student. -- well the problem is when he opens his mouth he can't believe toward cents. No doubt about that we expected that -- when he got elected he he doesn't disappoint me because. We expected exactly who we got from the guy. Mean I'm sure I'm sure I can get. I I'm sure I can get the Taliban to give me a rousing round of applause with a speech idea but it would all be BS. I don't know about that because in an election Israelis have given him a lot of awards and keep getting their money that the Israeli. Foreign lobby that gives money to politicians they certainly gave a lot disseminated the second ever unto itself I think his actions speak -- -- -- -- Reagan's. Also his actions spoke louder and yet she said publicly that utilizes an -- -- because. And he said -- publicly -- I have to look up I would definitely have to look at how much money Reagan got from the from the Israeli lobby the American Israeli public affairs human. Political action committees -- For sure. I would need to check that I I don't like to make their assumptions -- Ronald Reagan because of his foreign policy. You and I don't -- well first I would say it was a very polish George W. Bush. Like George -- He reflected disappointment his rhetoric leading up to their first election. It seemed like you going to be the most conservative president ever. And he just was such a disappointment. And and like you I would never vote for another bush again I would never want to vote for abortion get it even wanna think about it. Now -- there there I. I don't care if it's is you know fifth great grand cousins -- a great grandsons cousin I will never vote for bush had a weaker than not part of the family. I will never vote for bush again. Exactly you know it you just was very polished. And not up to the task that's for sure us. Did you see the difference between his first and second term little fresher than Ronald Reagan I mean you know regular course -- problems in his second term with -- Iran Contra which Joseph Oliver North single handedly pulled from the place. Yeah that's true that's very very true -- -- credit -- -- -- Bushnell. And I actually -- the first Hewitt who was pretty good. But he just was such a tool that he was not even a big disappointment very very big disappointment. All right so worst president GWB -- president Ronald Reagan. Yes and Obama we knew we would get it either way he is sort that he it has that they worse when we expected so much George W. Bush. I don't know how much they expected from George porch to me it was one of those lesser of two evil elections when he had a war against abortion and he had that the other guy against bush Kerry against bush. I mean that's the best America can do -- George Bush and John Kerry George Bush and Al Gore shoot me now. So -- the primary -- I think it was actually McCain running against bush for the nomination the first ever outsold -- the choices. Hedo -- well that worked out real well for the Republicans in the 2008 that it not. You know they were all right thank you up thank you look at my honestly -- argument thing west said there. On that phone call today. Reagan bush. And -- get back to what I said the first power of the program. You know why. I'm getting a little -- the hearing some of the conservative pundits and talk show host talking about. The mid term elections we've got coming up this year in November as some watershed moment in American history. Because folks take it to the if -- Republican sweep the election. Act like Democrats. Don't kid yourself. If your conservative. A libertarian. Conservative area in which is where it kind of pick myself these days. -- tell you you're still gonna end up at the high end of the horse dog. Here is ray in -- bill on WB Ian -- best president worst president the have you a choice here. Well it's. Pretty are easy to pick one of the worst presidents and -- would be Warren Camellia hard. Dog don't pick on -- hearted. Well he died in office of a stroke. Actually and they gave us a silent cal Calvin Coolidge. Sworn into office by the way now Warren Harding was president back in the 1920s for those who don't know. He was invest in him massive controversies time after time after time he surrounded himself with the Ohio mafia basically and I don't mean literal mafia I mean basically like the Memphis mafia with Elvis. Warren -- surrounded himself with a budget good ol' boys corrupt to the hilt. And Warren Harding at one point was seen holding somebody against the wall basically pounded the crap bottomed. And telling an aid you know what I don't hate my enemies at least they know they are it's my dam friends that are drive me crazy. But -- himself was to blame. Four that he died. And back Calvin Coolidge took the oath of office in Plymouth notch Vermont administered by his father in a little. In a little farm house without indoor plumbing. -- And I think about one of tonight's quote about Harding was the -- is only qualification. For president was that he'd look like a president. Yes he didn't. He most certainly dead and he you know smells like failure. So Warren Harding I can't argue with you about one of the worst presidents in American history absolutely as far as the as far as the best. Okay I wouldn't. -- so hard to calm the dust but I think I I would call him one of the most under rated presidents. And I would put him under the category of a near great president and that would be Harry Truman. Totally Y day you believe that he is merely great. Okay well. First evolve very little was expected. Harry Truman. He had only been vice president of very short time before he took process. Apparently wasn't even aware of these plans to build the atomic. -- you know one of is one of his greatest decisions -- his order to use that or some weapons to end the war. And world war two and then in the process saved thousands upon thousands of America's large amounts. And secondly. I -- several other reasons. One of the biggest things that police chase after World War II was the rights of communism. It was almost like we adjusted seeded one great enemy Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler and as soon as the war was over we have a brand new drug problem on our hands the right of the Soviet Union and communism. And Harry Truman. Made some decisions that were kind of turning points. After World War I as you know we went back to normalcy and we kind of went back to isolationism. And we retreated from -- From the world. We couldn't afford to do that after World War II when there are several things that Truman did two face up to that challenge and I'll name a couple. One would be the Truman Doctrine where he. Well authorized the use of economic aid to help Turkey and Greece to -- Are stopping and turning to communism. The millions upon millions of money that was given through the Marshall plan to help rebuild. Western Europe. Which was then Bruins. Following the Second World War is decision to send troops to Korea. As part of the UN effort just to. To stop the spread of communism in -- military are conflict. This decision to. Participate in the Berlin airlift and keep the people of west Berlin freed from Communist rule. All I wanna talk a little bit further because. Right there are some of those decisions that that honestly I'd I think we have been much better off that we -- -- don't -- in business. And I'm thinking about. Korea Vietnam and a whole bunch of other analogous situations and well fortunately did not happen because the United States went into isolation. World War II happened because after World War I the victorious allies made the Germans pay ridiculous reparations which led to the German hyper inflation which led to the rise of Hitler and the rest as they say is history but don't go anywhere for 46 news radio 930 WB. Are you rocker Catalina getting calls for best and worst presidents week out there all them. Get a bill to your regularly were so awesome whatsoever about traffic here's -- And let's go back to the calls momentarily for 52 -- you're just joining us you're listening to a man who planned on an easy show today I was gonna mail it and and then I just -- off the -- mention. Best and worst presidents and people started calling it an -- at the myself. I will tell -- it's all men on hold. Women are you feeling left out obviously because the Republican war on women. Republicans hate women tremendously as you probably have been made aware once or twice by the media. Let's -- best and worst now Harry Truman the most underrated says -- In bag gets -- now rated the of the top let's get back this up again which we can agree the atomic bomb decision. I'm I'm sure you listen to the show a lot of hope you do because I've talked during the program with many men and women. Whose lives were saved -- their husband's lives were saved because Harry Truman ordered the atomic bombing of Japan these these were people who were ready to invade Japan and they were expecting high casualties but they didn't have to go -- on the ground because the Japanese surrendered once they saw the awesome power of the a bombs so I. Absolutely agree with you -- that. -- I'm Caroline. If if he had such a weapon that would saves. Thousands of American lives and from possible DJ style invasion of Japan. How could it looked. Most families in the you have to after -- they -- -- have -- weapon but he chosen not to use it and. But you don't -- this is but this is where Harry Truman's experience as a Frontline trench soldier in the first world war gave him the experience the real world knowledge of what soldiers actually go through. When fighting a war he knew what it was like he was all about because he was there in the trenches in 1970. Right right. A lot the last thing I wanted to mention Tom what the establishment of NATO or us world North Atlantic Treaty Organization which Truman. Wasn't heavily involved and then my whole point on that. Was that. Since the Monroe doctrine the years of the Monroe doctrine in the 1820 the United States -- More or less stayed out of European affairs. And and -- our whole new situation now after World War II. Where we're no longer ignoring Europe we're going in there with economic aid we're trying to help these people -- built. And that's why I mention mentioned those. You know I understand what you're saying I do believe though bet that George Washington said it best when he. Urged the American people in his unpublished for well addressed. To be Betty Betty Betty careful of foreign entanglements. And I've I'm gonna go I you know I have to believe that Washington and Jefferson knew what they were doing. Knew what they intended for the country more so than later presidents. I know the world got smaller with air travel. But she's but sometimes I think we'd be much better off if we just -- African business. OK maybe slightly I do want you to know that you've been speaking with yours seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher. -- -- Nicely done I had no idea right. Voice yeah so well -- well I hope I quit myself well. I know that because I'm sitting there saying wow what an important call. All right -- thank you always a pleasure thank you very much. -- -- and -- deeply deeply deeply influential in my life and he knows it because I told. And you know what it's like I always thought you guys if you're gonna do something do it now. If you wanna send a note to your old social studies -- math teacher do it. Now if you wanna get together with the guys year old man do it now because. Because tomorrow really is. You know it's not it's not a guaranteed notes it's -- maybe it's -- were 56 news radio 930 WB.

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