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2-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore -- down upon the he would write business yeah then yeah if India the whole movement. -- that it ends this month -- -- we have to pass the bill so that you can and then find out what is it -- yeah. But it's not my responsibility that the. You've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. They're ready get nothing back ashore on the island. We didn't do well eyewitness. -- -- -- -- -- The new layout is inevitable it's not being at the union people one more time -- -- our game guy evidently. Nine games. Why -- separate. Personal account from the professional account Arrigo OK god god god. I thought well you know could be worse I gonna put something up into that from my personal page on the company page. That would probably be -- immediate dismissal. Well there's worse things in life. Anyway its hourly and its useless stupid -- college presidents day which means absolutely squat. My favorite American president by the way Jefferson Davis be president of the confederate states of America. I give them an F minus for his attitude toward my black Brothers and sisters and slavery but I must give Jefferson Davis and -- plus for sink into the future and seeing what an all powerful federal government based in Washington DC would do to American freedom. Jefferson Davis my favorite American president well the president it's president Clinton's -- United States president. -- the president the only president of the confederate states of America and in my opinion the best president in American history because he was so prescient in seeing the future of Washington being. A well all like Wednesday is a freedom robbing tyrant. Speaking of which. I don't like that politics every day because god knows. Got a lot of politics on the radio station Rush Limbaugh -- politics at noon to three every day he spent twenty years talk about Bill Clinton. Sean Hannity as politics every year every day seven at the open. Right here on WB yet so I don't really feel like every day I -- -- politics in national politics. First of all it's the burglary took this morning. And alert -- a great job -- doing on the morning sure. Very excellent that the listen Larry Tuesday to -- this job Butler hotter and what are the things you talk but today was whether or not. New York State should fund college education for prison mates now and have a different take on a first of all. If you are doing life. You don't need a college education because there will be no practical application -- after your sentence because your sentence will be life right. If you are an inmate who is doing life you have no need for college degree. Only need is to basically wait until you die that's a life sentence that is a life sentence you will be there until you -- done. Unless of course you get out. You know you have so impressed the Parole Board and all of the expert pathologist I -- -- of political hacks who sit on the plural port. Bet that they have no choice but -- elect Hugo. You know like the Shawshank redemption. But in any event at -- is. It's an interesting idea. Because look you know what I always worry about the victims of violent crime but let's not forget something. There are people in prison who did not commit a violent crime. There are people in prison who basically committed crimes against themselves. With their addictions -- drug use out of out of and there was not -- innocent victim of a heinous criminal mastermind like Charles Manson you know the person did something stupid and they're being punished for. And what are we supposed to do with those people once they're out. I think about this for a minute break right to have an answer down the road but. Do we want them to absolutely waste their time let's say five years in prison. We want that did this that they're learning how to be bigger banner inmates bigger better criminals all the dudes with weights and to push ups Albright is not what we want. Where do we want them to maybe redeem themselves and get in to some line of work in the legit world of so called would you world when they get out while I don't know about you. But call me call me old fashioned but I do think upon prevention is worth a million tons of -- And if somebody is -- and a prison sentence for a non violent crime and they're gonna get out three to five years. Absolutely positively educate them let the power & Associates degree let them earned a bachelor's degree. I give them something that is going to be in employable skill when they get out of prison because it's tough enough. To get a job when you are just getting out of the joint nobody wants to hire you. It's a tough flight but look -- again. Well talk about the people or law abiding. It's tough for you guys to get jobs so imagine what it's like for somebody on the inside who's just getting now to get a job it's hell. As I've set. Let's just go back here I have not a lot of sympathy for those who committed an act of violence against somebody else. And that is why -- in prison. My sympathy doesn't quite go that far. But for a lot of people there imprisoned because they've committed crimes essentially against themselves and their own families. On the non violent crimes. I usually dropped out for example. Now heroes though where I have to draw the line. If governor small ball. News that concern about prison inmates in New York State. Being educated on the tax Payer nickel we're talking about 5000 dollars a year per inmate there hurdler hunters say this morning the initial what a great job Larry does he doesn't awesome job forces WB yeah. But in any event. I listen to Larry better this morning. And here's what I think 5000 dollars a year per inmate. Now I won't go along with that but. Only if it does not increase the need for a New York State revenue. At ball. Because I'm thinking to myself wait a minute this as an additional expense that is going to be -- by the taxpayers of New York State who is already seen the to wish and assistance program for middle class families go down the tubes go to on the court upper. And that they still the offer the regents scholarships in New York State. What you were go to school with your certain age of fifty when I was go to school I did so well on the HTT is the New York State taxpayers like you. Gave me a thousand dollars every year to defray my tuition costs. Believe me are reimbursed New York State's coffers more than what it cost to educate believe. And that that's not a game is supposed to be quiet. Indeed you know in the ideal in the ideal world but here's what I think it. I don't wanna take any additional expenses view. Well so let's run like a business if Governor Cuomo wants to invest 5000 dollars per inmate to educate that with a college degree. 5000 per year. Then he's gonna have to make a corresponding caught somewhere else. And I would suggest we start with deep funding in state tuition for illegal residents of New York State. At least eight -- there is a legal. Grip -- that more often a prisoner in new York state prison is at least legal resident of New York State. More often than not there are some exceptions to that but. I won't go along with governor Cuomo's idea but he's got to make a corresponding cut somewhere. Else. Because otherwise. Guess who's gonna pay for. You and me and John Sherman and your mom will all pay for. So governor all. Well if you want to educate inmates. You know what I can think of the worst way to spend money because just because somebody's in prison. Look it does not mean that they should be deprived of any future. They're doing their time they're paying their debt to society in most cases by the way I think prison is stupid. I appetite addicts prison is one of them is one of the most idiotic concept we have as a civilization. I think that the most violent stormiest people in the world should be in prison I don't think the typical drug and it ought to be in prison. I don't think that the drug user ought to be in prison that's just the way I view the world. To me it's a sickness you don't put people in prison -- -- if what about hospital you get him treated. But if you want to educate people were in prison I don't advocate cruelty to prisoners -- -- I don't know please please don't don't don't colder. All go there. It's. It's I cannot imagine can you -- a -- what it's like. 24/7. To have every aspect of your life regulated. Yes I know they deserve yes I know we -- found guilty the court of law yes I know that's what we do with offenders -- get -- you don't have to sell me on why we punish people. -- -- And I know that if we don't like the laws we can lobby to have them changed -- it understood. But. To me. Course I guess I don't have the criminal mind. It would be bad enough being monitored and regulated. Watched and governed 24/7. A day with absolutely zero freedom. That to me would be hell even a week would be hell. You know I'm saying. Seoul. If Governor Cuomo would be willing to do away with having illegals. Pay the in state tuition rate. Which by the way were signed into law by a right -- governor George Pataki. And the money is then there to educate the inmates that I think the money should go to educating immigrants since they've got a fighting chance when they get out of becoming productive members of society. In -- are you know there are inmates in -- inmates are hardcore criminals in -- people who just messed up in their lives. Yeah the hard -- -- gives it about TV you've seen the shows like top you've seen the show is like the first 48. Always people with a million cousins are coming up whatever murders committed always at -- cousins houses that amazing out of my cousins because -- the without. But they're always at our cousins. But yeah. In any event and is gonna leave it I'm gonna leave it at that. If Cuomo wants to educate inmates I have no problem with that as long as today cost anything additional he's gonna have the -- from somewhere else. I suggest week not for educating illegals in New York State at the instate tuition -- That's restart. But I don't I don't see why the New York State taxpayers should have to take an added expense especially when many of us have kids in school we'd like to help more but because -- taxes these regulations. We can't -- So just the thought. Just the thought of thinking about that when I was listening to Hitler hunter this morning does that contribute -- that doing aaron's. We're coming up on a twenty minutes after three and a AccuWeather on this alleged holidays and it will be windy tonight. And we're gonna get some snow maybe three to six inches of snow. And the temperature will slowly rise in tomorrow's going to be up to freezing. And you know it's political winner what I can say it will be up to freezing and what does -- 1213 degrees Joseph. I couldn't hear you -- 22 feels like that are your your horse reason why reach your image of a shoot out is that -- from. -- gonna watch your voice if you're gonna do radio your voice is your second most important tool market at play your first most important tool the dirty you know to microphone. Now. Tom I know I just threw a pen all and a all in good spirit complexity. -- was against Victoria. I did see the doctor but I'm not gonna go there right now I don't feel like that I'm -- that -- well corporate tell -- that. I can't even watch somebody eat chicken anymore I don't know what possessed me to hear this on my FaceBook page. It's that that. If somebody is gonna sit there and eat a chicken wing of this -- for a guy who was born and raised in buffalo this is almost heretical. This is almost like something for retreat like -- -- look like and there's like a Catholic denying the reality of -- of education. When I see somebody eating chicken wing again. Somebody's that won't want to get what is it about the chip away. And I think narrative that it is the dripping grease and or hot sauce and pork chicken body fluid. Combined with the tendons the veins the cartilage and the speed at which gets to. And then sometimes you get these guys who put the entire thing in their mouth. And basically deep throat and a deep ball that mr. -- magically and jerked the entire thing out of their mouth utterly. Clintons did -- That kind of freaks me out. Turns me on but it freaks me out at the same dot I cannot watch somebody eat chicken wings and it has been ladies and gentlemen. And there is a topic here food you used to love that you just can't eat anymore. Chicken wings my number one can't touch him it's gotten the point were even watching Joseph eat -- when I can't I have to turn away I would day. It's like stepping in fresh dog. It's like fresh it's like stepping in fresh -- pool on a July today about the feeling and yet when I watch somebody eat chicken -- And yes that did happen to be 1 July day when I was young -- scarred me forever regret that doubtful would you use to like that you can't stand anymore. Now coming up on the program. No I haven't yet gotten to the top. Coming up on the program. You know sometimes I feel very ahead of the curve. And it's good for my ego. And there's something on national review online but I need to share with you all don't know about this don't want. This is not a desire. This is a necessity this is a neat. I need. To share it with few. Basically ladies and gentlemen -- well I talked about last week as far as the United States. And as far as the separation of powers and I know Sean Hannity talks an awful lot about this as well so I'm not claiming. Uniqueness in its. But separation of powers and the idea that we now have a lawless nation. What good is the law when one man the president in this case Obama can unilaterally. Without due process change the law. It if that is the case we no longer our nation of laws we are a nation of a man President Obama. The very thing our founding fathers found abhorrent about the monarchy is now manifesting itself in the body politic of the United States in 2014. Now some of you may think I'm unhinged. Well if I -- guess what so is somebody with the national review so I'll take it as a compliment a sure why next on WB yeah. This. Okay. -- I forgot the the course was so far away a rock and roll them based. With the chorus. And then you have to wait for it again anyway. It's at 333. Under the Righteous Brothers the Righteous Brothers and a bill medley in the year ago under his radio I'm thirty WB yen. Joseph beavers -- master control John German -- you call screener. And that we do have a flood watch it's kicking in because were actually -- warming trend later on this weeks -- keep your eyes on that course. There's no used to worry about tomorrow and delegates here we can prepare for tomorrow but. It's only a month and we're talking about later -- week so tomorrow take your itself now. The united states of decline. This is a very interesting piece it's. National review dot com not literally of time. Norway have via desire to read the entire thing you word -- word but I just wanna get via hint. What is written in it because it just kind of go over some ground we covered last week and others are covered on the radio station a Russian -- on. But the United States have declined by -- Roy Murdoch. America is unraveling -- a stunning. Speed. And to a staggering. Degree. This decline is breathtaking and the prognosis. Is rim much. For starters Obama now rules by decree. Aim and aim and aim it. Reportedly for the 27 time. He's changed the rules of Obama here single handedly with neither congressional approval or even ceremonial resolutions to limit his actions Obama needs such for qualities. That's the good thing about being president. Obama joked I can do whatever one. In and especially bitter irony Obama uttered these despicable words while guiding French president -- -- it or -- that. I've -- it and -- is because I'm not French through Monticello all the Thomas Jefferson a key architect. Of Americans foundation of limited government. That very day Obama to create the obamacare mandate for employers with fifty to 99 workers would be postponed until 2060. There was an earlier extension to 2050. And of course when he sixteen as well as the November 2014 mid term elections which are coming. So by fiat. Obama has postponed -- the employer mandate went Republican senator Ted Cruz effectively tried to do this through legislation last fall. Democrats virtually last -- and -- him. Also by decree last week Obama decided unilaterally. Unilateral. Decision unique one only heat Obama. Decided unilaterally. To soften political asylum rules refugees and other immigrants who provide terrorists limited material support. And welcome to. America. A medic got W Matta got so -- The bottom line is. This article goes on to -- more examples. There are nothing less then that chilling. Absolutely. -- By the way. There was -- Something else year. But I wanted to get in there. Well talks about the Republicans. As well and that the Republicans basically acquiesced. -- A president takes power in his hands. Power. He has no right to accrue under our system of government. You can check it out as as it's a very it's a link the article but it definitely is worth your read. And I put it up at -- become -- FaceBook page it's the one where the talks. At FaceBook dot com Tom dot hourly. BA -- Like our Jack Bauer 24 just -- the L eat to the end power leak. So why you confided there but it. It's breathtaking. Actually. The scope. Of the decline not only of this country. But the manner in which -- The ability to get things done. Extra legally. Is being accumulated. Extra legally. By one branch of government. If congress do this unilaterally. There would be it would vault. If the Supreme Court did unilaterally there would be revolts. But President Obama does it and nobody wants to say anything because they don't wanna be called a racist. And it's gonna get worse with Hillary as president because nobody's gonna wanna be accused of attacking -- You know forget about the fact that Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator who -- -- -- average exit like acquire before. Which I always thought it was a great irony about the Democrats pilot Dennis evershed. At the same time as are all trying to -- -- They always welcome -- -- with great fanfare and huge donations Bill Clinton who is an absolute positive predator. -- -- Seriously there's a difference between being a Don Juan ladies' man of being a predator. Bill Clinton as African predator. I'm ladies and he is a predator. Efforts. So. I've always marveled that there. But it makes me -- President Obama gets to use his black shield I'm black you can't say anything about it because if you do you're racist black a black shield shield. I took last week I mean this if if President Obama were as Smart. As I think he is he also admit to being buyer again because that would give them a shield for other hit. You see so when the black thing starts running out then they could say just what am I don't and that can bring that shield out. And then nobody can touch. Because after all who would wanna be the first guy the first woman to throw stones at the first black bi or gay -- that it wouldn't happen. So if he doesn't of course mean I'm not insinuating anything at all. I don't believe the stories in Chicago not -- problem not -- for fleeting second. But. Under -- That he could use that as a shield total. It must be nice to go through life with a shield like. -- shield like. If I don't I don't put good use. The thing about this Joseph -- -- The short -- the other doesn't work. Now the public now because you know what because if you make a big deal ought to be in short that he got the Napoleon complex you understand that you can't even use that one. Policy brain damage. Now now because then if you use that shield -- unhinged. A dish so you know I can't. Now I was six were to ever shield bottle. They're no because that could be a typical costs white Anglo Saxon Protestant right. See if I look like when I couldn't but Obama's got this magical she nobody can use. And try to trivialize what I consider to be a very serious situation. Because folks it is exactly what I saw happening in 2008. And others on this radio station like sandy beach also saw happening in 2008. That Obama was going to be able to act illegally. And nobody would say I've got nobody would say a damn thing about it. Because they didn't wanna be accused of being. A racist especially with the November 2014 mid term elections coming up which early on anyway look as though there going to be good. Forty -- party the Republican Party. Which frankly I have to tell you -- don't a lot of people are getting really excited about it other Republicans are gonna whip -- 24 to the Republicans go to win the terms other pop. Applicants -- Republicans. Lie. And you think that that's gonna marks a watershed moment where suddenly the Republicans are gonna push ups. Are you smoking crack. Have you not been paying attention to what the Republican Party is all about. Folks. If the Democrats are swept from congressional power. In November of 2014. You are not going to see a marked difference in what is coming out of Washington. You still going to be a client and the horrid start to get a because you're not gonna be sending in most cases Tea Party patriots to Washington you're not gonna be sending conservative arrogance to Washington. You're going to be sending members of the dead political party called the Republicans to Washington. And we know that when Republicans are in office. They act like write notes when they run for office no matter what they say no matter how lofty the -- of the rhetoric no matter how right wing based out. No matter how patriotic they may appear no -- the flowery words they used to describe their love of freedom. The minute they get to the nation's capital the minute they begin at any position of power they become -- and they become entrenched and that Washington only Gorky. That party system and I don't mean political party I mean. Weller what -- world but Friday and Saturday night orders part he'll be invited to that. That's -- Rush Limbaugh properly call the congress. That's what you're gonna get. So I know that many of you -- really excited -- Robert what do fourteen in the whole world is gonna change its not gonna change. The only thing that's gonna change is the -- consonant after the politicians today. Our instead of -- the net result for you is you're still gonna end -- ball and America will still end up on the receiving end of tyranny. And the American people have been so and asked the -- with the bread and circus society in which we live. The better. You're just gonna go about your life your daily life. Watch in the voice what to expect there. Cared more about who wins stupidest college shows that what's going on in your own country. What I believe and entertain a lot of entertainment that's what I don't entertainment. But at least with the entertainment I do sometimes there is a redemptive social value to. Coach Lloyd George Carlin. One of the great influences in my early like he was a comedian. But George Carlin also went so much further than simply comedy. George Carlin called it for what it wants. George Carlin in addition to being stand up comic George Carlin I'll listen to those seven dirty words you can't say. George Carlin was also a brilliant political analyst. And his his bit on the you don't have any rights. Was one of the most brilliant -- positions. Xbox three speeches on. You on what a crock of crap the concept of your rights in America happened to beat as I've ever seen. -- mentioned the Japanese Americans in world war two and the point he may and by the way this also goes for Abraham Lincoln. The greatest fraud a hero ever foisted upon American schoolchildren. At the very moment. Your government. Should most care about your rights at the very second. When you the American people need to have your rights protected the most in the most fiercely by your government. Your government will run rough shot over those rights. Asked the Japanese Americans in World War II. Ask the northern. Journalists during the civil war. Asked the other people in the civil war who were thrown in jail without charges. By Abraham Lincoln. That I mentioned the greatest false hero ever foisted upon American schoolchildren ever. Well I'll be freed the slaves didn't reach the emancipation proclamation. I told you guys there's a few weeks ago somebody actually read it is that we trapped on your right. Little did not free the slights. He only freed the slaves in areas controlled by the so how does it 10. You think the union are we didn't use black -- as slaves themselves you'd ever again. Nope this is Black History Month to. The tragedy is. I'm afraid and a lot more about black history that a lot of black people that. I mean real black history and we can talk about -- or some other day but there's a lot more black history and African peanut butter. Are right it is up but I don't like peanut butter don't get me wrong I'm rather follow the peanut butter. 346. But I think that you know whatever your peanut butter I'm sorry -- -- if I always. You know what if you're black I always just think that the means black history completely -- that. Because you guys -- black Brothers and sisters you guys have been a ball in every single American war since the freaking revolution. You have served this country with honor and distinction you have fought for freedom. You fought for other people's freedom you fought for your own freedom. You fought on America's side in the Spanish American war in World War I in World War II in Korea and Vietnam. I think these are laudatory things. At a time when your father we come home from Korea come back to Mobile, Alabama and tall and be told we could not -- -- -- white people. In better accommodations. He was off. You know just just back from Korea. Fighting for democracy and freedom which made absolutely no sense to me wouldn't -- made sense to me. And it always seems -- what demeaning bit. And you talk about black history and it always comes down there. You all black rather than -- butter just always seem to be like yes a lot I mean really in the traffic light -- do. I'd rather talk about. How brave black people defended freedom. Even when they didn't -- -- to me that's like history art stay with us -- news radio I'm thirty WB. WB. The NR. 353. Right now that it news radio by thirty WB yet pet day. Spent sixty dollars at the dry -- You know I don't understand about two into the dry cleaner will look at silk shirts that's that's what kills. I got a great deal on the silk shirts in the in the clean them you might as well I five cotton -- for the one silk shirt of the -- but you know what gets me about go to the dry cleaner. I don't know how many people get is aggravated as I do by this but I have -- -- winter -- likely hero right. And the -- goes down to about my knees the bag in which they put it goes down to my feet. So caring that camping -- almost tripped -- I just. -- had a what is why put such a big. It's like me behind -- -- -- the specs. All right it is 353. Very 53 -- news radio I'm thirty WBZ and like it but I look for Michigan not to -- right so. Humor there from the guys on area Monday. Shall we are identified topic. Now. -- Enjoying my best camp of black history. And the fact that real black history. Go back to 1776. We have like eighteen people calling saying these you know that the the first man killed in Boston Massacre with the black man. Actually no his -- was Christmas addicts and he was like you're humble host of you have a lot of different things he was part Indian unit park active part white. He was part. But I mean basically I hate to say it but if you're looking for heroes. Basically he was a Ryder. As were the other Boston thugs who were -- by the British soldiers who by the way were eventually exonerated. Basically the acted in legitimate self defense against the Boston -- So I don't know that he would be somebody that wanted to -- -- as early as a hero. I was thinking more along the lines of the enlisted soldiers in the revolution who fought some of whom gain their freedom and others were already -- them. -- people in the in the civil war and I love what Frederick Douglas had this. And unpopular it is just a little bit here about black history because I just I think it's just been so demeaned and you will traffic lights and butter but. Frederick Douglass once said. If you ask if they slave will fight no a slave will not but a man will fight. And he understood the distinction between a man -- slay. And Frederick Douglas was a man. And when you read some of his quotes. He is valuable role models people. I think we all could admire he definitely should be very close to the top of the list. Sojourner Truth. Black woman. But that did not -- stupid woman. So there's a lot more with the peanut butter and stop lights that's the thesis of the preceding segment on WB yeah.

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