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2-17 Sandy Beach Show

Feb 17, 2014|

Larry Hunter on the Sandy Beach Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back did you know that John Adams our second president of the United States ran for the presidency four times. He ran against Thomas Jefferson. He ran against George Washington. And then he was elected our second president. Of the United States it's presidents' day 2014 here on news radio 930 WBE and about 8 minutes after 11 o'clock we're talking about the governor Cuomo's speech in which he stated that he has a crazy idea. In order to fix our prison system. And that is he will. Take ten prisons. And start a college education program. Allowing. Inmates to get a college degree. At taxpayers'. Expense. He says this would cut down on the rates every turning prisoners. We just open senator mark or sound T. Who gave you his thoughts on the matter. I'll share what you my thoughts. Instead of spending money on criminals. To get a college degree. Why don't we spend money. -- students. To get it degree. And help them get a job so they don't have to become criminals. That's my thoughts. What are your thoughts 8030930. Is our numbers start 930 is a for a recall on your cell. And if you're outside the local calling area it's 180616923. Six let's start this morning -- -- Kevin in -- good morning Kevin. Good morning Larry hold you to the Margaret are doing fine thank you very much and we talk which you record your talk is cheap. From where college junior year. I mean we know now I mean you know if you want -- quit and he medical coverage and the pilot's view in direct said that. You know it is usually result here there certainly is that your -- feel the energy here. Peace among our sister company and we hope it could be because after all the congress I mean. Which you can -- an error. Well well well well. All of it and the. I know I mean I guess -- -- security problem -- outlook called you know accommodation because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Denver scored on in the opposite right yet and mention abortion rights no for you know prisoners I mean you know I mean after all. You know real time went by -- you know beyond. -- informed ignorant or almost all most of the time ran down. Just -- -- -- if you're an -- scrutiny at Politico and you can get cheer. Actually as you're rested and yeah article for peace Q what do you think and -- Well yeah that's that's a good point I -- there there is politics I I think -- involved with this and that. And that is part of the shame I think to a win in this. Is that instead of trying to prevent crimes. There were going to try and assist those. Who have created the the crimes are or committed the crimes and there analyzes the problem -- with me. Larry you I would write your assembly. -- at. The because the. Kevin thanks for your call that they appreciated -- for it. Nothing wrong with a little sense of -- Diana and buffalo good morning to you Diane. This morning with delirium. I did didn't I say Maggette hasn't. Now welcome to people that I don't consummated. This crime under the influence of alcohol and drug they have addiction problem. -- neither can anyone -- addiction problem. Keep them out of killed in the put you know what they're getting down and education. Once they come I just look at the biggest pet. And the lack of the thank god has now on the candidates find Catholic education. Well I don't I think -- just a way that New York it has been played on stopping a bit of content. You know people about banks could they need money for their -- people have alcohol. Content and then drink and Ivan Radenovic of the gap. The crime compiled under the influence. I don't have statistics to back that up but I'm out but there's no doubt in my mind. That a good majority of crimes meant what I shouldn't say good majority what why is crime good 88 majority of prime crimes are probably. Has some kind of reference to and an addiction whether it and not necessarily always always drugs or alcohol it could be money. It could be sex it it could be a number of our addictions but. Again. I think if we look at the problem within our society. And try and find a way to resolve the the attitude that I have or or right to commit a crime on on others. If we can look at that problem and prevent. The the criminal as a nation. Of individuals especially young people today. Then you know we we may be better off in the long run and I think it a serious place to look at. Is. Our educations system however. Let's be honest here we have a lot of single parent homes. And with single parent homes. And someone in that home who is working. And not taking care of the children. We that has created a huge problem within our society. People people with money to have and they have -- on -- -- -- -- pick Clinton if I don't believe -- it's just the look at all. I something we'll just have. No date has -- that way in now -- McCain Alco pop or maybe as. You know addictive behavior I don't I don't know but the company's well. Go towards. Good candidate just called that way. It wasn't down. Fort -- as whites without college that and what was that like. Going forward yeah it's like yeah now I can execute on the night apparently. But he became the I don't think she ever commit acts but you know maybe they have to -- got enough money -- and gambling that paper and now. And it I just got out of trouble. But I Arnold Diane -- my my point is we hear from educators within the buffalo public school system. The problems they have with so many of the children. Is because they come from single parent homes and the parent isn't there very often. Some of the parents aren't there and in in -- I think that the parents. Sort of do it. -- so you know and the kids are not learning because their parents and that really teaching them the right way. And therefore that much so my point is. If we're going to -- vast. Last let's invest with yen before. They become criminals before they feel that they have a right to break the law let's find a way. To make education. On let's find a way to help single parent families let's give kids a place. To it to learn and grow and prosper besides being on the streets hanging out. Well I know people. They hit my. Led. It 21 boy -- -- -- and lived in Grand Island he was going to college -- house. And we got to got to Iraq he without crack. You would still -- -- And he can't come -- Katrina -- so you know it can happen and anybody of course it can you know. It could be like you know a concern of me and people with money. Need to stop now you know Latin people had to balance -- just to make money and you know. More money. It's sad. There are Diane thank you very much for your time this morning that WB EM sandy beach shell Larry hunter. Filling in on President's Day said he will be back tomorrow at 9 o'clock -- you make sure you're here then we'll take a break we'll be right back with more of your calls. AccuWeather says it's going to be of odd state basically as sunshine blue sky for awhile but it will cloud up. And we'll get up to 25 to date tonight however winter returns with the three to six inches of snow likely overnight at a low of about 22. That 22 lol. Is higher than some of the days we had in the past week. Tomorrow we could get up to about 32 and Wednesday we could see a high of 37 so -- have a slight warming trend. Right now ten degrees in buffalo from news radio 930 WBE and when you're going to out of the slopes today to enjoy the the weather -- to chestnut ridge park. Maybe you're going out on some ice that you made in the backyard -- Skating I'm a little pond. That have yourself a great day in enjoyed presidents' day a lot of people have -- I think presidents day should not -- -- holiday personally. I don't think we should be celebrating. 43 year 44 guys. Who basically. Have not downloaded the greatest job I'm sure we all have a favorite president I'm sure we all have -- on favorite. President. But I just don't think we should shut down our government. The post office -- Wall Street. It just because we've had a few people elected president I know originally it was to celebrate. Lincoln's and Washington's birthday I understand that. But how many holidays do we really need. And how many excuses do we need for holiday. That we don't need one for for presidents' -- let's go back to the fall of phones were talking about Governor Cuomo is. Proposal. To educate prisoners. Give New York State prisoners. A program to get a college. Degree. At taxpayers' expense what do you think 8030930. Is our number -- 930 -- free call yourself. Rambo Jim anybody. That he put me up -- he he took it down before you got me up Chris. Okay Jim are you there. Yes. -- Politicians child molesters Larry. Everything that bad every that they -- I have no problem. Helping people that are less fortunate that I. Because she said that the Christian compassionate thing to do. But Jim Jim Jim let me interject first just in case someone is not familiar. We view. You used to be a prison guard. OK so I'd I'd I'd like to make some people aware of that as as you discuss the topic go right ahead. Yet here's the problem area -- -- The basic mathematics. What the politicians -- much of the American. At the present time we have approximately. Approximately. 76 million boomers in America. The gold at the debate people overs query report in 1946. Now according to Mike kept the school mathematics. If you had sixty by your that in 1946. It's Brohm and it'll the end of 2011. The -- the debate people reached retirement. I'm gonna break that down for its 3000 baby boomers retire. -- seven we -- 41000 a week. -- -- weeks out of the month twelve months a year out of the year. That comes to about winning a million people over a year retire. Populate their Rush Limbaugh wants property -- he can tell you all will be able to go back gonna retire. Here's the problem they missed a personal experience. They come from the baby boomers ghost -- doctors and look your party had governor description met today you have several operations. And and that the -- -- -- you right now for your own personal goods Unita you know. You're just -- I caught up to you you can't work anymore and that's when. And their client right now about our blocked the and -- Security bankrupt but the pageant sponsor supposedly. -- I. Equitable odd but it light ability -- it caught generational bat means that -- don't want to give the PP. About BP. Okay Jim Jim so. Are you try to make the point that we don't have the money. We've got to establish priorities. And I hope we get a paper that we've got every six million baby boomers get ready to pull it. It worked out very Abner -- at the bit at the back of the mind explained it to me I'm gonna shut up like. Well basically. I think your your kind of saying what senator Microsoft he -- a few minutes ago here on on the program on WB and and he said basically that you know we have been cutting. Some programs. For a law abiding citizens when it comes to -- going to college. And yet the governor wants to find money. To educate criminals so it's like if you're a law abiding citizen if you do what's right. And you you need funding. Our government has made it more difficult for you. But yet our government now wants to make it easier for people who have broken the law and our cost Steen. Us about their 60000. Dollars a year to incarcerate. Prisoner. Now we are going to find money to help give them -- a college degree and am I right. And I think that -- like that that we got at least six million. People don't work -- -- there's no money for you you're heritage. Has been holed out from underneath you you get up that's basically what a lot of people wanted to -- the baby boomers go straight to the double. Our Jim thanks for your caller this morning and I think you know the funding question here would be the number one question where is the money going to come from. And will it take away. Any kind of funding from other programs for. Law abiding tax paying citizens. I think if we want to educate people we need to do it from the ground up. Not from behind prison bars out David in Perry's -- this morning thanks for calling WBBM. Thank you Larry you're -- good listener. Before you get to define domestic critics say it's a -- and partner king junior said. That you can follow. Whole society is -- in Oakland and against have yet he's backwards by politics here people who are -- -- Children in this. Pilot -- the elderly in those on the -- of -- If you like imprisoned or unemployed like on all -- and a teacher amid this even more important teachers. And completely died and how he wouldn't he had a lot of young graduates and older teachers are laid off the submit. And it would be money well invested because he's -- at least it would not Kobe contrition. And can hire yourself out of course and you educations they. You that you need to educate our biggest problems in the world. Right David I've got a bit of break for headline news would you stay on the line and altering your back right afterwards. I don't appreciate that okay David's gonna hold Willis and -- welcome to join us as well at 8030930. Or star 930 a free call on your cell Larry hunter for sandy beach today on presidents day 24 team. A lot of it. Well Governor Cuomo is talking about the jailhouse rock he's talking about educating our prisoners by giving them a college degree. He talked about this just couple of days ago he said it's a crazy idea. But it might be a way to help fix our prison system well I I don't think it's going to fix the prison schism. But I think there is a possibility here that it could. Create. A situation where there are less people in prison. And that would be a good thing because the last people in prison in the last week have to spend. On prisoners. Who get. Cable TV and medical coverage him. Better meals than than many people who are poor trying to get fine. I have David on the line he was and where and I hear got to go back to more over here are Davidson -- Perry's very David you're a teacher. Thank you what do you teach. He should exit the Irish junior can -- don't -- now OK oh great talent to. The -- Political -- can -- deal they concluded that the let -- get to degree they're actually get out of prison for their terms they could teach the others. And it would they feel on -- money -- -- that's an example. Receive either go to the -- seek out the year to keep on -- which. Keep your entry here. In New York. Now David do you feel that the money that would be spent to educate these prisoners. Could possibly be better spent. Within our education system to help young people. Get jobs and take pride in their lives in and their future and maybe prevent them from becoming prisoners. Well it's important Larry I didn't need to ball. And I do -- ideas for helping -- pub. Public schools I grew constrictor awareness like distant problems when the majority that can go on airs tonight I political future for two years. And it was forty years ago with the problem and can't image and now lawyer friend to teach you. It says that -- the big issue peaking -- couldn't stay focused. Restrictions. And it's not even be a bad behaviors even just collect ten missed. Politically -- -- and I think if that was going to enjoy just briefly. That but. The other dignitaries and community leaders like yourself people and media people. In the trees skilled trades of professional people. To come this quarter basis is volunteers. In Q workshops motivational. Sanctions and that -- -- what they needed. For it to be successful. And encourage students and include I would do it immediately auditor comes schools go to going to investigators. Are paying attention. And they'll start maybe get it because potentially see every day. And also the that the people Walters calmed him. That plumbers electricians and and politicians and everybody -- encourage people built he goes around schools and teachers -- to put up it is challenging job. Well that's the way that wouldn't cost. Of people. But will tackle in the schools and keep it as a big presence of the community schools to motivate and Christine. I wouldn't mind doing that good idea thank you David appreciate your time this morning at WBE and I've got. Waltz into wheat field good morning to you won't. -- are -- there. Ariza. Listening to the radio -- fortunately which shed we're in -- -- put him on hold and if he'll hang on the phone will will bring them back -- in TI at Walt and we feel live and -- -- -- it's like how how are we doing this good morning Atlanta. -- -- -- that I could com. I want to rule out one stroke worsen an appearance in court says the money management courses in person. By you know what I. I am not interested in paying for a Corbett told. College education when I couldn't even afford to that is my college of these patients would want it all on. Yeah I think you make a good point I I think there does need to be some kind of education program in the prisons. For life skills to assist them when they get out money management I think is a good program. Anywhere in our education system. We all need to -- to manage our money a little bit better. That's another thing I believe in -- schools vs reward you know grainy for. Yeah on the all common Americans. Money management and fairly Decker did quite -- people don't get this anymore they don't have a clue what they don't know how to handle it. -- -- you bring out a very good point it's almost a whole another topic that we could do some date but. Certainly there are many young kids today who were not prepared for the basic reality. Of of -- And and I sincerely. Believed that that is a responsibility. Of our education system where we're so. Concerned about this common core and all these other program that we've forgotten about the basics. Of educated and young people for life. That's totally court and a lot of people I've heard aren't I would sure there's a lot. And other crime and that the young people today are chose not ready for the world. Likely to be this general words and that they prior generation. And they don't ever told the capabilities. Of liberty a -- -- if if you wanna call it that. Thabeet took profitable and I went way not just financially or whatever are but most believe. Certainly we're hearing. Almost kind of. Yeah very much so thank you -- appreciate your time on this morning at WB in a survey was done. Was that three years ago I believe. On among I believe it was a thousand high school students. It wasn't seniors I believe it was just high school students. And the question was what two countries' border of the United States. High school students what to -- what two countries. Border the United States now as an adult that to me. Is a pretty simple question. And yet less than 50%. Of high school students got that question correct. Now the geography may not be the most important thing in someone's life. But I don't think. That. No -- that the countries that border your borders. Is. Not important. It just boggles my mind when I saw that. -- -- media is. What really are we teaching kids today. In school. Are we teaching the basics that prepare them for adult -- Or are we teaching them how to be -- technological. Individual. So you can find out what. Taylor Swift is wearing. And how much Justin Bieber is drinking. You that you ask young people today basic questions that we considered when we went to school is as. Simple questions I mean basic educational questions. And they seem to have a difficult time knowing the answers. And yet they know everything about Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. I think it's sad. I really do -- I think we've lost. The the basis. Of a solid educational foundation for young people today. Are I remember going to a bank in grade school. We were taken on a trip to a bank. And taught. About checks and putting money in the bank and -- in to check in writing the check. And I find out that there are kids today graduating from high school who have never written a check they don't know how to open a bank account. I mean what are we doing within our educational system. We're spending billions of dollars for our common core I bet half the parents listening to this program don't even know what he has. If we if the parents. Aren't educated about something how can we help educate our young people. It's so frustrating I'm sorry I took up a lot of time and I apologize we got people waiting to talk and so let me take a quick break. Now we'll go right back to your calls sandy beach deal with Larry hunter. On president's -- oh by the way when we come back. I'm going to tell you. Who was the youngest person to ever become president of the United States. Because. There's a buffalo connection. Not to take credit for anything but if tomorrow when sandy does the show from nine till noon. If it's cold and cloudy and snowing. Please remember that today when Larry was on it was blue skies and sunshine. And I'm responsible for all of it AccuWeather says that we will get some increasing cloudiness later today with a high of 25. Snow later on tonight and overnight three to six inches possible in some areas down to about 22. Events of sunshine for. Wednesday. Or Tuesday Tuesday high 32 Wednesday high 37. Ten degrees in buffalo from news radio 930 WB and we're just filling in for the one day sandy will be back tomorrow -- WB and we got Rush Limbaugh coming up at noon today and then Tom Bauerle. At three this afternoon on WB and we've got up a full -- callers. And I wanna try and get to everybody so I'm gonna ask everybody to take it just about a minute to. Say your piece and then we will move on trying to get everybody on here OK we'll start with -- -- derby -- Good morning there Larry quickly I was watching that news that more than actual. And I thought that your state was that aren't ranked -- the act that got people out here it but it's in Iowa what they've got now -- the -- -- If it that. Where they actually are loading. -- at the pump up the -- -- it'll be out there actually. EG instrument and their and it and it was funny because -- in -- it is it. I mean it is up to -- we'll -- you make the same I don't know what I would you know -- -- -- that. We look forward well I mean you know we're not adapt to you know the elite eight kids were -- it. What ever happened that he you know if you are you signed -- that's what they. Yeah exactly -- thank you for your time this this morning that's that's interest in him by the way our youngest person to ever become president. I'm sure many of you may have thought it was John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy was the youngest person to ever be elected. President. But the youngest person to ever become president. Was sworn in as president right here in buffalo new York and that was Teddy. Roosevelt. Just a little trivia -- on President's Day Walton we feel are you -- this. Get very. I think cumulative thing where do and said before. About just teaching these kids the basic. I'd like to say two things number one -- if there's been -- -- and all legal socialistic as liberal -- -- have a different -- to be here and so they can vote accordingly. In November and secondly. You have to realize that Cuomo was the one in 1998. Who wanted to give homes to people who could not afford them. Fiscal Belichick a little a little bit with the article us. Thank you all I appreciate you holding on there. We'll say good morning to Wear my going down here where Mike -- and OK Dan and the south buffalo hi Dan. Where he'll make it quick I agree with the previous caller. And won't looked like two. Isn't to hear them by providing hiring preferences as though they're gradually. And ended the issue of hiring preferences. This state should also subsidize these importers a percentage that are com they're for completing the circle of immoral conduct. The jeopardized the fabric of society as a whole. Because the hard working honest god fearing conservatives. They are now actually able to -- a real life example of what Governor Cuomo said when. There is no rule in their skate program and I would -- there is no holds for -- either. -- -- and thank you very much for your call this morning. I got Matthew in Camry hi Matt. Well they're gonna. I would like to make a statement -- that is pretty ridiculous that they are gonna allow local college. Great stuff to be. Given to the prisoners it's it's ridiculous turn. Well anyway we can make a statement about the that are being taught in school right now which it they're a pretty much know basics been trying hard this new common -- got going on. It doesn't allowed teaching basic Nasser and anything really basic and allows only for algebra Arnold does well this stuff. And it beat it's no way you're at it gets in the way you how people perform in school out. Like -- that statement you made earlier about that. -- about how nobody knows anymore about. Too. Boring country and I know that Canada and Mexico. They're not teaching the basics -- more access to the point. 00 -- -- I agree with you -- -- percent Matthew thank you very much for your time this morning on WB and gonna try get everybody on here here's Kathy in Boston I can't beat. Good morning. I I have a statement -- that I think we should all about. You know the Governor Cuomo. Wouldn't answer that question. We collect our children through college -- put themselves through you know everybody is we loan. Loan and long. Sure what my children become -- And then they want had to create college education and why -- my pool all these won't -- Typical of -- Jakarta Jan wood got this crap what you. I was ready for some models. Back my student loan I was waiting for someone say that this morning and I'm glad you did -- the ball -- -- thank you so much. It if it's president day it's a holiday I didn't mean to upset you I got Franken -- -- frank. I do good. He got a minute. -- basically make -- real quick I was gonna retire correction officer -- New York looked at Attica correctional facility. And basically that. A lot of everything that's being that they have gone on in prison system in the past. Problem is. I think people forget that you -- one time they just said OK we can not I work in the art of the budget where -- forty inmates. And excoriated. I think governor it was homework first and figure out that. You know that this -- I before. And I don't know -- -- and the effort there but I think there should be done to figure out what we can do. OK I agree -- agree well said thank you frank I appreciate your tax. Thank you everybody and especially in the last group here who spoke so well and and quickly so we could get you. All on appreciate all the calls today on this holiday hope you're having a great day enjoy the sunshine she looks nice out there and -- and forwards it kind of getting outside in and bringing that the for a -- said he will be back tomorrow at 9 o'clock stay tuned for Rush Limbaugh and then Tom -- this afternoon. At 3 o'clock Larry hunter said he -- has been a great time thank you for the calls nice talk India. -- you stay healthy and wealthy and and wise we'll talk to again.

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