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2-17 Sandy Beach Show Hour 2

Feb 17, 2014|

Larry Hunter on the Sandy Beach Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning it's -- sunshine out there -- good looking day although looks like we got a little bit more snow coming later on this evening and and tomorrow. But get out there and enjoy today feel like the winter activities a great day for snowmobile -- skiing ice skating sledding over chestnut ridge park. It's winter in buffalo why not and enjoy it at least. We didn't get the ice storm. That's so many down in the Carolinas got this past weekend. Many of those people still without power those of you who experienced the October storm over Columbus Day via a few years -- don't know what it's liked it. To be without power when it's cold for a while it's not fun. It's not fun at all it's no different and be without power when it's super hot oppressively hot as well. So we we take for granted. When we turn on the switch and and everything works when it doesn't work sometimes. It really can be frustrating so fortunately we did not experience that kind of whether this past week 8030930. Is our numbers are 930 is a free call on on your cell we got some people who wanna talk about climate change it. So let's hear from them we'll start when John and buffalo good morning John. The morning. Hey guys -- climate change. Is an act of global warming as the temperature goes -- and it's changing the weather there. And as the temperature goes down it changes the weather pattern to. Yep but it's it's going up and that's the problem YouTube internally it's only bought 5050 scientists. -- -- be set aside it's a bit warmer but the percentage didn't older it's not really in effect but that's not true 97% of scientists say it's happening and it's man -- And there's 3% -- scientist. Who don't necessarily totally agree with that. How can you saying that the majority of votes just aren't sure. And there are you that it's not happening but if you really look at who's financing those studies I think there was one UB recently. Attentive the ones that say it's not really a problem and to be funded by the big energy companies big oil companies and call. How can you say global warming was man made when there was global warming before man. Don't just because there was global warming. Ford doesn't mean he admitted to appease the by pumping tens of millions upon the carbon into the atmosphere isn't. Creating in the in the about scrap their children about you but it was hockey stick rapid. Killed since the industrial revolution basically in the a very short period of history how rapidly. The temperature is increasing page you can put your head in this -- -- -- pretended -- -- well that -- -- United States is only needs a modern industrial nation that as one political commitment in the major political party but tonight it's happening in Beijing China there's been so much money and clean and didn't. They actually almost perfected clean call. Or -- close to it as possible there's been billions of. Dollar. Pixel -- like Germany Britain where we're William and John John John. China is one of the biggest polluters in the world. They are one of the biggest polluters in the world but they're also spending and because they are they see it firsthand. And they are spending billions of dollars to change that there's -- they're spending. There on the front -- Germans only the solar panel market and because big oil and big. Energy in this country. Are -- tons of money and they're being subsidized by the government and in order single government dollar. -- to solar research. And acknowledge -- legal to have all of -- -- and solar panels. And actually in. That's because Solyndra went bankrupt. Yeah idea and ought to stick to Fox News talking quite right but -- back to acorn. They mean well we deal with reality here. Well the reality is that. There has always been warming if there wasn't we wouldn't be eager. -- -- True but it does that mean we're -- -- I'm extinct ourselves from the point we don't do something about this from your rapid in and meet warming and that we have. I'm going to hear me. Most of the extinction events and has pointed out from. Climate change you like this -- laugh about it and call it but. I mean it could have -- it's possible that the the potential to play it could change all by itself in the big bucks. Didn't buy a new era and I would causing climate change that -- -- well what we're doing it to ourselves. And hey we could try to do something about but. I think it will change because it's in the kospi -- its its -- so expensive all the all the consequences of it like that. Wonder and flooding now I know Filipinos that. Is the sea level rise in oh yeah -- you didn't believe -- level of the ocean. But there's you know expensive it is. Like -- that storm. And caused by it because of the rising sea levels. Others live in nations that are that are going to be below sea level soon small islands in the Pacific because the oceans are rising. In governments in the company's company's -- see that it's costing them more bitter they're being -- Powers right now to make it to what one and oil. They're just gonna keep it in the government handouts and make money but once they realize it's costing them more money unfortunately that sort of -- -- come -- That we gonna wait for big oil in this country. To realize they're spending more money because of climate change. And global warming and Hamilton told him something about it won't be too late. Okay John thank you. A level when he says stick our head in the sand. Look outside. We can't see the sand. You can't see the -- -- 8030930. Is our number -- WBE and Virginia is in Hamilton Ontario this morning hello Virginia. -- loud I just got over this sermon on the mount there. Anyway you know history and I do -- England and Europe has -- And -- And the area and that's laden and five maybe a hundred years that passed in the dried up against. These things are normal or natural occurrences or no kind annual carbon emissions in those days I don't think documented. And you know that when you hear people like the last comedy -- is kind of shake your -- and thank. He's a project. A product and yeah pretty inconvenient. Untreated. And there have been so much of that propaganda going out. -- at notre really when you think about it it. That fact that we are responsible for climate change is how can I got to really arrogant but -- and it that we can match. Actually changed the climate I doubt that very much typical world. Doing -- thing all the time and time it changes every three months by the way everywhere in the world all of that. You know and also that the -- that billion multibillion dollar industry in the new green religion. When you've got a win now and solar panels. Which are not be ready an opportunity to -- a world. -- standard that we can't match. For many many many years -- -- happen tomorrow we have to rely on technology we have today. And I did have a warm house and how food cooking in the house not in -- fire outside. Another thing to. When you think about it you have -- Germany Germany at lunch time life -- -- electric car -- Spearheading Phillip Arnold and beheading but we are not any longer they've realized the -- of it yet but because it does not producing -- -- that is necessary. But it sure pellet producer a lot of money for the people who said. Get around that -- be here and Ontario. Are apple latrines here he was all green green green energy is green and usually -- our electricity bills and ancient golf have gone through the roof. In order to get behind -- -- income you have to do your laundry it after 7 o'clock at night at the lower rate and we you've -- like that than me reiterate again. Do you think it is that typical ups and. Beat the purpose but. And -- children here five years ago indoctrinated. Into school by having to sit and watch it inconvenient. Icon that the country. They had to sit and have that don't get to them. There are many people who objected to that I respond because I don't like that happening to young people look freshman I think he and other people and other side of the story. That was not allowed to do something different is just not. And it does not. It's been steering away and but the but the Greek god. The great Delphi or cult like Al Gore. And we have the format your confidences in technical and doctor but they got its docket because he's an effect like a -- life. But you want to -- LeBron is to get the oh my goodness -- media lowdown on what's happening in of course. From there billionaire mentioned states held we have blush commoners on the street that we're very back when not to drive our car. -- not you'd think Quayle. And we have to learn how to go back indicated again but meanwhile they're quite happy and comfortable and there wonderful status and my last point is this. China. Is still the greatest polluter. In the world and they are not going to change because they are the money changer. And they are the ones that hold but the comptroller of the economy -- a little right now. You think you're going to spend any money to clean up there got dirty actions not your life because they don't have that regard for human life that we do. But the calling again for me is wrong when he -- that they are investing all the money people call now -- not. Right Virginia I appreciate your comments this morning thank you very much for taking the time to call WB. -- 17 after 10 o'clock sandy beach show would Larry hunter we've heard one side we've heard the other side this morning on climate change. Which has existed from the beginning of time but. You know when someone says -- the big oil companies -- -- But they don't want to admit this I don't wanna make money well what about the that the companies that are using the so called global warming and climate change to. To make money as well. It it's a little bit I think hypocritical. When you blame one. Organization one company for trying to make money but you don't blame the other for use team. False information. To get money from the government which are you and I we'll take a break and we'll be back on news radio 930 WBE NN. Where AccuWeather global warming forecasting increasing cloudiness today I'm about 25 we're gonna get some snow tonight and overnight maybe three to six inches dependant upon where you are. Lol about 22. Tomorrow 32 and Wednesday 37 Thursday we could be in the forties. It is seven degrees from news radio 930 WB EM Larry -- for sandy beach on this president's state where saluting our president's. Where saluting the people who get up in front of the podium. And get up in front of the television. And life. 8030930. Is our number we're talking about global warming didn't plan on it but people have an interest in it and so let's talk about or well really more like climate change but. Anthony appears to have an interesting thought here Anthony welcome to the program. I don't Larry and I did it in about this in college or seven years ago. And pretty much right to see economy -- is that. We the people think that we can change the world around four point five billion years. Be an acre or so. So we were cheated planet beautiful green ball -- from the sun -- in a meeting. In all the crap that aren't Earl. And we didn't get by driving a Prius in gonna make the world changed. But we can do what any stating that we can do all the owners of volcanic eruption. And everything and we have. -- seem to concede that we didn't. There by by writing our -- is gonna checking everything. When you mentioned in the politics so well West -- In order to change the world -- it can be biblical but it juror Bible verse in the Bible. -- away. If you're biblical. And -- -- in the Torre in the Korean well they're currently in the morning where we are the people are. And I didn't feel that I think it you're in mentally against mother nature and although there can be a modern -- -- In -- -- we can work or how or. Well the poll workers seemed that the guess -- I didn't killed it with tiger in here. But all in happened. At Bagram Pollard it. Anthony out that I've often wondered if we asked father nature to take over instead of mother nature. If if the weather might be a little bit better because he likes to play golfer go to the beach and look at pretty women. It could be yeah but you know what don't we. Think we're too little and sometimes so we screwed up some. Good morning thank you have that he nice to hear her oh by the way oh what -- what type a great did you get a net. I gotta I -- we will look at -- street. Well it's three pointer at three point seven and. OK great I appreciate -- go to. I appreciate that thank you for your call I appreciate this morning on WB and I got to David -- block -- this morning hi Dave. Until I got to touch on that 57 there for a second if you don't mind. Obama. It's even a little worse and -- could be because what he actually said he did whatever state he was arriving at. He said he was already out the other 57. All well as more. Really thinks there's 58 or maybe he's still counting I don't know but I just think if it just -- -- W bush did felt like that. Can you imagine it. And Q what does that John and Bob hello John you're a classic leftists to cool. I mean China I want I want I explain something -- giant. If if we Canada scientists together under rule to take a consensus that it was eighty degrees outside in Laporte today when PH. Degrees outside today -- -- There's no consensus is science. You don't get that recently hit 5060 years ago that you equals MC she -- And I'm dying city evil that Tsquared does not mean it would be -- instead of squared John. I mean what happened. I don't start until he infuriate me put -- this -- people like him what to get together get a lawyer. And get a class action suit against whoever educated these people. Let's let's not pick and I'm John and. Do you know well hope Obama is is helping the big oil are you kidding me he shut them down this packet. No Keystone Pipeline he shut down coal everywhere the only where all the -- across the United States to. To be shipped over to China where they -- dictator on the side of the road with it. Our our our athlete with the Chinese they couldn't even breathe over there don't run in the Olympic. -- guess Shanghai has some of the worst area could you could possibly imagine it's terrible. John I'm telling you John boy. Well what I hear and he is just so classically written it's on them believe hopeful. Yeah yeah I. I mean it if it is like saying you don't -- at this always they lost is controlled by rich Republicans. Really. I think that that's why we're putting 75 billion a month into Wall Street is because Obama wants to help Republican. You know what Warren Buffett he's one of those -- Republicans and. These people are still open it's unbelievable -- you can't talk O'Malley and I'm at a point where. It's I think violence is violence as the only -- comment because. Now we're where we don't wanna go their David really don't -- I got a great body thank you for your call that we we don't wanna promote violence that's that's 1030 WB -- I think heat wave Martha and the Mandela said he BHL would Larry how they're good morning -- -- we're talking a little bit about climate change here this morning not anticipating. This topic but it's there where we're going. We're also gonna talk about prisons in a few minutes as well so. I wanna get through the bank of callers hear and we got a special guest coming on in about ten minutes or so so let's go to a Vincent Cheektowaga high events. Good morning. Oil other. You know calling it violence I don't think that's necessary I agree is the effects I agree there are other race winner. OK I have great way to. But there's nobody can deny that the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. No one can deny that the ocean levels are rising and alarming rate. Very what do you think you've put up yourself about office margin in Shanghai. Where physical. Okay there's too much pollution and for the plant still sort of yes some of the does that sort of thing goes through the process but there's just too much. You said yourself that Shanghai is the worst there in the world where does that. Well I think that's that's not what I said I've -- -- Eric says it would -- yes -- where what is that called. Eventually. He anticipates. And -- that goes back into the planet's and it goes back to the process okay but a lot of that doesn't. And dumb you don't there's signs that some both sides that are pushing their agenda and that's a fact. The latest that you look at the time lapse photography and video of the North Pole. And the ocean level rising you really can't be denied OK. I think we really need to look into it further. And -- but the name calling in the making fun him bringing up violence really. He's really. Anti. Way -- we're not gonna go there -- thank you Vince. I I will say this. Remember. What was it two months ago. That ship that was going to -- art economy got stuck in the ice. And then the ship that went to rescue them got stuck in the ice. They were going going to Antarctica. To study quote global warm means. How many of the news -- That you have watched. Said that. How many. Of them -- people on network television news told you that their mission going to Antarctica. Was too. Promote. The fact that there's global warming. In fact what happened is ice grew and they got stuck. And they didn't tell you that. See that's that's the kind of thing that the kind of hypocrisy. That proves. What a left wing biased media we have Dylan Wilson good morning. Delighted there are pretty good you also look at the problem it. I'll pull that there are number longer that they were too yeah. I -- mean. Technical argument. But. Why. Can't help or. Millions and millions of dollars global warming and it out in back in -- by the technical by street. What has it and that any creature in Britain and treat form. And money at these all get that -- recently and we expect the seminoles haven't -- Which is one of their worst -- in the nation's air. -- -- -- Or you go Jack carrier. Let -- at that point. All I'm an all beat people -- RL race and -- can't think well more than anyone had ever done. On the factory in -- states. Down thank you bill that's Boeing 707 has a four engines not to and of course they were made. Those engines were arrayed like over forty years ago so -- they they are a little bit more pollutants and the planes of today Mike on a cellphone hi Mike. Good morning I. I don't know him but I turned up all of the big topic because led astray at the paper that our president -- Respect the opposite not the man. That does some saying about the EU water and outlook help out the water they're going to share our water. As I was saying to the caller. Our water in great -- That somebody else wants to get the Great Lakes water. Yeah what we have what snow cold. What are we also have beautiful Summers and we have a great area. -- summertime. What you wanna take that away from us do. Yeah if you know what's going to come down eventually. To a number of areas around the country. Want -- to pump water out of the Great Lakes to their area to which I say if you want the Great Lakes water move here. But we should never. Ever allow people to take water from the Great Lakes to other areas so. Of our country thank you Mike I appreciate your time this morning at WB and stands in Rochester this morning and I stand. Looking -- he had history of this country back in the late forties and early fifties. The dozen or so countries with nuclear power exploded. Hundreds and probably thousands of atomic bombs into the air. Creating holes in -- own -- -- depend on his son and what he's doing it if it can come through these holes. You're gonna cry. Also companies didn't help honest Columbia, South Carolina the capital. That -- -- turn of the century we have down every tree every bush. How are just great -- and arrow minerals social disparity that he couldn't do anything whether it. But a guy with a brain you know what he did. He had all the creeks and rivers flow into there and now -- lake Murray them one bass fishing spot in the country. Well it's good to know because I like to fish right there. To what they don't count that was really got to -- I don't know what the average cut your mind but it horrible I think the outgoing scrapers that scrape and had not -- So Ali yeah having it provided no opinion that they don't go on immediately hit it. It will target Patrick at all. Yeah and I'm a three -- thank you stand I accurately analyze. How many trees -- I have in my yard only match. Thirty. Building gas part I they'll. -- one on one of those state and everything have been hearing about anybody brunt of this -- and a onetime what premier confused escalation here. Thousands of years ago there has been one. And I want to denied it but I don't think we have called the issue of global warming critics rightly put it this change in itself and that. And knowing that when they need the North Pole is now in Greenland used to be green. Does actors start melting iPhone came out people from the biking and it used -- mine down there because they on the mining camp and the equipment indicate. So I mean it's been going. For a long time before we even decided to -- to congress and I think what is this. People aren't just jealous because they like to control all the people and that's great control other people is eighty nations and -- like global warming. And I remember what is it forty -- 4050 years ago we were going to and other ice age. But that we're we're that I stage. How the draw global warming. I mean I hear all the issues -- gambled and and everything and I don't buy a metal. And report by miles ever thought about I've been a lot of treat them don't happen to lose them if I believe in helping -- nature. I believe it's not good that we need to participate should but I mean c'mon don't tell me I can't let my automobile. I -- Bill I got a great thank you very much for your time this morning when we come back I've got a special guest coming on and we're gonna talk about Governor Cuomo. And his thoughts on the prisoners. So stay tuned for that Larry hunter for sandy beach it's presidents' day -- news radio 930 WBE NN. AccuWeather says increasing clouds later on today but sunshine right now beautiful 25 for a high today. Breezy tonight and snow developing we could get three to six inches depending upon where you are in Western New York. -- tonight 22 -- tomorrow up to 32 and Wednesday at the 37. Is now seven degrees in buffalo for news radio 930. WB and you know no matter what your thoughts are on the so called and global warming or the climate change situation. I I think we still it's a good thing to respect. Our environment. And you know. You don't need to throw the rapper down on the ground you don't need to throw your cigarette -- on on the sidewalk. You know you use a little common sense be courteous. And a little common sense here and I think down the road we all will appreciate the the beautiful. -- that we have. But I I think there's no doubt that you know global warming has been going since how many millions -- a years. Speaking of warming. There's kind of a hot topic. Going on again from Albany thanks to Governor Cuomo. Governor Cuomo is proposing. I -- degree program for prison inmates in New York State. He's talking about creating a degree program in ten. Different prisons in New York State with a theory. That if prisoners. Are educated and they are less likely to commit crime. When they get out. So basically. What the governor is proposing is what I call creating smarter criminals. Com. You're tax dollars would pay for this. So basically. He -- the the way -- I I look at this. You can come to the United States illegally. And then you can come to New York State illegally. Thanks to the mayor of New York City you can get all kinds of documents in benefits than you can create. Crime. If you get caught you can be put in jail. And then the governor wants to give you. A college education. What a great contrary. I have a special guest on right the the line right now senator mark Visanthe. Is with -- good morning mark. Thank you for getting in touch with us this morning I I appreciate you taking the timeout the -- and -- -- up. Holiday but. I'm sure you have thoughts on this matter and and from an elected official I'd like to hear. Your thoughts on a college degree for prisoners. Larry let but I I don't that's probably what rehabilitation and trying to get the recidivism right now. Bad and so that's at the pan am is -- taxpayer and actually about I'm I'm almost glad and you know it's funny you mentioned earlier in the segment in order your sovereignty to not so that. -- there's a similar sort of when that water bait you know Edwards and passionate subway. The question let's an agreement that gave an illegal immigrants -- -- -- -- -- And it is quite a spotlight. Part of me -- in the senate in 2009 -- 2000 intense fire to be in their big hat but kept their -- -- for graduate students. Are we there. Residents and New York State. And before you do that then weren't such as best. I've been fighting this for the last couple years and you don't reinstatement -- will. A league. At hiding our citizens in New York State's public it will graduate school. A complete. Where I'm at -- -- their tuition assistance that where it was bad. And that's got to be reinstated before you start -- a -- -- your weight so a legal immigrants were -- -- for college. That's like take out of the and that's that's the place. It would look at Portland like. Mark is this something that. The governor could propose and could come to the senate or assembly of New York State. -- -- potential person company to prepare those. I don't believe I conference. All of you say that. I think that people recognize -- -- -- all but one like it used there are all the medical acts are working in Iraq is -- and look at the power that it. At fort prospects in the graduate have been wedge what you have. -- and they haven't -- the supplement can be bought and let them as a because I think the thirty day amendment period. It is expired. Add button that supplement that at a couple potential. It it's just -- it's in it's not a good idea what they have ged programs. That are important. You never verse there's a lot of weren't so I'm working. I -- only a very select your you -- -- -- Larry there's this 55 also incarcerated what stated if you let the economy. The power plays which I think another forty that states that total all of -- Our bet you're talking about taxpayer dollars and if you're looking at using eight. Well and I believe is not in statements and our state. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mark did the governor. Make anybody in the senate or assembly that you know aware of this before he mentioned this in his speech. That that's the first I've heard about what that was last night on the TV. I'd never heard anything at that we have added. That this government come up in the past. -- just something that that that that has got there it's a political weapon your web. And especially at that nobody in their parents are working New Yorkers are here illegally that are global right -- at that you know. Reached and kept -- there for graduates and -- and that -- tuition assistance -- what people here that are that are working. You don't need doctors apple so you're -- your -- and present. Mark the governor said it and I'm quoting him. Take a crazy idea to fix our prison system. He referred to this as a crazy idea and now this has been done. In in other places before but I I don't know if that would be considered successful or not. It is this something that could actually come to a vote on the floor sometime this year. I mean it's it's possible I'm going back so -- what I understand that in that. There was there was -- -- and fifty people that -- credit. They're brokers and actually never repeatedly demanded that their -- That kind of what sort of as a rate of -- side. Are so we're basically talking about the only people are that are bad that you know RBC. And that's what really that that actually would what would take apart in the hallway at but you don't -- Every single in May get taxpayer expense. Europe and that's that's open to -- one mile. -- -- -- That party need adults so far yeah that's well our our our kids that are struggling right now what are higher education it would then. Marcus Nazi senator mark course not he is our guest this morning we're talking about governor Cuomo's. Proposal. In a speech over the weekend about. And giving colleges degrees or getting a college education. To our prisoners. And would be starting in he said ten of the New York State -- prisons. Market thanks for taking the time this morning now on this holiday to to speak with -- I appreciate. Here concern thoughts on this matter. Inflation quite sure what I would translate that we're all the other earlier. Thank you mark you have a great date now. Sandy beach show would Larry hotter when we come back we'll take your calls on the governor's proposal to give college education. To prisoners.

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