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Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

Feb 17, 2014|

Sandy Beach Show with Larry Hunter Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- good idea welcome the president states -- fourteen presidents day what a great holiday the day we celebrate. The wonderful things all our presidents have done liked. Whether there's the well you're years ago. What are what are dumb holiday. But I'm stuck -- what a dumb holiday. We we close the post office we closed the government offices. Which we shut down so many things. And we do it because we've had a few. People elected president. It's probably half of which. We we don't even agree win. And I would say probably. Of which eighty or 90%. You don't even know who they are. I'd bet if you were to take anyone under the age of forty. And asked them to name -- ten presidents. 90% of them couldn't do. Could you do it could you -- ten presidents. We -- -- -- 48. Forty and a how many presidents we have what's Obama you know Chris at 885. Right now its board that it. Now -- trivia question right here -- are you look enough for me. Always like 4748. Somewhere around there I mean that's how much I care about presidents day. I don't even know how many there are -- -- -- -- -- This is a holy day that congress should pass a law to get -- It's it's useless waste -- holiday if it's just today. For government people. To the shut down own. Government. A I think it's useless I really do I understand the theory behind it we used to celebrate Lincoln's birthday. And we used to celebrate separately. Washington's birthday. And then. Someone decided. Wouldn't be great if we just put the two of them together and made it a Monday. So everybody who worked for the government whatever three day weekend while that would be great pat us on the back. So now we have President's Day. But like I said. Cop comedy could even name ten presidents. It's it's it's a wasted day. But because there's President's Day sandy is off and I'm here making tons of money to as a money. So I am thrilled to be here on this wonderful. Holiday presidents' day. And we figured out how many presidents -- workers. -- Obama the 4444. -- always I was close I was thinking of the next term and has been restarted our NL -- dinner. What yours if you are thinking in terms of just terms you were close to correct because -- this term as the 57. OK now I wasn't thinking in terms REIT I gave me the out are now the option to be on the table now I'm gonna tell it like it is I'm going to be honest about the whole thing I. For I don't know why I thought there was 47 her. Or maybe I was hoping. To fly into the bushes were 41 and 43 but for some reason -- -- 45 from the spot. -- maybe I was just hoping there were -- leads 45 presidents. Since there are only 44. But our case we've had a 44 presidents. K wow. K so because we have had 44 individuals. Out of over 300 million people we have a holiday. -- -- we have a holiday today because we've had 44 guys. Elected president. Wow. If you underlies some other countries look at us they. I don't know mark is in west Seneca good morning mark. What -- -- are you doing chip but he got just -- it's such facial Giambi up prevalence yeah there's actually than 43 man. Our elected president including -- -- One was not elected right. Now and that runs like let me can I take a guess. -- -- I was going to say Teddy Roosevelt but I'm wrong right now. Serve a demonstration. Well that's right okay that's -- 43. Yeah but Obama or or are. That's right that's right -- I should've known that gosh the the oh well it here's a good question for you mark let's -- -- presidential trivia where what Teddy Roosevelt when McKinley was shot in buffalo. Where -- -- I believe. Now. Now he he had to come to buffalo by training. He was in the Adirondack Mountains hunting. Okay now courage. So. And I didn't know. Them they mark do you think we really need a President's Day for holiday. Now are I don't either and. I used -- they distribute to celebrate Lincoln and not Washington or all born in February up -- an out and important to. Celebrating all presidency. Our personal opinion is a lot of -- to be short. -- exactly. Exactly and of course you know radio announcers used a lot to say George -- engines wash day. In senator George Washington's birthday that that was always a big thing once a year I I think everybody on the radio would say that can be. Cool. -- -- -- -- -- Wow. Yeah a lot of us I mean I heard it from some other radio announcer I know I use it George Virginians -- -- It was a holiday. But. I just that I mean there are holidays I think that are appropriate like give veterans day. I think that's an appropriate holiday let's salute all veterans there are men in their women they are people who served our nation. There are millions of them a deal like that I think is is appropriate. I would agree up get -- in the army -- Nazi or I'll. But I am sorry President's Day is is to me in embarrassment. -- it to shut down the post office and government facilities. And and and and a number of of buildings just so that people can can have a day off fine I think it should be abolished. Now -- mark thanks for the call appreciate your time this morning. Nice to hear you on WB you know Larry -- in for sandy beach this morning. We're going till noon today and land Rush Limbaugh some -- comes in this afternoon at 3 o'clock by the way did you catch sandy -- on Wednesday. I I try -- To listen to as much of sandy show as possible on Wednesday what a great show what city if you're listening -- I just loved it loved every minute of it. When I mean what was the topic. You missed it. Now. You missed sandy -- on Wednesday. Off. You can't do that he'll be back tomorrow at nine. So make sure you don't miss it tomorrow so I don't come back and tell you what you missed. Would take a break we'll be back on news radio 930 WBE and by the way -- Wednesday. Sandy was talking about the mayor of New York City. Who had a proposal for undocumented. Immigrants which is basically the same as illegals. And if you miss the show it was fabulous absolutely fabulous AccuWeather says increasing cloudiness today high 25. By the way this morning Chris you're probably here to -- you probably didn't see it but as the sun was rising in the east. You could see almost a full moon setting in the west. It was it was really neat this morning -- in the sun on one side and the -- on the other and I know who cares breezy tonight snow beginning. Later on tonight with -- accumulations of three to six inches possible load -- about 22. Tomorrow breezy cloudy and some sun high 32 Wednesday a little bit warmer with a high of 37. And I understand Thursday we could be in the forties. Always say when it's getting near my age it's warming up. It's four degrees in buffalo from news radio 930 WB and good morning to you Larry -- for sandy beach. On this President's -- 2014 where about eight minutes away from headline news on WB Ian let's say good morning to bill in north on Wanda hey bill how you doing. Others I like it. So -- about that is. -- -- -- I -- rule look at. Or who were. The president has been all I have -- but he. The apparently -- -- have -- Delegates here you look. Look what his review of other workers -- -- -- -- which -- which. To the -- it worked coaching. That we should -- which -- is they have it probably eight billion dollars. A day. The two backward to make it look good to. Bill I I got to ask you a serious question here. Was the our current president was he born in the 54 or the 55 state. Until you know all -- host look at it from. I. Okay you were just days. -- -- -- of or for those of you who really think where we've gone a little bit off the the of the clip here. Let's not forget that president Barack Hussein Obama. Did say. That we have 57. States he sit back. Well I think asking the question was he born in in the 54 of 55 state was is this fairly were -- Somebody should have an estimate that point which state were you born and what number state. I wonder if he even knew who. By the way why was the fiftieth state folks I know okay. You know really -- -- of ought to. Portugal. And and they think about this we went from Alaska being 49 to becoming the biggest state. To Hawaii the fiftieth state. Becoming almost the smallest I think Rhode Island still smaller than Hawaii -- in the. If you can't take your regular garbage. Yeah I'm I'm I'm pretty accurate is. It. What what people don't know is that Hawaii is more than just a seven tourist islands it's hundreds of islands combined at all cost -- and it's the only state that is getting bigger. -- And after -- or orders. Among mobile wallet giving bigger true. You know if there is that we should all civic activities here. Or street or real solutions. From the call. -- well. 5050 or 5058. Election -- securing the. That the -- The bill we should go have AM Hamburg inn and AM patsy sometimes I -- that we could chuckle for a good half hour about. Our 57 states. -- bill thanks for your call this morning appreciate your period. Bait you bill. Bob Ford have minutes away from headline news at WB and what a -- -- 2 until this morning in north done a lot of good morning felt. Milieu where it made you sound like you're breaking up a little bit. -- EA does tell you what will put them on hold and see if we can. Get a little better connection there if we can do that will bring Phil back I apologize for that but sometimes it it does happen when your. Using a cell phone. Go quickly. I wanna remind. Many of view that I don't want -- forget and end up saying oh why didn't somebody tell me tomorrow all. Is the last day to pay taxes for many Erie county residents. K. After the eighteenth of February. You will be paying a penalty. If you did not pay on time so. I just wanna remind it it's not everybody. That I know of in Erie county but. Many of the the first year suburbs like Amherst. I believe Cheektowaga. -- Wanda. Your town and county taxes are too. Tomorrow if for some reason you haven't received a bill or you forgot about it or you lost stand. I would advise that you call your local town clerk or even go to the town clerk's office tomorrow. And make sure you pay year. Your taxes you'd you don't wanna end up having to pay an additional penalties for that OK just wanted to remind a bunch of you about that I saw a great bumper stickers this morning. Coming to work I saw a great bumper sticker and it said without the Second Amendment the others wouldn't be possible. And it was not I'm Tom by our -- car it was not but I thought he think about that. In all of that that makes a little sense doesn't I think Phil is back -- is now feel like you there. Phil. Is -- this guy's name is his name restore all do our that would that was because of the confusion all why I apologize OK in my screen said Phil. -- okay. Okay we'll go. To Tibet information. I'm an old guy and I live through it. Back when congress created more Luther king day. That was one big combine -- game at Washington today into -- single birdie yeah. The -- is not here to make anymore traditional holiday. An event their respective point. Actually are talking about the numbers of president joked it was actually not elected either. -- -- -- -- -- Richard Nixon's vice president resign. And then Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency so -- Speaker of the house became president without being elected. That's right because he ran against Jimmy Carter -- -- and lost to Carter. Yeah. One of the guys in the I don't know what -- resigning so can -- somebody else there. A direct aid they make you feel -- So I I I apologize for it for that and I would explain to you. How that happens but today it's. It's a computer okay it's cell. Now I'm I'm not gonna blame anyone for that will will just get by here. Wanna talk without Chris Johnson a little that we may have to wait till after the news -- wanna talk to Chris a little bit about. About the Olympics and Chris I gotta compliment you as analyst in every morning to John and Susan. On WB -- morning news program from five until 9 AM. You. For now -- names. As if it's a family member I am I mean there are some names of hockey players. And and people in the Olympics who whose names are about 27 syllables. And Chris Johnson pronounces them like like it's a family member like he's known for -- I don't know how you do that. We YouTube you can. Give what's -- doing so well here and there are times I got caught who'll. Get that -- -- are -- said he reached you know it's a Monday presidents Taylor and -- city do in this morning will be back -- news radio 930. WBE and. Greens. Honest where in the Lauren Graham. -- -- -- -- The he lives and here you. One -- -- -- Ball. To be -- on presidents day good morning everybody Larry -- sitting in today to Lou and then Rush Limbaugh and Tom hourly this afternoon at 3 o'clock WB and Chris Johnson master control a stick and -- things like he always does and a superb job this morning. Tyler's answering your phone calls if you wanna tell us why presidents day is so important to us. 8030930. Is our numbers are 930 is a recall on yourself. And don't be afraid to spell your name to Tyler. I'm just gonna pick -- them all morning. That's our bill up or. Chris and he you've been following. The of the Olympics yes and practicing all kinds of names that I've I've never heard of in my life but. I wanna ask a very serious question about the Olympics and have you been watching the hockey at all. Yeah -- job men's hockey have watched every US game the first one was here is American watches closely would have liked. And I've seen a lot of women's games to exit the women are destroying Sweden right now. So they went at the -- of the gold medal they scored a touchdown yet. La doll. Almost well one more goal -- -- -- five wanted to find it's VOL. 63 to nine of the shots all the benefit of the networks. That's. -- sounds like the temperature in California compared to the temperature here for sixty acres. Chris. Have you really enjoyed. The hockey I love Olympic hockey I like the bigger ice and the sabres I mean let's be honest they're. Pretty terrible this year so I've been enjoying watching a team that's. Playing very well and has a lot of great players on it and I'm not. Too excited about a regular hockey regular NHL -- coming back next week but my team in the basement in all the serious. Question. Do you miss the fighting in hockey because. ID law Olympic hockey it's exciting it's fast moving. It's the sport I think the way it's meant to be. I think the National Hockey League should be embarrassed by continually making excuses. To -- flight team. I think Olympic hockey is the way hockey should be what do you think I don't mind fighting in hockey so long as it's not staged fighting -- oftentimes. In today's game you have guys specifically designed it to flight. And you know somebody only a big hit on somebody. And they'll just sort of fight because -- which -- supposed to do I don't like that's not real emotion. If there was a legitimate fight in mile an Olympic game probably -- minded but I don't I guess I don't miss it if that's what you're asking. Hey. I mean doesn't this show you that hockey can be -- exciting and enjoyable with fighting. Yeah I mean there's no fighting in Olympic hockey and the game has a lot more fast pace having a lot of it has to do with the ice -- You know you're probably right. I think. People seem to be split on -- idol like it I enjoyed the fights in the National Hockey League games electors set I think even Ted Nolan head coach of the sabres and of team Latvia. Override in Sochi right now said that like. If it's a legitimate fight -- just comes out of hard play you can live with that I think I'd be fine with that but it's just the -- stuff you know guys. Paid specifically to fight and it's oftentimes it just kind of grab around anyway parents. Not all that exciting but I do like a very good hockey part. I guess about grown -- about that. Do you have and catch the Syracuse basketball game Saturday or -- every single Syracuse game -- -- our down of the wires on. While you talk about fantastic finish it was NC state correct NC state now is get this folks up he would I was born and raised in Syracuse. So let me tell you something. Syracuse. Gets more snow than buffalo. 90% of the time I'd Syracuse is average snowfall I think is around a 12530. Inches a year buffalo round nine. -- Syracuse. Gets pelted with snow year round it gets colder than buffalo. The game in Syracuse the college basketball game against NC state on Saturday. Scheduled. For 3 o'clock. Had to be rescheduled for 7 o'clock why. Because the weather in Charlotte. South Carolina. Was so bad Charlotte, North Carolina apologize Charlotte, North Carolina was so bad NC state couldn't get there in time for the game. How ironic and. Even know the big game is the most -- I was driving around as it was getting under way listening to the pre game I'm. One of the reasons we have a house a camera think it was it was on WG -- our belief on senator -- but I had no idea -- was supposed to starter. Supposed to be at 3 o'clock game NC state didn't even get to Syracuse until 3 o'clock because of the weather. In North Carolina I love it I just. Well we get the reputation. But so many times the problem. Is elsewhere. And Syracuse won the game by a point in the last four seconds they're making it happen and very had the a win over Pittsburgh last week where were always near half court shot almost a minute when it quite have corporate. He was a ways away when and a -- that up Syracuse is what 25 little. I believe so 20/20 five straight victories no defeats. And number one team in the country there -- only two teams in the country a college basketball teams that are undefeated. And what do you think the odds are that Syracuse is going to come here for the NCAA tournament. That's that's a good job. You know they when they place the teams they try to place the top seeds in -- an area where it's almost a home game for them a lot of times. And it's for the top overall seed I could see them being placed here but it's so weird. Because every year you get a team that maybe should be playing close at home that's across the country band and they complain about it through the selection committee -- I I would -- there's a good chance I would hope so -- be pretty exciting you'd get a -- greener and it had a number one team like college basketball team in the country here for for a weekend that would be great I think it would make sense if you or if you want games to be sold -- -- look important television special -- very early round games. Putting Syracuse here makes perfect sense now. Ya sure does and they're at their games have been unbelievably. Exciting as some people might say you know they've been lucky. But you can be lucky just so many times and then you know you're you're you're doing something right so. Should -- be. Interesting. Hey what a great day to go out and ski. If you're an avid fan Debian outdoors and skiing and sledding today I would think today is a great data -- chestnut ridge park. Go down the slides if you wanted to get scheme of the sun is out what a beautiful -- to. To get out and enjoy your your day off from school -- your day off from work. Enjoy this beautiful winter day. It's posted up in the mid twenties today not too windy so it should be a a pleasant day he it's it's been called but you know the interesting thing about this year's winter. Is even though we have had all quite a lot of snow for this time a year. The storms. Have been all along the eastern coast. From the southeast through Washington DC Philadelphia New York Boston Boston this year has been pelted. With snow and wind like they haven't been in in years. And I I feel bad for a lot of people who have been trying to flying this year because the airlines have canceled -- over 121000. Flights this year maybe even more. Imagine that I mean. -- say your flying down to Florida or. Now -- New Orleans did to take a cruise. And and -- once the ship leaves port it's like if your plane don't get their you don't get on the undervote. You give -- to vote. It's it's been a tough year for people traveling. In the eastern half of the United States this year and and that's a shame I I feel bad for people have been inconvenienced by by the weather but. You know the same thing happens with hurricanes. And and tornadoes. It's not just winter weather but. When you look at the entire eastern United States. We haven't had it that bad this year which is -- gonna warm up this year so. While we've got what are enjoy it. Because were almost just a little bit more than a month away from the official start of spring spring starts march the 21. And we're just a little bit more than a month away from -- February is going to -- quickly it'll be march before you know it spring will be here. Than Easter and then hopefully golf season. I miss golf season thirteen away from 10 o'clock at WB yen sandy beach President's Day show would Larry -- will come back and talk about them. Prison. I'm news radio 930 WB CN. Act with a forecast says sunshine for today in the increasing clouds highs in the mid twenties. You'll -- him breezy tonight we'll have some snow overnight accumulating three to six inches -- -- upon where you eases. -- about 22. Coding now and into tomorrow morning and then breezy. Clouds breaking for some some in the afternoon high 32 Wednesday could get up to 37 Thursday could get up and 40. My goodness get out the shorts. Eight degrees in buffalo when it get down to overnight minus one was was that the -- -- -- -- -- minus one I came in this morning like minus one minus through the gap and I think you know what was around minus one or some kind of kind of -- morning but. Sun is out there are bright and in fact it's one of those days where he really can -- your sunglasses if your driving today or especially if you're going skiing. You'll need you're you're tinted glasses because police on his. -- bright in this guy but it's reflecting off the snow causing -- -- so. Throw on your sunglasses by the way Chris did did you know. That in heavy snow or heavy downpour of rain. You concede you have better depth of field if you where you're some glances then them if you don't I didn't know that but I. I Wear my sunglasses often are usually take them off of its forward thinking that I don't need them. Yeah I when I first heard that a couple of years ago I can't remember where I heard that. But I thought to myself and that's interest in so the next time I was driving the New York State thruway and it was pouring rain. It was really coming down hard as I take my sunglasses out -- -- and see. If maybe I get a better visibility. With with -- all the rain. And I did it. As a like cut down a -- is that the I think it's just the the -- if you have bad like amber tint. In your sunglasses it gives you a little better depth the field a little better perception. Visibility wise I did it a few days ago when it was a snowing bad during the day there was kind of a dark. Gloomy days snowing heavily. And I put on my sunglasses like yeah I concede better with -- my sunglasses. If it's strange but. I I know there's probably a number of folks listening right now or saint -- right. But to tell you what next time. We get day in the you're driving and it's raining heavily or a pretty good snow coming down throw on your sunglasses and look at the depth. That you hear and see the perception that that you get. You might be pleasantly says surprise I certainly was and I you know I could do one of those. Info commercials. It worked for me. Those people are not actors. Yeah I ya yeah. And I just bought a pair for just 999. And I was amazed how much better I could see when I was driving that two and ninety. Now there anyway. By the way. What did the global warming become climate change. We remember how but he -- the world was falling apart due to global warming Al Gore. I heard some talk yesterday on the network talk shows the Sunday talk shows. And they were talking about climate change. And somebody asked the question when did global warming become climate change. And somebody. I love the answer when someone said when they found out global warming wasn't working that didn't exist. Well you got it it gets warm by you know want this climate change stuff in the fact that the president wants to spend a billion dollars. Due to. Climate change. Is a bunch of BS it's a -- crap. It really is folks. Sit down for a second and just thank. When have we not -- climate change. I'm gonna ask you that again. Think for a second when have we not had climate. Change. We are here today we as humans. Are on this earth today because. Of climate change. There was an ice age do you remember that. It's formed. The great lights. Climate change. Has existed. Since earth. Existed. And I am so sick and tired. Of a fuel left wing extremists. Promoting something that has existed. Since time began. And will continue. Still exist. Things change. It always has it always will stop wasting money. Because climate change exists. OK if you're concerned about carbon carbon emissions that's a whole different ball game. So totally different ball game. Am I concerned about the environment you're damn right I am. I love to fish I loved to hike I love decline mountains I love to camp I love to go to the Adirondacks. I loved nature. And I believe -- that sane. That you see many times in in state parks and trails around the the country if you take it in take it out. Mean if you're going camping if you're going hiking in the woods and you're taking a candy bar we view and you eat the candy bar don't throw the wrapper away. Bring it back and throw it and dispose of it someplace appropriately. I believe and taking care. Of our environment as best we can. But. Don't fly in an airplane or drive a car a thousand miles to go to summer rally. To promote. Funding for climate change when flying in the plane or driving the car is creating carbon emissions hell hole. Don't be a hypocrite. Don't stand on a bully pulpit. And tell me. What I should be doing because. Of global warming. Which is a bunch of crap. -- just as some scientists can tell you would exist there are other scientists who can tell you it doesn't climate change they call it climate change now because the global warming thing is a farce. Climate change. When -- haven't we have had climate change. -- It exists. And we exists. And plants exist and flowers exist -- And trees and and fruits and vegetables exist and the Great Lakes exist because. Of climate change. Get over it. It's not a big deal it will always exist. -- -- just so tired of these left wing extremists. Trying to get us to spend more tax dollars on something that's not gonna make a pit. Of difference sandy beach a little 310 o'clock.

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