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Sochi Olympic Update

Feb 17, 2014|

CBS Correspondent Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live another Sochi in Russia -- -- -- -- photos to you first give us an update on the weather. CBS has been telling us fog is the kingdom welcomes today that the games. Yet there is its audit a couple of events had to be postponed. The men's. Snowboard cross certainly. -- by app blogger -- start those who have both been delayed at least one gigabyte at one event had actually been here before yesterday and we postpone. Yesterday because the audience to date for a second day it's postponed. -- -- the -- obviously you don't want to get a back log of of events being postponed the Olympics and next Sunday yacht. The weather should improve but that obviously there are contingency plans in place for a bent to be delayed in and out content don't always think like we had a think probably in Vancouver about being postponed and there's the first that we addict you're in Sochi. What events are you watching today Steve. But right now the woman -- hockey game the US I'm -- the woman's hockey consolation straight. Ice -- Other woman's hockey if you -- right now it's a semi final match able -- -- -- in this in the bowl middle urged Americans are huge favorite over -- and right now they look. Much better and doing not being US after one period against Sweden a bit later today Canada -- are hot and -- Switzerland. So we could get a rematch abroad gain that was quite earlier in the competition in the US and Canada and that the Canadians what are -- impact that would also be gay marriage. Of being a gold medal game four years ago the Canadians beat. The US in the women's gold medal game for your -- shall there have been Arabs from. From -- back on their mind if they make the final game. Well you know we don't have to tell you Steve that we here in buffalo with Ryan Miller goaltender on the as of the net minder who won yesterday over Slovenia world wrapped up a hockey. And what a spectacular weekend for the US ice hockey team. You know I'm acknowledging -- so I like children -- between the two of -- Look goaltender they have been -- already -- a quarter net at fiction got an eight round shootout which I think I think that's what we we need to acting. Just so. So so embedded in the minds of everyone who watched it I think you're gonna remembered -- -- -- -- I think -- the shoot -- that -- -- so special. Both teams having chances to win and failing to win both change having sure there are no chances -- and then just being able. Fight off -- repeat and or Internet router and an old she made the goal is I get to finish fourth in the overtime should period. He just the nature of the term sheet from Sochi is now a popular and the one Twitter. We both I have -- biases and our sleeves with the goaltenders but what about there on the ground is there real buzz about Iraqi. Oh yeah. -- during the match like four years ago in Vancouver when she talked to Canadian patient. Is that we have to win one but it only when one gold medal this is the one we want. It's cement hockey medal at the same feeling here in Russia a close second would probably be woman figure skating -- -- they're trying to. Who I think is going to be just that attribute great event on. -- -- -- -- to have possibly two -- on Thursday and like competing against each other it could be the women's. Hockey final the US and Canada up against the but all the women's figure skating which I guess is. Is going to be a battle between genuine on the defending champion from from Korea who has the best sport in history up against the fifteen year old. Some Russia in the game -- That guy up who has won the hearts of everyone wishing her. -- you sound like you're really enjoying your work there thank you were very aggressively vigilance. CBS's -- out of uncovering of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

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