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Miller Time Tastes Great in Sochi

Feb 17, 2014|

Mike Gilbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Buffalo Sabres Mike Gilbert with us now from -- in the Winter Olympics he's there working with USA hockey and what -- weekend to be involved with that team. Good morning like I say you're there where exactly is there where are you right now. Unity you know you probably would believe me but -- but I am literally standing on the set of The Today Show. At the top of the hour at 7 o'clock. TJ negotiate Jonathan quicker going to be on the -- liquid and DC so. But her whirlwind 48 dollars and the game that's for sure. I can -- that Ryan Miller seventeen saves yesterday. Speaking get a great game yesterday Ryan did a job and played well on Saturday against the Russians and you know the atmosphere in that building on Saturday night that was just incredible and words can't explain how interest in and out and -- -- to -- -- part of that. Okay of the US team -- three -- don't -- tell our listeners. Where we go from here away and might we possibly be playing again like. Well -- we know we'll play Wednesday night. 9 o'clock Scioscia we'll be noon eastern time. And we're gonna play the winner of the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Those two teams played Tuesday night in Asia. What the color relegation game and then we end up with a number two seed -- on the I don't know whether that's a -- Now that seed gives us these next two days out here how much an advantage you think they're really is. Well I think in the short tournament like that the economy could support our mop up. You know the better you are forward and you know right now. You know we don't have anything going on today and got a day off. Is this can't do a lot of immediate help the players and then from there a practice tomorrow -- get -- get on Wednesday. MI you know the women deserve to him as a semifinal against Sweden coming up today at 7:30 in the morning buffalo -- Can you tell us anything about them. Yes there are actually you know that the building right next to where we're standing right now and declared it does force dirty air time this afternoon and that are you know the favorite in the game today and hopefully we'll win and and be ready they're the gold medal game -- later this week but that they are definitely -- -- Canada. -- a two favorites and that's what everybody anticipated -- -- game between those two. With the men having two days off are they in the stands supporting the women do do you get a lot of interaction. -- my understanding is most of the players. Today was one of the true off the is that they've had this whole -- have been all over yourself someone up to the mile dirt that a -- -- -- Alpine event which takes about an hour to get up there. And the rest are going to this game this afternoon. Read across solar electricity JO should vote she had just been quicker here when they're done doing the media -- gonna board game. You have Mike tell us about the buzz in them hockey circles in Sochi. After this incredible shootout victory over Russia on Saturday. Well the blood just standing -- unbelievable you know at the end of the game I was there. Not on the level and sit in putrid -- -- -- or an Al Michaels. And you know they were mesmerized -- what happened and then we ended up taking the players TJ over to them on the media center that's an abuse and Patrick. And Al Michaels and elsewhere on the separate them one of the most amazing organ of government. You know actually guys that called miracle on nicest guy who. A lot of Super Bowls and World Series and for him to put that game up there at that level some other points. Think that's a lot. Our people on the streets are average fans stopping TJ and saying hey good job. It's not -- much as you'd think because the players. Are are trying to sequestered in the athletes' village and you know when they're walking around -- probably blend of a lot. But you know we're here on The Today Show up right now Matt -- came over and Al -- nature oxide and what they wanted to get pictures of him. In his fitness in -- the picture of them. I don't need to -- want to ask you for your autograph yet though. No unfortunately nobody. All right -- we will try to make his much of the stars we Campbell taken a little bit later in the games thanks for doing this morning Mike. No problem thank you that's Mike Gilbert savers VP of public humiliations he's over there with the USA hockey team at the Winter Olympics and socially.