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Erie Conservative Chair Ralph Lorigo

Feb 16, 2014|

on a slight Donald Trump shift about running for Gov.

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-- takes its hard line. And on news radio nine. And why do we give this to talk politics and just a little bit we'll talk a little bit more about rob ask Marino and Governor Cuomo and how the governor might be reacting. To what appears to be everything but they announced asked -- candidacy. But I want to take a moment right at the top of the program and talk a little bit more about Donald Trump he's still not in but this week he. Set a couple of things that were different than what he said before. Let's bring in Erie county Conservative Party chairman Ralph Hillary go Ralph thanks for joining us this morning. What the reason I wanted to have you on as you were the only one that I saw anywhere quoted. Who was in the meetings this week with trump saying that he has short of may be changed his position a little bit. In terms of wanting. Absolutely no primary absolutely no declared candidate he's now telling you and others that may be a fight at the convention would be okay. Well what does that -- the group and there was a substantial group they're the group was substantially. Up conservatives accuse me of Republican chairman. That represented over 55% of the weighted vote -- the state. And what -- -- based on a question was that he would accept. The nominee of the Republican Party at the minute working convention. It was offered to him and he would accept and run to win. Okay so this changes things because before it was almost is that the -- Reno declared he'd kind of bow out now. That's correct so he's going to have a step further in terms of at least acknowledging. The process. At political people understand. Bad is necessary to get yet to be nomination. Are you still skeptic do you think he's running or not. Well I wish you were running I wish I could stay states with you know certainty that you were candidate because I believe. He has all the ingredients necessary to take Andrew Cuomo. That's difficult to say it's still up in the year but he did take another step forward in making that declaration and not only did he make its arts. He would get a -- -- Manhattan Republican of and at night and in his speech he added depth to the speech. The account I believe in the Buffalo News says you kind of presto. I'm taking the next step and opening -- campaign account but he's not willing to do that yet. Well we talked to move back they act and we asked him he thought it that was just to gimmick it doesn't really mean anything when Napster Reno did it. You know they acknowledged -- That's step doesn't commit you to any. So rather than take steps that really doesn't say anything he preferred to. Except the acknowledgment around the room that he wouldn't fact except the Republican nomination. And as a practical matter he certainly has enough money that he doesn't need to open a formal count. And that's exactly right if you opened up an account to -- would be questioning what how much would you put in it you know what the situation and it's. -- unique three major things to run in this state or statewide election first of all in my opinion you need balance. And both trump and answering -- has demonstrated those conservative values so I appreciate both of them in terms undervalues -- and that's primary that's number one. But you need name recognition and financial resources especially when you're this close to the election. And -- on the -- 86% of the people don't know who rock history you know it's that's certainly not true we battled up 89% of the people know who Donald Trump. Quinnipiac came out with that earlier this week saying that -- Reno's unknowns are huge. Trumps on favour of those are pretty strong. That's true that's true. And you -- financial resources trump has committed to fifty million dollars of his own money at Reno has been able to raise one. Okay. In light of that. Where is your party at one point I know you had talked about advancing Carl Paladino as a candidate. The statewide chair Michael Long has made some remarks saying that he'd more or less support -- Reno. Where do you stand. Well I looked. I -- and in this -- the strongest position to defeat. Andrew Cuomo and to me the strongest position and -- been articulated by Carl Paladino the strongest position is their only Donald Trump. And so if trump were -- candidate. I only believe that the statements that were made by Michael Long. Are we got the executive board meeting of the outward up or treatment the Conservative Party. And while there was a lot of skepticism in the Roman at trump would run and and the conversation was filled with skepticism. When you ask each of those individuals if trump is an announced candidate would you support and the answer was clearly yes -- each situation. So in that regard we could say that the state chairman's comments might and I emphasize Michael speculating here. Be a way to get the trump off -- -- Exactly what I think eating their executive board meeting the question was okay there's not a lot of crime -- and so -- -- yet. Our movement can be made in terms of the announcement. My argument was. We didn't spend time table for history no he hasn't announced we don't have other statewide candidates at this point in time we still are searching for them and our best shot. In terms of its entire state a state that hasn't. Elected statewide Republicans in 2000 so. Our best shot. Is with. -- trumpet the head of the ticket in fifty million dollars and name recognition. The Republicans go off to a convention in May where they might pick a candidate or might decide to go ahead with the primary depending on the results of the convention. Talk a little bit about the Conservative Party process are you folks a similar sort of scenario. Last four years ago for the first time Conservative Party went urged. That's happening happened the convention for the Republicans it is may fourteenth got actually the first ATP camp -- statewide convention. Our convention was discussed. We discussed that we would have our convention in June a date hasn't been sacked. But the Republican Convention will go first at our convention it's the same process it's a week. -- situation. From community our state committee people around the entire stake. So it is the state committee people through their weighted -- and nominates. Not a candidate for these statewide office. And I know on the Republican side Erie county has quite if quite a bit of that extra weight. Because. -- Kelly knows. Vote count here in Western Europe during the last while gubernatorial election. He the conservatives in Western New York weighted more heavily as well. That's that's very true we care about heavy weighted vote in the end it's not just for Carl -- actually a when -- also ran for governor. Eight years ago. Erie county was number one and -- -- we've always been need to water -- based on -- Italian couple counting. In terms of weighted vote but we have a very strong waited so we're. -- county use a very conservative -- Supports conservative values and he has supported our line tremendously over decades. If trump is removed from the equation. Do you see the Conservative Party going with us to Reno or may be and pick the son. Of someone else possibly Paladino. Well. If Carl Paladino running I'm solidly behind our. Karl wants to see what we all want to see Karl wants to see a change in New York State. Politics change in New York State government the issue to collapse -- Cuomo has clearly made. The expansion or -- are safe there. Has created such a berth in Western New York it is -- -- ranks with conservatives there are so many people against that situation. And what you have to remember is there are six million gun owners throughout New York State and it takes less than half that number to a -- A governor. Conventional wisdom is that the gun owners don't necessarily they're not actively actively organize they don't turn out to vote. You see that changing. Well I -- -- being the focal point now scope in the NRA because that realization of stroke. Unfortunately. Gun owners had in the past. I'm not insubstantial voters. And but I -- talk to. Scopes president and I talked NRA members and they'll focus this year. Is on making sure those people are registered in getting those people out to vote in -- going to -- a lot currency billboards are gonna -- correspondent sure but she gun clubs. Actively involved. In terms of getting out the -- And as we wind up -- Ralph let me jump back to trump for just a closing comment or two. What's the next step what do you looking for and when do you expect the either wanted or see it happen. Well what obviously what we don't like to see is strong making announcement now on a march report trump is going to. -- -- -- out in Washington. And I believe debt it's not going to be eats he'll probably get first or may be second week in March before there's a declaration of candidacy. So. You know we're just crossing our fingers I'm hoping it -- in the race. You know that we have to work with -- to be able to one. A strong campaign to defeat global. All right thanks for your time this morning Ralph. -- very much. That's Ralph -- -- chair of the Erie county Conservative Party one of the people this week that group was quoted as saying Donald Trump might have changed his stance just a little bit. Looking perhaps more at a convention fight willing to take the possibility of him running for governor there. Instead of his earlier comments that said now her that someone else is running story I'm out.