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Feb 16, 2014|

on challenges to Cong. Collins Higgins

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It's hard line how news radio 9:37. And good morning. This is Dave -- for this next segment and after after eleven by the we're gonna talk about the peace bridge we are gonna take a lot of your calls that. I sometimes I think I get carried away when there's too much talk about here that I don't let you guys in early enough. But this is one of those days where that will have to happen so we're gonna talk much more about other things. And we'll start take your calls today at 11 o'clock again on the peace -- some new developments there to kick around. I wanted to look a little bit here. At the people that might be lining up to challenge congressman Chris Collins. And congressman Brian Higgins and there are already some beginning to make a little bit of noise. About possibly running against him let's bring in Jeremy is owner he's the chair of the year county Democratic Party. Germany thanks for joining us. Not bad people are already beginning to talk about taking on Chris -- first of all. Talked to me about the challenge about the that the depth of that job. It's so many people are saying that that district is so Republican. That a Democrat wouldn't have a shot. Yet you're here to say there's one out there at least talking about it. Well it will definitely be an uphill challenge for anyone. Who is going to be a Democrat to take on it and Chris Collins however. I think if someone looks at the district and sees how close the race was the last time. -- -- in such a Republican heavy district is one of the most Republican districts in the whole country. That it is worth taking it -- and I don't believe the congressman has done a very good job loses in its first two years I think. He's been heavily partisan heavily right wing and actually what people are looking for someone who can work across party lines and kind of and this gridlock that's going on in Washington. So who's out -- talk about some of the folks that have begun to talk to you. Well -- you know and another thing I I we did and ended. Prop up this week gentleman named Jim O'Donnell who was the city of buffalo police officer who lives in Orchard Park and he's also an attorney. Are literally came in off the street one day and gave us a call cities interested in running. And I think -- this period. And under. Talk about his qualifications you say -- the city of buffalo cop and an attorney. As you've been active in politics before. I didn't. I don't believe so and I can get what Jim is represented here is kind of what I have been trying to do with the party which is yet more people involved who have not run for office who we're just regular community types who are interested in -- Western New York. And where is he in the process has a pretty much just raised his hand and said look to me. Yeah I think as he has. Comment to me quickly a couple of times. He -- -- -- see that are this district spans several different counties it goes into Genesee Orleans Ontario. And so I ventured to reach out to the other county chairs parts of the role. And we also several large column that I got him to reach out to the child chairman to kind of give him his pitch why he wants to run. Is see he's the only one right now that's really talking about the us. So far you're the only person who was approached me to run. I've heard about others that are serious but there's probably have stated that on March 4. This year actually had little after the market are the petition process starts for our federal candidates. So we have to have someone bite marks for. To put on a petition and have our committee members and community activist -- circulate -- and on the ballot so it's really a tight timeframe. What do you think of others are you already pretty much thinking this is the guy. Well I think -- -- serious I think we've had a couple of meetings where we have had a couple of benchmarks for the Ricci. Yet both of them are I haven't had anyone who called the other than him at this point and so I think Cuba Syria and I and I think you're gonna look good luck and we're gonna have an executive committee meeting. I'll where we're gonna do interviews on March 1 four so that's cheap in so we'll see what happens there. Do you anticipate him being the only one that comes forward at those meetings. At this point like -- had given how close we are to the beginning of petitioning I can't see anyone else but certainly if anyone else's interest -- they should feel -- to give us a call. All right Jeremy thanks for joining us this morning glad you -- share a little bit here we appreciate it before you go there is one other topic I wanted to ask you about. And I'm not doing a bait and switch here but I didn't mention this to you when I've -- you for the program. Can you update us on the the senate that this special election or at least the regular election excuse me the regular election to replace Dennis campers act -- their candidates that have begun to approach you there. There there have been there have been about two or three candidates that are exploring this. And you know because they're probably doesn't look like there's going to be -- structural election I think people are kind of taken their time to get prepared. And so I think that's what you don't have a whole lot of people publicly jumping in this seat. Are you at a point where you can -- names yet. You know I wouldn't at this point I have talked with several elected officials and -- in Lancaster. And in -- to walk I've talked to the new council member right now I have branched out -- -- -- -- -- talk -- -- Murkowski in Cheektowaga. Donna sent -- -- with the council member of Lancaster has approached us as well -- council member. Robert Cano out there are so you know a couple of folks have approached us I think there's still weighing their options like yours do you pick your primary. You know it's such a democratic seat gave a lot of times that steps. The primaries are what decided the election and so. I would think there's probably going to be a primary election can coalesce around someone which which is a possibility but I I I would say that you know it probably going to be partners. And when would petitions have to go out he said meetings march 1 pretty much. Well this federal candidates have a different primary this year than in the rest of the candidates so the petitions for the rest of the candidates are in June. The federal candidates are marked -- really have to take care of congress now and then we'll we'll take care of the rest and you. All right Jeremy thanks so much for joining us good stuff glad you could participate this morning. You got a kick your YouTube that's Jeremy -- chairmen of the Erie county Democratic Party. Now you heard him mention that Chris Collins is up for reelection this year to of course there are just now some candidates beginning to talk about the possibility. Entering that race on the other side of the equation. There are also some Democrats who at least are talking about a challenge on their side to Brian Higgins. And we'll be talking a little bit more about that coming up to good morning this -- -- as I said this segment we're talking about. People who are talking at least about running. For congress this time around let's bring in -- in Eddie he grew reasoning you might of heard once or twice before he's run in the past four. Congress against Louise Slaughter he's run -- the pass for a New York State Senate as well Eddie thanks for joining us this morning. Talk about your current plans. My current plans then it's pretty sure that this is gonna move forward. On the 24 I'm planning on officially announcing -- candidates for the -- point six. And that would be a challenge to congressman Brian Higgins. Are you challenging him in a democratic primary are you running as a Republican. I'm a little challenging democratic primary I it's been a Democrat for many years -- Lot of my issues coal into democratic policies. That the difference between the -- is that he's. In a circle Democrat I'm of people and. What you mean by that. Well over the years we've been watching and seeing what he has done. And I have nothing against the waterfront but I feel it's a bit better investment. Money there has been spent in the wrong places. Nothing has been done. But the community at large you know good jobs and plays and I didn't apparent to label him as the 1% to because I believe that's way. Most of his motivation as dark. And nowhere else and I put people to be served and the people to be able. Do you think you have any sort of a shot does this resonate on the streets for you thank. It's been resonating on street and this is why -- more forward. And people are tired. Of the way congress is running. Favorability is only 9%. Shut the government. We're almost certain to face another -- There is no communication between the Republican Party in the Democratic Party congress. And -- for somebody that king. Work with both parties understand both issues. And I must say that the Republicans have a lot of good things in front of us that we ought to listen to it Democrats. And we have a lot of issues that need to be addressed that I'm listening to us. There's a middle road for all of us that we can negotiate with. And move this country forward create the jobs that are necessary especially. Western Europe. Being the third. Course region in the United States. It's just not fair where -- attacked the unity of government as well funded and still not providing what is necessary. A lot of times the primary and -- it's sort of a battle for what the party represents obviously. It sounds as if everything you're saying right there is. Oriented toward compromise. Getting along with the other party. I'm not so sure that that's the way primaries usually run. You seem a point. I understand -- -- very well. But people even Democrats that I spoke into especially in the minority communities. What we know Western Europe is our -- democratic. Districts. My values in my records show that I have. Values in that. Democratic. I by the hours. But we also need Democrats that are able to communicate with goes and that's going to be in my message even though its primary. And -- credit line. But time for somebody that. Can communicate they can show the people that I am willing to sit down. Protect our values that the same time move the country for. Give me -- -- 32 bio who is aiming at the. Integrity he grew has been in love thing. Community development. Immunity heat rule was. Project the -- of -- -- people united sustainable housing we took and updated communities. We have been. Train children for jobs not only children of underprivileged people and I've been active and I created jobs of mine is in the private sit there. Quote but certainly -- is about 2500. Jobs over the years since I have been in business throughout the and most of those small businesses that I helped open cost of existing and open them in communities where it nobody else would invest. Icing is bringing it into work. I. Out of people's person might causes for the people and I believe that the people will be -- threw -- It was time for me to express might resonate on the road. And just be prepared there's going to be a battle. Cry ignorance has never faced. I've already done my research. Started raising monies. To challenge him and I think going to be leveling the playing field and financing this campaign and a couple of. You sound confident you sound like you have money. I've already and money. I have a community myself that I reaching out to I am an Albanian American. In this country since sushi is old. And I've been reaching out to them which everybody has a base. We don't -- -- again as a background of the Irish. And we know that community supports him well because at the end of United States has ethnicities. Besides being American. And my community -- -- that affect them speaking to you from Chicago. Last night we had a good. Communities. Event. The independence of Kosovo. And we -- here to celebrate that independence. But at the same time. They reached out and started go to. Didn't mean that don't actions for me to move forward and that's why I am confident. That this is going to be an election that western new York and not seeing especially against status quo and delete individual like him. To what degree have you met with party officials and talk with them can you talk a little bit about the sport. That they vote -- and if Fannie. I've spoken I have given him the idea that I am exploring but I have not. Directly. As photos official endorsement doesn't yet but I have put him on stand by. You know that I am sure that I -- all look forward I would be sitting down -- everybody I have reached out to leadership. Of the working families as some others. And it and keep growing. And views we're gonna protect our endorsements. -- when it counts toward the end of the election. Because we don't know politics is of their game. Especially when it comes to. Region outings have been bringing their names or you know. I'd like to protect my endorsements. And utilize them when necessary -- it matters most. I have to ask you the obvious question. He's it's he's presumably got an organizational advantage been in politics for awhile. He is the incumbent so I would assume he's got party support. And then there was that massive fund raiser thrown by a Republican Anthony joy -- so he's got not only some some institutional support there but some broad based financial support. Do you pick. Through it got -- there. That's that's my message. He elite. That's -- taking here in the waterfront development. Has been. Is. I believe eight point one million dollar of investment in the last two years there's some other numbers that I control and I'm not I don't have a home in front of me but. Who has benefited from the water. Infrastructure that has been done over it it. It is taxpayers' money not his personal -- And a lot of people would development continuously. There aren't things that can not we we provide income we haven't created -- region would jobs we've built in building more and one building. -- Who like to what has done -- we have abandoned buildings what was gonna do with those buildings boat where ours goes by that there have been if we use. -- struggle sort of suppression of welcome. But my point in raising all those those things the institutional support in the money. Is that's a pretty tough filtered to climb you have to roll the ball you know. -- Democratic Party is it's kind of broken up we just lost 60%. Of endorse incumbents this question we lost legislative seat and neither Democrats that supposedly working together to network into. There's been no team in Western New York. There's been problems with apart quite awhile there's struggle who's going to be in who's in the control. Well I have a -- it inside in the Russians. I know at the end I can't take it away from the question he's an incumbent. Yes he has money. -- -- -- only raised 10% of what they did an outstanding couldn't gonna need that kind of money to run his election. I don't need that kind of what I need a good -- don't I think I need is a good balance. To be able to control things in the proper way but I have the time to knock on people's doors I had that planned to communicate with people. Directly instead of who. Television -- to press releases. All right -- we are out of time we're out of time thanks for joining us today. That's in -- -- 930 WV yen.