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Albany Reporter Jimmy Vielkind

Feb 16, 2014|

from CapitalNewYork.com, on Gov. Cuomo & Rob Astorino

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It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and good morning this is Dave Devo coming up after the news break at about 1030. We're gonna talk about candidates that are talking about may be challenging. Republican Collins a Republican congressman Chris Collins. And Democrat Brian Higgins I know it's early and some people are beginning to just sort of make noise about a possible run we'll touch on that. In about a 1213 minutes let's continue now with more talk about Albany. Jimmy -- kind is here he's with capital New York dot com there web site that covers Albany politics they're part of the bigger site Politico dot com. And -- Jimmie thanks so much for joining us -- you can make it here. Talk to me a little bit about. Where Governor Cuomo stands or what he might possibly be doing. In relation to these candidates that that are out there we we're looking at maybe possibly Donald trumping -- -- Rob best Reno the Westchester County executive is a bit more of a certainty. And you folks had an interesting article by former pro Obama Clinton and a Schumer -- Blake -- That talked about some of the options that Cuomo could be looking at a strategy -- campaign. A scenario to try and take on asked to Reno. Do you think he's afraid and anyway attest to Reno told me more. Well it is interesting because of course you're Andrew Cuomo's going to start off this election were very formidable place -- 32 million dollars in the bank as of January and probably a little bit more than a week. Poll released this -- -- -- 63% of New Yorkers surveyed. Approve of the job he's doing 59% of the workers you can favorably. And indeed these hypothetical head to head matchups against central province. Including Donald Trump but including Westchester Karen good to disrupt chemistry you know portal one -- to one margin. But does not say -- not worried in the -- that you nah I'm. Keeping his his. Forward thinking on the ball it is of course -- and done. You know what we see is that we've already voted to seat. Is -- -- pushed back against you know on a number of front. The first was pastor Reno is pro life. And of course if you look at Portland street locations in New York -- you know that's not the popular issue I think that the 60% of what more of the State's considered soaked pro choice so. -- -- already and Cuomo's. Analysts are already trying to break her best read -- and your teacher -- that they're always try and make it an anti abortion to try to revive the abortion should calm in the collection. And now of course. As I don't know whether that is something that is rooted in reality of course New York abortion is legal and -- portions people in the United States a politician and a return to bring the cup. I'm -- you bring up. Period in the legislation that are considered on the topic including of course -- -- that Governor Cuomo pushed in one Q well. He could mean 2013. And it had to to talk about a little bit more this year -- -- in -- abortion plank of his women's equality act. So. I think we're gonna hear about the other thing that we saw. I think two weeks ago was already democratic strategists -- under equipped. Mistress to Reno talking about. Talking about the High Court that the attitude and work if you addressed by the interviewer. A war and we do it in there amenities that we provide -- it would run frame. Mr. victory -- -- -- and shouldn't be covered. And you know that there were marketing expert in this -- -- let -- -- -- So. It could be difficult or more as a very sophisticated operation. Yeah because a lot of people -- there's surrogate for allies throughout this state. Who are going to be echoing his message and we've already seen a little bit of activity we can expect much much more. Especially as mr. -- formally declares a run. In the past two weeks faster Reno has formed a fundraising committee not necessarily announcing he's running up but certainly taking that big step. What kind of steps can Cuomo take to sort of not sort circuit that maybe hinder just a little. Warn people in the -- do is talked you traditional Republican donors attending the case that he is doing a good job he's worthy of their support. He also -- make the case that he. You want to portray himself as the inevitable Victor of the race there or try to commit any potential Republican donor -- -- would you give money to my opponent. You money to me if you view -- in my -- -- -- number. And anything they use it early in need throughout the state anything that you need from big government I'm. -- remember that you were not with me during my work. They're quote this well -- -- -- so eloquently put. And that is the -- that message to the order until equality in Cuomo today of course controllers -- relationship with the public it could escape that it. He has overall control Republican donors in his camp. And so yeah you're expecting him to make it through the order inevitability. That he's not necessarily a bad bet for a Republican donors to after all. Governed as a very leftist progressive Democrat talk about the mission but does that. He's very hurtful. But we are -- about it or contrived and anger that these awoke he could rebuild the numbers are not the policies -- To what degree would he be successful with that sort of strategy I almost seem asking Republicans not to. Participate in their own party and be Republican. Well. -- a part of that it's unclear whether he'll be able to get people to support him. Of course remember in the last election there was a group called Republicans for Cuomo. -- you know that this happened there were Democrat who protect it for the Republican Chris Cuomo and it would the other Cuomo. But I think that if he can get these kinds of people to get on the sideline for the millions to do nothing. You'll -- on the what they'll think we're gonna try and governor used between traditional Republican areas. Or prisons were Republican -- including portrait New York where Carl Paladino. The twenty current candidate of the Republican nick -- -- -- Beat Cuomo. I think you're going to see the governor who really want to push. To at least -- and if not we're in. -- in New York -- And real briefly my Jimmy by does that matter because of polls say is gonna win statewide anyway. Why does he need to show hey I got huge victory even in what's New York. Well I think with the governor what to do is present and felt that having a statewide mandate. Indeed particularly -- and I think he's also really looking good to have a big margin of victory. You know there has been sort of a puppet of resentment Western New York in there and there are no other people of New York often true that there overlooked by -- But it is equivalent to restart narrative. And a big electoral victory in the region is this going to be one -- -- want government to present. For. And. All right great stuff -- got to run thanks for your time. That's Jimmy -- kind from capitol New York after I'm capital by the way it within an eight. It covers state politics it's news radio 930 WB and more after this.