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2-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE -- I wore -- down upon you with great. I think yeah. If India. The -- look. Bought an anxious and my brother maybe you're better off. Not having the surgery but taking the -- Q what -- -- -- so stupid. -- apple people in charge. -- -- I'm not -- I don't know what that. But it. Kind of evicting -- people know me. I'm very happy. News media and you know partner one simple request them. Somebody asked to have sharks let her -- an -- And now. I like about improvements at this yesterday that it will affect kind of surprised when I do here. Problem we talk about the serious stuff but then there's times where we talked about serious stuff. But you still get my twelve year old right bald immature juvenile that the -- along the way. So there's going for. Anyway update thanks for making me part of your life seriously guys I I do appreciate and we're talking about -- Well Valentine's Day. Try and stay. And a preservative -- isn't it great joy it is a day of about getting together with the person you love and sincerely honestly wonderfully having eight -- -- good -- romantic time. Some of you will -- get because some of you have to put on the show for each other and your families. Look where holding hands looked happy. It anyway Lotta ponies up there you know people in these marriages that are basically all sizzle and those that I get that. I mean I understand that that's the case. How did you do your special someone. And if you -- saw it it's a question that I have not really gotten into too much little bit but I don't think it is really responded to whip. Maybe it's just too out there for people to talk about. But that is what is the Internet social media. And being on line has it been a blessing or a curse. Were you were -- life you know let's face it I don't a lot of people you're a lot of people who work together in me -- because of the Internet. And I must tell you that I do know quite a few people whose marriages relationships and because they were. This is a -- about alleged. They got sick of this I just said that the sailors and look -- out. We -- the by the throat of another -- talk about a guy who discovers his girlfriend of Libya. What. Anyway. Like I just -- yeah. Anyway. It. We're -- it well you know the subjects aren't needn't repeat them. -- till three all my birdies on number 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yen west Seneca and or you were on -- -- At first of all I would like to say Q. Good luck with your health problem okay. Well. Thank you -- at a really I don't worry about. You know what -- like. I hope but I know what it's like when it's it's as Coble is so well. Well it kind of baby and I should keep it young man was right hand but I don't know what he's gonna. I don't think so because I frankly don't think he's got balls. I mean seriously I mean with all due respect him. He's got about as much drive and ambition. As that you know as a twenty year old who just had eighty belongs I mean there's nothing there. So to answer your first question. How did we meet. Local Brady asked skating -- you read -- burn down he had no place to escape but -- And that was where we've met. We've met and this is spread. With the original patent and our diet be at the script. Oh yeah how old. Well we were married almost fifty years. And from. From 82. To two Alison he -- in the field but they took care of national. You're second -- -- on the Internet. Like everything in life. It can go on diet and we've friend and and as best as. Episode with the Internet. One of them at a wedding date and -- -- in and she found out the man -- Mary. Cry myself after he'd have to look mine has been passed away at it toyed with the idea of going. You need to act my belief that applies to see what they met me apple. -- friend of mine and you know what I'm gonna do it in -- that she was another old man to take care as well at the end and not even for a lot more to. Well you know what that's a concern and -- you older ladies look listen up if you're young star of the hour. It is going to be thought of by young. By older ladies as young and Dudley. But I'm gonna -- it's not that old ladies you eliciting older ladies okay. A lot of you a lot of you all guys are looking for a nurse and a purse done. A boy guys like that all they want -- somebody take care of them and your money. Avoid men who want a nurse and a purse this has been a public service announcement for you widows and may currently ladies. -- and you know and hence American on that he what -- match up was but they can go through it out that earned their soul mate saying. I call it being on the same page. -- are very let you know fifty years. And merit. Is a job. You work at it every day of human life. You know what I'm sorry it shouldn't be a job. Marriage ansari you know somebody once said that to me and I said if it's like a job -- -- -- it it should be like a vacation most of the time. It shouldn't be good job. Yes you've got to work at it from time to time but if every day it's that sure. I frankly at -- single with cats. -- -- But there are happily married as. I know there are but as far as this idea all marriages work you've got to look at it every single day if you. Got to work at every single day it worth happen you don't need another thing to do when your list. Oh well it was good Latin. After the fact that you get away. I don't like about it. But that's just one of my pet peas are at that's my thing it's not your thing and if I went overboard I apologize but I. Is that the state land where your husband's at the hadn't burned down I'd be happy -- -- this here my daughter her Christmas solid. Obviously go -- fail. A -- case. It has turned stickers and don't plan would escape since high school and he did it. Well first sentimental reasons I can't -- -- I am protected that they didn't need a state case so you want. Did get a picture of me with the escape plan and 98 at that way -- do it but I gotta be sitting down. They've ever watching too many Alfred Hitchcock Presents things on the TV. But at your -- with the daughter I would definitely make sure the screws are all the way in on the blades into the state. It no intention of stepping down my dad yeah I'm just walking. Indeed all right thank you very much appreciate your time good call -- Well Bobby up I'll be -- -- fine sound as a pound. Thank you very much 803 on my birdies and a 3180616. WB -- and because I learned lessons so well I assure you that within a minute after my surgery on her back behind the microphone because I am Superman and I am indestructible. Because I learned from the best -- Let's get back to the calls on WBE and sorry guys. Here is all -- in saint Catherine's and Lisa lost loved. Because. Well let her tell the story Lisa on WB -- hey what's gonna. -- -- -- About three years ago. My husband went all on the Internet and I'm not computers that the and he knew that can you know -- wanted to delete the history. Al-Qaeda leading history you know I said to him why you keep deleting history and -- well you know you have to keep it clear he needed. The story how your your typical ultimately history -- off the Internet. And should be on lately late at night first in the morning aren't got up and I would. -- and you're a computer he would -- Well I can't quite see he's got to. Not legally history. But he laughed out what he's doing. And oh yeah and my horror I clicked on. And apparently at these. Photographs of my -- and that he would take it up and -- And I am not quietly what he was wary because there wasn't much of anything on. And I ain't got a little further and they're -- her. Don't know pictures. I already had. That he had been corresponding with for quite some time so long story short. Or short story long if you wanna offend. Yeah. He gave me -- on the dance that he's that -- -- did he have a problem -- you know. Takes the computer away from on the -- Again monster sort it went on and it went on and went on com and basically that was the breakdown of our marriage tablet. That was the end of the end. -- -- -- -- keep -- all but you're you're not gonna just say you know you're not getting off just because I am gonna break for traffic. You're gonna stay on with me because I've been waiting for your phone call all day long I'm just warning. So. We're we're gonna go to break now for trap because we've got a couple of slow spots today that we're gonna go back to Lisa. And I've been dying for called just like leases all day long and I finally have her on my line. WB Ian let's find out about traffickers now. Yeah we're talking with Lisa -- Catherine's Ontario on WBBM who basically lost her husband it. She says because of the Internet and -- I said earlier the Internet is a tool. And it really kind of depends on how it is use the Internet in and of itself has no judgment has no it can't just take people to sites by itself there have to be a human. Our operator behind the -- -- computer. In your situation it sounds as though if the Internet did not exist. You or ex husband would not have had an outlet. Four he is extra curricular activities. Absolutely. Japan and isn't that guy -- -- I really I could not believe. This repeated the you know putting the somewhat new pictures of himself. On the Internet this man is the police -- How. -- well. Right Jack couldn't hit my head around it I just couldn't get my head around it since. And NY and I brought an end and that what. Well I thought he was just gonna drop -- an am migrate their economy. I don't currently parked in a heart attack or who nurse. I even though -- mile per mile for action happens to be. -- No I never had a heart attack and it may have struggled. Some as a pounds so anyway. What did he do he must have turned white he must have gone absolutely ill when you showed him the pictures of his. His the palm online. Absolutely. Absolutely he he jumped on click click click all over the place and and I just. I guess what stood there in horror and I kept I kept repeating. Went wrong with you that that I like to get out -- -- want you. You know how can do things like this and it would -- I have a problem I have a problem man. So where is and disconnected the amount indeed -- amount. Just keeping Arctic Arctic you'll keep them out I won't go on. And you know of course. You know I typically when he's doing when I'm out work or at -- -- -- and he just kept about. Not kept up prom and you don't. It was beginning at the end. OK question did he ever meet any of the women that he ever admit to having actually been physical with any of these women with whom he was correspondent. Would never admit it. Right it. To be perfectly on you like you. Were there. And other than the -- -- other than finding these web sites. And and seen the pictures of his or Willie on line. Of his Bill Clinton rather on line. Did you that you were there any other clues that something was amiss with him and his desire his drive. On. Yeah now. I would say -- you know. -- like 20/20 he -- You would amp Mary Mary -- I'd be like are you coming yeah I'll be up and -- -- and I and it turned in Q. An hour and a half. You know by and I immediately. You know all these -- with a he'd get up here early in the morning he'd be on the computer again I'd come down there and I -- Scurrying around and he was jumping off the computer. You know he quickly turn it off that the he had been on it. So yeah I mean it was there. I turned a blind died for a bit but it was just so prevalent and. So ridiculous. Well you know I hear stories all the time and Earl Clark and friends that. You know they've they've caught there has been on different site and chatting to women -- yeah. Excuse me but I hear stories about it but the guys doing that but about the why is doing it. Because the guys are deliberate with the other guys in most cases their daughter with what a lot of who -- married. -- -- hold on Lisa I hate to do this two year but since I've been waiting for your call all day long. I'm gonna make you put on hold some more army were paying for the call. All right thank hold on to the moment where -- because. She's beacon for a lot of women if you could relate to what's going on your 80309. There. Tom I really I can't not believe. This stupidity. You know putting. Somewhat new pictures of himself. On the Internet and I got that. In my head around again they don't get my head around. To me there. This. Tell us. Yeah. By the way. Excellent musical selections that we have run the gamut from the sentimental. Love field dot -- Neil -- -- young harvest moon. All the way to be cynical song hot dog Led Zeppelin to all of these is love to Paul Davis I go crazy. We have encompassed every human emotion imaginable with their musical bombs this afternoon and don't think fought did not go in today. Now 210 seconds ago with -- each one of our let's get back to Lisa and a saint Catherine's whose marriage broke up. And she's the one whose husband put the nude pictures are somewhat new pictures. Himself on the line. And then Lisa found pictures but a red head naked. On hobbies computer how long have you been divorced -- We have been separated for three years. Divorce sure you're now. And you said that you kind of turned a blind eyes to things and I'm kind of curious as to how that work because. How was it possible to sleep with somebody and be physically intimate with somebody. Without really knowing if he was it with somebody else earlier that day. I thought that was the tough part time. I'll tell you DE. The intimacy. Yet really dissipated after -- found the pictures and they sent him you know I would go to bad. I'd say coming to that yet albeit with five men you know I've -- turn into an Aaron how and you know by and I would be -- -- so of course. You know -- -- just petered out. We were never together in -- at the same time because he was on the computer. So. And you said earlier that he promised he wouldn't do it anymore but he just kept that up. And I'm sure he was doing at work as well. But you know you touched on something earlier that I want to mention. You know about women doing the same thing and I were called. When I found the pictures. You know his kitchen and that and that threat and with her nude pictures. And -- -- all you know -- it's just get this he married to get married to. And that makes it okay. You know when you catch it hit me I'd forgotten that he said that to me. You know so that makes it okay because -- married Q. Well I guess the idea of being. -- she should not be construed as a threat to view and the marriage because she wasn't gonna get out of her marriage -- -- he a lot of out of yours they were both perhaps looking for a little shall we say strange now how close did she lives to where you guys. I actually lived at the Lipton Leland thank -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now every Mary redhead in Lewiston freaking out OK so. So. You are divorced and via what was the last straw. It's actually a neat story has gotten its Internet. I I had come home. A trip to the Caribbean with the girls which -- take every year. And I came home and how calm -- absolutely upside down it was immaculate the far left. It look like he hadn't been home at all just started maybe ran and ran Al. So I knew. I knew what he'd been up to all week and I came home I looked to Graham how. I look at him and I said I'd like -- pack your bags and I'd like Italy. And he did. While. Okay now did he. You know Lisa any of your great caller you're easy on the ears I have to target and this is exactly the call I was hoping to get during the 3 o'clock hour. And if anybody can relate to her story I would love to hear from you. I'd like to hear from some guys who -- call their wives doing the same thing because apology is not just the god it's. Because the guys are two other guys for the most part of our. For the most part it's general. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB Ian did he ever say -- you anything like well. You get your girls vacation in the Caribbean what do you Mother Teresa down there. Matter fact. Of course he'd do you know why -- people would like no people. You know people pop court of course that -- App. App. And did he finally admit to you that you know what. I wasn't home all week and yeah all I was basically anything they had a pulse. Now never would not admitted to -- and it wouldn't. So I'm Lisa. Were you really good girl were the last time you went to the Caribbean did you kind of say well you know. This guy's kind of hot and he's hitting on me and then divisions of the redhead naked on the computer popped up -- you said what the hell. You know what -- and as I wish I can see that I did because believe me there are opportunities presented. And I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it I just couldn't do it. And even at this stage -- yet you have a relationship. I'm just I'm not area to reading. What you might never be. Now I am not I mean I ever a million years that I would be where I am not denying it I thought I'd been married for ever. Amir says get the money question were kids involved. Our kids thank god. Where what had finished university just finished. -- -- the other one was halfway through so you know the kids are older and and whatnot and my oldest son was aware of what was going on he had found locked up he told me after the fact on the computer. Talk about being put an awkward position you know tea I'm cheating on dad I know months -- and at what the hell the like do. Yeah it it was an -- -- heart on -- terribly hard on him and to this day he has been very strange strained relationship with a because that. Well he -- much. He loves -- And you know it's interesting because that idea I dedicated today show to up my grandpa. And his father my great grandfather the doctor. -- it rather notorious liberty. And it's interesting that my grandfather was not. He was appalled by the -- my great grandfather -- My grandfather never swore except when he talked about his dad the doctor. You know basically called -- no good SOB. So maybe your son is gonna end up learning the lesson from his father as my grandfather did from the. I so you know that's something earlier about. You know to -- to date should be about thirty by the time they get married. And you know I and it's 28 and he's -- you know mom. I don't want to think about getting married currently there in court found that when you said that it was like. You know and it needs I think they need to be a little bit older. Yeah you know what I got here at twenty. We're at a high school now. Well it you story and I got there is something you're story is heartbreaking. At the same time. I've heard this a million times before off here from people I don't know that make you feel any better -- about it. -- The only one right. -- -- -- -- -- You know -- -- this is averaging. Like that having been married for -- When you went into with that attitude and and he didn't and you were murdered for how long. -- 28. Looking back on it before the Internet cable. Were there any telltale signs or was the Internet was that the line in the sand that allowed him the tool he needed to finish the job. I believe that what. It was that so he needed to finish set up absolutely. See I -- its interest in because beat cop I mean there are. Believe it or not or bad bunnies out there disliked his -- -- out there and rock and all bunnies out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well absolutely. Lisa -- today's -- a great lady and somewhere out there. When you are ready to re enter. The hell hole that is dating in 2014. And you'll you'll you'll do very well and I mean if if you want to if you don't want to that's why do whatever you want. -- somebody you know like I mean you know I think Al is a laughter. It is actually the laughter would be able had to laugh with somebody can you know. Honestly. -- -- -- It may happen or may not. Well. You never know what is gonna happen tomorrow. -- -- -- Looked release are gonna play it has been a pleasure I'm sorry you went through this but on the other hand you might not know this right now. But the story you just told us on the year somewhere out there in my listening audience there is a lady who's crying along with you. Probably several ladies and maybe some guys. Who work crying along with -- because they've been exactly. We're you war that should be a support group if there is. For people who lost relationships or marriages because the Internet as a tool was misused by human beings. All right major thank you -- thank you very much and glad you called. Yes I'm going to -- -- go to sleep. That's all celebrating Valentine's Day but only after taking a -- thank you very much. All right if his 640 port that's exciting like brightly than -- like I have got to do water in Mets Sox. Now that at this open the raw rivaled excitement of that just cannot be beaten coming up on 644. Send -- to a lot of sock laundry lately you know the central. 644 news radio 930 WBE. And the did that Lisa's story resonate with anybody. Because my guess is it did in a big way. Has the Internet been great for you and your love life -- relationship life. Or do you basically blame it for destroying. 8030930. Star and I'm 3180616. WB yet also how did you meet. The person with whom you're in love and with whom you've chosen to spend the rest of your life do you believe in soul mates. And often wondered. If on Valentine's Day the bigger the gift the greater the guilt on WB via. Yeah last call was that was -- grade -- his -- I got to play issue is easy on the ears. She was co parent she told a great story of a very sad event in her life. And I know that lot of people -- relating to what's going up. I don't I can't see the first name of the workers on line one guys I know this might shock you. It's John in buffalo on WB and John welcome you were on the buy hourly show happy Valentine's Day sir tell me what's on your -- Well I'll look at this same situation. I was. A thoughtful competent parent. -- your stricker came home early 1 evening. -- their work third shift there and I know there was very pickup truck in the currently -- that was not my phone. So I want -- opened up the door and into purple. Locked into the background. Open up the door. And what I find. A lawyer for sixteen year. And the -- later in my -- It is kind of respond. It turnaround separate thought about it for couples and I didn't hear. Weapon that my cited it's it's and I just sort well I think this kind of -- me kill me. That's a very mature decision and I. Did it take a lot of restraint or did you just know it wasn't worth -- It took a lot it really did because the -- the girl. I really -- I gave -- everything. I mean anything nationwide cheek Archie why and who are able to work -- -- want to go of their vacation she got -- your vacation. Excited my paycheck or -- every week. I just don't know at -- -- so I was -- at all. May be well no immediate personal -- don't play yourself because this and this does not. -- -- on you. Maybe it's a question of you did too much. Yes yeah that's special so people that felt. And I'm really awfully sorry that you had to go through that and the guy must've pretty much left skid marks. Well no they didn't need to stop know what you're going to air the -- when they were just. I don't even though he knew that it was an -- government. Through which -- about whether it sure they'll probably. I know. It was an illegal I always -- it was a pick -- truck and driver that was not mine -- -- I did have a truck or that line. Well. I I honestly don't know where to go with here's how long ago was that your. Are you still on the job. Well. Look I mean first of all -- Kudos to you for doing the right thing and just get out of dodge without doing what you might have done. Are you saved yourself and held a lot of aggravation and morally you took the high ground. He would see her at all anymore or any occasion to have to contact her anymore. Well no not really I've had a few issues armed because I see all alt Powell and I are very few issues where. There are few things on the -- all of which I had to actually -- charges. Against occur in the other person. Blah and yeah I see you're seeing court that's bill -- -- dog. Things. John you know just talk in two years -- definitely deserve better in your life have you found it. RSI although wonderful woman. Aren't good. I'm sorry had to go through that in my heart is really with you and I'm glad that things you know what it was destiny. You lost an albatross and you picked up a true princess. Thanks Jon bill and it's a pleasure speaking with your brother. Thank you well -- I don't have words. Well I don't know I definitely would let you know. Here's. The guy and here's -- on WB yen lower wedeman. And you're you're a lady who met the guy in buffalo who refuses to move down to to be you if you as your husband that. Even though he can get the your health care if you Mary he's making all kinds of excuses why he can't let. -- welcome to -- buffalo your WB -- I've got about that two minute shoot. Kidnapping and comic imported it TU -- and that -- I called Carl do you I wish him happy Valentine's Day he told me about the conversation he had with you. I just wanna say that. I've never -- -- here shadow that if you're trying to get ratings and shock value by trying to plant seeds of doubt in their. Already strong relationship. I wanna say that that's not gonna work. This is actually -- that's wonderful man I've ever met in our relationship chip is as strong that we can withstand. A long distance relationship and not everybody in relationship is the traditional one. And I didn't feel that. I had the voice to -- you and everybody in America. How much I love this man. And you know there's people fighting across the heat. You know for our for our. For our freedom. Which has nothing to do with whether or not. He hit they have long distance relationship -- are you gonna bring down their morale. -- -- There's a big difference they signed up for excuse me they signed up for the military and they can't exactly say hey lieutenant I wanna go home to see my woman. Your man in buffalo your your soul mate has a choice he could be with few or he can stay in buffalo and he's chosen to stay in buffalo with you in Dallas. A variety of reasons which we hit telling you or pay there. He have to stay there because his insurance will be -- in taxes. His doctors. Are in New York in some think he down and it -- even make that call like that is what happened. Comparing that with you let this man and I am very -- that he would try to ruin someone Valentine's Day. Yet he is the. I wasn't trying to ruin anybody's Valentine. -- I'm trying to help. Anybody in your situation. If it doesn't matter if you have a lot distance relationship he did you don't like to be cheating on you fraud you know it. Anybody. As long this is -- she makes videos -- totally OK with that but look I gotta I gotta go -- I'd like to talk further about a diploma at a time. And try to -- his Valentine's Day. But for me and said he had met the love of his life to be your -- she's in Dallas does not make any sense whatsoever -- it's not like he's in the army -- he has he doesn't have a choice the -- All right well I was not -- wanted to and the -- but whatever. You should get the bulk of the money you're. Going to be fun. All right anyway thank you very much for all of the calls today even the one from Dallas. Turner has Valentine's Day but I'm sorry I know people think back to the call with these. Everything that happened in her relationship I called and have never -- that woman before my life to the best of my knowledge I know how these things work. More often -- not. Sorry that just the gift at a course. All right we'll look -- thanks to Joseph -- Thanks to John German its hourly have a very nice Valentine's Day and know yourself. -- --

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