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2-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I -- the look and behave with great. Thing but yeah if India holds look at. -- is that it -- this -- -- and welcome to the new New York yeah. If they -- a bit extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one haunts with an assault rifle. -- -- It's -- yeah. Until then. His ball club. There really is nothing like a short time. -- it's not mind he's 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. It is our leaders are at 930 WB -- happy Valentine's Day. And if you are visible on Valentine's Day a miserable Valentine's Day. Yeah yeah. -- has a special message on his FaceBook page every woman who's ever turned him down for a date over the years. -- Hitler the West Coast turned down for a bit. It -- my it is up earlier WB yen aren't we are out with you. But it through Friday from three until seventh. We're talking about today obviously is down by Tuesday -- A Valentine's Day show the real world. Because. Honestly I hate hallmark holidays I despise. Hallmark holiday. If that's and -- and not just Valentine's Day anymore now they've got sweetest day. -- sweetest -- why does that does that exist to make money. So Valentine's Day that has been a round why yes why. Like you know what else has been around for awhile and cool whip that's been around one. Cool whip and let's face it there's not a god pie and cool whip but we're going witnesses. And him. You have stories to tell I'm sure about Valentine's Day I want to hear that and because this 2014. I wanted to know if the error in which we live a tech knowledge. Has been a boon or -- buster -- -- to you in terms of your love life. See the Internet is a tool to record -- is -- -- the Internet in and of itself is of no consequence it depends on how you use it. If you use the Internet to meet somebody and you marry them and your life is great. Well then the Internet was used as a tool to better your life. If you're in marriage and use the Internet to hook up for some strange. Well then the Internet becomes a tool like. Like a gun used by the wrong people -- wrong -- -- you we need. Well one. High speed. Tickets are saying yeah. -- have failed. Aren't over the next notably via satellite safe computer act. So your thoughts on the Internet and whether it's been a tool for you or whether it's -- a lot of. You agree Parker anyway the other extracts the best clips with my -- clip comes out. And you -- by the way clips of great buffalo broadcaster anyway. The audience. Do you read this special somebody in your life. Those stories I find totally completely interest. The guy who coached the women's hockey. And the center asked him out and he said are you buying it she said yes. Awesome absolutely awesome. 8030 on thirty start at 3180616. WB ENR. How to Jimmy. They want to being miserable and belt that. -- Arguably miserable unveiled its young strapping stuff. Here is Gary in federal -- on WB I Gary. -- -- -- Or rather unusual story the more usual -- better use the words swinger and I'll give you a dollar. Okay. I went I know where am I went to a 48. High school reunion. Written into it is very close old friend Susan. And she was single I'm single we talked for toward an -- She -- the city I told rose from the country. -- say interior decorator she decorate mansion for people. I am. And I turned to a country bumpkin. I told they're. There might be a sitcom ideas somewhere near to keep going. They sit what did you give me your address I'll send your hard -- -- -- and we got to writing we wrote all winter. She called in the spring. And she said I don't believe award you're telling me. I -- come down and see how you live. Well the term. I -- this note sure who to make camp and I have the electricity. -- spring freezes up it it frees up. When you call them like a couple of weeks ago. -- took time out time -- timeout you called -- a couple weeks ago did you not. Does sounds way too familiar dude dude you lost me I'm sorry but it's too soon it's too soon to store is two -- usual that's too so you're -- Evidently she came out. Not I'm sorry you're -- kill their absurd to kill and I'm. I'm sorry you call them way too soon ago for this to be interesting and I apologize for being a huge fragment is just twosome. Because it does sound kind of like -- Sitka equipment. I'm just -- All right it is we are we have we now I know that the commercial keeps tabs on me are -- that we fulfilled orders Baghdad -- this week I think we have up thank you. All right let's go to Linda in -- the log on that WB ENI. -- well. I don't people recognize my voice but it -- I did two OK I could be it. It would. Just repair that. And well somebody that's. Ain't what at a busy. -- Okay and in our area you're calling from Cheektowaga not Vegas. -- -- -- We didn't have strip clubs and -- Not the time. -- know we had that one gay -- and everybody knew about. Usually you know the gay bathhouse right. On the boulevard. There was very everybody knew it was but nobody ever knew waters and then -- belong -- a closed. And no one ever went. My -- my table or lap in on my work -- downtown badly battered around town. And and would he I didn't want nothing to -- kept bought me every. Really pissed off about premiums. And -- -- -- time at that -- hit and I I did we've been married over 38 years where he had been. -- Let me just anything you want to that's probably true to form I. Why -- I -- you mean I've do you think I haven't met strippers in my life but never a woman ever. Did I act back to get a kick out and that's why can't that. -- That you you act as though -- some naive little child who is not seen the light years I don't. You wouldn't go -- -- I don't stay. Okay well sex has been around a long time. Cell. Just that -- start and that's going to be a tool belt. I was gonna use the other word that I am already caught up now on that phrase so. I have to ask a did you ever get through medical school because every stripper I ever met with putting yourself through medical school did you ever get the doctorate. OK I just about enough but for all our second I'm sorry or was it working with crippled children I don't recall of so anyway. The guy was following you from club to club. I have to tell you that these days. That would be probably. Yeah I was I didn't want to quite go there was he at all inappropriate and did that creep you out and did you do you obviously got some kind of a creepy vibe from him. About. Then my friend at work did -- -- can do it to him. He -- many that I got somebody here. It imperial wildly at a woman parity. -- this for you and I mean you know. I mean act on its failed the country. I -- things unbelievable wonderful wonderful. But he brought me. -- Yeah wanna run German. I've won that you. Are all right so all right so now. -- -- -- you travel throughout the country you're introduced to this guy. At what point does he go from being a potential scraper to somebody you actually agreed to see socially without an escort. -- it took awhile you know for me to trust them but can heat panel. Wonderful. I never met somebody like this in my life not. So was it part of your relationship where his conditions for the relationship that you leave that line of work or did -- find that to be our kind of effort these guys the kind of an effort easier. Now I would leave it might work wouldn't you know he know I was straight -- -- everything. Hit to help the fruit to the person don't -- things can figure everything dot. I mean that'd be very true well in the you know my -- and -- -- Would the person you're gonna -- -- -- and I told them on a document in. Our you know our. While so you guys have been married how long. It. And I I trust that you are no longer. -- Well I'm just curious any kids. -- Well look you can't I mean you know it sounds like you're somebody you've got a really good time when you were younger. Yell and I don't see why you can be. Don't be embarrassed the first use that I don't -- -- get the words out just tell -- you were stripper that it finally comes out that you actually had a good time. I have to tell that. The strippers I've known by and large have never dated one nor would I ever won. But. Deep down. They are some of the most insecure people in the world who universally have very very deep emotional issues and usually traumatic it's. Well time you know. I -- by the. That does not surprise me in the least -- But it sounds like you have found happiness in your life. True happiness. We hit a big lighting and everything everybody from the -- Of the girl's pain the owners paints -- bat. Now your first danced together -- hot as husband and wife was it tough doing it without a poll. Give -- resist I had -- Now. I couldn't believe gag from the main demand -- But god doesn't like strippers wait a -- Jesus hung out with Mary -- Yeah -- -- -- -- from. You know what a whole lot of it is interesting caller. Interest -- caller I don't think about a stripper who's made it as far as you usually they owed by the 1045. I'm on medical school -- here's Alan Harris. So -- did you meet the person who eventually became the love of your life throw one more topic up. In addition to has the Internet and good or bad for your love life how did you meet that special someone -- ready for the next want to add one more topic. Do you believe in soul mates or is that a modern day invention with no relevance whatsoever to the real world I -- the -- I do absolutely 100%. Let me get back the Linda in that Cheektowaga. On that WB yet and you're gonna say something and I had to cut off and I've got about a minute before get a break -- Say yes I do believe in -- make. I'll -- general election from left for elect was expecting to go. I. But you know -- interest that because you say you. About a wanna get into a religious or were urged her to think is is really not my business -- your relationship with god that you say you repented but on the other hand you also say -- -- really good time. At me why I have a good lie about a very polite you. I led by -- is so refreshing to hear somebody who's actually truthful about such things that I I appreciate that. Body. Is not so good Iraq and yet. I need to do what I need to do that okay. I would not gonna work for Bally power flipping burgers and get it. On the actual money. Do you know what. Sport -- and everything's. Beautiful apartment. Mean. You're like did you know I'm good thing ever been out I mean did any other -- I need to get really yet. All right if you know what I believe you because you've been truthful about everything else why are you gonna lie about extras in the back room now. I wouldn't do did not want it bad. Mainland money and what -- On dry cleaning today. You know what I've got to go but I wanna thank you for your candor and your honesty and I have to tell you that I'm very glad that their god the creator were Providence put this man in your life and that you sound like one of the happy as people. With whom I've ever spoken totally at peace with yourself and that in itself views about miraculous for any. Can one or. Right I can't Europe because a lot of them -- -- sorry. And. I got you'll be -- I told him. Keep her. Hit it out. 530 for a news radio 9:30 WBZ. Am and its hourly rate view now we have fun man iPad like every joke -- to keep me up to date with. The modern era of country music. I'd go back a little further than that as far as some of the roots of country and some of the early. You know Poconos and -- yours was never. It is 534 news radio 930 WB EM. I of course have my -- cowboy hat. I don't know if you noticed. But I do. And I definitely believe. That the cowboy hat is the only fitting cap peace. To the tools wardrobe on some. I'd use the other word that a vertigo my -- this week I don't wanna go past. Five. Coming up on 535 WB Ian -- folks how you meet the -- your life. These social media and computer phenomenon. Has it. Been great for your love life or frankly. Did it play a role in destroying. Your armor your marriage and it -- suggest that it was probably a -- and not a marriage. Because is there anybody who wants to argue the statement nobody leaves a happy marriage. No one leaves unhappy. Marriage. How many have you seriously about we're adults here for the most part right. Call me cynical. But how many have you know couples in your circle of friends. Who. Put on a show for the world. But there's nothing mayor there's no bear -- -- It's like Hawaii we're playing a role. This is by soccer mom wife. And I am happy handsome husband. And we are happy together. And it's like you know them and you think -- fruit you're paying everything that's a lot of she did. My -- Sell this. But nobody ever leaves happy merry. By definition if -- happy you lately. Nobody jumps from heaven -- hell. If they're happy and haven't. So there's do you believe in soul mates. I don't know I think that there are some people. I think everybody has the -- analysts say this straight talk in English. I think that everybody has certain prerequisites that must be met if they are to be happy in a relationship with some. And there is also that certain magical something. There cannot be defines that is ethereal. That can't be seen it can't be touched it can't be helped by the hand only in the hearts. So I believe. That there are such things as soul -- the question is always. Are there more than one soul is there more than one soul made up -- for oh. Well mathematically it would make sense that there would be -- The problem it is the odds of finding those people out of 6000000007. Billion people on the planet. Well we can eliminate probably most of those out of 20300. Million Americans. Good -- You're a -- I can't help it. 8030 my third and how did you meet that special someone. -- let's go to. Let's go to our Karl in Niagara Falls Karl you're next on WB and -- April. -- -- high let me preface that conversation but -- need to be musician in my younger days. I quit announced thirty and during those days say you know he had the perks of being a musician with remnants. I actually in the sense became a born again virgin went 24 years. Without being with the -- any credit topic on the show about that sometimes. -- sex -- non marriage yeah. A lot of never married never it's like I said non marriage -- the longest dry spell you ever get. You know like are they -- -- -- minutes. And I've -- and I Craig's list that as he was selling in 1966 or not look down in Dallas. I've always been a car guy I've always kind of wanted to torn out of sight emailed this person that the person called the the -- classic. Now I'm classic car guy in the true sense that I belong to the classic car club and only a few of those cars and they're very strict and her definitions sites that this -- emailed to this person. Saying classic are you obviously don't know the classic and I went ahead and describe what -- classic was so we got into this. Well we we started insulting each other for the year two. And it just turned around it at the time she was married for eighteen years which was your other. Point about leaving them. A marriage but it's it's happy how they're. And I'm sure that's yeah I've got all that many times -- that. Long story short she got divorced we've been together five and half years believe it or not she's still about it Ellison still appear I usually go down for the winter. And and god just you know how we just had this chemistry and bond that they can't describe the thing is I'm 59 now I just turned 5043. Which bothers the hell out of me for about a year year and a half but never bothered -- I gotta tell you it's the best thing that's ever happened. All right now look Karl I do my job is not to be judgmental but I also was not born yesterday and I'm not naive. About most things. -- -- First at all. If she left her husband of eighteen years and he was living in the house with horror. Are you sure that she doesn't have another 76 for an auto she's putting on Craig's list. And -- you're gonna say that that the people generally say it's you know I couldn't on the cure anybody can be seen. In my position. I I think I'm the judge of character I you know compensate for a 100% but in my heart and in my mind -- That's a ringing endorsement I mean the island at PI. I'm sure it's -- -- and I mean brute. How often do you see each other why even bother getting married your friends. -- -- I don't we never will like that she knows it's not my Forte I don't I don't get married it's it's just a single type guy that she gets a ten year old at home. She just you know -- she got she sold her wild -- and she was a teenager that's quite settled down got marriages marries the wrong guy -- it it took her a number years to figure that out. You do I want to talk to you more because I've got lots of -- left in the -- Q and you seem like you guys willing to put up with me so -- hold on for just a moment if you would sir we've got to traffic -- Sanders Allen Harris. Well everybody walks away from released nobody seriously hurt because that that sucks any time. Especially now. AccuWeather tonight it'll be cloudy couple snow showers a team tomorrow will be a cloudy a couple of snow showers 23. And we can pretty much repeat that forecast every day until like July. It will start thinking about full 25 degrees at WB -- -- we're talking with Karl in Niagara Falls. And -- met a woman. -- eighteen years she lifts a 76. Coronado. On Craig's list based start. A relationship online it did not start out happily but by the end of the email correspondence. Apparently a spark was lips Andy fuse that was -- And it's still close to this the right now you -- relationship with this woman you said it was a -- -- yours. Five and -- it was a 66 torn but it. 066. I'm sorry departures at 76. But with pressure in my brand of lettuce at 46 and I would -- the difference at this point but. So. When I was gonna say is. Physician being drained it what -- it when I was gonna say is. Q she's no longer -- husband. Okay. How often do you see your so called girl for. You know I try every winter I try to get down this year and had a lot of things happen and it couldn't make it but he usually five months and the winner she comes up for a couple weeks in the summer. This year the full time job down there. And yet -- child to and so. She comes up when she can but it's mostly on the -- or here's -- get to go down there for the winner. Thank you are inserting the word bitter bitter because you left yourself wide open all kinds of comments of a -- nature and I'd rather not go there because and try to do away with as much -- -- innuendo was possible. -- -- The I have to -- To me anyway. Old fashioned. But a big part of being in a relationship. Well is -- up being physically together. Even talking you know hot steamy eat monkey six talking about the coddling the struggling to back rubs the stroking. You know just looking at somebody's eyes and having a conversation and holding hands. You don't have that. I know you're not sound it's I've mostly middle foremost in my life it doesn't bother me nearly as much as about -- herb and I. I give that a few bad and she -- keys. And understand molecular and say oh my god this guy is just full of -- they do we have this thing that is just we don't want to lose each other's just that the gimmick chemistry and Bob and there's just a click here. That should -- willing to put up with this until we can figure out away. You haven't figured out -- -- in five and -- half years what miracle is gonna come down from heaven suddenly to provide a way out. With the obvious answer your higher property manager in buffalo new pitcher has done the Dallas. I believe I don't have that much property. And -- go to the Dallas. And -- the money -- and. My outlook outlook does try to be a jerk but I also don't wanna see you have your heart handed to you -- planner you know steaming and rotten at the united -- So many -- were. If she has told you that she misses and what she wants is the hugs and the stroking and the cuddling in the eye to eye contact. You're not there to give it to work Dallas is a big place I promise you there are a lot of guys in Dallas who would be more than willing to give it to work and you're gonna loser. 21 of those guys. Take it to the bank I know these things. That's what life. 000 yes. But -- don't don't seriously do we're talking about your wife your were talking about your happiness. Where I mean I mean it means nothing to me I'm not try to destroy your life I'm trying to save your life. OK because I'm just gonna target if that is lacking in your relationship. Believe me she will find it elsewhere and I have to tell it who -- Blair or. If you're not all of them make a commitment to moving down the Dallas then it really isn't much of a relationship. -- -- It's not just a question of understood it's a question of if you want to keep this woman in your life that's what you will do. Because she's the one with the kid in school she does not want to disrupt. So. It sounds easy but I have several properties have a lot of carters say it's not just dropping of the almighty god it would take years to to liquidate and I don't have a job -- other and be sure. She does. You can't -- on her play. I guess you could you be at UBS -- you wanna plant -- don't want there's. This is this I'm sorry my friend all due respect and everything there's one thing I know because I've screwed up every single one I've ever been and it's relationships. And do your relationship is going to take you to hell and back. And you either have to get rid of it -- make it's serious because right now you're live in the state of limbo if you set yourself up for heartache of the first magnitude. Except for jobs. If you can talk a little. I -- thanks guys that's for playing along with dude listen to my words mark what I'm saying Pamela mark wouldn't say. All right thank thank you for much say all right sorry but I -- disagree with what I said knock yourself out because I tell you I know this stuff. I know it like the back of my. Formerly -- -- -- under Israeli in my thirty WB. How did you meet your special someone. If your conversation with the last guy whose alleged girlfriend is down and Dallas anybody wanna argue with the advice -- gave. Because I outlook sometimes people need tough law. And -- all I only spoke to him not out of this respect. But because I'm trying to save him I think he's setting himself up for witches. One hell of a bad awakening and one hell of a blind -- Hard. And I think he's gonna be partially responsible for. And I'm sorry but. I noticed there's some things I know one. Let's go to. Doesn't the united practice electorate but I know here is wreckage -- the log on WB and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd bet money that woman that became my wife about eight -- years ago in our owners greater that are mercker Mike -- over a lot. I -- out biker church Arctic Clinton and gaelic culture -- -- it were predominantly for people right motorcycle multi -- Well I -- awaited air. And now we started dating her first date was on the Beckham might -- And we were up in Niagara fall we went up to us all over the got some pop out and although he's appalled -- there. And we've all been inseparable since that a year later -- barrier and cheer her unleash your rights in all over place. So. -- -- its history as far as a biker church. And forgive me for my -- I'm too much -- Howard to ever get on a motorcycle now offline -- play but I will not get on a motorcycle. I -- Well I know we've we've all got -- things right. But but tell me what is the difference between a biker church and let's say just an ordinary. Christian church of whatever denomination. What was that like it's predominantly like there's everybody pretty much -- show up come on a bike. And our other the preacher about the same and the worst thing about the same. It's. What does that lower let's look at a lot of result KS -- video society they write -- oracle Carly you know. If people down anonymous softened course it'll -- reader you know. But it all on a minute I mean but you know that. I can tell you something. Anybody familiar with the new testament knows that Jesus surrounded himself with Outkast all or -- tax collector these were jesus' people he wasn't -- With this in Britain. It. Well their ego. So don't worry about what other people think but anyways why is the relationship you've got. -- itself really awesome it speaks up in the wintertime for somebody with motorcycles like an affiliate around here. We're getting we're getting addiction factor for relevant date tomorrow and take your guard came out early to look at your newborn. There are surprised you know that nobody and I don't think she was that your show so watch you'll find -- Well I'm kind of hurt by what you just said the last part but on the other hand you've got to tell us all it's an email letting us know. Take a picture of her and -- that the media atomic WB and not up when he -- and -- like you're gonna buy for take a picture. There you go if you look at any -- tossup -- the locks. It's big bike about 750 pounds in doubt she -- about a hundred intense soaking wet. House on down to about a 165 so you Detroit told me all right yeah. Greg Coleman thank you very much -- usual meeting place but that don't ever think of yourself as an outcast in their four people look at you because again. Christ was an outcast himself. Thank you. It is 556. At WB Ian.

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