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2-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon the he would rate this thing yeah if India the whole movement. -- is that it ends this month -- That we have to pass the bills so that you can and then find out what is it -- yeah. But it's not my responsibility that the. You've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller -- They're ready -- nothing like a short I'm now. Didn't do well -- witness. He's maybe 930 you've seen the new layout is inevitable it's much meaning of the Iranian people one more time. Our -- guy evidently. Going to shape. -- -- It's mile away on their regular thirty WB yen -- between Joseph Bieber and myself. I think we've put together some awesome intro is that really do we -- -- -- -- that's the star and the -- even touch slap shot yet. Do you have any idea how many great lines and slap shot that we can actually use. Called a -- then I mean we haven't even touched that one yet. Old time hockey. It requires that one where we have not slap shot is one of those movies hey guys. Just between us not that the show is not a sausage fest today but there hey guys dudes humor. C'mon you're you're closer I'm straight. Replication. If you're closer aren't. -- If if the woman did you were going on with. Don Q. And you don't really wanna admit -- your buddies because it's a sign of weakness. But you're gonna stay home to -- just watch slap shot. I guarantee you but -- and the slap shot you will be in a much better frame of mind. Slap shot Paul Newman. A movie for the ages if you haven't seen it. Because we're talking to a whole new generation -- haven't seen slipshod -- if you love hockey all the better if you play hockey. This movie is perfect for you so forget about going out tonight you're not gonna hook up. Stay home watch slap shot. In -- gonna -- being a Monday morning you're gonna say hey Tom thanks a lot because you save me a really lack grew most Friday night and I'll say. Lack promotes. You don't hear that word every day. Anyway -- its hourly on the WB and what's on Joseph Bieber after controlled John Sherman. Is that your call straighter and we're a -- Valentine's Day show today and -- the thing. I I don't wanna do a more -- -- Valentine's Day show nor want to do me happy. Valentine's Day show. I'm looking for mediocrity which I strive for and usually achieved on a daily basis. But no I'm looking for somewhere in the middle. And the first -- topic. Just continue talking about it but I'm gonna have some others to it it deals -- the Internet. And the electronic world in which we live. And for you. For you. Has social media did a boon to your love life or has been. Satan for your love life. Never too. Do you agree with the thesis. Statement. No one ever left unhappy marriage or relationship do you agree with that. Because I don't think for words were ever spoken or written. Because seriously. And obviously if somebody is happy. Eloquently or even want the -- won't even think about leaving. Let's say number three -- you can blame hormones and whine all you want to. -- -- -- This French kissing count I don't know yeah I guess yeah accounts. Because it's never going to be. Now now never. Now what also where our reader all oh yes yes yes. Those -- the two that I that I started off with an add one more. Tell -- something. Howell about this one before and people seem to like and how did you meet. The man or woman. That has major to complete. The yin to your yen. 8030930. The single best story. I have ever hurt. It might like. On how somebody met his wife folks it's so awesome. Bad. Maybe I shouldn't believe it make of the soccer. But I I swear to goodness. Guy calls in my show -- is Tom. I met the love of my life through a wrong number. And I said how in the world did that happen. This guy sets. That he was calling a woman. He had met. But he got the rural. He ends up talking to some other. The wrong number lady keeps them on the phone. They are so tied up in the conversation. That a simple wrong number phone call leads to their pick. And leads to their marriage. The wrong number marriage. Those of you remember that call coming in what ten years ago I don't know how long was. You probably remember remember it to this state or some calls that you stand out after all these years that's one of them will never forget that call. 803 old -- thirty how did you meet. Your mates. The old -- buffalo away bars. Or some other way. You know I seriously old fashioned buffalo way. Let's be serious. It's the old fashioned way around the United States I wasn't born yesterday I have lived elsewhere. It'll thrill I'm thirty let's go to use eve. In Batavia WB against the evil. Steve smashing and you. I'm really glad I did it but I got I'm I'm did and I. Master and let. Actually. Reconnect with my fiance through FaceBook. -- give us the first of all how does one reconnect with a fiancee -- did you mean ex fiance. Well what happened and I want school -- -- and Pennsylvania and I thought it actually pepper about the and -- -- opponent that I we are never on the involved or at that point I don't want to say hi and it just. And I happen and it kept going and now we're gonna get married this June. Congratulations. Soul girl you went to school -- You connect -- on FaceBook to use you if you sent a friend over request to order which I presume she accepted. Well yeah diabetic friendly parent I just randomly inside -- and that's how we like started barking and Q I got you a very. Com I got into the whole take on. Whatever they're called. Just like Olympic awkward -- and he thought that. I -- immediate because we used to talk to each other we hit the counter -- church anyway. -- are really awkward China agreed to back at -- well. There are very awkward then. Apparently. I mean were -- following each other so something worked out. So how do you make that transition or how did you make a transition from friends to. Lovers because the dynamic is wholly different once you cross that line I don't care what anybody says. You know you're totally right arm well that's the car. We hung out on the public work. It actually going to hurt our brother college you're going to like ourselves but not out who we want the ballot in England about plug into. Come -- out and then we had that added that it. I mean. That I own inner circle we taxes go up I know -- not something they don't hear from. Bonuses. -- -- you know it'd be and they don't they didn't it that way at third marriage or they have got. Well you why some fifty year -- are pretty -- -- Steve says the fifty year old guy on the radio. Well I'm not saying you can't get that now don't think any -- -- thirty years ago. Well this this is true or via the Internet like I don't know if you're the first hour -- -- -- I don't think you're dead but. I I was trying to tell the guys in the next -- were in their twenties that in the old days if you're gonna have an affair out of marriage first of all he had to meet somebody out of marriage generally speaking. It was work. Or a bar or some random order at a grocery store now they're actual web sites. Voted to beating somebody who you know basically just wants a little strange. Yeah a few. Years here equality that they -- that are there that are I think I've heard it on the panel. Not for me but Tom. Obviously dude you're getting married if that's a -- considering you'd better talk to her about. I know right down though. Yeah up we -- the lot which we won't call -- on -- -- -- -- -- that are we. Usually each other on a delegate that that -- type I haven't. That and I you know vegan diet and do whatever happened then. That's -- -- beat they are great but in my own heart -- You're the teacher those seek out there a lot and plan that would hurt if they learned that I would spent parts. Wow what a great call -- your Holden she's how old. Now I just have a question for you and I don't want to be offended by this and anyway she performed but. I have long argued that people should wait until they are thirty reported make it lifelong commitment. Because I don't think today's 23 year old as mature as the 23 girls in 1945. -- You wanna argue with me about that. Com. You know your argument -- finally. That hey I know a lot of people warm it. And it's our army that they and Famer -- armed because they're just act they just act like children. And sometimes I don't feel like one act don't like why am I here I -- so much. More mature and more intelligent and all the people. Why did. Why don't they like let me go to a different courts like why in my overall personality people who. I've seen it in Albany that state. And you know that nothing out of state but when you make them on -- -- again or you make that there isn't that. You know laid up on your time to think about it -- the Antoine. That is the very. That terminal. In your life. I don't understand it. All that's called life that knows no age restrictions her. Believe me you'll you'll be seventy years old and you're gonna see seventy Urals the same damn thing. Hey I'm look I'm glad to call I really wish the best of success I just want to be circumspect because. If you're gonna get married I -- see you have the best marriage ever policy work I don't wanna see UB one of those marriages that does not make it if you're gonna get Mary it's gotta be because you intend on being together for the rest of your lives. Actually. That it -- -- I don't think so thank you very much. Are -- thanks very much and glad you called -- -- out -- -- traffic to make sure you're not going to be on the two the rest of your life yours Alan. Are we are talking about love it's Valentine's Day I branching out topics. I'm now including how did you meet the love. Of your life. Let's go to April in block port on WB and hello April talked him. I I'm not out I met my heart and seven years ago I -- -- term. So. We've while -- -- -- and Mary so and it's seven years now and it's been great. And I -- -- -- If that what they're pretty Internet because we lived there in two different world doubles you know I would have never ran him. Now when you say two different worlds I'd like you explain yourself just a little bit. Well I mean he lived an actor and work their -- and -- I lived eighteen Andrea art in Iraq or. So I mean I just don't think their parents when a rock understood -- if -- -- prepared -- international. Who initiated contact throughout match dot com. Well that's but many people matched backtrack they have like you get your profile you can see my people are looking at your profile. Every day he was looking at my profile not how many current looking at looking at -- -- -- -- -- Our seniors say how I write something went back -- so he didn't like Honda and the right hand so let me. So I I -- and then he broke back and we get started right back and forth and then we added it got caught each other on the telephone Internet and had urged. You know three weeks and I ended up being. April I want to finish this story but I need you to wait until after the news break because. I wanna hear more about this match that company and how it worked out for it but there's one important dynamic that we need to address. And that is the one the biggest mistake guys make with online dating that drives women absolutely crazy under this year with the coming up on WB and we'll see April agrees. -- Don't believe that is that Led Zeppelin. God those of you who don't know from the yet interestingly titled in through the outdoor. Album it is -- seven make that 434. News radio 930 WB -- Joseph was at your computer or is that mine. Yours. It was OK gotcha thank you thought for a moment that some idiot namely your humble posted constantly with the volumes. Computers and that would be something I would do. Are happy on Wednesday and up by the way thank you for making me hourly. A part of your life. It means more to me then -- then you can never know. I mean pass the money and everything it is it means well we have a job. It it means it is a lot and banks and -- notes that old unique prompting that we have -- all Wii's valued at. And thank you that's my Valentine front. I got I got -- early Valentine. For you guys. And I feel. I really do -- there. And -- up in court. An amateur to be do she is just the thank. Now right by the way I realize I've not used the word huge stated beach I've not used that in the past two days so I'm really way behind -- -- -- -- so just for sandy beach and try to make it up. -- the remainder of the Chicago. I will however rebound FaceBook. Now let's get back to the calls on WB -- here is April in about -- port. I love -- I really do hall of fame broadcaster. I get the ball in his footsteps every day he makes it easy from you kidding -- Couldn't ask for better team. April is with this and that April 1 of the biggest mistakes that. Guys make on these dating sites like match dot com. Is that. They immediately plunge in dissects have you found that to be the case. No not with. I didn't I didn't. Really big enough for frozen for those -- just tuning in April met her husband seven years ago on match dot com. She noticed that he was looking -- his profile but he never ever ever ever wrote so finally she -- up. And and I. But bigger -- laughing I'm I'm happy that you were happy but I can't believe April that you don't have that complaint. All I you know I didn't panic very long it looked like a week. At it you know any attacker long period it's time. It just sort of -- and yet. You know I had people writing me but I was an ant -- bit but I kept looking at hand. I was instructed to have and I probably -- precedent me but he could ever eat. I I I'm just gonna say something or even though I was trying to extract. Well I'm just gonna do it. And I did it. Well good for -- Since you took the initiative you what you thought outside of the box you working -- for the guy to make the first move and you knew he was interest because he kept checking you out. He now that I know him well -- you would have never done anything to eat because he -- it out it's like why are people right. -- we have met backpack kind of body you know it you -- -- when -- ever get out. You're not the first person with whom I've spoken who met somebody and expect -- got married -- Single or a Christian mingle of that is one of them. I don't know that I've heard anybody from Christian mingle. Who wasn't having an affair with a chicken Virginia. Sorry that that really was a bad advertisement for outside points so many ways but anyway I'm glad you I'm glad you found happiness. I get an -- great and and because my experience was so good my Cochran who would divorce. It cited policy is not my husband was great. He says turek allowed or not she found somebody. Actually getting very serious -- now we've bobcat and -- and well I mean. It works well. Well I'm a happy to hear that and good luck to Europe and I wish you many many years of continued happiness. All right April thank you very much all right we'll see good starter has that's that was my first -- topic with which it started that it. The Internet has -- been good for your love life. Or has it destroyed your love life. I know people who are divorced. Because their husbands or their wives. Used the Internet were all kinds of nefarious hitting up people. And I know people who like April met others they never would have crossed paths with otherwise. -- don't because of the Internet. It's all of Ali uses the that's kinda like you got it's a tool. You. Yes some we worked the word tool in every day as well but the -- like ago and it's like a tool it really depends upon you usually. Itself does not commit an action you can that the action. And how did you meet. The love of your life whether it was online or by dialing a wrong number and I will never forget that call here is Ron on a cell phone the WB -- -- around. -- -- more subsidies. For. We wait schools leader she bought my history book -- made. 39. What. History -- Well -- particular school and you -- your own -- to work at this stage. And now so -- -- get down. And history and that now but -- -- 39 years and -- twenty wedding anniversary. -- -- Mentioned McDonald took virtually light. It was a lot. That McDonald's in Hawaii. All. And so I rhetoric or you know when and where -- treatment there and McDonnell's well. Just because the burgers in Hawaii. I'm able -- -- -- among other things like a -- -- -- you know for that like regular -- School school. I hear they -- tasty burgers. With refreshing beverage to wash it down well. That's outstanding you -- McDonald's and 25 anniversary she you'd never told her it was going to be the McDonald's on one hole. -- a law that's a great story and you met in high school can she bought your history book that's great. You literally made history I was wondering where that was going and you have helped me. Thank you very much. Money -- Bonnie Clyde but not the kind of history you'd care about it. 441 and is ready at 930 WB -- says Joseph I'm waiting I'm. Joseph and I think along the same lines whenever somebody would mention hamburgers and Hawaii in the same breath because -- and I see wanted to get married Sunday -- We we share the same affinity for certain Quinton Tarantino movie featuring a certain -- the problem is before we can play any cuts from that movie we have to make sure that it would pass -- they would test FCC approval. Are we ready joke. Okay hamburgers and Hawaii how many people thought this. But let me -- forgot to put the breakfast talk about that. -- Amber's hamburger. The cornerstone of any interest speaker. -- -- -- -- Actually cheeseburgers none of them which kept. McDonald's Wendy's Jack in the Box were. Big Kahuna burger big bird does that -- -- hamburger joint. -- hitting got a tasty burger. Yes yes at not to be confused -- Laurence Fishburne that is Samuel L. Jackson. It is for 42 at news radio on I thirty WB yet if you're just joining us hope of having a good Valentine's Day and a Valentine's Day is a source of a flat line indifference or Valentine's Day is a source of -- great torture and -- I'm your guy. On the man for all seasons you're okay. I can deal with any call. From the billions the lack -- most to the deliciously and -- seriously happy to the zombie in different that's me I can handle. 8030930. Zombie in different. That's a way with words I'm sorry zombie indifference I love it. 8030. Thirty start 93180616. WB and just joining us. I wanna focus on how you met. The man or the woman who has made your life complaint to -- simple question. How did you -- And I have to of that. What are the reasons I tend to ask this question around Valentine's days because -- it only seems appropriate and it. We have people in the buy hourly listening audience believe it or not. Who are single. Or actually catches. But it never will -- Are they think they're never ever ever ever gonna meet the person who will complete that. And I'm trying to give those people some hope to. If not false hope -- hope. Pseudo hope or real hope whatever 8030930. How did you pick. How did you go from being single. For -- meeting up with the person with whom you were found complete and total contentment and happiness. And if you have -- -- that one lady who. Whose husband died in July. This is your first Valentine's Day alone. In over sixty. Years 60. Years. I can't even begin to imagine what that's like for. I'm just glad she's got a very supportive family and a very tight knit group of widow friends. With whom she can share today so she's not alone alone. Me she doesn't have a man in her life who could possibly replace husband of 660. Years plus. But at least she's got to support system so she's got that going for it 03 don't let thirty start -- thirty and 180616. WBE. Now let's get right back to the calls were talking about how you met the love of your life and also I'm still hold open that topic. The Internet and social media was it great for your love life. Where did it prove to be the beginning of the end it. -- fewer days of contentment and happiness. Let's go too. Well GM and Anjelica. On WB and Jim and let. All of them sir or an excellent asset. I was saying that there are telling your screen that. I actually I met my wife can work but I actually. When I was there and we ended up getting married as a result of. You have to tell me the story. Well. You want them to the store and buy your first new car I mean. And I was. The show. The show. The seven cavaliers have a okay. And with your clipboard at that. And you know I -- my wife from work but we're just you know hi how you doing that kind of thing. And I was not confirmed -- you know and at the time you walked in and I thought all right that was celebrity here at the I would bet in this you worked on the titles and what can give the paperwork. And that you don't Cambodians. And -- knowing that led to a conversation. And during their conversation I asked her out and and we got married about 06 months later. You have got to be kidding me I don't know. That's yeah. I would -- I didn't even think about it to be honest within that I heard -- topic today announced that. Well you know what. So all I'm just curious are you you're still married to this day when it. Is she a converted listener yet. Yes she doesn't matter effect. That is outstanding. Now we should point out to the what I bought this Chevy cavalier I believe it was an 84 Chevy cavalier -- -- is I remember it was -- it was basically a loaded beat that goal. And it was a great car by the way. No really -- kept -- for probably years and then I decided to go all exotic so I was -- what I bought that from you. You young -- well I'd -- -- right side. That State's history and. Not as well you know what. Lesson one in sales Brian -- taught me this lesson one in sales just because a guy comes in the in jeans. Andy Jean jacket and a teacher does not mean he can't plunk down money and drive out with a new Porsche. -- All right -- out and Brian likes it when I see his name on the radio thanks thanks very much im glad you are called it really delight that's called my -- thank you Jim. I'm all right outstanding. Outstanding here is. And an assault on a WB yeah I can. Mate I'm great topic -- thank you. You know I was I was coaching the women's senior I thought he'd seen. And after practice it's really cute girls -- -- -- -- coach you wanna block slice of pizza and beer afterwards. And I asked the question and every Smart guy -- are you buying. That and that Delphi and I said well you know what. During -- -- again -- -- -- you yeah. And she told it would keep in mind ever since we've been married thirty orders. You really wanna be careful how you articulate those words because for a moment I thought you said she's been telling people she's been body ever cents. I thank you big difference big distinction between the two. So what position polish. You're gonna shatter and got my sister actually played on the team and actually tells people -- get help for two reasons -- that I have a nice spot. And she wanted to cap and anti American and sister my sister the -- So who worked -- good. That's great so you basically had this mutual. Go ahead. Employers state being in play in Sweden Finland and Iraqi airmen like you guys so it's. And a great life married a great woman she's a nurse and occupying -- go wrong. You you don't go wrong if she plays hockey and she's a nurse she's a keeper. Yeah you bought out and -- -- the pizza and Beers so others that. Thank you what a great story that that's just let this might even surpass the story it would mean that it. Oh yeah -- it would women's hockey was not his biggest ones how how. -- well I'm 58 not at least 22 when I met her they had just gotten back from Sweden and. Okay well I'm upset and upset that's all that's all you had to say because that was extraordinary for the times but didn't play hockey that. Oh yes they did hourly and WB yet.

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