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2-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. Rebels. And he would rate. That you. -- hope to put. An end. No one songs with an assault rifle no. Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. About -- brilliant -- -- mean much to lose. The news radio 930. And IQ. You have close. -- -- -- -- -- you know I -- You microphone I've just been buried -- mountain flowers and cards I got for Valentine's Day two of them. I try to always. My coworkers -- better on the fact that. Basically replaces is filled from floor to -- with all of night Tuesday. Cards and flowers and balloons and everything else you know it's just it's out of hand it's got to stop. There. -- and it. It's -- me with you it's Friday it we've got a full moon it's Valentine's Day. It's the anniversary of my grandfather's death in 1969. And it is the anniversary of the saint Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago this date 1920. So it's -- David loomed large in my life ever since I was five years old. Put the story up on FaceBook. You know maybe you'll evident Tuesday that maybe you won't buy it. Overton elementary school that I don't know or if the kids still sending. You used to have Valentine's. And the big feature a Valentine's. While as you would. By Valentine's. Or make Valentine's and everybody in the class would get a Valentine for everybody else in the class. Which I've found rather awkward they're getting from boys but that's just another story. So all not that there's anything wrong with that of course so anyway. There five years old in kindergarten. All morning long as we -- half they kindergarten. No it because school was not at daycare service school was were you learned the basics the rudimentary stuff of education. And in my case it was really the first chance I had to hang out a lot of people my old age five. So anyway even all morning sorry about this. Now. Sorry folks it's at our field well it is not the coldest that tactic. Every single -- good -- Joseph you still German unit -- I know it's like. The entire area right now all of Western New York is just one giant tuberculosis ward. On your huckleberry me I feel like Doc Holliday. You got all you've already got that the couple hours ago. Dot column area on the hot bed thank you -- -- humor I appreciate that anyway what does that say that and then shoots him. Right I'm kidding that's a joke not to be taken seriously. Now so there we are in 1969 Valentine's Day all morning long in this is Goldberg's kindergarten class at -- elementary school. What the outlet. That were just about to do the Valentine's. And I look around and there's one. I'm thinking to myself. One of these things is not like the other one so I'm thinking it Valentine's. Mom. Bob valentines. This is school what are other school yet what ups. Well. Probably or you. Heard managers my grandfather. And we had the cabinet. From Brighton elementary school. -- -- -- Which was actually quite historic landmark day in the hourly pay him because it represented the only time my mother rivers bravery and cat right there why. So critically -- that it's not like we got we get on the Cam Ward and having it relate to -- is not only kind of story because I think you might find it relatable. Everybody has an ant bait right. John -- you have a can't Dave. You don't do you have an update -- Give it no no -- all we had great bit with my grandfather's sister. And get -- Wives. Let witness. Bubbly. If fugitive. Charming. And she was just over the top men happy all the time. OK seriously. Bubbly. She was like which just like equality and still arts and I think that was great affection campaign. And -- -- greatly really really wants. But it. We get a few pearl. Because I want to see my grandpa one more time I didn't really know my grandfather because he was rather shall we say in a hospital -- -- month. In my grandmother's house the entire time of my conscious recollection but it was all great guys. -- -- one ever so. We walking the funeral. Now five years -- harmony you. -- funeral -- -- probably not that wouldn't want durable for a an update comes out. Now her brother has just -- We're walking into this somber funeral home you know with the organ playing. -- and and narrow and. I felt like I was going into a soap opera. And out from the rule -- flights. Writing each. -- that's as -- always. Now as a -- it. You don't have the emotional wherewithal don't have the -- experience. To know that that's just her personality. Scared -- and scared the -- Jesus sodomy. I -- behind my mother because they can't say it was like. And I immediately demanded. To be taken to my paternal grandparents. Because it -- scare the -- enemy. Well because when your little kid and you see somebody with white hair and it's a funeral home yeah automatically assume one of the course has got a bright. So that's pretty -- assumption in the leap in logic I'm. Don't know not bashing at it it's a fun story I talked her later on the wife about ethnic but anyway. By Valentine's Day first conscious recollection of it. And as -- would have. Proved to be rather a propitious and accurate -- a Valentine's days to count thank you very much so. Our Valentine's Day 2014. And it's all about you. It really use person all I am kind of pictures. I was good show on electronic social media the Internet yesterday that we we -- the other thing took off -- around. But this is another great opportunity opportunity is knocking. And -- open that door question for you guys. The electronic age in which we -- the social media age. FaceBook. Twitter. I'm not gonna get in to the other sites that are up here. Seriously. But with all of the possibilities out there on line in balance. On balance do you believe. That social media and the Internet. Are good do it for love or bad for life. I think it's an awesome topic are really do. And I can -- people who were brought together by the Internet. I can -- people who were driven apart by the Internet. Yes the big bad Internet indeed yes the storm and their lives and broke up what they perfectly happy. And it doesn't work that way yes the Internet. The Internet to spray the life like -- -- and drove a wedge between people without any. Active part of one or it's amazing how that works it was -- -- that already do. So. My question it's a game. I tell -- that way for the benefit of my Canadian listeners. The Internet and social media on balance good or bad for love and relationships. I know people who got together because the Internet. Who then broke up because of the Internet because one or the other or both were cheating because of the Internet. -- in the -- folks. Now it's kind of funny because look at it Joseph beaver and John Sherman and an -- these guys are in their twenties. They don't know what it was like trying to hook up twenty years ago. You actually had to do it face to face it was like spinning the wheel of fortune. One. Seriously seriously if you were going to strike. It was going to be because you met somebody out somewhere usually work. Sometimes it could be at a bar or restaurant sometimes it would be. Just a chance encounter at a grocery store. Okay those were basically your three options but I suppose you could take about a personal -- that I leave the paper trail so anyway. Believe it or not guys there was a time when it was really really hard. For a woman to cheat on her husband or -- husband to cheat on his wife it was very very difficult. Not not considered possible -- it very difficult now. You you've got sites that are actually devoted to it and our Sean Hannity is obsessed. With Ashley Madison what do you get a funniest show on turnout remember Ashley Madison we just didn't know about it. Well and he's out getting Sean Sean jobs are great -- by the way just in case you don't know what he really is a phenomenal human being in general. -- We've got eight and an out of cycle Ashley Madison life's short have an affair. State. Call me a little weird. But I have a very simple. Actually if my mom taught meters long time ago. I've ever simple rule when it comes to marriage. Says the guy who's only been married four out of fifty years but I have a very simple rule and visitors. Nobody has ever left a happy marriage. I'm going to say that one more time for the slow. No one has ever left a happy marriage. -- Now the Internet. Social media. Definitely have made it easier. But if somebody was gonna be out. They -- put out emotionally. Anyway. And physically probably. That's my take up. Remember the divorce rate was high even before social media and the Internet won in two marriages would fail. And I probably shouldn't say this on Valentine's Day but if you're gonna step on a plane knowing that one in two crash would you still make the flight. 10803. What's up pre nup anyway 8030930. Is the phone number 8030 about thirty. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. The Internet is great is -- the best thing ever for love in 2014. Or is it. Statements playground to break up marriages. Because god that people were happy in their marriage are always contacting former classmates right. If you're happy in your marriage you're sending them emails at 2:30 in the morning right. If -- happy in your marriage your hotline at 3 in the morning and you're looking up people you've met in the past week at fault or not. If you're happy your marriage that's what you do right. Seriously. That's how would you do if you're happy in your -- if you're -- your marriage and not do that you're upstairs with your -- drifters with your husband. -- ever. 803 all thirty start thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen. On ballots the Internet social media good or bad for -- now I dwell on the dark side because that's what -- that's what I do. Mr. negative. -- if I believe is the name of a caller formerly a WGR a -- mr. negatives though calls that are not because I generally don't listen to sports talk no disrespect that it is not my bag baby. So anyway. On the other side of his folks I know people and I'm sure you do too because this is a show about you and the way you live and when he fourteen. Why -- people who never in a million years would have met or found each other had it not been for the Internet. Had not been for. Christian dating sites Catholic dating sites general dating sites like. We screw these Mets dot com or. I know people who have. Successfully Mary. And -- very very very happy in their marriages based on the people they have met through those sites. So that is a positive and -- dwelling on the negative about 3 o'clock in the morning texting your old classmates. Wondering how many will write back -- -- of -- so. The other side of it is. The Internet if it allows is it makes cheating easier. It also makes finding somebody special easier so it really is mixed blessings. The way I view. It's basically for every advantage there's that lasted for every disadvantage there's an advantage. It's a big circle of life. Notice I didn't put the other word in there because and trying to use -- but he innuendoes. -- right I know that breaks your heart you know three all that thirty is the phone number 8030930. Start at the -- cell -- 180616. WB yen to my Yang. Come on you know you are. On how many of you have gained a husband or wife because the Internet how many of you have lost a husband white because the Internet. 8030930. Because it was no action on their part it was that -- Internet. On WB yet. Here well. Pain. All. And. Okay. Do you remember times on. -- -- -- -- I don't want us to. News. Totally awesome. The song especially Valentine's Day especially 2014. Full load a love song and love about this song is that at times that the topics were doing that which is totally could be the guy. Good topic I I I love that song because. -- If if you listen the words it's it's not about some new look passionate love that just happened two minutes ago. I -- it it's about -- long lasting enduring. Relationship. And the whole message of the song is I'm still in love with you. Even. On this harvest moon which of course is the moon which generally around harvest time which is a metaphor for the end of one's life. We're approaching the end of one's life you know satellite Robert Frost. Miles to go before I sleep promises to keep the metaphor. Source -- of something so I applaud your few things this week if you hadn't thought about that before. And that's all I want I tell somebody this morning. All I want from the show because you can't change the world anybody thanks talk radio and change the world. And a fool but a wanna teach you one new thing every week. Different people will learn different things and I learn as much for you guys don't ever think it's one -- streak exiting. And I wanna make you laugh at least once every. Now keep in mind my sense of humor is juvenile -- bald adolescent. And can Q percent. But it's also off the cup spontaneous and a cancellation I'd make myself laugh when it was in the best of shows. Now it is at 336. OK let's start pissed me off now. We have the ultimate Valentine's date topic in the light -- Well I get respect I get all up here now. You guys are -- your part of the show you want a monologue monologue four hours no problem. But the Internet and social media you tell me that it might audience. I don't know of one person listening who is alone on Valentine's Day because your husband or your wife hooked up on line. You tell me that there's not one person listening to my show. Who actually is buried in an avalanche of candy chocolate in a big hard at work today. Because of the Internet because you met somebody special on the Internet online. -- -- And 8038 or 930 is the phone number I can't let this go this easily. Yesterday -- the other victims of them got to drive home the point drive home the point drive home the point. Become accused of rambling and going off on engines but it simply driving the whole point and fleshing things out. Folks agree or disagree let's just break down let's deconstruct the -- Agree or disagree. No one that leaves a happy marriage. Do you believe that. I think my mom said that to me a little long time ago anyway I was a kid what I what I knew nothing of the world. Absolutely nothing I think it was ten years old yet. And somehow the subject of divorce came up. Not that my parents ever considered it that I know because they're together since they were AT and they were told that they -- my father dot. Yeah I mean they they were right I don't ever remember hearing the and I don't I don't know that they would well but it so the question is. Does anybody really leave a happy marriage or is anybody tempted to leave a happy marriage and I say. Because logic would say. That logic in hormones often don't go hand in. And but. Logic would tell you if you are happy. You would not be awake at 3 AM trolling the Internet. If you are happy. You wouldn't even be tempted by the fruit of another. Fit down that could be a song lyrics and 8030 thirty start at 3180616. WB Ian. The Internet social media good or bad for love good or bad for you. And does anybody leave where's anybody tempted to leave a happy. Marriage are -- saying no. Seriously. Why do you think Bill Clinton. Well -- better example. Because that that represents a narcissism of Andy social disorder the likes of which are not even qualified to talk about I don't think. But. The rest of us common folk. When I think of the people I know who are divorced were who were in relationships and they're not in relationship anymore. None of them were truly happy. It was all up the -- It was like I hate the happy couple look at for the fairway look at for the neighbors will look at for everybody does. But really they don't have a whole lot common. And -- really. Am just not in lobbying -- view but not really in love your. I mean we're like roommates. Sometimes -- sleep together and -- it is a lot of mergers like that. If that works for it got last year. It's just laugh but it softened their rhetoric as he knows it. If he's not even oldest chemical. I'm gonna get right to the calls in just a moment but all you know what. -- -- do that right now on the I was gonna say more but I decided not to here's Julian buffalo and WB yen. Hi Julie. I'm of the guys happy now with a nice happy couple. We we we show the family how happy we are and we hold hands in public in front of the family and in front of our friends and everything else but deep down we can't stand each -- Well might situation and I thought I was gonna have her relationship. And held a week and a half a about before Valentine's Day my birthday. Let the bitterness spew on my show please god. Well weren't happy here and he decides I'm not happy anymore. Actor and he put -- -- but died -- -- show. -- you've talked about the Internet dating also went back. And I I'm I can't bring myself to yeah. But I think somewhere in the near future that's -- -- and have to be to meet people like I going out and I'm not meeting guys that aren't -- not meeting. Social leaders really nowhere to -- Well first of all here's the bad the bad losers. In. Oh boy. You know what I'm trying to think the statistics I think there are help a lot more single guys in buffalo than there are single women the number should be in your favor. Well. I don't know where there rat and you Mac Internet dating and my -- work Hewitt and a happy how their relationship with two children. And her husband went. Found that -- would -- manner without bond and -- eighteen. Point -- different Internet web site and we. Michael market I would have that -- week. I was barely earned dollar and I just don't know what the wrong with some of these these days. Well OK and did you know I -- my show. With two very simple words every day what are those words. Well okay sometimes I'd like these other words two words but. The two words I use to close every single show since they started doing the afternoon show no yourself and here's the problem. A lot of people make a lifetime commitment to somebody else before they have a freaking clue who they are or what they really want out of their life and by the time they finally realize what they want out of their life. They are so committed and so engaged in the the in meshing with another person that it's very hard to extricate themselves from that without causing the other person and yourself a great deal of pain and discomfort and agony. So that's why I say know yourself before you sign a country. Well I. I I doubt that this ten because I. I know myself that and 35 right now children -- Albert and Mary don't they did I have a great end. It right. Would hope so I don't know what I would -- So own pocket. So I mean I don't wanna get into your friend I hope I. I hope your friend whose husband of the eighteen mistresses on the side I hope she calls -- would you please call her never call my show because that in itself would -- now. But. In in your situation. Your whole whole -- with this guy for a half years. Are you found out that he had been with one other word numerous others. I thought he was let one other two years ago and that we -- popping up back together. And I thought things are wrong grade. -- they weren't this totally blind sided and he's not happy end. Always that's the worst feeling when you think everything is cool and -- -- -- -- It and a week before Valentine's Day and the I don't want to say you know my -- that single article I don't want to sit at a bar and drink my Arab delayed because. Some guy. Well drinking never cured any problem. All drinking does is depression make you fat to sugar substitute. Center says the guest says the guy who really directs but. But let's seriously. I want to talk to -- well got a lot of people call them now but you see you know what you've got to show off to a great start did he. Your former boyfriend did he use the Internet to stray or did he just do it the old fashioned buffalo away at a bar. I'm no he was stopped talking to with a girl that he previously cheated with or the whole time for two years. Talking with texting -- And yet and I found -- he supposedly owed him money and I found attack Wednesday on Thanksgiving morning. And his wallet. Yeah -- We'll work hard at the bottom that -- -- that romance they and I said oh my -- in and I knew right then and there he was a partner for her two years. Those kinds of checks you cash immediately but maybe this is -- -- like say for -- for Coke in on me really. Tom. You did don't ever write that in the memo part of your -- believe they will be watching your. All right so you suddenly we'll see the mysteries banner outside your all so. All right so how much was the check for by the way I'm just -- curious what good romancing is costing these days how much. I -- effort and dollars but he's black. A couple of thousand I -- that you definitely need for that it would be important that the dollars. I was like well why you know it's great that night I called her and yes she was though I am now. Well maybe. She got what you want right or she's got him now right I don't know I have. Couple days you sell -- strong person like -- this is like water off the ducks back the. Now it's now. Killing me today Ike hit head down and -- parties and give them each gallon tank I'm a teacher and it's like. They got I had my children get through my days at work. You out. Well look you know what I mean you're still -- that really raw phase and your -- this guy for four and a half years so you can't I'm sorry but this I don't think this is a good time for you to meet anybody I think it's a really good time for you to meet Julie. And to let yourself find a little bit more about yourself you cannot be victim of the ticking clock syndrome. And the ticking clock syndrome is where you noted that you make bad decisions because you WB imposed this false time limit on yourself to get into a relationship and that is just a bad decision waiting to happen. Right yes attempt and it -- from my house. Let's see how it happens by. Actually -- and our net income that I know you weren't having a lot of people kind of -- that figure but -- Collins. Well sometimes people just need a good swift kick in the butt -- Thank you very thank you very much and glad you called Julie. Happy happy to you to 8030930. Start time 3180616. WBE. And -- I am just try to imagine somebody writing for good romancing in the memo part of a check. That's what the guy wrote a big project wrote objectively guy for seventy dollars I think that is an pencil. Seriously seventy bucks that's the that's the number your given -- -- forget romance reel it better be at least five fingers. It's. Just -- WB yen its hourly and whether you're single divorced happy miserable. We've all been there and welcome to our collective world and our collective shared experience will get through this together. We're gonna get through lists. I just did the -- are waiting for that and and and name and would be redundant. To a 352 news radio 930 WB yet. Now let's get that back to the calls its twenty fourteens. Love Valentine's Day the electronic media social media the Internet. Overall good or bad for your love life. Some people have met people through online data. Some people have had their entire lives turned upside down because. The person with whom they were in a lot of work to whom they were married. Com. No temptation that was in their way and that they jumped right out. I won't take outline any further on WB Ian let's go to our Betty little. On WB and hello Betty Lou. And the -- telling you. Smash. I've been -- way too but my story is this we were married for a long long time to 1951. Until just recently when he died. And it breaks my heart. It's even the good guys. And I love them dearly. And here's that moment with him and he said oh you can't take care inconsistent. Whatever I do I do because I want to do it and because it helped you. And it went on at he has to take music and we kept it going for ten years. And they say that it's not good because after that anything can happen when did. And I adolescent every year we call -- and we did throughout the ability to editors like nothing but we -- each had a net before it was important that the payment for Valentine's Day and I don't. Rome -- dear how long how long has it been since he'd done it. I don't think it just didn't line. This July well let's excuse to. Do you have from some some girlfriends with whom you can hang out to -- all. It was like I am an all of their husband's very much so. So you're you're not gonna be alone right. But I mean you're not going to be alone you have friends that you can be. Daughter and son in law just a little while ago and it's it's it's in the and I just got that -- that I can see again so it. That kinda took a little bit up -- -- -- -- -- to see again and to note that you know that's been safe and will have to be sick anymore. Did you what did you come down with wet age related macular degeneration by any chance. Who has essentially no you know what it was plain old. Hasn't pattern. All well. There's rats or you can see again good. Obviously that that's good news but you know you are still have to -- you were married in 1951 he just died in July. And win after he had his stroke was he able to regain consciousness to the point where he knew who you were -- knew what everything was. He lost he lost he had Bennett teach a very good teacher put it but what spoke German and could tutor that. And he could -- so many things but I think he gave up kind of -- when. When he couldn't walk again I do that he had only one -- to locking in that we -- a lot of locking in now. Well a lot of things you know you're expected to -- it and I had to pay for that the pandemic that the world oral. To date when the young teachers at fourteen year old well our department for -- -- -- Helping people get this bad times and that are stuck with me all those years we -- well over fifty years. And all that well you know kudos to keep it together prevent long. I pray for everybody and that is in trouble and it's going the other folk because sometimes you just do that -- issue only in the com. By the way I love that music to play to speak for the particularly appetizing. All the other it was Neil Young actuary and a harvest harvest moon integrates on and I want to thank you for -- and -- and I hope I mean this is an especially acutely painful day Hampshire Christmas was no day at the beach and I'm sure New Year's must've been. Not very pleasant for. And now we had talked about dying and death because we knew that -- was going to happen to one of us sooner or later and especially when he had the stroke of good. Spokesman in the -- -- to I wanna discourage anybody. But he did everything the -- told to do but you know there comes a time when -- got that it's time to. Do you in my -- It is it's time to sleep and then got the wake up. Others time for everything and I'm I'm glad you called and I'm glad you gotta support system major thank you very much how much time at 357 -- WB yeah.

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