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2-14 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Feb 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- I can I -- think it would be wonderful about that when you're eighteen you're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes little Shirley Temple he was. Passed away this week at age eighty and I can't -- when she passed away. I must admit that I was like really she's only 85 it just seems like he was so long ago -- -- a big star but you remember. She became a star when she was four. Where his spokespeople that doesn't happen tolerant -- -- one of his speeches she gave suggesting how do you get a lifetime oh achievement award where she was receiving hers she -- start early yeah Andrew's record at this so jealous that I mean she danced with -- angles of the bill rob. Should I get to them -- just just marvelously talented she was. I mean and she she was -- people talk about her as a child star but she wasn't the biggest child star of the thirties I mean for many many years she was -- top star she was the number one box office attraction. Just tremendously talented and I certainly grew up. Watching watching the films a lot of people still watch them I mean you still see the commercials on TV selling the collections of amendments are. Think guys it's there is introduced her to a whole new audience when the outer packaging up girl fell off sorry yours and she was a class woman. She she it was a dignified person and just a super super performer. Yeah she was somebody who. Once she became became an adult found out that now her career. Just didn't -- she didn't quite have the same attraction. As as she did when she was younger and I think it's very difficult for somebody who was star at that young. To also become successful as an adult because so many of your acting habits -- heroic speech patterns are built and she very much even. When she was in her twenty's and late teens doing movies. She still had a little bit of that Shirley Temple plowed and it just it was just unsettling it didn't quite didn't quite -- Iraq. Forgot so I red. Lately that she had been married to John they -- now Johnny -- about four films are yet to feel luck. Overwhelm emeritus sure -- Absolutely but she's also somebody who once she decided okay I'm not not in showbiz anymore not really aren't there. Carved out such a long and successful career of community service and in politics in the sort of thing. And then the other big star the past way this week should -- this -- right at H ninety want. Not unlike. Shirley Temple who is is very well remembered people still watch the films and all that. (%expletive) she's -- really was. A man of his time I've got to admit I know him -- more by reputation. Than anything else. I wasn't watching Your Show of Shows in the forties in the fifties in the early days of live TV so for me he's always been comedy legend Sid Caesar I mean he was in it's a mad mad mad mad world he had a pretty big role in that. Which just came out on Blu-ray and dvd in a brand new. Released by the criterion collection very impressive. Release may include 45 minutes that was cut from -- so that incredibly long movie is even longer. And he was also the coaching Greece which was a small role -- he's best known for your show shows but the problem is. You're older variety shows. They're not really re run. The way better sitcom it they just don't have that life afterwards and because Your Show of Shows was done live. The only copies. Are on Kim scope unlike I Love Lucy or honeymooners where they shot it on film and it still looks very good many years from now. Most of the evidence of Your Show of Shows. Hasn't really held up that well it doesn't look very good. For me. Sid caesar's. Career meant more. As far as the people who came out of his show is not only. You know people like Howard Morris imaging called imaging program Carl Reiner they were part of his supporting cast for those who forget she was on tied to the roof. Here in -- -- prozac nation and yes. But his writing. Crew with the writing crew he put together you had Mel Brooks Woody Allen Larry Gelbart Neil Simon just -- best amazing amazing people working for him. The movie of my favorite year that was. AEA retelling. Of the days of Your Show of Shows that was a thinly veiled account. Those days there. And my favorite. TV sitcom of all time did Dick van dyke show. Carl Reiner. Created that and that was very much. Created out of his experience of working as a writer for pursued -- are being involved in the writing as well as performing on that show. Many comedians who rave about him are the old time comedians because of his versatility he did a lot of stuff though that not everybody like. Did a lot of dialect or comedy how things like that to me is surrounding cast was always excellent I was not a huge Sid Caesar fan but I understood his impact yet. He's also one of those guys who arrived at the time of his greatest success. Had big problems with drinking he he really substance abuse wise. He was a -- And now wants to show and all that -- over in the sixties and seventies he he really clean himself up he put all that behind him. And as far as his -- comedy goes ever really was able to catch fire again his wife. -- mom got on track and he lived you know healthy happy life but. Never really never really had a lot of success crew wise. It was one of the groundbreaking type shows over the ensemble cast there are others that followed. But and those are the early days of television. Where in Milton -- ruled the roost now that was a whole different thing Milton -- didn't surround himself with the super -- now he -- -- let's say it's easier it was Sid caesar's your show -- show us now he did bring in good people they let him do a good work it out and that's why but I -- I forgot how how strong writing crew was that just amazing estimates it would have to be to sustain that amount of material every -- every now. I won't come back we've got big box office knows going on also a movie I can question what should be I think. Fairly easy to answer today it's a movie shows that above cells and -- sandy beach. It's a movie show it cinema Bob -- enemies be big big box office is putting up -- Bob. Who number one in a big way last week end goal Lego movie 69 million dollars. This is the second biggest February opening of all time number one for February is still passion of the Christ trauma 2004 with 84 million dollars. Surprisingly enough on this film the Lego movie 59%. Of the -- audience was over the age eighteen. There are more adults going to see this movie then -- I -- -- I did see it over the weekend. I liked. A lot of it may vary much -- your leg -- well yes yes I am on. The in the final quarter of the film. It makes an abrupt shift. In to hone in filming style. That. People. People have strong reactions to three new commercials now that that are -- you are urging people don't tell the end don't tell what happens. On and I've got to say. How you feel about the film I think it's greatly going to depend on this section there are some people. Many people who feel that that movie gives the film real -- that makes -- Olympic special. For me I felt like that air was let out of the balloon I felt like the whole movie kind of -- Lost its Mo -- at that point and never really got it back but visually. Just a stunning terrific picture and number two monuments men who opened up to 22 million dollars horrible reviews but it's still held up well. The cinema score grade was also in the current and encouraging B plus. So it's gonna take its normal wild to make back -- eighty million dollar budget. But it mania may at least break even in the long run. And number three Ryan along with Kevin Hart to number ten million dollars it is now at 105. Million. Frozen. Just continues to be a moneymaking machine for Disney and -- seven million. It is now. And a worldwide box office of 914. Million dollars in just a juggernaut. Still has. -- -- countries to open and yet at number five that awkward budget to another five million holding up fairly well it's not seventeen million. And there was a DOE last dead on arrival flattered when I'm angry I'm shocked that. Is vampire academy I only did four million dollars which is not that good considering its twenty million dollar budget. Turns out there there was not a huge audience for camp vampire can't imagine out yes how are testing our movie I Cuba gas name. The famous comedian who is celebrating their 100. Anniversary. In show business this year this is -- media -- comedienne. Who. Released their first movie. 100 years ago this month is it hey Buster Keaton beat Charlie Chaplin or seat airborne at a. And -- I call 6449875. Right now the Verizon movie pass into the when he did some theater. Ballots through April 30 when he boards in 25 dollars and devoted to Sam Torres pizza pub and grill. On -- sport or on transit no expiration date total value 43 dollars general contest rules apply. Big movies hitting the big strain of we want are going -- is about winter's tale was Jessica -- Yes. Jessica brown Findlay. She played lady -- On Downton Abbey and she left -- friendly she. You did leave -- her friend however these guys credit. She she also is in rough shape and in this and she has consumption. In this movie she has she has regularly it is conspicuous consumption Colin Farrell who is an -- and a -- I'll still fall in love whether they -- -- 1895. And this is one of those movies. Where tuberculosis. The kind of glamorous she. Terrible fever. So what they do is today a sign up her her bed up on the roof. Inside the -- so the cool air. Will help -- will help relax her and of course sense this is a movie illness. She gets pretty year as she gets -- This is based on. Novel from 1983. That was was very successful. Huge book one of those books that people say well you can't make a movie out of this book it's just too big and sprawling. And they decided we're gonna make the movie of this book and I would say the critics of the nation have said no. No you can't make a good movie out of this book a critical reaction has been very very rough. This is. Written and directed by a key Goldman. He's producer and writer this is his first time directing. As a rider he's had some big successes. Most of them with Ron Howard he wrote Cinderella man. The de Vinci code a beautiful mind meanwhile did battle -- us who regiment. Where now all he also wrote the remake of lost in space. And Batman and Robin where George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger -- it's not like he has a spotless record of excellence. In this film Colin Ferrell is a burglary -- foreign terrorists as she dies in his arms but then. He learns that he is the gift of reincarnation. And he sets out to save her the film is split between 1895. And 2014. And 1995 he's involved with just -- brown Findley. In 2014 year involved with Jennifer Connelly who's playing inning single mom food critic. And he also. Colin Ferrell gets involved with -- Russell Crowe. He does yes he he is a minions of Satan who Romanian and I guess I don't know if this and -- Russell Crowe is playing -- -- -- and is big and Irish and over the top. It's like he said you know all the way Marlon Brando used overplay everything like crazy when I got older I wanna do so that's kinda what he does here. Satan does appear in the film I don't know this is supposed to be kept secret but what the heck is zero point in jail. I'm not chipping has appointed -- I can tell you who plays full -- Satan. Will Smith Will Smith yes yes the fresh prince of Haiti's -- I play Satan. NA Jimi Hendrix tee shirt -- real well that's kind of -- and Colin Ferrell gets around in this movie. By by riding a horse. A white horse. A -- -- white horse or Wimbledon gets on the wing at white horse and flies and the way anyway when -- need to yes. This has a lot of very cheap looking special effects and it. It goes for that kind of goofy over the top. Romantic silly -- that the twilight films have but the twilight movies are aimed. At twelve year old girls. This is aimed at adults and I don't think it's going to be accepted particularly well. One other big problem -- this movie was that Colin Farrell's hair now let me tell you. When you take in a lady to the movies and there is a good looking guy. She wants to feed -- good looking guy beat good looking. Colin -- here for most of this film. Is shaved all over the sides in the back and has this big -- so he looks like. Curly Howard wearing a bad -- that there is another good look it is not good luck. And one other thing to bring up just for you here. Several people have brought up somewhere in time over the public domain romantic fantasy it crosses decades in this sort of thing. And nearly every review that has written about this film and absolutely trashed it has said. You know what somewhere in time. Now -- a movie they got it right that was actually able to have a fantasy romance where everything worked. This -- is no somewhere and. -- Christopher Plummer wasn't a nice guy in somewhere in time but it wasn't that heavily there while that's true I think because what even -- Christopher Plummer did play the -- He'd still be rooting for. -- -- -- -- Are we come back we have more big movies hitting the big -- stand by our recent Bob's reviews on FaceBook was in the movie show online any time on demanded WB and dot com. It's the motor show it cinema -- -- tsunami sandy beach earlier we asked the movie a few questions name a famous comedian who's celebrating their 100 anniversary in show business this year and the answer Bob would be. Charlie Chaplin whose first film making a living came out in February of 1914. -- my favorite web sites on line. For old movie info on stuff like that. Is is one called a green -- picture shows and they had little piece this month talking about. Chaplain Centennial here and one of the things they used to illustrate. The -- age in his hundred years. Was a few little print -- From what was then called the buffalo courier so really it was from February 21 1914. Advertising making a living Charlie chaplin's first movie that you mention Charlie chaplin's fingers nobody knew Charlie Chaplin was just says making a living. At the front -- theater. Which was at the corner of Rhode Island and west the building is still there it's a brick building it is no longer theater. But you can go see making a living. That week and admission was ten cents for adults while and five cents for children and matinee showings are -- anywhere is ten minutes law. Whether it -- Chaplin was so huge and in that so many different things is there anybody comparable to Chaplin today. I really don't. Think so as far as. As this sort of star or or performers who -- able to so dominate the way -- Charlie Chaplin or Mickey Mouse did. One big advantage the chaplain had as well was the fact that because the movies were silent. You -- -- on anywhere in the world. And they didn't feel like foreign films he didn't have a problem of who have translation dialogue wise at all and something that was lost seemed to have hello a lot of control over what needed oh yes he started. In in January actually filming at keystone. By spring and summer. You've pretty much negotiated and got full control as far as writing into the film's. And had that for the rest of his career he -- everything -- Robocop is next sounds like a different kind of movie from winter's tale. Yes only slightly on -- slightly the haircuts are slightly better. All I can we got -- eighties remake trilogy the next three movies are all remakes of films from the eighty's this is of course a remake of the 1987 classic. The first film by first American film by Dutch filmmaker Paul barrel then. The original film. Absolutely brilliant. There's no reason to talk to there's no reason to remake this film I watched it. Last year on Blu-ray and -- Does this thing hold up even old school special effects some which might look a little clunky. At least have a little weight and realism to him as compared to the a computer graphics special effects of today where you feel like you're watching the video game. This film greatly lacks the darkly. Satiric tone of the original. The original film was funny and Smart. It was extraordinarily. Clever. A few of the changes this time around. Rubble cop has emotions. He's still only has few body parts left over when they are remake him but rubble -- can feel this time around which takes away. A lot of attention and a lot of the meat of the Robocop story. Robocop actually yeah. Reconnect. With his wife and son. Which is something that would be impossible to imagine from the first picture the first movie was also really. Really violent. It was given an X rating. When it first went to the ratings board and I had a -- rim that -- down to get it down to an -- this one is PG thirteen. Big budget on this a 130 million dollars to review its. People who -- the first film had been very disappointed by people that are like I guess it's okay -- just moved personified cop movie. The fact that they're releasing it in February. Tells you how much the studio believes and that if they thought this was going to be hit it would be out in July. The best thing to come out of this movie. Is that something you'll find on the Internet. Look for Samuel L. Jackson. He's being interviewed by an entertainment reporter of life in LA. And the reporter mistakes him. For Laurence Fishburne. Samuel Jackson and her. Take it to -- particularly well and this has two and a half minutes to go. And Samuel Jackson pretty much in a very very funny manner. Rips this guy up and down and doesn't let him off the hook at all. Skipper of the movie but check outs and allow Jackson on YouTube. I would not want him on my dad's side -- I give the wrath. Yes indeed the amount and yes indeed are what about though about last night actually at. Actually this is the second eighties remake of the week and this is from of course the 1986. Film with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. Based on David Mamet play from 19741986. I picture. Was pretty good I thought it was the best thing that Rob Lowe did early on. In his career it's basically following. 220 somethings who. Have a one night stand. Are both coming off of bad relationships. And apparently no longer fair and eventual breakup and then. -- -- see whether they'll be able to reconnect his friends or more than that. This updating. Is at an African American cast this time around blocked. While things have been updated technology wise in that sort of thing this isn't. The black. Version of it this isn't like Tyler Perry's in the day it does about last night this just happens to start. Black cats and the studio has to be absolutely thrilled that one to lead is Kevin Hart. Who was a very popular comment when they hired him for this film and now after ride along. Is probably the most bankable star in Hollywood at the moment and now the reviews are saying that the couple. That. He and Regina hall play. There absolutely a breakup to makeup a couple -- fight. Constantly. They are the best film my in the movie you name it they argue about it. This is probably getting out of all the told you this week the best reviews of the week really yup yup this is getting extraordinarily. Good reviews and instead of twice and -- times it's thirty some things. And for. Buffalo folks who say gee I really don't like -- movie unless there's a buffalo bill and it well. You do get a brief appearance here. Terrell Owens. Shows up as though the lead actresses ex boyfriend who. Treated her badly I guess it's just the little briefing about her horrible horrible migrant. And then they give you a quick shot Terrell Owens like all wild yes of course it's true though I didn't think why she's a little grunge thing to keep the city from there. All right we'll have more we come back go more big movies and it makes -- some good ones on the new release shelf to it is the movie show is in a while sales -- sandy beach on -- 930 WB EN it's -- -- -- cinema Bob Tilson and -- said he big rig will be sitting imagery Bob soldier about winter's tale. Robocop and about last night -- next Bob I wanna know about. Endless love. Yes indeed this is the third of our eighties remake trilogy. You might call the original film which came out in 1981. Was just awful really. Really terrible with with Brooke Shields. It's based on Scott Spencer's novel from 1979. Which actually. It's a fairly well respected well the book is supposed to be pretty good. So often when you go to remake like this -- go back to the source material on the kind of fix what wasn't done properly the first time. But the novelist has come out and has made some statements saying that this one. Strays from the film even more than 90 really one did. They say pretty much say they took the title and that was about it. The reviews have been absolutely. Savage. And critic Stephen witty said you know I got to give credit though. Their right. This movie does seem endless it goes on par ever. She's basically a girl. From the right side of the tracks and he's from the wrong side of the -- Which have more than a little confused. Remove tracks that I grew up near railroad track Negroponte Clarence Holloway there are railroad tracks right down right around -- I don't know you don't you don't. Never established in Clarence what was the right side -- the wrong side from the tracks. In this film -- the other one got all you know. Assesses our support from being obsessive there. They really you don't go there the debt that is is the one who gets all obsessed this time around. You you get to see these two -- by candlelight. Caught in the rain. Watch it works. Roast marshmallows together. Jump off a dock into -- lake and that of course in slow motion. Run through a field of game he's all my word yes slant magazine said. It's like feature length Abercrombie & Fitch commercial it's really kind of amazing. The the mom. -- characterization here is she's she's kind of excited to watch her her daughter's new romance. They don't go as far as they did in the 1981 version which I've got to say. Is one of the most bizarre. Scenes I've ever seen in a movie and that first version. Where Brooke Shields and her. Boy band. New boyfriend are getting it on in front of the fireplace in the -- -- for the first time the mom was walking down the stairs sees them. And then just decides to sit down. And walk walk I'd be one of the most bizarre. Like I've ever seen in any help they don't do that in this time everything's very bland. Very -- very nice. And really. Just about as as drowsy and sleepy as you can imagine. Well GL OR IA Gloria. Is that metronome just fantastic views of this film this is a movie from from Chile. Are the films of Nancy Meyers. Something's gotta give. It's complicated. She's really been kind of exploring the romantic lives of people in their fifties and sixties over the last few years. And that is the situation with this film -- Garcia. Person hasn't done a lot of film work in -- -- -- in TV and theater work. She plays a a 58 year old. Who bombed basically. Is. -- looking for someone. At a time where she's done on her own she has grown children. She meets a man who seems adults pretty terrific but she's kind of trying to decide. Does she want. A new men does she want a new cited issues and expectations. This is a woman with no face lives no liposuction. She is. Attractive. But. They do nothing to hide. The years at all which is somewhat refreshing especially. In the very face -- world of today's Hollywood. This woman may be a little -- she may be little dissatisfied Ritchie is not looking for your -- in any way whatsoever. Very interesting extraordinarily. Well reviewed movie. Well for those of you didn't have fallen in love with any of those titles there are things that you can -- on the new show of including. A very very good movie theater kind of shut down an Oscar time but. A Robert Redford and all is well all of. Lost yeah yeah now this I did not -- this -- I know I know use sought so I'm I'm gonna ask you help me out a little bit here the cast as a whole. What did you think of everybody in the cast the -- didn't think much of anything because Redford dominated the film. What he's pretty much the only person in the movie and -- hit. Water yeah him and -- a lot of people off the water enacted in but yeah he had this this was. Pretty exciting film for him as far as a bit of a comeback I think he was expecting. He wasn't expecting a lot of people were expecting that he might get a best actor nomination for this film but it would seem. When the nominations were chosen this year. That there was a feeling you know -- world again I have 1%. Over seventy were gonna nominate this year and it's Bruce dirt and a -- kinda chose that instead of him. This time around. A lot of good pictures with the movie your -- commentary with writer director producer. As well as on. A lot of peace is going through how they went about technically putting together the film and how they handle a lot of the visual effects. Very challenging film physically or less or or an actor -- is. Or in this film reminds me of silent films. Whereas they couldn't rely on words so the sound is great photography is fabulous and he's doing good acting job. Even though he's not speaking and think about like this how much acting do we judged by speech a lottery so to get it to get to that level as Redford did I think was phenomenal now. -- definitely I definitely worth checking out next will be the best man holidays. Starting who. Dave Devo Dave did all our newsman. Yes indeed if that stupid though very nicely tied eggs. Tied gigs more stress not Terrence Howard Nia Long they have little parts and it. But. The big -- the big attraction here is WBE aaron's all and gave deep ball he was an extra. During the sequence that they filmed that Ralph Wilson Stadium. And I sat down with them a to ask him just just how much -- Tebow do we get in this film and he said there is. Not only. A very good shot of these sons left hand but you also get an excellent look. At the back of gave Tebow had which if you have high definition TV and Blu-ray well that of course is glorious glorious. There's been no nudity and -- there. God I hope. I truly truly want out and bought copies of -- so that he could just see his son's hand. Caught. Up seeing. Well all. And actually Benton my eldest son. He worked as a hand model once -- see her as surprise yeah yes you -- you is like three years old. He posed for a little shop where his hand was holding two interlocking at all. And it was his first first professional job he's still on his resume and model is -- The job we don't like Bob asked. Let's say how about the next -- in this movie a documentary on cycling star Lance Armstrong and Colby Armstrong why -- -- this remarkable situation. And and that. Academy Award winning documentary maker Alex give neat. He was hired to make a movie about Lance Armstrong comeback to cycling in 2000 in night. But as they were starting to film. The doping scandal broke explore all him and not Armstrong gave his confession. On now with Oprah and all and what you ended up where it is a documentary. That pretty much covers his. Entire racing career and endorsements. And charitable work and all that just crashing down upon and that. Then head to be. Just feeling I'll Armstrong's part of adding insult to injury going out and saying yes. I want these guys to make a movie about my triumphant career and it turns out no. You basically just given them access to watch your entire empire crumbled. Resolve and probably have a very well done very well done documentary I'm glad this next is finally out because when it was in the theaters -- wanna see it was on the -- could they're councilor Greg -- -- -- -- great cast horrible horrible script possibly the worst reviewed movement at all last year I don't wanna go by it will live for ever. In infamy. As the film in which Cameron Diaz as a major sex scene. With the windshield of a car yes or you'll only see this in Ridley Scott's. -- counselor doesn't involve -- scored -- Well all I don't know of -- -- are involved. I'll have to get back to you and -- are that about wraps up the early show. A great weekend and will see you Tuesday -- up on Monday but we'll see it shows that morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WBN.