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2-14 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- today is Beijing governing obscenity -- -- an amazing video. Playing a private plane. Crash landed into some -- kind of field in Wisconsin. And it's up to its wings since no I mean I've never seen a photo like that before minor injuries that that's that's good nothing and nothing major but. Lots of snow all over the place and I guess new England's gonna get zapped again over over the weekend in talk to my sister wrote the other day yesterday actually. And she said it was snowing sideways were -- so. Big killer though who we've always seem to have doctor Koppel -- -- very happy about that now I heard this story on the news this morning on here on news radio 930. And I scratch my had a little bit and I realize I don't have here so it doesn't serve any purpose. But it's it turns out. That says something happened that most of you would think couldn't happen if it involves you. This is our story buffalo police say they've located a vehicle that was stolen within eleven year old boy in the backseat. The U Ford Explorer was abandoned a rolling avenue about 1030. Thursday night last night a police say the suspect is still large. It began at a store at the corner of Bailey and -- avenue at about 915. When the mother of the child left -- get this. Left her vehicle running. With the boy in the backseat. Obviously unlocked. While she was in the star police say the suspect jumped into the vehicle and drove off with the child. OK you know they have this what's wrong -- this picture. How about what's wrong with the sentence she left the vehicle running with the child inside. The suspect because they have on -- on some surveillance today -- was a black man wearing khaki pants and carrying a black book bag the child -- Unarmed and back with a mother so. It has a good ending. But man I can't believe that somebody would do that. Nine under I don't wanna make the criminal of the victim the criminal here but I'm thinking you talk about negligence. -- at a show like this says several months ago -- million a year ago. People said that they would not leave their child. In the car unattended even if they were just running in to get a quick cup of coffee. Or paper because you never know this vehicle is -- So I don't know if it had if the key was actually in the ignition or were running causes the Smart key the -- was in the backseat to kids eleven years old. You're going to do whatever you going to do is somebody says -- locker car I think I'll steal it. And you know Bailey in -- and 915 at night what does that -- is that if the united muses it's dark it's black outside it's it's dark there's no moonlight -- no on -- ago great amount of vote. Illumination. Somebody jumps in the driver's seat drives away thinking they're stealing a car. And then they were probably as surprised as the kid was. When the -- began to talk and they realize our -- because you know what this means it means more than car carjacking charge it also means kidnapping. If they catch this clown. Then -- -- kidnapping charges of there so I'm asking a couple of questions. Do you ever ever ever ever leave your child and a running unlocked vehicle. -- our -- and give me your thought on that I think most of you are obviously gonna say no you don't. But maybe you feel well this is a nice neighborhood. Look there's nobody around I'm looking around as -- -- looks like they're gonna steal a car is running get a couple coffee. And come out and it's cold soap and shut the engine off I'm going to I'm going to leave engine running with my eleven year old in the back. But I'll be right back would you ever do that secondly. The second question is and you have to listen to -- to explain did you ever lose your kid. Now I don't mean permanently. Because that would be rare we probably wouldn't get many calls on them okay. But did you ever it was your kids supposed to be a certain place at a certain time and they weren't there and you look around you begin to panic. Have you ever brought your kid into a store and and your little divert your attention is -- diverted and you look back in the kid isn't there you panic instantly. Because doesn't take long. Maybe maybe your kid was supposed to be home. Out there playing with somebody else at 6 o'clock or 6 o'clock they're not there and you call weather's supposed to be -- left ten minutes ago. I mean have there been any of those incidents ever been to an amusement park what more than one kid. And yours yet dry on one and the other one kind of disappears you find them what do you have to go to the oh loss and founded the word. Children wander off at Disney. Or they they simply find you know. But you have those few moments where your heart is actually beating through your chest. Because you know in today's world. That's very dangerous you know it's very dangerous and it doesn't take long and even if you're like even if your kid is trained to. Don't speak to someone you don't know. If they tell you that they sent immediately your daddy or your mommy to pick you up don't do that. Unless it's a relative or somebody you absolutely yeah. A no like a member of your own family. Don't accept candy if they say we gonna show you some puppies or kittens or whatever the usual lines they used to lower innocent children away. I would assume that during the time your kid is gone. Your kid may be two minutes late. But it's like a lifetime of war. So I don't know if you've ever been through anything like that now and is quite actively six now as -- ever gotten out of your sight you wondered OK where's network. He's close debate well it was definitely yeah stressful time man I don't recall if it was three or four. And this happened in the house I was downstairs doing laundry and he was walking around upstairs and we have a lock on the door that leads to the basement there. He locked me downstairs or your downstairs and electric down there -- locked me downstairs. And immediately I mean I panicked I had to kick the door. Now my -- on the stairs so there's an outdoors above you above me -- to kick -- and I kicked the door. Open wow why our the only guy that's not a plus if anything is going to happen to him while you're walked in the door locked in the cellar. You have no way to help them exactly allow -- It is I've seen it happen would moms in supermarkets or something. Where the kid is supposed to be like right next to the cart right you know and mom turns around she's looking at that nutritional label on on something and turns around kids gone. That's so that's the way it is with kids your heart's in your mouth. The or your you know your pompano my soul on a minute -- your your chest cavity into -- find them again. So I want to know if that's ever happened to you you obviously in the Hoosier kid permanently hopefully. But if you had a moment and what did you do after that it probably hug them. And hugged her and gave a stern lecture on don't let this happen again will be back with more once -- you know it happened me. Couldn't find him -- before the show as a where busy Jim miners missing. And that I finally found him and I I skipped the -- I that we didn't -- as it at all. -- don't ever let that happen again. We'll be back after this. I'm asking did you ever leave your child and they running unlocked vehicle reason I'm asking is last night at 915 -- Bailey and Girardeau person did just that. Came out there row eleven year old who was in the backseat. Was gone so was the vehicle. Because it left it running and on block somebody carjacked it. And took off they found it later. In the the child was unharmed in the car was there and that that's very lucky that it happened that way but have you ever done that I think most of you'll say no. The second question is ever lose your kid. Even if it's temporary and at a supermarket at a at amusement park where suddenly your kids not where exactly where your kids supposed to be and for the a couple of minutes it takes to find them. A -- world is upside down and you're just hoping. That everything's gonna turn our right has that ever happened you salmon Clarence Sanders as -- on WB India buys them. Well let me perpetrate these children on her own now they're okay and they're not being raised me. But I have vacation once. 963. Year old -- in the AM. But police torture. Souvenirs and so forth -- but although I don't know I don't have in my arms. And it's -- the except I believe. What little. Boy running around pick them up. Look for the other -- -- -- six nine year old man and he looked in the real strange and I would that what writers who. And I do -- sit it's because. Oh you could go wrong did. It wrong. Little boy my god and and being quick thinker immediately war that are on the -- -- all good outlook grim and shut him down and look for the why did fine in -- Oh man is a good thing is dead and see you wouldn't know. -- out of bed and and. -- bought and I'm glad your children are grown. I'm mud -- -- while Iran get well it's a bit. Window was growing up my daughter. We never. Ever in a million years left to run into -- unattended but she will swear to this day. That there was a time when we went to a store. Where we left her in her car seat in the back of the car. While Lee of my wife and myself went into the star it didn't happen. It didn't happen OK but she believes that that the only way we could figure out -- maybe she dreamed it. Maybe -- dream that that happened or she saw she was she was not super young but she wasn't you know mature yet. She still RC but she I'm. She ago it was swears up and down that she believes that we left her buckled in our -- C while we went shopping and it didn't happen didn't happen. But I guess once it's in your mind. It's in your mind you know what they say is perception is reality. Doesn't have to be reality it's perception but the US reality and them you can imagine that. Telling the authorities well yes and no we never laughter. And she swears Jeanette it's her word against hours putter under oath on the market. -- know we would never do that. Never do those code to -- David Lancaster behavior on WB yen. Good morning to any idea what happened when I was younger outlook Simon and I wouldn't Toledo Ohio my mother. We'll -- out of the bus stop in IE. I'm like it is neither Whitney but I somehow I wandered off I want hurt. Somewhere about three miles from the bought stop and outlook on all pay about nine hours at all police department welcomed on the and and it was straight I -- never looked so when I'm in my wandering eyes are on how they had like a -- place -- in fact I I don't I took me out there. Sometime in the afternoon I guess -- I younger foreign. I can't achieve let me play with that the -- and it was like I was -- -- an explosion you know I watched a number I want her propaganda. And it was getting around Austin. Police department and it up on me just walking around oh man I thought they would get where you're closing in on. Why are you bet I mean that had to be you -- nervous about it though. No I don't think I think I it was like it's not like it was nothing for me. I I I don't want even better than -- what all the boom -- last year you know -- don't LB earmarks she stopped they were driving and they don't like 3 o'clock in -- Full quota of our kids and people and it stopped in the hill it'll what's working out like you at 3 o'clock in the morning and you don't know me know. The order yet to order potty break figured the guy with that you keep you know probably helped me in the bill. It would cricket still popular in April 30 miles. Before they realize the -- wasn't in the car. David up called back and it was like a scary thing for the for the kid in you being up there with -- -- -- irate and then not. Our behavior to what it -- she told me. They got a tar and let -- numbers -- bet now that Alabama. Whenever they stop in the towel they're the targeted because of that incident nobody wanted to get. -- And here grades are a day beg your regular -- wells this story. Might the first. As you recognize you -- the first RV ever there was a truck camper. Guys you know a truck -- sits in the bed of the truck it's not there's no way to go from the seat of the truck to the camper. He can't do it does a pastor that was the first one. And my wife and we're coming back from a West Coast trip and we were you and I think. -- -- Somewhere like. And we stopped just like he just said okay. I put gas in and shoot eighty. She went to the ladies girl. Now she wasn't going to stay in the -- would mean she was going to be in the back in the camp apart OK so I put the gas and and in these things are just like automatic right. -- so I put the gas in and I get stretch openness and Bob Bob Bob report I get in the truck and drive away. The next time we stopped she says. What you're doing she's at high I was barely in the camper when you drove away. I didn't realize -- she was behind me she wasn't in the camper I wasn't even thinking that she wasn't in the camper she was in the camper. It's a good thing she was because I drove like 300 miles and there was no windows no cell phones of those days she said she's jets idea camper from the back. After I -- in the truck in the front. And I almost -- there in South Dakota. Can you imagine that it would not have been a pleasant time. Had I don't back at at at at the boy could I go -- now from but had I done that try to save money now and the -- would have managed to kill me by the out because you just do things automatically you just assume look at when we guess that -- you forget. That she's not in the truck and it's not one where I could just turn right let's say we have no communication there was a window there and -- but that was -- there as. Idea came this close to leaving my wife and in South Dakota unintentionally. And that would impact that would have been a bad things happen 8393018061692. Through six are 930. Do you ever leave your child in a running unlocked the vehicle. The it seems like a frivolous question does -- no no it isn't because at 915 last night right here in buffalo a daily and Gerard. A person. Went -- -- is that the mother probably mother -- rather. Went into the stall our leaving an eleven year old in the back of the SUV. It and leaving it running. And I a solo home leaving an unlocked because somebody jumped into the driver's seat and drove away not realizing. They were facing not only -- a Grand Theft Auto charged with kidnapping because the it was in the back they didn't know. They abandoned. The kid was OK the car was OK everybody turned out OK there's still looking for a via. The guided did it but men can't be doing that not in today's society. -- did you ever lose your kid temporarily -- or Disney and turner had. Where's -- -- here or you're the star and as you expected said the kid to be a certain place and they weren't. Journalism temporarily you know -- held that is. 8030 30 we'll be back. You're hearing the voice of -- WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free -- -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. It happened last night at 915 and Bailey and juror Jerrold. And a mom. Left the vehicle left it running assuming. It was unlocked we're making that assumption. And her child in the backseat eleven year old child in the backseat so. Leaves -- -- card scenario -- or kids in the backseat running. Obviously unlocked. Before she knows that she died on him and she sought somebody jumps into the car as we evidence surveillance video here. And takes off steals a car doesn't know the are also taking your child so besides a Grand Theft Auto charged there facing kidnapping. Realizes that there's a car. And about a policy there filed at 1030. So this happened in 95 gain their car was found on rolling at about 1030 so that's an hour and fifteen minutes thank about a -- that. In in a time frame -- minutes would drive view up the -- crazy. Where you where's my kid where is my child is much this is an hour and fifteen minutes before they. They located the child's play in the vehicle safe and sound the vehicles there that's that's good and so. There was surveillance video of the suspect appears to be a black male wearing khaki pants and carrying a book bag. If you if you have any idea who this might be there is -- number that is listed here that you call the buffalo PD confidential. Is 8472255. As 8472255. Some asking. Would you ever even consider doing that people usually won't even do that they're running in for a paper. You know the papers right there are given the paper here's the money come out -- a problem to have there. Let alone. 9915. Was dark outside a -- injury and Euro. Let's go to it can arrow in Orchard Park Carol you're on WB yen. Hi I would never leave my child or have I ever got in the car but my child and I'm talking about is almost fifty that was the -- -- restore I'm making an Eckerd and he had just -- issued and she was fascinated with mannequins and I was paying for Hershey news. I look and she was no longer standing next of the stroller. And my husband and I immediately went on the escalated in the first floor I panicked ran around the second floor of the store and I passed a mannequin that would totally bald and I that there was -- little girl on the bathrobes. And then right next for the young man again it was my daughter wearing a wig from them. -- -- -- How really that you'll. Have been just a matter of minutes but. I think I can I mean I I want to go -- forget. -- -- -- -- Wallace is he -- That was almost fifty years ago you didn't worry quite as much you really should now wearing wearing the way imposing as a manager -- -- that sums that sums or they're Carroll. -- -- of them the young ball manic of little girl and about to open them right next with a little girl in -- -- and wearing a and the wig then we're very you can tell they were waiting for the very lacquered and little blip on the bottom and I did a double -- and it was my daughter's. That's a great story thank you Carol thank you very much. Now you know -- story for every story. She mentioned hangers on on main and anger I got a hangar as a -- and -- I'm idea OK you're wrong and I've got a story very thing. My wife and I are going a vacation we're going to a place where. It has swimming not for me certainly but -- had swimming so she needed a new swimsuit so we went and so we went to hangers on me nagger. And there's a different. Some of their runs. So she's looking at this in that event and I'd pick up this suit and I look at it. And here's the size it's I gotta remember the -- hobbies but you'll get a for the sake of the argument on this. So -- similar about this one and she she takes it looks as -- You Nazis -- this this is like a 48 doubled the that's what this is still way too big from me. So I said well I know that but can we hang around distort -- we see who comes in buys that. Jim appreciate. As a result of this somebody there's somebody out there this -- -- -- -- -- -- is pretty good at MG. Wasn't amused. Let's go to Allah our friend ally in west Seneca -- you're on WB. They keep saying -- first of all I would like to say. Happy Valentine's to David hold the F. On some view where we're very pleased that happy Valentine's that he -- I haven't -- all right -- to basically get your thoughtful evening news hit it in his state tactically yesterday. -- would do real meaning of Valentine's Day. And really show everybody would have read it and think about. Now as to the problem. I think part of the problem is everybody takes chances. And they're all in for a temporary running around like chickens without kids. Forgetting that there's always the first time for something radical -- Now I believe. The mother of an only child so I was very overprotective. I didn't leave my daughter unattended it and they. As good as Smart. -- -- He went to church -- would and so he would. Really. Think I love and love the kid in church. Right yeah basically at seventy isn't -- and a -- Away. So what happens Eagleburger georgians say in the lost and found department. And let. He did it was probably would be umbrellas and missing notions. I -- -- proud of unease in such -- -- world. Multitasking. Because we're told that's what we're supposed to do our minds on ten things at once and and it's I think it's fairly easy to do something like but -- I am less than it -- it. Now one place people should take its chances that holy -- and there they have don't have the courage to do. Are right I hit allowed a player thank you. Chris about a day of FaceBook entry force ways this one comes from JoAnne she says are we -- delete my dog unattended in a running our people are clueless where is common -- -- -- just can't trust people these days absolutely I I lock my car in my garage. All right I can't and in -- I have to run into subways newspaper it's locked. I go to the post lovers it's locked no matter where it is it's locked if I'm not into its locked and when I am -- it's locked that's the way it is. I can't a -- is a lot of people. Say I don't -- my house and I mean that's silly that it's silly where you're living Disneyland. I mean gets there is people will steal of fillings out of your teeth of the of the game a chance to. So like not a good idea Beverley from one more before this one comes from sandy she says my kids are grown now but I would leave them in the car when I ran into the convenience orbit that was back in the eighties I would think of doing anything like that today it's it's too. Iffy right now are vague this mother's very lucky that big guy just abandoned the car probably when he found out there was a kid in the back. Because now that's a whole different level stealing -- car is one thing kidnapping is another. So but it was think about like this it happened at 915. And the -- vehicle was discovered an hour and fifteen minutes later. So an hour and fifteen minutes later is a long time to be missing your kid will be back after this. Yes said 915. The time frame from 915 to 1030 last night in had to be hell for some lady. Who left her eleven year old boy in the backseat of a car left the car running while she attended something -- Clearwater was that's a store we do know that. So -- came back the car was actually explore the truck was gone. And the kitten was gone. But it's 1030 they were discovered the kid was okay and vehicles OK and mom to breathe a sigh of relief but I'm asking. Have you ever done that. What would make you think it's it's safe to do that. To -- immature and very dangerous world it's pitch black. You're a billion and Jerrold when you think it's okay out Coolidge you leave -- there -- the car running. Assuming it was an accident because of no windows broken or anything like that. Just. Questionable very much. And have you ever lost your kid we mean temporarily is supposed to be someplace wasn't there turnaround wandered off of that kind of stuff Chris a couple more -- were pleased. This one that comes. From penny she says I've done that on occasion of Fred Iran right in and out of somewhere but I would never leave the door unlocked I also wouldn't do with children that young that's a good idea the door -- is an easy thing to do especially since most cars ever did not all of them but most of them have. Remote you'll hear that little -- At least then somebody would have to break a window. To get again and chances are if you -- it -- your remote key fob. The McCain is in your hand. So it would not be easy to do now you can leave cars running. With the key in your hand and if somebody goes to stardom or goes to use them later if it dies sounds like the remote starters. One more please go to the calls and this is from Steve Denise and I don't think any kid should be left alone in a current only because it could be stolen the kids have been able to drive through storefront windows by mistake it's just a dangerous situation absolutely let's go to a Vinson and -- WB gun. How -- -- -- Kelly you're our parents especially avert elementary school children about program that I work with -- -- child ID program and I mean you talk battalion last year we IP over 2000. Like kid and not what we do have to go to school. Give -- some of the working on and we create. Database for each child that it's sad that we get over 200 this week already. We put all the information on -- paper. -- -- to the parents are also put it I'm a computer disk which goes to the parent. And we create a plastic coated the photo idea of child you know -- era so that the Americans carry -- in her wallet or purse. You know -- do indicate that Wal-Mart you could Annan and look that could also. Run to the security at the -- don't look well don't say not to see this kid walking out somebody stop on. -- -- that there's a kid to have anything with them that would identify themselves or it would be required to somebody else would have to -- -- from. The database. They didn't get from the -- we we give Erick into the school to the teacher the teacher scramble on with the children. After each that's been he our computer score out. So no retaining information. But there -- -- the information recorded is the child's name address. We -- -- moon. My grandfather. Phone number her mother and father are -- and fingerprints are whiskey and the concurrent to put the mom -- and on the fiscal on the page. And also takes four photos. Well one slightly smiling one normal to profiles. With here is exposed so that. In the years -- and apparently don't change with time and and that's a good I don't. Sounds like it sounds like a good program and and you're -- urine should talk economy is this idea. A state program -- local program on national what is. The New York State program. I'm with masonic quads and should talk with -- I -- -- in the last year became a Mason and it's on the ballot program. At all alternates do it's called the elementary school principal and I'm the principal contact their local masonic lodge. There's no cost involved we cover that. So it's it's a beautiful program and I'm we work we've seen this court yesterday where I work with I -- the couple days ago. We're doing -- next week. You know. So you know we -- another at about 2000 -- every year the program and all amounts are a number of years. Sounds like a good a program is there any medical information on there say analogy or. Or an hour ago legends are certain medicines or is that a different. The other Ers are two -- to blanks on the -- we did it the students to take home the parents asked about. Distinguishing marks like this or. Or we don't want a blanket since other pertinent information would adequate counsel like -- our media and. Other good. Program -- an integrated program Melissa let's hope that other areas supported as well there. Yeah I hope so there's a very touched on one Erie county too so there -- -- schools. Thank you address for Asia is still and we can't. Do this. But it's too bad it's and it's something like this wouldn't be available you know what they do with pets -- the SBC they put the little chip the computer chip there has all the information. We can't do that with a human being obviously but I wish there was something similar to that that -- that you -- do just don't tell that to conspiracy theorists ought to leave it. You do have a chip in its -- in the Canadian dollar purses. Canadian air force is mapping out. Our country end and look out -- of these. Via floor right in the water yes secret society that score and they're going to -- in order information from your visit to cavities that you have that they plan that would before. While ago. Here so it was George Oracle's I immediately -- I mean seriously. Seriously could seriously as some medication I just in the spears I really you know I really. -- I think your with a group that doesn't believe in conspiracies that -- players -- -- and. -- okay -- conspiracies can speak our Sony over our shoulder to Canadian airforce plane and I think their mapping out our our our office park he. Because they knew right. They know that I was in favor of the enhanced driver's license and so there there is scope Romeo and -- now. The movie show is going -- next and would report about but basically. What we've heard today is what we heard when we did a show I'll buy out this. Which -- had also had a good ending to it because the child was unharmed. And videos and there was no harm done except that he. Obvious distress that you would be and as a kid this was eleven. So this -- knew what was going -- as was like a baby who didn't know -- his mother or Zandt driving him around. Or or -- uncle this was eleven -- so he knew who. That this person isn't supposed to be driving him around so it had to be pretty scary for the kid. And it's certainly had to be scary for the mother but thinking that almighty god by the vehicles gone and my son's in it. Eleven years old I wouldn't I just wouldn't even consider doing anything like that. Big -- could've gone wrong if you can in the backseat. Panic -- in the person that stole it doesn't want to deal with that in size do something bad also there's another thing what if suddenly the cops get the the license plate and they see the vehicle and the guy starts to run with the vehicle. We've seen bad things happened there just watch any episode governments are run it. -- outlook crashed the car overturned car Macvicar but it could have been hurt so a good ending for that. The movie show is next step by cinema Bob.

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