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2-14 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello Hala. I don't think I'm ever gonna eat breakfast again I just saw The Today Show. They have and their course of the Olympics they had Al Roker. You know hot tub. Of somebody else which hot tub -- mr. -- bats I don't think so. I do not think so I I would be bolder about it vodka. -- -- Don't think that's a good idea of best of volunteers okay we wanna put out on the hot tub who would like to go and read them all I would I would -- every month. What do you think Tony would you like to jump on the hot tablet mr. will be parents I don't know about you. I can't stand Al -- he was in Oswego graduate I want to Oswego so every year. He would come back to the university and it was like Christ just -- -- descended upon a Oswego state. And I never understood it it always bothered me and it's continuing to -- -- it is for us. Reason I don't like him either I don't know what it is I mean there are some people you like right away that are in the media. And summit takes a little while to get to know and then maybe like a maybe you don't but there's some you know like right away and and roker is one of them for summaries and I've never I've taken a shine to them. And -- -- he really was he was he was in the hot tub one would assume that it's the hot tub is being vetted as we speak. However I do have to give him some credit four take on the mayor are you heard Randi mentioned this briefly. In the news but the taking on the mayor mayor city the buzz ago the senate got five to eight inches of snow. And Al Roker Twitter. In his Twitter account said. Wire schools all around New York City close it's gonna take some kid or kids getting hurt before this gold ball policy gets changed. Later on his Twitter account he complained his daughter goes to school in new York and she was let out early. Because of the storm. Andy says is they're no one there was any common sense because people weren't ready to get their kids especially if they worked during all of erotic towns on the and he said there is anybody going common sense and then he said in in his quote yesterday which he. Reneged on today and long range of Lazio forecast one term. And so that's it Al Roker mr. booby bands that can bomb America that's good because we argue the wanna bump maybe it'll be one of those matches where they'll -- -- they'll slug each other into submission. Meanwhile. Speaking of the mayors of -- of a New York City. Vending machines are again featuring candy and other snacks ban from City Hall. Under the administration of former mayor Michael Bloomberg nobody could explain the change. So there was no official word as to why it happened it just happened. So while Bloomberg was there they weren't allowed to sell candy from a vending machine. And now and now they are so maybe there's some sanity coming there but it seems like big government is acting as our nanny from boom to the 21 everything. We need candy in our vending machine absolutely conference is I have a lot of change in my desk you know -- we ever get snowed in here. I'm going to be king of vending. First of all -- a couple of things I'll be able to buy anything I want in the vending machine that's good secondly I have all this change lot of people won't have the exact change and we don't want change and I guess it was at a dollar bill under eighty cents or what if I -- I could turn over and meet profit doing it. I could just buy everything so on the black market at a what do you think. The we the Snickers for me did you get our guys -- toenails are means so that a big but I could sell them anything we'll find leftover pizza and pop goes the way they eat. Every day it's like that. One would want would check the cholesterol of the WG -- up. And I don't know what it says I think sales department likes them better yeah I I do -- we get nothing here now know anything we get hears from the outside we get nothing here. From the inside we get. Although there is. -- Obama's war going on today what is that you know it's in the lunchroom I guess pizza and -- these -- going script is that it all right guys think a Greg Reid actually. Actually put up the memo to us and he's trying to -- -- side he's the manager he's the boss everybody reports to him. So I he figures a way to keep the animals on the control feed them that's gonna I -- -- good idea I like that you don't -- the animals -- no god arguably animals -- that. Sorry to hear about Ralph -- -- and he was the father in the Walton of course I. Watch some of the Walton oh wasn't crazy about that but I looked like his work on and CI AS he played mark -- father. And he really did an excellent job and in his. Is the manager said he wasn't even aware that he was ill or anything was 85 -- focus is still working. And so it's already here about the passing. Although Ralph -- I love and CI as you guys don't watch it now I don't arguments -- she's gone on my wife watches -- I'd seen episodes it's of bits of good gesture it's a really good show. And what I like a Mark Harmon plays a different kind of a character. Plus that they've got a really good cast. But they had this female lead on name Z -- of the deed. I'd she's gone now and she was fabulous. I mean replacements okay but achieve she's done so we'll have the fund and other. Another wrote in her mold. All right if you would like to go to Vegas. -- -- do -- WBN dot com join the insiders' club you you don't belong to millions as global join up. By 10 AM on February 27 where your chance. At WBA and Las Vegas getaway contest. Courtesy of -- -- travel and -- You have to complete an entry form. Including in 93 word or less SA and why you deserve the trip and yet they. -- the words. One winner selected based on the SE entry by the sole discretion of station personnel that means vote we put a blindfold on them. They turn around three or four times and they reach into the bin. And -- out dog it's I'm sure it's going to be awarded on merit because I'm sure they gonna read every one -- and I'm convinced that that. Probably read it more than once probably is that part of a promotion directors nightstand next you're dead. As as good reading material. -- see here's what you'll get if you -- trip to Vegas including roundtrip air. Five -- hotel Sunday through Thursday. I've met with the Sunday -- at this Sunday Monday Tuesday. Products that Vegas airport transfers and they -- fun pack. You know going to Vegas there's just not enough fun you -- added fun in this is what it is is the fund that. As opposed to a fund package of the value is 2500 dollars and the package is subject to availability isn't always. I mean isn't the package always subject to availability because if the package is not available you can get the package you know what I mean. The packages available you want the package. You might get the package as long as 93 words. Take -- will be back with -- would be -- incumbent on them earlier 930 RW via a couple. -- I know why they have via the free food in the lunchroom today. Because of this they're trying to bribe us because of the same time we have the free photo Milan Rome which is a nice. Fuzzy warm thing we also got notification of our next tutorial. We get these tutorials from a -- corporate offices and the Iran watch wireless now. Telling us how to do radio. Did anybody tell corporate that that's what we do. And we've -- -- on time and that we know how to do it and if we didn't know how to do it quietly paying it I can't figure this out I really can't. I've been doing this longer than the girl that puts it now has probably been -- I'm in the hall of fame. I'm in the rock and roll hall of fame a -- through The Beatles I've interviewed anybody it is anybody in the music business. I don't think I need help from this girl. And their little cartoons. They they sent us these little cartoons and you have to pay attention because then you got answered a question that was in the cards -- Wasted 25 minutes in my life last month I don't intend to do it again maybe -- sent her -- hall of fame credentials I mean Robert Koppel thing for broadcast. All amazing just amazing what let's hope seriously go through -- as cholera and why don't worry. Why don't worry. One to always say if we -- interview her. I think that would be fun -- get our -- that have become a -- and a load on yeah. Oh yeah now we know what weak or Bob broadcasting but we don't know what she -- about broadcasting. It could be a fun -- you don't you think. -- -- -- -- but anyway it is a beach in company feature and that's might. -- You know why there's planes overhead. Then I think they're from Canada. And the American. -- so why I want and me and glad. About grips. And it's a far -- and no water there. I could do the George nor shall -- you could you talk about on balanced attack -- the -- I do want a meter shot lava soar ago because they always give him credit the and I think that's like the coolest name. Office to a love shot love a story kind of rolls underdog I think that's almost as cool as Vincent back have a day. Right and that as time. -- I can stand in. I don't even I mean I don't know who yet. I don't know that much about hockey but it's a great name Vincent -- the day it's classic is is it sounds like it if he could be a Cyrano -- Bergeron. False yes -- yet. I was watching the Russian. Hockey game yesterday and first of all -- and scored before they even dropped the -- Scored in the dressing room before they even came out on the eyes and then my alternate won't be left out because he got the assist on the first -- Right afterwards and I'm thinking -- it's going to be a long long night for this opposing goalie. But it it -- that way Chris the kind of leveled off a little it felt sorry for the lawyers and maybe it did the Russians. They jumped out to a two nothing lead and that it was two to one in the second period and I couldn't figure out how that happen eventually and Canada winning 52 or something like that maybe it was just. Is workable goals so faster in your home as fast you get so jacked up yeah just gonna coast inevitable tougher than expected imagine playing before your home fans basically is in Russia. And scoring that fast and and two goals just like bing bing you -- about demoralizing for the other team that's incredible. -- and that attractive girl is from Australia. Yeah she I think she's got a silver medal Leo today and -- one of -- skiing things a snowboarding -- -- is that tore up bright and singer now all of whom she could be a model. -- bright TO RAH bright as in as and me. Sandy is a very bright man thank you very much -- anybody that doesn't believe it I challenge you to an IQ test on. -- she is unbelievably. But already she's gorgeous and she's apparently very accomplished not only issue in the Olympics but she's won a lot of competitions. Before the Olympic -- Olympics Letterman as a tour bright very very nice but and I checked out to our bright. And then you on your computer just brings things up and yeah it's a circus out and I got hooked on the goofy as web site. All I know what she looks like I saw yesterday damaged -- outfit in town hall is absolutely -- And another thing showed up another link and it's movie stars that haven't aged that well. And something you will this be fun. Almighty god when you see some of these people we all know about Nick Nolte stuff like that but there are other peoples who that are there that Macaulay Culkin. I mean reality really rough so the advantage. If I can give you an advantage the advantage of not having that happen do you was. Don't ever be really good looking right you're right from the beginning right from from a time your barn when people go all the guys at -- You know and and then not be the first one chosen. For the prom date you know what I'm talking about because and later on it's all right it's. -- that good but then it's worked for many believe me because if you start outlook and outlook. For example. A and those on the Elbe Robert Redford. Redford best looking guy in the world at one time quite now other things -- wall. I mean yes so if it's up really good really hot looking. He got nowhere to go but down not gonna happen but of course until we get there it's it's a fun time but -- Not so great you end up not so great. It kind of works itself it was pristine. Sent photos that has been going wrong. What some of the celebrities -- past week with they would look like now they're more demand anymore after meaning you'll Jim Morse in with a complete white hair all well and white beard. Because we remember all of this remember people in their moment like -- -- -- what which he looked like today. And that's that that's part it's a blessing and a curse for the popular -- -- -- real good blessing a lot of good things happen view probably. But but if the other side of it is will always remember Hewlett that. So your old films are still going to be played in that when you make alive appearance via global word what happened to him her. So that's the way it has but yeah. She's so lovely girl she's from -- Australia and take a snowboarding are there any snowboard. I -- half -- whether. That's kind of road this summer or theories -- -- that will be back remarked I'm gonna study for -- -- contest over -- and I -- -- -- We're back after this. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just use WB CN. Dot com I hope you didn't forget. I -- -- you may have. They were talking about this morning though with the early morning goes and we told you yesterday and they reiterated today that 17% of recent survey. Of people said that they don't really want anything -- on Wednesday. And that they did a web poll which I think is still running they may have changed by Albert. I'm asking if you agree that an overwhelming number did it was like in the eighties something percentile. Agreed that they really didn't want anything. But we have our individual needs for instance. I heard. One of the of people makes candy talking about sponge candy. Now you make some decisions regarding sponge can take -- -- it's great it's a but it cost more cost more it's hard to find. Hard to find and at a cost more so if if that special someone once sponge candy. For Valentine's Day you have one question you have to ask yourself. The issue really sponge worthy. If she is then you get sponge candy. Equipment equipment equipment at the -- a couple of. -- that he's version is -- obviously you've never seen and I've made. Some of the -- Let -- explain and I well I'll give you can it. A movie tutorial on that I'm gonna send you a little cartoon. And I want accurate. Pointers and 25 minutes plundering. And and ruining wasting your life. Is. Like get a gift card good job when it gets picked a fabulous. I honestly I don't -- when I Julia yeah I'm crazy but I do like. You know I -- like little idea about the best chocolate for you is supposed to lead archer -- said yesterday and I knew that and chart was okay but. I really like a kind of jointly you don't like I don't know if Chris likes it like white -- Do you think it is like shark like like -- white chocolate to a light light shot in the dark chocolate the only kind of like is the orange -- yeah I like orange. But you know -- the best. Chocolate covered reasons you know you get him in the movies like -- that's but it might go to. Antoinette sir I'm sure any of the good -- with here as we have we have a lot of good -- here's -- You'll find them they are almost the size of a cookie. And to be reasons covered with -- Give -- chocolate covered peanuts -- -- -- of -- -- -- -- good but I had it's hard to go wrong with chocolate. There really isn't a mid January I should get used to it. If you were to chart its orbital those things are small -- of the pop -- your mouth all the and we 800 pounds by the end of today yet maybe that's why Watson's mom's not a but I hope you haven't forgotten Valentine's Day and get something on the way home today if you have today is that day if you wanna see crazed man. Men who have that look of a deer in the headlights go to any drugstore today go to the car dial. And they will be they'll have about -- about like night of the living dead they have to get them and what they're gonna find out is it's probably for the wife. And -- good wife cards are gone OK if you drive a good lifeguard that the next step is a special someone. Or you know fabulous person or whatever it is you're gonna have to go to the next level because I -- I'm guessing the wife cards are already gone. And -- have to have a white guard now you can cross off special someone writing and -- but that they -- note that you had to do I I mean there's no expense this year I posted a bit strip cartoon. Jeans baseball -- railway -- shows you cared one really not a lot has crested what I want now blow hole because Chris did you yeah it's progress it's at a photograph an empty box in spoiler alert. Should not amused by the eighth or I was gonna I -- wrote that I was gonna like put a picture some flowers in their butt off spoiler -- Yeah -- -- now we're not leaving real lives -- leading virtual lives so if we're virtual lives why don't -- -- a virtual. Business and Chris that's exactly right. They want us to believe that the real world is worth attending it's the virtual world account. The -- of it this way in you talked about how Christmas with girls how important is that and a tell the friends while my husband applied -- and you know got me look what I got that now now -- able to display your love on their FaceBook page all their friends are -- I think -- -- and -- made a commitment -- -- do the right if you did your commitment to at least three minutes on a keyboard to -- they're really warms the chronicles of wild card there's two minutes intense or is it. -- -- I like creativity. When when we first got let's see -- I'm trying to think of it was a it was a while back. When I first got Photoshop. -- I used to make cards okay and they weren't rude he he -- it was so much fun. Because we got it right kind of paper and with -- you know well we. Photoshop they have all of the things you can draw from whatever. And -- get a lot of doubt the work of getting the images and I did ever be -- between us we -- some pretty cool cards and I'm thinking it could be a living in this and other people who would like to. Be able to do and say certain things but -- who she guy or they you know they think it's overboard or whatever we have to -- -- for small increase stability of our group are always and it's fun -- like on one there's there's a drawing. I'm drunk I gotta be careful about this. There's a drying it shows somebody -- Unbelievably. Overdrawn. Eyebrows okay. They look like a big -- you won't hear is this eyebrow or is that like Andy Rooney tonight vibrant and their eyebrows. But not a few tournaments down. So you can put it so you put a month there you'd turn the eyebrows upside down and subway. -- off. If you've got something that wasn't supposed to be but let's say the virtual world really need -- it's it's very creative. I bet that I teach us and that next tutorial how to turn eyebrows and through cash I don't. A -- break we'll stars are they're going to come back. -- -- and -- -- we are WB again you know I don't do well I don't do imitations very often but this is my best imitation. The world's dumbest human being OK you -- hair but it is is the world's dumbest human being. -- And all. The guy who says that is an idiot. Because they're always they were always challenging grossly and he kicked their ads every single time them and their friends and a Tony were telling me that you saw a -- Bruce Lee lost footage that I've special -- my. Brother posted. Is three minutes long of long lost footage of Bruce Lee and one of the remarkable things that he does he beat two guys playing ping -- the guys had ping pong paddles. Bruce had none shocks are my gun and libido announcer gas if they'll -- force and I mean he was slam that -- so -- in his time it was just perfect. Incredible I mean you talk about a superstar he was he was amazing and I've never seen anybody -- like that or some be sold out very fast and the -- -- -- I mean it was very -- very -- -- veggies -- read dozens and some poses but man and he could be together again and on the about the karate movies. It seems unreal to -- I mean they they do unbelievable things and I'm sure they're capable of doing unbelievable things. But they hit people and and they put a sound effect in the air of the bone breaking okay they got -- and keep fighting and how many guys can fight was broken bones like that but I don't say they would come twenty times. -- keeps getting up. When they start -- -- awareness they teach them how to do the malls -- teach him how to strike and defensive posture on the dragon on the column let them down dog -- among these things but they don't teach -- one thing. When he got twenty guys a round and -- surrounded grossly. Don't go and wanted time. To at a time. -- the -- -- -- -- like OK it's your turn to get your you know want to come on and bowl next next next. As their version of Sam -- well -- it has. But does movies there are remarkable and martial arts in general I think it's -- is great training it's very useful. Except that. I'm telling -- if I were really go to martial arts. I'd want trouble I can tell you right now I would I would just I would walk out on the street with a hundred dollar bill pays an element for. Looking like died in the war was. I I would not be -- martial -- because I'd wanna use it would just remember me -- a car and leaving and on the showroom -- right not right just remember is good as you are there'll always be somebody better there's always somebody better but I don't know if there was anybody better than. That Bruce would know nobody was better than Bruce heat could put the hundred dollar bill and walk out. I love the stories about to guys who will be brought in the calendar all martial arts master -- -- brought in on this set in and they start mile an off mistake that -- beat -- US sentiment when he sacked in the state president and a martial arts. While watts the UFC so I -- but -- -- dot that's taken part that's. Ohio but this. If there was a weight yo wait wait. Now both you guys know the USC. What if it were Bruce Lee in his prime and UNC whatever you guys say UFC champion. Same weight same weight same -- same age you know comparable people. Bruce -- against the you'll see because as you'll see guys are tough that they are tough -- I gotta go with Swedish sheer speed you're going to what do you bankers. I'd give the edge of the current -- everybody a -- when you look back in the NFL have Liberty's great but it you look at the crop of players today and everybody seems bigger and better hair under better training all right again just because of the training today and you know we know so much more about nutrition and training now. That I would give the -- to new word that will forget proposals ahead of his time the -- Rainey and he and if you're here today he'd be ahead of today that's the whole point is we've never lag behind he's doing three finger push ups in this video. A real gas is three fingers hold them up used to put odds -- that it was -- adult film he held at -- current report. And the Obama. Do read joked -- but yeah I think -- causes great great training good discipline. And and very useful. The tournaments are really what you wanna go see because they have demonstrations and you see remarkable things when I was taking can't fool we will go to tournaments. Our master would be able to drill into a wreck with his finger he would put holes into the race. Just one finger another guy every member's name was -- the old shy and it was Heidi I didn't -- I am -- you don't want -- -- -- -- don't. Yeah I haven't held a margin grandfather in the shape. Yes he would lie and about a nails they would put us cinder block on his chest -- break. The blocks and he would get up and there's not a mark on his back while it's incredible that it's really neat. I had jumped. If you really think about it it's it serves a lot of purposes -- -- goes martial arts I think you know they -- good thing to get as it is it is if you're young. It's great exercise. And plus you have that -- you at all times. I think it is but it trains the mind as well as the body. Pocket -- -- and it helps with all the sports to Garrett is what I used to do things with him. No one of things he did is his -- on broken glass and nails and I stood on his chest. Believe me and that's what I -- calls the 400 -- but they would they were put. They were put a law on a sheet of white plywood on top of its jets and I would stand on the directly. So -- and there will be either glass or nails under him. Now I don't know how you train your body did do that to me sharp sharp skin is skin and bones -- bones but. Did it and it wasn't it was real and it was pretty impressive. Yeah I didn't take it long enough to find it made me a feel a little guilty about eating all blows a little bit at least tactics as a statement as -- But what are your thoughts are okay it's it was -- it. -- we come back. Here's the story I heard this on the news this morning and I was amazed by to be honest would you. Because we gonna show -- it was probably now a couple of years ago regarding this subject. And I didn't think anybody did this anymore in today's society but apparently. It was done it was done would you ever leave your child. In the backseat of your car. And get out of the car -- and while it's running. Leave it running and leave. The keys in it leaving it unlocked while you ran in and did an errant. Know what we did the show a couple of years ago people said we wouldn't even do that a -- for a cup of coffee or paper wouldn't do it well somebody did it. And they were on mostly Bailey and Gerard. And 915 last night and as soon as they go out of the car and they were away from a car somebody jumped into the car and drove away. -- their eleven year old the -- luckily this has a good ending the eleven year old son was not hurt not injured and they're still looking for the guy. But I'm asking is that something you would even consider going. Did you ever leave your child in a running unlocked vehicle while you attended -- something else. They don't elementary oh deficits once it's -- to -- six and start --

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