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Valentine's Day Advice

Feb 14, 2014|

Patti Novak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Matchmaker Patti Novak is on the Valentine's Day live line now she's with buffalo Niagara introductions. The author of get over yourself how to get real get serious and get ready to find true love. Heavy Valentine's Day patty thanks for joining us. Out they are getting me happy Valentine's -- have you. -- new and wonderful relationships really come out of a day like this or is it more for. Funny that -- like Susan guy who are already married. Well I think and I think it's important relationships. I think at the -- And the present or the gesture is different between the richest suffer like that Mary. I think that's very folks forget -- to make sure that we don't you pick something incident. But if I am Valentine's Day. You know what I don't I don't think Al. I -- I don't think you're single execution gather richter in a -- -- difference inherently better. It never -- -- -- the same -- -- a group of guys that are error. Single unit are now however I would like -- that they urged now. All petty what do you make of buffalo placing in the top ten of -- most list of top cities for singles looking for -- Whatever and they can expand like Ticketmaster ticket to fashion. It's something like what percentage of the most per capita. I think that that. I don't know what -- I I really can't answer why. Why we have so many single people I don't know economically we seem to be doing we know we never get to try it but that we got it below Geithner. So it's that the typical things that bet that most of the C cap which are in club in great restaurants -- at all that. So iMac pictures to life get any answer -- His buffalo romantic city in your opinion. No. I think you'd be honest. I don't know are born to a bunch of romantics I really don't think they'll I don't think it's. I I don't think it's a romantic city but I think it's a great city all the great people. I think it will be interest to elect a little or I'll totally what they have removed from everybody. That they become a little bit more difficult to start dating somebody and then you hear something from a friend on the front of a friend which it's so easy to do. I think in judgment can be a problem. Electric electronic I think you know go up there in making your friend -- just chemistry its own. This academic and the to befriend people injured or can I can people that you may have never. From the couple from which they are from the north count and name I agent isn't just somebody from the foul -- they never would match. And -- in the circles on the having him up and got married him you -- -- most of the -- because of the south. While you know. Online dating -- was a big thing over the past decade but now it seems like social media has taking a taken dating to a whole new level would you agree. I would I would say what's coming out too is that that area and subway at the end intricate double playground right she is -- that is part of the world safe so global. Which is why any immediate -- is that also have the outside which is that people have to sharpen your skills beyond. You really have to pay attention. And yet you're back cover and and kept screening process and Shaq because they're the danger to clearly. And patty what keeps a match from happening give the singles out there if you if you're do's and don'ts. I'll -- I would say one of the big things that I CF after it made the match. Is that conversation that goes on in the first state. You know I mean you don't talk about what matters in your hand right with private business to run -- on purpose. Don't talk about stats and we will hit the criminal history Aetna. I'm sure you ask questions and the public to understand that you respond accordingly. And of course stay away from the app is politics and religion the only time where are -- getting that -- after first stated because somebody has some. And that they they get nervous chatter or it's awkward shatter. I'm illiterate acute maybe they come out and Alec tell women especially our government but don't ask me anything that you don't -- -- It -- -- at the same way about -- As many women and to probe. And and I think that's probably wanna that the one of the bigger things that the mid to long because -- -- -- a couple of time I'm actually retired at fifty. Nobody is that it's like it was able to be retired and on the first stage is set to exactly. -- like help his men about -- retired. We'll tell her well earlier in -- time that you don't talk about finance from your first state. -- -- that works -- we are almost out of time you thanks for joining us this morning. Optics for having me and you know went out of plot that they'll look at next Friday on 20 February. It -- Could be great fun and I -- -- Point five and myself and also if I can preach about it's it's fifteen dollars and I think that you're gonna get to see. I relaxed impression that matchmaker that -- reunion it's 41 year old -- -- -- -- Mary with the listed chatter -- they're -- going to be their contract and secure -- we're gonna have a gathering at -- -- -- Big singles mixer mixer -- that was sitting -- All right thanks Betty. That's matchmaker Patti Novak -- buffalo Niagara introductions.

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