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Flowers and Chocolates

Feb 14, 2014|

Frank Mischler and Mike Smith

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Valentine's Day and even though our web pole at WB and a counts as most people don't want to get there are certainly. A lot of people that are out they're getting something today a box of chocolate may be a bouquet of flowers. More about topless in a moment but first let's open up a lifeline to frank commissioner and commissioners -- good morning frank. Good morning David good morning Susan happy Valentine's Day. Same to you sir is is this your busiest day of the year. You can't cover one of the busiest one day. Of the year purses Saturday before -- days off another busy day. Frank what do you think of this Paulette says 17% of us. Don't -- Valentine's gift. A lot of people. You don't have the emotional person to give a gift to -- so they don't really want to give something your -- topic but a lot of people do -- -- Valentine's flowers. Is it typically guys in your store. Mostly guys becoming into the store -- I don't think I've seen it. Delivery for a man units that offer women today. -- and a frequent what is it about the price of roses that sees them spike this week every year. It's a lot of supply and demand but also Pete Rose growers have to cut back production end. December and January to get the flowers for Valentine's states -- try to make up for the losses they have there. Where do roses come from has -- have -- as our winter affected them or are they overseas somewhere. Most of the roses are grown in Colombia and Ecuador also California and that some rules of the grown up in Canada also. Beyond roses what's big this here it's something different this year than other years. The mixed flower arrangements seem to be little more popular this year than last year. And just you know -- nations they use these corporate days to use Ulster -- these things like that. All right frank thank you that's frank commissioner mistress forest next let's open up alive minded Mike Smith. Mike is owner of the Elwood avenue location of Watson's chocolates Mike good morning happy Valentine's Day. The monitor consumes them do. And and Watson's of course home to. Buffalo sponge candy what is it about sponge candy in buffalo on antenna and it would be a Valentine's Day without sponge candy for a lot of people. Boy it sure is that it's one of our bogus callers. That's sponge candy is just such a buffalo traditionalists. Probably the biggest market the United States respond to a billion people to -- that sort of the -- government probably. I've even found. Other parts of the state people unfamiliar with that. -- going in Rochester. Yeah not aware of what. This when your busiest days of the year. It is our -- stay there for sure. And I understand it specialized hearts is a big part of your business. We bet almost seventy years ago we first got another candidate was restarted personalize and talk -- That you will probably one of the first people in Western Europe to do that and that is our biggest seller for sure. Do you find you you have to guide people when they come to the store. I asked frank earlier if it's mostly guys buying flowers and said absolutely. Our guys clueless ordered it to people come in and say hey I need that box with such and such such and such. Well it's a little bit of both quite honestly and and we we have a pretty abrupt broader markets open on the floor opposition. You know we have mothers go to church for their children. Meant getting Beltran heard some chocolates for otherwise some girl problems and it's a pretty broad -- of Corvallis was. You know -- brought this up earlier that Valentine's Day has changed somewhat it's not you know between husbands and wives as much you know as it used to be. Now it's it's so much broader and there is a lot more with their grandparents and grandkids and it did you planet to. Oh absolutely for sure we're gonna a lot of grandparents -- and then we go pick mail order business and chip -- in our grand children all over the country from their grandparents. And talk a little bit about the price of chocolate how was that changed over the past year. Quite honestly and have them we're person who assembled there were Lester. Hey Mike nice to -- to join this happy Valentine's Day. I knew as well thank you very much. That's Mike Smith he's owner of the elm avenue location. Of Watson's chocolate is for that frank mission -- permission errors florist.

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