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Friday Olympics Update

Feb 14, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS news correspondent Steve Letterman is with us live from Sochi at the winner games -- good morning. Great -- for the time -- tell us about the the slope style skiing the US has done incredibly well there. Well these these are some of those new sports -- come into the Olympics and last. Ten to fifteen years for several exactly new export in these Olympic but this is all part of that new movement true what they call extreme sport sport that you often see on the X games they have been adopted by the Olympic Committee they are now part of the Olympics. Really appeals to a younger audience which is part of the reason they've. They've been included here and the US -- system superbly yesterday a clean sweep of the medal podium. Gold silver -- bronze only the third time that's ever happened for the US. And a Winter Olympics so this has been very good news for the US inspect all four gold medals at companies extreme sports. Walton what is the course like because we were we hearing about how warm it is there. It has suspected it to some degree and to date there ran in the super combined for the men they actually began. The early run which was been built over an hour earlier because. Temperatures today at least in the Sochi area this is not the mountain -- but in the Sochi area where in the mid sixties so it's been much warmer than expected so they they moved up the time a bit so it wouldn't get him to -- the earlier part of the day. Whether whether it's unbelievable -- issue with the at the winter storm back here. At Steve there was a terrible accident with a track worker. That's right there was a track worker who was performing some repairs -- just a maintenance. On the bobsled track and he was hit by eight. Practice -- what they often do was take before they won it will simply slid down to see how it goes on the course it's designed to -- that this happened that all of the -- activities be at the Olympics are not Olympic event and that there was on the course directly to read them on the court two of them were able to get away and -- -- -- -- -- it. He has undergone surgery we've been told by Olympic officials that the surgery was successful and that he is now in stable condition. Steve what specifically have you been able to watch. Well today we're watching lead in super combined not very good news for the US there were two American hopefuls. At -- to actually won this event in 2006. And Bode Miller and neither of them have done very well Olympic but -- has just completed his second run they won't run. One down he'll run one -- run and the idiot looks like he is out of the medal competition already Bode Miller coming up. -- very poor run and -- doubt about it especially so we don't really expect anything from in my church day. Is there a lot of excitement for hockey. Oh -- oh -- lots of excitement they ill like four years ago intent that we are the Canadians say if there's one gold medal would like to win a -- trucking. Yet the Russians are saying exactly the same thing if there's a walking medical they would like to win its hockey and tomorrow the US should which is one of the gold medal contenders. Will play Russia which has one of the gold medal contenders -- three or four of them the US Russia and -- -- is also considered a possibility. So these teams are gonna battle it out tomorrow the US -- Russia we of course being Americans are. All reminded of the miracle on ice in 1980 I actually -- that -- a of the Sochi Olympic Committee today about that he said. The movie miracle on ice is one of his three most -- We most memorable horror movies she calls for. While Steve thanks for the update. Great talking likely. That CBS news correspondent Steve government covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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