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2-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I wore us down -- the he would rate this thing. Hold movement. Is that you can just broad. And the law. And upload it. That we have to pass the bill says that you can find out what is in it. But that's not my responsibility in the if you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a there really isn't -- nothing much to shorten. On balance excuse me while I witnessed. He's maybe 930 you've seen the new layout is inevitable. It's not. -- of the union people. One more time if ever our game guy evidently he -- game. Odyssey current events politics can -- Terry in viewpoint and -- well literal sense of humor wrapped up the short right there are they gonna go home now. Anyway -- coming up about ten minutes after five news radio 930 WB and the and it's hourly welcome. To the show and by the way thanks for bringing me into your life I appreciate very much. Jacoby appreciate that he's master control John Sherman looking much better that looks like he's got his cold licked. So that's. And double talk about you know I started out. Talking to making some reference to Comcast and Time Warner Cable. I know that it's fashionable to -- the cable company can't really say all -- many bad things were able. It's serious. But it upsets me now because suddenly the people with the 80. OL email addresses the user email addresses is like the smartest people in the because now I'm bill will be sending her emails or context say please update your email address to Comcast that guy. And been in the year I'll do the same thing and it'll be some other company is -- that we. With a guy says we've we've been bought out why so many companies I don't even know from which company are retiring anymore. Like that. So. Not that ever happens in the radio business but anyway. We have. Topic that actually I think is is frankly Portland. If you wanna call in and tell us. Up physically what's going on with all the crosses the better. I've got mine you got yours I -- assure you that mine are weirder and more statistically improbable than yours. I should play the lottery with these kinds of shots. But I I have to laugh about it because attitude is -- shorts. You'd choose how you deal with things. I told you guys there's a million times. During the middle Lake Superior. And a storm is -- And you've only got. So many horsepower. Of one of those old like it's there's nothing you can do about it. -- has got to roll with the changes -- what the weights. And make the best candidate. Because it's not your controller tiger power. You can choose to freak out or you can grow -- -- and just deal. And I just used the deal that I choose to be. Rather flippant about it it's a little things that get. Like the guy with a plow his pickup truck. With the grace happens bumper sticker who cut me off in traffic the other day. Sir yes grace happens. Using your turn signal is a choice I suggest you make it. I couldn't be angry with a guy -- with great grace happens bumper sticker obviously he's a fine fellow and anger is kind of stupid. In that case. -- -- And estrogen but. Anyway. What ails you physically and you're world. Confided. In you guys. And I will let you know when my surgeries going to be to put the drain in so the green fluid it's ultimately. Probably would give -- popular ago. We're alike at trade off at all maybe a stick with addicts but. There's that usually talk shows would never do that is atop. Ever ask you guys what -- I choose to ask that question actually person -- FaceBook brought up without the degree question what ails you. Know what's what's the crusher bearing right now. Want sympathy does me no good. You know I feel about sympathy. Whatever separately Europe I wanted to but he had opened the dictionary and -- between a four letter word meaning excrement it starts with the letter S. In the words couples that's -- sympathy. Maybe your parents at that you'll want to elaborate. I'm more curious about what's going on with you guys chances are -- -- use a lot more serious than what's going with me. I would be doesn't exactly entail brains are real 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yet. And what ticks you off. What ails you as far as your mood. And your anger. At Samuel Jackson which. The Obama dictatorship. That angers me and it makes me sick. Because our patriots who have given their lives for this country. Did not do so for a socialist dictatorship. Ladies and gentlemen we have a country where the laws don't matter. And decisions are made unilaterally by a president it's called a dictatorship. It's basic civics. The top it can't be dictatorship this is the United States. Raw. Naivete rules but -- -- thirty right back to the calls here is an insult buffalo -- Hi Corey Dylan that -- I mean perfect degree that you. This country is going to Helen can't get as chairman language but you know there's no other description. To give. All. Our expression of where where ended up and you know I'm older now and I'm glad I'm -- -- I won't be around to see a lot of and because it would break my heart. And what this country was not made. For -- that idiot that sitting in Washington. Exciting yet he can do whatever he really want it to Egypt and to heck with the rest of the world. Let's just as one step -- what -- Obama decides he doesn't feel like obeying the constitution he's the president he can do whatever he wants what does he says you know what I need four more years I'm gonna take four more years. With the current way of thinking he could do that and the Republicans wouldn't say everything because obviously they'd be bunch of racists. You're right they're probably wouldn't. On you know and and personally. I'm the personal and Soledad I stopped voting. Form my congressman. I probably two or three elections ago and she. -- -- On I looked the other guy whoever the other guy is I also the other guy. I didn't expect a way to choose to vote for wolf. Because Brian Higgins has been an enabler of the Obama dictatorship and somehow escapes any criticism of bet. It's it's beyond me I mean I kind of wonder whether Republicans are gonna have their fund raiser for -- You know I just can't figure out how did that they'll play at without ever knowing what to -- within its. But beyond that X Ray Nagin well it's very its head in the sand and -- from everybody never talking to anybody in his in his district. Perish -- thought they might be disappointed or angry with him. And on the. Anyone reelection handily against Mike Madigan the voters that his district had a choice and they chose to send Brian Higgins back the congress and welcoming Brian -- lost his -- -- -- -- -- gonna watch my words a little bit cares it's tough you know it's humans that become an out but. Well I I think I want I want everybody when somebody. Stand in August I don't get the -- don't want anymore. And I you know what I I completely understand revenues I'm trying to be better person. You know -- act I act and and then both OK I deal with the transplant. I deal all of this side effects from the medications produced at plants so that I think he'd -- And both sinopec now I have yet to cancer two years. -- happens Bob because. The drugs that basically take your immune system down left you susceptible to cancer. Exactly and and in the process the drug that pairing you all. OK at the exact opposite of what you take to keep your Trent Edwards so all of that yet and near the actor that Iraq -- at the back. Did not seem to know how to keep -- they Ellen. So that you're transpired doesn't get damaged. And also your team or does what it's supposed to do. And fortunately for me now Elliott reports the actor told me when I. I -- before Easter wouldn't my Easter present its exports. He said and we -- my cancer. -- -- -- Now I guess the larger question is how about the drugs is he gonna say no more immune destroying drugs to keep transplant. Not and he can have control -- net for the most part of -- of people who handled the transplant. Can't control on that and then they basically they they -- nature. Majorly good at communicating with these trapped there. So how are you up my dear and you lost your husband you have a good support system to help you out. To help you deal with all of these health vicissitudes the ups and downs. You know -- my husband the pocket than me. For all -- primary life we had two years where I could circle the calendar and say he did not go in the past that our. Okay we don't they have pleaded not yet. Money satisfied that these people. Because we and every year catching up with the bills that are behind because it was. Okay. I I hear there are -- -- that's how like it. Okay people call me the energy about it because I just -- I think he thought. And what other choice do you really have I mean the the attitude is everything. Of course try to explain that to the bill collector is another story but. If you've got to -- a family pet is gonna line up behind you and support you you got people who. -- not to visit to a hospital you've got people who are there to take your of your house when you're gonna watch -- house when you're gone. You know that I -- to the battle right there. In our people. Cut we lost her daughter ten years ago and com -- -- Came to live without because there was no -- Well -- -- -- -- really got it I hope that despite the tragic circumstances he's been a godsend to you in York. Years have a better health. He determined. He Trulia. Advancement since -- rip current you know he he just he and determined to help. Sometimes you know it's like. It -- but you know for the most part he -- here and my family. Amazing just amazing. And even my adopted him from my marriage. You know they're out there you know and get to basically with a recap the -- somebody else he expressed their feelings. On the spot you know -- my feeling and I think you know that country into major trouble because constitution being totally ignored. I constitutional expert. You really don't act because on it and he knows how to get around it. Although he he he knows that he just doesn't care about it because he's the president and he can do whatever he wants. Thank you very much and he said it's some which states humor I'd say it's for reality. Let's check in with traffic and -- reality is -- drive homers owners. Right now we're holding 26 news radio 9:30 WB -- -- right back to the calls we get what ails you either personally or politically. Tigers at all on a cell phone on WB and -- follow. It's I want -- not know what he -- me -- -- -- something called -- quite a bit or are -- her word that they are all ICE. It is -- and they can land in any major court end. I I is bad and might I cheap oil every college. -- -- -- -- Here and my right -- my house. -- actually mean it probably deteriorating. Right every year note that the actor actor here. Here it get -- act it. I act and then -- the bad -- -- look like if there was a collapse in Kabul. So you would -- a good candidate for a laser surgery because you'd have to keep to read news. Pretty much -- they're not sure yet Britain there's talent that's coming up on the wire I I'm actually a study. One of the -- or in the area. Eighty initiative on Andy Jacobs. Neurological institute a couple of I would have her very first patient went in that area. I wanna talk you know what I'll talk more with you about this because as they fellow. Shall we say disaster. Of a ridiculous number of statistically improbable medical oddities it makes me feel good to speak with a fellow -- and I hope you're not offended. All right stand by wanna find out more about this are quite doses it's going to be about thirteen minutes or not about eight ministers are due to do that. -- all right so -- hear more about that about -- what ails you either your body. -- what it's just taken off about the way things are going right now in America or Western New York I'm all ears. Industrial and I thirty WB yeah. The great Roy Orbison and you know the I -- you -- -- -- general performers who. Just were incredible. Talents that demands vocal range it's. Hearing. And it. He always wore sunglasses not because he was blind but because he was always very self conscious about what he regarded as is tiny beady little eyes -- are. Roy Orbison steal the ball -- think there -- -- our -- multi billionaire is Asian and he's insecure about them. -- way to say it. It's always something does go back to adult. Alone and that we're doing what ails you both physically and what ticks -- off politically which. Goes under the heading of what -- you. And Adele as well as though she's got -- Disease which is a new one on me. And how ringer is Burris. And all of it it's rare but. It's. -- went into that area actually. Point out exactly why add a -- It could be an industrial area but they really don't know or. I was diagnosed. More jobs. -- -- shore up by her wedding anniversary. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I'm excited and now. I woke up 1 morning with a pain in the ass and realize it was Obama being in the White House. -- an idea anyway. But anyhow I I I I. A man a couple of days later opened up -- warning it would play. And the -- I like. It. And and it out like I. I got caught or an -- And -- I actor in the area. Might I -- them. They got a lot and back and got it on the but in it either way we're -- -- an hour and a lot more -- Here's a caller. I. Went home and I realized. Double wide. -- -- -- You you know you're in trouble because you didn't wanna wait them out because you knew it was something more serious than eight color test because you knew you were white all law. You peace deal that there was something not quite right. Now I I hear I'm not trying to make light of it but sometimes misery and export to mock itself. Now soul what it what's the prognosis for this have you told us about the beginning but where does this end. And we're we're not really sure because. We aren't our house and and what I didn't -- at our appetite and and then here I start you. He is doing and you start oh -- Yet again right away. And mortars. At -- that -- pop it out there and -- We're in right away immediately I'd bet that orally because when I was originally diagnosed. It -- about -- general and pregnant though -- the treatment only it started immediately with an injection into the mirror. -- It yeah actually so I don't want to -- our. -- they're ended December saying. On good heavens but. But I mean what you're doing basically and they're doing you the favor but you're also basically volunteering. Your symptoms and you -- case for a study which hopefully it's gonna help other people in the future with this sought court. Exactly exactly I mean it just it's my last appointment. We get it ten the button cute if you are more apt. Went there all around them and that aspect a couple of hours do -- But now it eventually come you're not gonna let the -- that. You know -- or happy in my lifetime -- idea what it helps them why you thought somebody else down the line at all what. You have to be and until then I'm sure they used the word video -- that a lot which is a doctor's way of saying we were freaking well. I actually I actually cannot. I I heard the doctor mentioned actions and I mean -- -- -- -- -- You say. We we just don't want it yeah well we know. I think in Hawaii where the other people who are not expected. But one thing she did pinpoint in my gene pool. Is I am but I guess I'd let the history of cancer. From what else that determine why did not answer. According to my -- or that -- results. However my youngest sister has passed away eight months ago but the answer -- Triple negative -- and they shouldn't I'm Deborah Jeane. And it might gadget actually three weeks ago and they determined that he had me. I'm credit Portugal on -- which have been part of the blockage that he had. -- -- -- I haven't you been through hell and back out. You know I I wish -- the bass and but my goodness again you know like I said earlier when I started -- the show. Everybody is carrying a cross in some way shape or form. And you -- Have this freakish thing as I got a couple of freakish things and it it's like you don't know why but attitude is a choice obviously your attitude is terrific and you've been through some really significant losses. I had a great support system husband -- film from that. He he he he has -- I you'd support system for me you know we -- friends and family -- very supportive about a lot support each other states like glued together. Get through that yeah. Yes I have a great support system to it's called Jamaica. Thank you very much I'm glad you called -- as good luck to you seriously that's the stuff. Indeed thank you. Folks again we've all got something what ails you either your body well what's just taken off about life as it FaceBook. Male female or other. I choose not to get upset about what FaceBook does nobody holds the gun to your head saying you have to join FaceBook. And like it or not guys are people in this world who come into it basically being women trapped in men's bodies and it. Men trapped in women's bodies. And they wanna change that and wanna live there all life as they see fit and who in the hell week where you the judge. You know what. Life is too short to worry about what other people's. Situations are. I I just you know anybody who's confused who needs to go through that has my full support. Not that they needed but life is way too short to be judgmental. And if you really are upset -- what FaceBook is -- one quick FaceBook. And at an early to say. Male female. Transgender. I mean. We just need to grow up I think sometimes sexually. Which of course makes me persona non Grata in a -- -- Excuse me. Here is -- Almost as of which here's Korean Orchard Park and WB and this could get nasty -- -- hello. I was just such earlier saying you know what -- -- All right you I talked to me about the F FaceBook multiple gender options. Are you out the it is different options or -- can be well I I we're born it's the other thing. Such as so I would say it's. The. I don't know where the fifty is coming from I must be brutally honest with. They left the base that they it's Urban Outfitters that -- if corruption and black. -- the other fifty different terms people can use. And why would you even know here's the thing don't wanna put out on FaceBook. Seriously. Why would you even wanna put that on there. If there are some people believe they've got to put everything they eat on FaceBook. Well there's some people such an American importer of her name up my girlfriend everything she does it's I think it's a -- so that makes sense but that's a -- -- but. They sold with but it just doesn't make sense well. Well you know what I don't know where the -- of fifty I don't you know what I'm trying to stretch my mind a little bit. And I can't come up with fifty choices for gender I honestly can't but. Well I can come up with two known him I know that we're born. As male or female -- the other options. While the other option would be I can bring it to other options. Well one other actually transgender which would include. You know people who have gone through the surgical process. There would also be people who are physically mail but who are female or more physically female -- -- -- -- three. That's about it. But I can come up with other than the man or woman but why anybody put that up on FaceBook I don't know. And if you wanna put on Craig's list you'd probably a much better shot. -- that's my humor amazes even me. It on but you know as a if you listen to be worried. How hard to describe yourself up politically or you conservative conservative area and libertarian Republican one yard. I consider myself handing over a nineteen year old I consider myself Republican analyst and neutral every day it'll -- -- work. I consider myself I was brought up with Democrats sort and that's who I that I was I pursued Republicans viewed as competitive democratic field. You know I use this phrase before and it I did not invented that. I'm a recovering Republican. Because I see what Republicans act like in Albany -- I see what they act like in Washington and there is zero I have in common with these people zero. I -- should happen -- that is -- the Internet -- bigger government problem. Well as long as you're still listening to -- it's all good you know. Well I think the reason why is because -- profit again. Do you absurd because my. Of -- -- -- now I think that's -- I -- at the Kennedy with him. You know it's got to be deeper than that ago but I'll play is something. Since we have no laws in America there is nothing that would present -- prevent this president Wednesday. To take another term. If it doesn't. -- appropriate term which. You know nineteen and thirty year from what this country at all but he insists things keep up the same way -- -- He. I have to laugh I listened to Russian love Rush Limbaugh but when you send in -- -- motor. In November -- they're gonna throw these people and already the Democrats -- the handwriting on the wall and I'm thinking to myself out rushed guess what. The Republicans are gonna run and there are going to be able to write notes and they're gonna win. And they're gonna be rhinos are gonna talk a good game and they're gonna end up being Republicans in name only. They -- I think. My all time favorite like all country -- -- -- admit I mean I think he should be enough but that's my opinion. He's a very liberal northeastern elite Republican. But given a choice between Mitt Romney get given a choice between Mitt Romney and John McCain. If I would -- I would for the Baltimore. Look at the moment it was about Republican or Democrat this country so that's -- it's a bit due for a -- I think implement it was about this country's new in my opinion. We need more people quite frankly like Ben Franklin -- like Thomas soul like Ben Carson. Like myself like Rachel wells like a lot of people in my -- these are people on my FaceBook page who are. Well -- these are people who have identified themselves as either male or female and if they were transgender so what about my business. That's that's why -- conservative area and I just I don't hear you know out of sand I don't care what people. I love love anybody who is on my side is a patriot that's a cure people and the -- -- cure the transgender and -- Thank you very much and glad you called. But a lot less judgmental in by New Year's. Which probably means I've realized that more depraved and I thought on WB yet. -- let's get back to the calls on WB -- were talking about what kills you. Either physically or what is bothering you in general about life. In the United States in 2014. Could it be FaceBook with fifty choices which really not understanding. I can use my imagination a lot. With such things is gender identity. I'm stuck with five or six I cannot make a list of fifty really can't I don't see -- fifty even comes. But again you know what nobody is breaking your arm for -- be on FaceBook. Seriously. It's a choice. Like anything Els and -- what FaceBook is doing is that irksome to you then don't you. You have a choice. It's like. If people choose. Not to listen to me it makes things that I suppose but it's their choice nobody pulled the gun bigger. And that's what I'd rather you listen because you want to a park manager coerced into. All right if I could I'd send somebody up to beat up everybody who didn't put posters here as it burst on WB -- holiday of. Both -- and good to hear from thank you first equating your wisdom -- -- appreciate it. I do like -- this is what. Kills me as far as politically. I appreciate you always replaying the wind mean. Governor Cuomo you've gotten and articulate year. Well I wanna say this speaking and speaking we're talking about health and health care and it's the taxis and this literature that the the higher as is going to be asked. With in foresee and obamacare -- and and then on top of that. Are -- that part of the -- SH organization that. Has purchased two billion rounds of ammo. And they're going to be essentially armed I guess I I guess I would ask. You do that we need armed accountants to enforce health care. Well. I don't know off the top my head if I -- is part of VHS. I don't know I'm looking up easily but. On what I do know is there's. It is a tax the Supreme Court says so even when the Democrats were ramming this down our throats they -- it wasn't a tax then when it was convenient it's suddenly became attacks it's like the logic of -- -- saying. I'm a Catholic that's why I don't support the death penalty. Also are in favor of abortion on the well I don't want politics. Are clashing with religion and other convenient cafeteria Catholics. Exactly and and on top of that gonna say and you mentioned the dictatorship. You know there's there's. A list of admirals generals in and what not -- Obama is basically. Let's go. And -- -- retired and -- there's rumors are around that supposedly wanted to litmus tests are would you fire on the American people yes that's very disconcerting and I. For I don't know why. There's no stories on the Atlanta major media doesn't look into Tibet to. Jim giro I think his name is he has been writing about that frequently on FaceBook. Okay OK I'd like to check that out I expect it should be alarming to the American public. It's not the American public doesn't give a rat's behind about anything anymore except bread and circuses that it. Yeah and and I was gonna say another thing. You know however that we'll have to wait until after news is that so hold on don't go anywhere and is ready at 930 WBE.

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