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2-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD -- Rebels. And he went right. -- Yeah holes looked at the end. Up. No one ponds with an assault rifle. No. -- -- Did the all time. If they are big extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. -- happened to that Gary Cooper. To strong silent. That was an American. Our brilliant move Tenet knew what to eat. The news -- 930. -- like you. You have loans. I'd like -- My favorite. -- it's about ten minutes after six -- vendors ready at 930 WB EN. Search and I think this is that all of his life. Any more concerned about it. Austin Powers and at a what ails you is topic and the same topic all four hours now. But -- wide ranging up to be Thursday -- every step of the now that question has two parts to number one physically what ails you. Those who were listening earlier belong in the short of is I'm gonna get a green put into my brain or spinal cord. Because the fluid the medicine is not drying up -- fluid anymore. And it is the headaches that basically. Are hellish. Really and here is the only economic relief from because I love what I do is I get that natural endorphins released that's my girl being on the year believe it or not. And of the opinions. What what kills you in terms of what's taking off in Joseph and nothing is taken me up big time. Not all of this president's usurpation of power. Basically we've seen a court -- -- In Washington DC were the executive branch headed by Barack Obama. Has. Taken powers to which it is not even entitled. And the machinery of government. IE congress and the senate. Acquiescence is quite -- Except for Rand Paul a couple of others at that. Where's Chris Collins why is calling for the impeachment -- I crimes and misdemeanors. We live a long list -- folks. The law is whatever Obama says that is and their -- Look folks I'd say the same thing of it was George Bush. Those of you listen long enough know that. I it was not a big George Bush -- in his second term in particular. So don't commit this crap about it -- black granted president. Baloney. I can deal with Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court despite. I can deal with Thomas so all I can deal with doctor Ben Carson just fine. What I can't deal with. Our people who. Make top the law as dictators. I can't go along with that that's just on American baby the kind of things just not my bag. Let's get back to the calls and -- in Amherst is witnessed Dave Reichert has really ticked off about what's happening in Washington. Yeah that definitely -- and I just wonder if you finally you like myself. Believe there's more to the JFK issue talk about a coup d'etat. All the JFK thing let me just -- they would happily JFK opinion. Basically but. I think there's some back to it. Basically units five vs spy you would CIA guy Iverson CIA guy. And it was rogue CIA people who didn't the government did not -- getting out the CIA employees kill the president sell. They basically had the cleanup operation afterwards to make sure that those who knew could never talk. Wouldn't doubt that a bit and I just wonder if in all the rabbit trails you've gone down in this effect ever is out as well. He would issue an executive. Order 11110. To print US notes backed by silver. And apparently. Within days. After the assassination. Johnson. Pulled those notes from circulation. That would essentially ended the Federal Reserve power. I we recently as last election cycle and become a big run half man. Because they'd realize just how much power of the Federal Reserve -- -- and in this class banking collapse. I believe were essentially and the hook for twenty trillion downloads of printed money. That went who knows where to other governments and other central banks. And my question is who really controls. Obama and the president. I think -- Ron Paul was right where it was saying the first step is. He got and the Federal Reserve. -- and getting back your country. I'm concerned about the fact that recently. I'm not sure if this is true that the the vice chairman of the -- is that dual Israeli American citizen. I don't know all. Why I like to you'd like why. Maybe that's set to be at the national security breach. Thought I would say several things you and the Fed OK you do what Kennedy said. You you you you don't need the -- to collect taxes that that's just used as a punitive tool. On the citizenry. Whether you're Republican or Democrat it's the only thing can be used force control. The third thing you got to do in this -- like Pepsi -- and what what's that these these free trade agreement they're so afraid of bringing -- the trans Pacific partnership. They won't -- -- they're trying to back door that deal because they -- they get run out of Rome they've brought that out. -- they know -- may ask the district got this country of industrial jobs. So and the Fed. And the -- -- Fair trade not free trade closed the border. Barack Obama care. And you know what those two billion. Round ammo -- ths as they need to go back in the hands of the DOT in the military. They don't need to. Well I I don't know quite how to say this without being offensive but the consoles -- whipped -- debate. Thank you very much -- religious I'm glad you called. 8030 lead thirty news radio 930 WB yen. -- You know that probably 99%. Of what he said went over the heads. A lot of people. Similar I have really honest. But. Folks say I don't doubt for a minute. They're there is an invisible government in America. You know there are powers behind the throne that we don't know about I don't doubt that firm -- -- what -- It's happened before. Happens now elsewhere I'm sure it happens here in the United States. I don't mean necessarily sinister I'm talking about movers and shakers whose names you may or may not know. Who wield an enormous amount of influence pressure and power. You think Serpico had a tough. Let's get back to the calls this it is oh in ten more on WB -- welcomed the program -- Well -- topic ailment. I want to be positive but -- just talk about ailment. Just stop your car to -- great it felt very popular spot reduce being. Remaining time I hit three elements typically. It's one I'm getting old I'm 52 year old you ailments and I thought you -- -- -- -- commitment shoulder problems that bother me I'm very. Guess I have three kids 1614. And twelve then and -- being hindered by -- out. 52 years old and we've got a twelve year old salutes. -- it's wonderful but don't own up. To. Interrupt you right now. Because I want to -- something. For a long time I was told dude you probably will be shoulder surgery and there's a 5050 chance it's gonna work. I found a phenomenal chiropractor. Guess what no -- shoulder pain at all. And I just I'm leaving that as an option two traditional medicine do not short sell chiropractic. On the huge believer. -- tech sector -- -- from an -- by -- until it's excellent excellent. Yes and momentum in one -- is almost spiritual put them under its sites virtually. Whether it's emotional. You know get some more. Torture people -- know. And I know a lot of people not a sales. You know when you say you -- -- somebody in another you know an old guy. I know people in them have lots. Of people are in years to people don't look -- And I am. A -- that. Emotionally that bothers me. Her spiel. You know part of it a lot of white cultural him. We have a part of it is you know bear pain watching them indoor. Part of it is your missing the person they used to be and part of it of course is a realization as you said as you get older that that we come closer and closer to the last time ever get out of bed in the. Yeah at all now we all have to deal with it understand at Hilton. And the third one year. This political alpha house seat down there at all you wanted to go. I'm upset obviously with Obama I was hoping and praying. That the results be different. I know I did not vote formed it took him a racist. But I will say that's a record speaks for itself what what bothers me arm I am I just left the church -- -- -- to the 29 years. Because it's a liberal church -- -- bit that the care here. My pastor -- in many liberal statement Stern's firm. And that outwardly it and sit there and acquire and acquire model all on the order of one on the part of elders. And what I hear statements like let us not deny illegal immigrant and extinction. Sermon. That that the closed forum now open for debate that bothers me that's. That's indoctrination what. And engineers statement like. It's chirp of a heckler when I was attending to pursue -- speaker award. You'll be that sure about -- and that's mark -- When it. I like standout. Kevin that they picture -- -- but what are right there shook a -- -- while you're at an empty. Why are playing and they had a. What should hold on I want to hold on because you -- on fires her your burning like Joan of -- but I -- take traffic with -- -- WB in which hardly seems fair on Valentine's Day by the way full moon as well. So up I have a feeling between Valentine's Day booze. And that the full blown -- and it's gonna be very interesting night. Let's get back to love. -- In Kim who. What ails him. A bigger part. Got Joseph is on fire exam you're burning like eight beacon in the night to keep the ships from crashing on the rocks so you hum. You are upset with your church. You left the church you've been attending you've been on the board of and the part you've been part of acquire. Because the pastor exit church basically went live. And then Morgan Soledad you know we'll have a -- meeting -- -- and years. One person at a -- -- let's let's pray that we don't you know we we -- at the only rate without feeling it out. Yeah confident and I am. You know what it would shut it you know -- we Wear clothes were that conservative I -- comedy conservative I look at it is. -- with what is not working and what upsets me is that people. And -- the church etiquette expert and as I -- cure this story with you. I mean quite your -- and it is we're not -- -- -- I have no problem pot you know you could go to church yes he talked about we -- believe -- your Christian. -- -- When you're there faster and and it followed her down with an open discussion I want talk about things that are important to me. A public kids' future. They can hit three -- little bit what like four and and some in my liberal friends who like poke fun at me in a lover. She'll say you know what you're -- act is good enough they are -- account there wrote and the choir director we get. Talking -- faith. Now let me finish well astound that that's -- it's about people. The choir director came from Austria ten years ago. She just became US citizens late September. Then you're going through the Q okay while we're talking about the Second Amendment -- simple perks as he stressed out she says and I yes you. What is the Second Amendment and like right wing corporate liberal front that is outdated. It got a -- militias like on the court on that road Scioscia let. Like that basically my right the bear arms to Taiwan open. You're asking a sport. Right all I can own -- or for other reasons. So she stood up when he went back and she said I don't like -- I don't want guns AK gone I want talk about what. You're you're wrong church. I'm starting let me at the right thing by leaving because it first of all. I'm sorry calling old fashioned. But church in spirituality. And that part of your existence in some way shape or form at -- it has to be divorced from the temper you know there's the temporal and there's the spiritual. Here's the scene and the unseen I think spirituality argue about the unseen and out about. Politics. Or call your passion could call -- -- on the thank you. On WB and 645. -- And -- and yeah he's been so fun. It's. Like two leads. -- yeah. It's. And is a yeah. There's this whole news. -- Good stuff right there. I thought I play a balance trades the pick via an advance to tomorrow. It is 634 news radio 930 WBA and the joke hurt him. Masterful job master control and John Sherman he's back to his full normal self. Not today after and pretty ragged the last three days ago as the cold John is brace yourself. The after effects of the -- the drive that dealt with -- till June. So just August delegates the way it is but. On the other hand if at all is you probably are not getting anything else the rest. Two others at by the way. Some some people it's going to be some nasty emails. I know it's true but regarding Donald Trump. Folks. I've been told by three different people. -- We should keep our eyes closely. On Donald Trump's Twitter feet. That's what -- the cult. Win that anything is going to be announced. I don't now. He hasn't called me to tell. I'm sure we open. Until then we'll keep an -- and that's what her feet. Don't know if he's gonna say something tonight tomorrow or we'll have to wait till march. I don't know. But. I'm just say it. Not only that I have a vision my second of the day yesterday but. I was told by three different people. My inside track folks. To keep our eyes on his Twitter feed Donald Trump so that the best they can go. I don't know anything else are maybe just a little bit more. But it's not determinative one way or the other and I'd be breaking a confidence if I said it so I won't say. Yeah that's our it is 636 that's -- wonderful. Would you like some -- but -- with that. Under his radio and I always -- clams and is ready at 930 WV EN ergo the drawn butter remark. Let's go to Bob and East Amherst on WB and hello Bob. I'm Bob what ails you. Well. I know -- this merger situation. Time here. -- out NBC. Universe. Now we know NBC universal. Is in the in the president's hip pocket as far as any kind of communications. You combine that with Time Warner and other stations and all their affiliates. You think he had the possibility of a state run news network coming. In the future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't know but I'm talking about complete. You know take over. You would with with. With universal you'd you'd have to have a major cable companies just taking everything Albert. While we have the First Amendment that is that guarantees us of course our freedom of speech freedom of assembly freedom of the press cell. The First Amendment of course that means something just as much as the Second Amendment in the Fifth Amendment of the tenth amendment so. Little sarcasm in my voice and and begin to. And I candidate I understand that by that. And and that's going down on bella dead down the road with the executive orders. And everything else suddenly. You know we. We we have the Obama picked up the Obama network where he just takes everything that they cover -- about gas. Well but the thing is you the reason I wouldn't worry too much about that is because that is already the case with most media outlets anywhere. Because of the overwhelming majority of people in -- or entertainment profession are liberal. It's just the way it goes it's the personality type a attracted to performing and media and if they're waiting celebrities without really doing anything American electoral. It's. It's how it would kind of be redundant. If these networks were already conservative. And were taken over at some point look up but they're already liberal a much more liberal -- NBC -- My point actually employment Brent I was in that. An excellent point. Are they looked at the biggest. The the biggest ally. Of the takeover of the American government and the cool we've witnessed in the past few months. The biggest ally has been day the media beat the utter stupidity. And lack of interest of the American public. Bread and circuses I keep saying that I'll keep saying it because it's the only phrase I can say that summarizes America 2014 bread and circuses. -- -- -- Well I -- a full of them tonight. -- doesn't usually happen anything else killing you. I'm not really. A secret about Willis is not going to be tomorrow I don't know what it's going to be see the doctor on Monday. And I basically just gonna say you do got a scheduled me because I just I can't deal. Well what whatever you do and every haven't. Just good -- Now while I appreciate that thank you probably fine I just I don't wanna be announced that does no -- to watch. It's an assistant. Kurt thank you very much. All right well I watched most of my heart surgery was followed. It's not weird. I have a fundamental curiosity about -- Especially when it -- -- Got a cool. Ordinarily come out into vivid section. But on the subject it's my chore it's our right it is 640. Portugal -- If the work of which sucks that our it is up early and is ready at 930 WBE and that and we're asking you what ails you. Because. I mentioned before that the thing with the agreement adequate and that the -- flew to stop the fluid from building up my brain. I'm stupid -- Haddix. Which by the way go away when I'm working because of the natural endorphins released. That comes with performing and loving your job so. This is the best part of the day seriously mentally and physically. Because. Endorphins natural -- Not the glorified heroin you're better off with a natural endorphins the same effect. It's like being a treadmill it's like running. Performing releases the endorphins from. So I get -- natural thing going. But what ails you that's that's would interest me. Mean I've just got to hold -- weird things. Totally statistically improbable things. Some people. Some people are more -- of the little. I'm special. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WBBM in addition to what ails you physically talk show -- never do shows like. Look at the reverend don't -- and thirty odd years what bails you out what ticks you off. What is bothering. And one of the things bothering me is the fact that we have become a lawless country. We are a banana republic we're place where the law is what the president decides it is according to his Williams his will and his caprice and that's that. And nobody cares. It's quite a few little limited ducks land. Here is a ball well. -- She's not ready -- -- -- WB. Really hate us what -- I don't have that good break until that the five so I have all. Call is ten minutes of un interrupted programming for you -- against what ails you. Now today FaceBook came out and said it's not enough that we have a male and female entry -- gender were gonna have fifty different choices. Who okay. If that -- -- There is nothing there's not a law on the books yet that says you have to be part of based pork. You know social media talk about stuff the picture off. Social media is both a blessing and a curse. If I didn't have to do my job I probably wouldn't do. Now I probably yeah it would probably occupy very little of -- time. But it kind of comes with the territory of doing what I do for a living so. It's one it's it's a good job responsible. Other -- that. I'd probably if I did it it would be more to watch it would be to work to take part I'd be a boy year I would be a participant. You know three -- thirty start time 3180616. WB Ian what ails you physically and what's taking you off. Time Warner Comcast. Knowing will probably have to change your email addresses again did you like out I don't trust to. Never have never well here is Delores in north Boston and WB and hello. And I am the only. Health. And life. And our society. But there was a lady here. That I was told to speak with because she was doing. Exposing dirty politics with the newsletter in our community. She escaped from behind the iron curtain when she was -- in -- teenager. And then the second time we -- when they act to east Germany. To see your gang mother and escaped a second -- and she said when she left here after repressive were burned down she was. Dating but really what this state police officer her son was here for tickets I -- -- you go nowhere without a tape recorder. And preferably a witness as well. And when she left the community she said I thought you were crazy when you told me this is the cats commercial list. But I will tell you be kind east Germany we knew we were -- free you people only think you -- -- Through our words spoken. You know -- I have to interrupt you I'm gonna let you go on further but. For people who think that I'm some kind of right wing conspiracy theory lunatic nut job. -- -- -- Every single person I have ever spoken with who lived in the old Soviet Union. They totalitarian. Regime sends me emails saying brother you are spot on the -- get -- I lived under this kind of an administration before I've lived under this kind of government before and the American people just don't realize because they're the frogs in the boiling water. It. The fourth right. Well if they want thing if you wanna talk as one of our previous -- bit about purging the military of commanders who refused basically a loyalty oath to Obama. -- been no shortage of news stories about that that's something that Stalin did. And by the way that's also a reason -- the Nazis were able to go so far into Russia. Within the first -- a few months of the invasion of Russia in the nineteen for the 20. OK you also know that in 1945 you're talking about different apathy. And the fact that let's. Well they're like. Back. Tried for. And I tell you why in 1945. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Where he used in the people are actually on the country. In. What -- called places. Concentration camps. It was absolutely 1945 Grand Rapids rapids Michigan. Was the first state. And that -- county to use floor right and they it was what they used and the prisoners. In the -- concentration -- Instead I don't understand they used Florida the concentration camps why. Because it made people it's -- it's attacks since it's a potential. Weapon. And they -- twice and that's why people are a -- It you have to pay attention event out by torture. But OK time out time out time out. I have been using fluoride since I came into this world and I'm not apathetic -- a firebrand. Why did I escaped the curse of flora. It doesn't effect everybody's the same way but it is attacked them and when they did get down in Florida get rid of that through -- county. Bill. Commissioner. Of the particular county was thrown out afterward. And I fear for Paula -- in the end and anybody who. And he you know can there was one thing I thought about mattered golf I can say this publicly. Well if you don't know what else. If you don't know adults at the took that position I mean that. Word that they are being very unfair -- I don't know what could say this publicly but no you know what if you don't know them don't know you done a lot. Email email Thomas WB dot com Thomas WB -- back. Yes. Okay I have my fifteen round clip that I carry with me all the tank. You can't I -- not hear that you cannot admit that right now. I didn't hear that. It's what it. All all okay. Yes and you tell the cafeteria Catholics to get out they're neat. Because there -- but you know local they couldn't charge. And get wicked people. Well. Hopefully our floor that is interesting -- George Nora had some guy on last night talking about it and you can tell I didn't get a lot of sleep last night because. Freaking headaches so are heard them talking about floor rise in how fluoride is evil. And -- -- trails -- even chem trails. What evidence is there to suggest that were being sprayed from Obama. It would be very simple it would be a very simple study collect Rainwater analyze the Rainwater. That's exactly what demanded last night. But it. He did -- why wouldn't anybody else -- the raw applicability of. It's been done before by other people in the oriented Mac. Absolutely and technical look at this. When you see it clear sky in and my understanding is that the United States. -- Can lead in the aircraft which they provided. To -- duties. Grew up in the year. Rationality is Ford I don't know I called to try to find out thus far Kinect find out why. Okay. So I guess you know what. I I'm just not comprehending. -- -- the -- becomes real thing because. It's just pure science that when you fly at a high enough altitude it. You -- jet engine is good and even the props are going to work -- vapor trails. Happened in World War II. With high flying bombers they left vapor trails behind. How long had a vapor trails since the difference. That's the differential. How long I don't know that anybody measured length back in World War -- Aren't well they also used by the way that the the English is still -- -- For night flying. Which is and I herb. -- -- If you -- OK. You know fluoride in chem trails I don't know I look for good look at all. Offer good conspiracy theory. Mercury T -- this zero Mercury might. Well get written Mercury that. -- good luck I'm glad you called the -- much now I've Mercury free taste -- World War II. The best proof. That defenses can always be circumvented may be contained a little -- But now I'm in me in the -- you know I'm thinking of them I'm in the I'm you know I'm -- And only then that I am and then it. Coke -- are we have our own defense which is turning into the budget -- it's called the United States constitution. And instead -- going right through the constitution the powers that be -- going round the constitution much as the Germans did in World War II. Sorry little historical reference. For those -- you were not numbed up by the flora. Our thanks to Joseph -- great job Joseph you are -- -- -- And that John German great job is always folks thank you very much properly and if part of your life and your world and your drive all the all that stuff. And two very important words. That you need to count the -- No yourself.

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