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2-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 the dvd add. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This. Broad. OK. Law and upload -- and welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. No. Until then. His ball club. There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's not mind he's 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. All right it's not about early on his radio that there -- yen thanks for Dave part of the show thanks for making -- part of your life I appreciate that. Wanna say to frank at the UPS story of the -- that are he's been from the walkers -- -- everybody who is -- walker is booted from the walkers and that's how it goes. -- -- It's Tony Walker's world the rest of -- we just. We're just part of it were just part of the ensemble. A lot of friends over there to select a break and so anyway hi frank from the UPS story and his buddy Bob was in there -- they weren't Campbell. Yes wearing camel I give his last name that I don't have authorization -- do what he's not a public person to -- reserve is privacy and in -- and stuff so anyway nice seeing you Bob they beat you -- obviously Frankie. Anyway got good news to review the history is moving -- -- the worst. Yeah so losing -- at least there -- but closer to your humble host. And I get to go to Texas so we protect our it is maybe Texas maybe Brazil I don't know. It is Paula because if you go to result you don't have to go get wet and -- Anyway hire a good of you to be -- it's a major part of my life and I'm glad I'm part of your life it's that that dysfunctional relationship and it's gonna be part of it. So I wherever I start out this morning talking up this morning -- It's the right and I started out this afternoon talking about Time Warner Cable going away. And suddenly the people with the EOL dot com email addresses the Compuserve dot com email addresses suddenly they seem like the smartest people in the room. Because at adelphia. Roadrunner I'm pretty sure we're gonna have to go to -- Comcast now. And that makes me feel bad that makes reset to give up my old email address so. That's just the way like goats. And I don't like Google so I don't wanna Gmail account Yahoo! just sound stupid. May -- spring for those at Reagan dot com bit Rush Limbaugh talks about anyway. Two topics Bonnie we started talking about that one that's still cool -- you wanna talk about why your provider of television is better than mine. All of you with bios and tell me how great the Olympics have been live on CBC. -- fun. You don't get the Olympics because you don't get CBC all of you -- -- and tell me how great it is in the cold icy wet. All of -- Joseph get them that this guy out there to have its chopped off this weekend. I hate I like Time Warner Cable. Love might be too strong but like I thought their honorable company and they always did right by me I can't really say anything bad about them. All price -- Well up it could be cheaper but nobody held a gun I had to get HBO or Cinemax or high speed Internet or cable plus just tax deductible and in my -- so you know there's at. All right we are upsurge. Show -- baby. Fact I'm pretty sure I do Schoen hedonism like you probably ought to remind him that he entered in next year's taxes. So anyway what we're talking about here is. I was gonna say something very funny but at the same time I realized it could India -- in the -- Jamaican prison for awhile so we're not going there. So what -- right. Well -- deductible expenses so anyway. What we're talking about is what ails you. From a health standpoint because we've all got our crosses. I said earlier -- -- it went all the details of who cares it's not a show about me. But I have to tell you in terms of a walking constellation. Of statistically improbable medical stuff. I -- eight poster child. I should be so lucky in the lottery. It you have no idea there is nobody can honestly say that there's only one person like be in the entire world would put everything together nobody else I have no. -- Can't be impossible statistically impossible. So I mean maybe if you're a hundred million people in the world would be possible but it may now with seven. So well 67 what's a billion between friends anyway and Belcher but. We are talking about what ails you health wise and what is ailing -- as far as you know what's taking off politically. And I'll play our president -- is ticking me off. But the American people particularly often know because you've got a dictator folks in Washington whether or not to want -- would bit. They could they -- has been staged what you guys been busy watching the -- and Super Bowl. Your president has told the American people that whenever and wherever well actually -- -- legal off. It's gonna we're gonna get back the calls at 8030930. I can't stand the man. Which obviously makes me somebody who hate black people. Because that's the only -- reason anybody would -- Obama or his policies right. I've always that I love the black part of Obama it's the white part is obviously corrupt because he's biracial he's not even black he's biracial. Among other things -- let's. Please tell me bi racial happens to be one that lets -- -- Obama is Joseph. Think that. The issue of executive power and executive privilege. Is one that. Is subject to abuse. And in an Obama presidency what you'll see will be. -- sufficient respect for law. And the co equal branches of government that I hope we don't find ourselves in the situation -- which we would be having aides being subpoenaed for. What I think everybody acknowledges is some troubles some information out there. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. There's your president folks on the hand that he's not gonna do George Bush did -- he could do what George -- Folks if it looks like it. Walks like hit and it acts like it all up for what it at 8 AM dictatorship you've got going on right now. And the machinery of government doesn't even trample. One person with the exception of senator Rand Paul with any all the stand up and -- this fall serial lying. Narcissistic. Dill weed or exactly what it's dictator. And was right. We turned and we banana republic. And folks I've said this once -- for occupants in it until -- die. And that is -- If you think. That because the constitution is written. It's going to be followed. You don't know squat about the real world. In the real world folks justice does not just happen. It's something for which you -- in the real world freedom does not just happen it's something you must protect. In the real world. -- republic is something that must be preserved by the people that live within the representatives or you might as well distracted him constitution into the fireplace. And users can. What we have right now is they dictatorship. Nothing less. And if you are too stupid to see that you're so he never of this lying piece of crap in the White House I feel sorry for. Because you know what it's people like you who raise your right hand in Germany it's that high. Let's go to up. Peter again in quit the Ontario Canada. Other -- are. What -- What can -- Obama so doctors. They're now they're all. Permanent political company and pick up doctors report. That the intent on. And -- what could happen. They're short people are not going to be able to get health care -- meet people at all. Audited. -- them we are a lot grandfather policies for. For people and gotten. If you get it over -- putting out. -- -- what are you talking about laws in the United States. Don't matter anymore that Peter this is a whole key to what I just said. We are able to the United States of America is now officially a country without -- a country under a one man. Dictatorship we have a president who you literally changes laws who has no power -- by our constitution to do and again if it walks like. Acts like that thinks like that and it speaks like that and it does like it it's a dictatorship and that we have right now. You know what happens know I'd really truly believe you're gonna get into it like a doctor and carpet. Who would have been the greatest president in the world. Well because he's black and obviously I hate Obama I hate black people so I can't go -- young Ben Carson. I'm being very sarcastic and the -- Because he's got good Obama always -- the black shield can use our. If he's smarty come on -- he's buyer day that we can use that shield to. -- he's helped according black man who -- you know what felt if we -- it you know just found out about it we look at of the cart and target that they are. He's one of the greatest -- neurological. For children. Doctors ever put out there he's an amazing man. And I think that guy. I love that -- -- -- what it's kind Alfred without prayer breakfast we put Obama in place. Why would you doubt earned it a thank you Peter very much I'm glad you called it. Why would anybody think that Ben Carson wouldn't be targeted by the government folks this is what dictatorships do. Don't you get it. I said yesterday need to spell out for you this is what power hungry maniacs like Obama and Hillary Clinton will do. They will target the opposition they will smear the opposition folks if -- Republican president. And his administration. Had allowed the IRS. To target liberal. Groups. That president would have been forced to resign by incessant media -- This presidency this administration lied about it under -- committed perjury. But then again how can -- be perjury if there's no law. How can you seriously. How can you be held anything you say under oath. If there's no fundamental law anymore in the United States of America and isn't. And the ignorance of the American people and it is astonishing you know more about the Seattle Seahawks into Dubai to own constitution and your own government and Xiamen. For twenty WB -- find out about traffic here is mr. Allen Harris. You know some people are just so naive -- show it it was last week about. Invisible at about. Your real world education. The difference between what you learn in school and the way things really operate and critical thinking it. Apply critical thinking what's happening right now with President Obama. Folks it's a dictatorship. Deal with it and fight. Now for today. I wonder when the military's gonna say you know what maybe -- need to take action. I I wonder if there's any talk in the military the guys with the -- I mean I hate to even think that we are really but -- republic books. -- danger. All all. And nobody gives a damn. Congress. Really. Current budget. It's going to be mostly cloudy tonight twenty tomorrow breezy snow at times one to two inches 29 is 26 degrees. Let's go to us through into London on WB I'm calling in from little -- phone hello -- Sorry. I plummeted by the -- yet and I couldn't agree to more. The reason I'm calling it the talent and on about the China China wind -- politicians. I think Indiana -- and an area not far from where you grow up. In the town a tunnel liner hit the highest rate per capita of people with multiple sclerosis. And ineffective he could find it on Google. Well thank -- that's like it. That's affect you confided in the Buffalo News the two were not necessarily inseparable. And also cancer is very -- over here. -- -- I guess there's hey I can do about -- -- right and right next to each other is about died of cancer or him. Autoimmune diseases. It's ridiculous it nobody will help us visit our site and FaceBook. I don't do so I don't do other sites that I don't know all the I don't use -- Okay. And they this disease is pretty much made broke me. And I know you don't like it but I am on disability. But I have to be. Well. There's a difference between people on disability who deserve to be and who need to be on disability and those who milk the system and I'm sorry if I haven't made it clearer over the years. Whole -- of -- wanna talk you more. And that's what that's always a great controversy. Are there really cancer clusters and MS clusters a place at that I've never met as many people with an immense as I have here where I grew up not Florida not Missouri it's like does anybody not have MS in Western New York. You don't really right now. Is -- Rodney crawl tribute band. Itself for 34 as it keeps me in excess December. 434 news radio 930 WB yet its hourly thanks for making -- part of your life. -- specially the guys -- the email that's. Move you asks. -- Wife says she'll be packed -- target. Anyway. It is. It's like -- perish in a beer sometimes folks. Perhaps that bad metaphor anyway we are talking about. Oh we're talking about what ails you. What ails you. And -- a personal level it could be you know what personal health cross argue beer. Usually talk show host hated. What are people call -- today. Some heart attack if -- -- in this column I've got cancer you can't believe it's like going through cancer. I actually curious. Seriously. Because. -- folks. No breaks carrier. A lot of stuff for the past couple years and have been through. That is statistically. So improbable. As to be unique to me. I'll go through all the conditions again but I'm gonna get surgery. As soon as they can't -- to import. -- the extra fluid it is crushing pain making -- does not. Do that anymore as the Mets were used to diesel might as -- to drive up. And I couldn't sleep last night speakers for kinetics. Do I get one on the year. No see that's the weird thing. You know you love your job when you get endorphins released and it basically I've got natural morphine when -- do the show tourist. If you love what you know. The headaches go right away on the -- itself. But I'm not I'm not winding its just if I just stating a fact. And I don't wanna be put out -- wanna watch the surgery. Because I'm a little crazy that -- I mean I guess -- anti vivid section unless I'm the person being for the sector or watch. -- my -- Docket you go to little Laura never quite seen by -- -- process in that particular angle before. So up what you. And then taking one step further what makes you sick in general. Translation my complaint -- And the American people are making me sick right now because we're tolerating a dictatorship. And what makes me even sicker. Is your elected representatives and yes Chris Collins I'm talking about -- too. Are not even objecting. To the assumption of unwarranted illegal. Illegally obtain power. By one branch of government I eat the executive translation Barack Hussein Obama. The man who acts -- hated George Bush. For executive orders has now become the king of executive orders which is a fancy way of saying dictatorship. Raising the minimum wage. Unilaterally. For companies that do business -- wanna do business with the United States government. Where's the due process of law and it doesn't matter we live in the lawless republic. We have a president who don't health -- well product here he violates whenever -- want to. That's not more folks that's dictatorship. That's banana republic -- And nobody cares. Really. I am stunned at how stupid and how complacent the American people to become. Give -- my football my hockey my soap operas. Give him my movies my music in my video games in a -- NHL 242 in a much NFL 2014 and I can just sort out the E. A. SPORTS maybe that's America 2014. Meanwhile. You'll be bent over and abused and violated even now. That's still. You're setting a new standard for America it's called stupid. Let's go to. Look I just like I -- it in my countryman. Is the country does that give me liberty or give me. Is this the country it's that we the people. Is this the country that was the possibly win in the course of human events. It becomes necessary for one people to separate themselves from another now this is the country of all exports to Europe for 500. Here is us again -- -- Wanda true. We left off talking about a cancer clusters and MS clusters. In Western New York Marvin gardens tunnel tunnel Wanda -- were east area were I grew up. And then you've got a condition called what. And in your case how bad is it because they know it was a great experience. It's not bad but my my pet peeve is with the -- attack on a lot of because the citizens. There have been affected had been complain and complain about. Count on a Coke union in union tactics for years. And that town would do nothing except find them and they collect the fines and do not think. Until. That people really made an issue and got involved with the victims and survivors of toxic waste in Western New York. And I even talked believe they're not Erin Brockovich. Well -- The guy you're now your cal losing credibility with me but go ahead. Now I did -- -- you -- you -- you you can't Procter. I wouldn't want to. But I just as -- look at myself in the mirror. -- not the nicest parts of myself either. Well it -- Give me so aggravated that the town didn't do when he came. Well for the -- this is the power issue it's a federal government in New York State issue and the people who went through the same thing. And they're still going through the same thing with a -- well hold on a minute I wanna check in with traffic wreck at the check traffic again. Have a at all let's get active sorry about that soon with a false I I I I stopped too quickly. So anyway. Where were re the government bodies we have in place to prevent. If in fact it's the companies you name. There are solely responsible for polluting the environment and that is what is causing these cancer clusters or alleged MS clusters in the town of -- Wanda. I have news for -- we are supposed to have laws that are enforced at the state and federal level against. This kind of corporate. Impropriety. And if they're not big and forced you eat -- -- got to demand that they be enforced in you have to ask why they're not being the worst. But a lot of it started before they even. Addressing this article that to -- -- project. And it nobody was doing things that but it probably will clean it -- Now they're going to -- on a cult finally. You -- tunnel on the -- nobody was hurt in the explosion oh wait a minute two people were three people work. Or I I know you largest -- trying to be contemporary and this week and look I haven't it's frustrating and you what what do you want to happen explain to me what you want to happen right now. I -- this town cleaned up and -- I felt -- was -- start. Well I can't it's too late now -- Athens and I curable it so that if the that I don't. And too many -- are -- from cancer. In this year's session in hiring air Iranian green acres. And the -- area. Well here's here's the problem when you start talking about clusters. Is. -- again. I am very sympathetic toward people who have been harmed it. By corporate greed did or anybody's greed. And by improprieties. Involving landfills. Chemicals waste it's Federer. But I always wonder are you focusing in on one very able. To the exclusion of other variables in what may very will be a multi effect -- combination. Resulting in higher incidence of disease. Yeah probably stop -- I believed what I think most of that is that -- player. Some environmental. But some people -- meet this is gonna sound really wild okay. Certain ethnic groups tend to congregate in certain areas for a while holes moved out of east buffalo. And went to Cheektowaga. And you would assume that there's a certain genetic weakness and strength. With with people of polish ancestry which may or may not make them more susceptible to certain situations that's why I say multi effect port tunnel one at one point it was a very heavily German America. Place and one wonders at least I wondered if the weaknesses in our two tonic DNA. Might have made us more vulnerable to chemicals that -- I'd just like some cats get cancer from rabies shots and others don't there's a genetic predisposition to susceptibility of. Well I -- and at the very disappointed in the town in and let. This disease and has made -- -- the most success he's out there and now like epic Downey after me they want to recall my home. Because then -- -- I can't make I've been tactics and and but not get enough obstacles are there. A year and a half and they're threatening me with protecting reproductive Michael. How much money are we talking. Cup 2003000. -- Your children. Now. Sacred duty old crying mother routine but. Of so look I wish you nothing but the best I really do and I'm not trying to be please understand something. I'm not try to be difficult because MS Sox meet different people it hits in different ways in which different levels of severity. But I always like to take a circumspect approach. -- I always like to wonder if something is unit the tutorial or multi effect were real and and how our genetics make us either more or less vulnerable to toxins within the environment. And then what gets me -- I'm gonna lose my neurologist. Because he can't stand Obama care he's gonna retire. Well Arkansas is an interview like Arctic doctored up another doctor Lester retired Jersey can't make eleven and a doctorate in moral don't blame. Thank you thank you very much so I wish you the best -- really. All right thank you hang tough okay. All right thank you. Yet MS -- it's it's MS is it -- We all -- people with MS in buffalo like -- that. I'm waiting for the day when -- meet somebody who doesn't have MS and I'm not trying to -- -- as believe. 8030 my thirtieth news radio 930 WB Ian. The high temperature won't Valentine's Day the high 29 an odd Valentine's Day in 1929 it was the saint Valentine's Day massacre. By the way that was not mafia Al Capone was not mafia he was organized crime. Al -- was not mafia in more than Meyer Lansky was mafia that's just the civilian. Were people who maybe are. Calabrese who claim to be -- I mean that that's a Sicilian. Organized crime embraces all ethnic groups. So I'm not that. Not to beat a dead horse here work but it horse's head in your bed but now they were -- OK let's get the Corning Owens -- fictitious but let's go to the calls on WB and here is. Here is -- in Orchard Park Joseph hello. Copyright our our nation -- failing because the people are failing to serve. I don't so we're all Republicans in Western New York that have literally. Stopped reading papers stopped watching -- and uplifting your show because there's nothing we can all about it. It sure it's gonna happen -- giving up. Well actually I'd not to be -- don't read your but I have more listeners have ever had my life to our ratings are high as they've ever bit. Well I don't try to be the front page you get a couple months just have to keep that don't but. I'll -- for Sunday. -- -- -- of the moon but in a way. Yeah. Once -- once they understand is why. Why aren't members and about how. Sending all -- they getting together in fact order the White House. Saying if you aren't. If you're going to act unilaterally and change obamacare like the demand and they are elections. If you -- that the people that we are going to start impeachment proceedings you're. -- -- -- Thank you so thank you thank you thank you. -- it is to make a proposal. Senate for the congress to we can draft a bill and they walk out the way it's quote we don't in the country by law. It is criminal right now criminal and forgive my interruption -- but I wanna emphasize this it is criminal. That senators and -- and our representatives in congress are not beginning impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama there's one reason they're not the reason is because nobody wants to be the guy to stand up and say the first black president needs to be impeached and that's all it is. Yeah an elevator factors. There's elections coming up. That -- wanna get marked down in that -- want to hurt their name. You know in the spotlight for having done that split it and in doing so many things and it's it's I mean -- it say about gaining control or. Although perched above all the people the country it's thousands of I looked it up all reduction in their right. And tell by the time they realize what's happening not be reversed but exactly what's going on our culture now. Well yeah I mean the Chinese an old expression for called. Death by a thousand cuts. Yeah they talk about -- talk about the threats to the press. One woman got in the -- happen that there back when you clicked already actually gonna pull the president accountable -- it but what if we do it. They let fox who compile all these tracks or not we can't be ignored anymore stole the game plan is go to president tracks. And all got to do. If they give a simple statement to us and we will take it attracted by the look at why does it matter that -- basis in fact at all well pragmatism not this year. There and this year. Well see another another problem -- that we have and I don't think you're gonna disagree with this is we don't really have an opposition party. The Republican Party you know whatever I smelled rotting flesh I think it must -- -- Republican establishment person here. Because it is debt there is no opposition the Republican Party and it's a -- are basically the Democrat light party. With the exception of Rand Paul and maybe one or two others nobody has any testosterone. In the halls of the legislative branch. Well it with the -- election that that that's -- or threaten the president with impeachment. I mean there are so many cases of impeachment but he made against its president and when you look at absolutely ridiculous. People talk about impeachment. Oppenheim. Or how well bush -- and opted to stick with the thing they were. Well high crimes and misdemeanors baby you've got about the laws -- what this administration and nobody years. There. -- because I like the what you think because we agree on those were which make you Smart on news radio 930 WB yen its hourly.

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