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2-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Feb 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. And he would rate. Holes to look at the end. -- No. Let. Up. No one ponds with an assault rifle. No -- -- It is about time. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do what happened to that. -- -- -- -- -- That was an advocate. About our brilliant move him from you must eat. He's -- and -- thirty. And I like you. You have loans. I'd like loaded. When I go to taxes on the big welcoming committee holy cow and only female. Anyway. Everything happened in 19100 don't -- floppy Galveston hurricane and I I don't know what I want Galveston. I don't know -- I'm not sure about Texas yet. Florida well well I've got friends in Fort Myers but I'd just -- not. Well. As yesterday Florida is. Strip clubs strip malls and pawnshops. And it's Nicole it's a war plays -- hard. No I don't think government and -- from Texas I didn't like. The floor and from Florida I didn't like. But anyway we'll see it will seek the best part about you know that the often part about living somewhere else do your -- here. Is being able to engage in profligate seat and decadence without any repercussions publicly. That's the best possible that's the best of all possible scenario. Anyway yeah I don't go to OK so opt -- or cable company that I now it was -- whitbeck when it was international cable. Then it was a healthy cable that it was Time Warner Cable now it's going to be Comcast cable. Not one of those idiots whose Time Warner's subscriber and I say that affectionately because I. I have to tell you on is the Time Warner Cable is great company for -- I a moment to be honorable in their dealings with the problem could be very very easy to work with in terms of support. So I know that everybody likes the best Time Warner but. -- tell -- that they've they've done right by me and as far as customer service I can't sit in the bat at a Time Warner Cable. If I could I can't. But now it's going to be Comcast. Cable. So the question is do the people who still use the AOL dot com email addresses or the Compuserve. Dot com email addresses -- -- up looking smarter than the rest of us do who went with that that high speed Internet flap. Because glitzy. What -- it used to be at adelphia dot com. At road runner dot com. So what's going to be at Comcast dot com not at this email reminders to people we do business with -- regularly say. I have a new well. Now some people are singled -- a Judas get a Gmail account -- is -- Yahoo! account. Well look I realize the computer security just made my bag baby but I don't like Google. I hit Google as a company despite Google. Google stands for everything that I find loads in life. I only use Google because. I just hit it in the big. I don't know why but I can't. It just needs a better name. I feel like being means Bing Crosby I make that association in my mind and I think I'm not my grandfather. So I can't get in the day. That's that's where I reason through life you see wide eyed and that appear anyway we have enough. You ought to tell me why would you that your TV Internet is better than I get mine. Everybody's got. All these stories like that tell. Well I have arrived at my house they don't get bought out might speed threat that might quality of my picture it that -- So you know what I usually say just to break Paul's little bit elect to say. You enjoyed watching the Olympics YRNCBC. All I'm sorry you can't watch the Olympics -- CBC with bios because I think me. I like to bedecked god. Probably like every few forums. 803030. Is the appointment you know three all thirty start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN I know that it's not exactly brain surgery but maybe we'll talk about that little bit later on because that I need to. I'm serious Ahmadinejad. On. I told my boss today that in all likelihood. I'm not sure where they put the drains them for the spinal fluid. But I don't wanna be knocked out for wanna watch it. I got this thing about watching my body and operated on seriously. Now they put the pacemaker I stayed awake like 95% of I want the wires go and watch and company opened and all that I found it fascinating. All there's the -- its muscles the pastoral. -- we crackers like stardom I've never started before. So I don't report the same thing with whatever they're gonna do with the brain and the spinal cord. -- -- how cool is that. Saying. Did you think you might have to -- weird. -- yeah I guess most people would. I find that interest thing from area up through vivid section at this point if you cut except I'll be the subject of the business section and I will be announced that ties although I don't wanna go completely out for surgery. I always feel like it'll lose control of my functions or something we're gonna wake up in the nurses are going to be laughing at me and you know that you know there. The hotter than nurses in the room the greater the chance that you will lose control of every bodily function you have you realize that right it's like if I have told you guys -- resilient. The better you'll look when you go to wegmans as a single person. The more likely it is the place will be absolutely freaking deserted. You put all staying sweatpants and a -- -- -- on it. You go to wegmans -- into the high school prom queen. Not exactly the lasting impression you wanna -- You look hot. So anyway. I worry about these banks so I'll let you know I I hopefully it's only going to be like a day off because I really learned my lessons well. You know that it's important to bounce back after surgery within an hour that makes a lot of sense but. Against some people have to learn the hard way. So -- elected to go with the drain. I put a question up on FaceBook yesterday and I talked about it that because the the Mets are working. I'm not gonna bitch and complain because a lot of you're going through some really serious things the stuff that I don't throw. It's not well hard maybe some of it's serious but I'm just in denial but the I'm a denial about a lot of things Gerri look awfully hot today but. Sing it but anyway. I can say that the Jody is not gonna sue because I have it right from Joseph that I can basically implied he's here in any at any time and not that there's anything wrong with that ago. But some people still find that funny and I'll take those 50% of my audience. But anyway. It's not like. Like you know I feel bad for much sympathy you want sympathy there's a dictionary that's a book by the way it's made -- -- dead trees like the newspaper. The dictionary if you wanna find sympathy you can find it between a four letter word that starts with S that is synonymous with excrement. And another word that starts with -- called syphilis. That's where you find it. I don't want it I don't need it I don't wanna you wanna send prayers positive energy -- -- some kid a Children's Hospital. Senator some two year old with a brain do they deserve sympathy may. I can handle things just fine. I don't that's not why even bring this up. I bring it up only because for the most part these things that did it. For whatever reason happen to me these statistically absolutely. Probable things. He and represent a constellation. Of oddities. That really ought to be in the Ripley's believe it or not museum Clifton -- When it comes right down chicken pox at 35. It's chicken pox when they're 35. -- and most doctors don't even know what got -- syndrome is it is rare heart that. Whoever thought when your humble thank -- much. And what else are up. Got the arsenal tumors to re entry which is what I'm talking about now which basically definitive way of saying hey look you get the joy of a brain tumor without the masks. That's lovely. You know what it's not the that are the annoyance. You know the biggest pain in the answer is number one the beds are working now number two. The the headaches in between. Joseph has noticed lately I've just been just. He he can always tell. And gee -- so that that's the problem. It's the headaches in between the spinal taps and hopefully the dream will what mitigate those sold. Without the pressure on the brain in the headaches will go away and I'll stop thinking -- a check -- -- stop trying to drive it was like during the break but anyway. 8030 yes sorry Joseph but somebody's got to lose in this and I guess is going to be who. Now if I ever bring conditions that excuse pretty much anything I say on the year like the joke there's at provided defense immediately. Yeah drop an F bomb today to say arms are I don't know better. -- applicable to try that. I'll be listening to myself later on tonight laughing by the way agency you know. So it. Anybody want to chime in here on cable TV. Unhappy with Time Warner Cable I'm sorry. -- -- cable is not a good company committee. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is part of life called negotiating. In this life you don't get what you deserve you get what you go hey. It's part of the game. It's a business. You can negotiate pretty much anything like that you know that. How many view if you go to restore -- you just pay the price. They charge. That's easy way to try to haggled. It's easier said than done at smaller places that it is that that Macy's can be done everything out again. What the cable company when it's Time Warner adelphia road runner or a word LP or whether at the international cable. They are the games played on -- the game is played little Butler. But I I wanna actually you know what effect Time Warner Cable. I never thought I would say this but all in all I have to -- in terms of cable television and Internet providers. Time Warner Cable has been an excellent company for your humble host. Excellent. Whenever there's been a technical issue they'd -- out to resolve. Whenever I got a technical issue that could be resolved by -- it was taken care of usually within 1520 minutes. A -- customer support people to be extremely helpful. I've found other workers like Matthew trial -- in PR could be. Outstanding. I found them to be a great company with which to do business I'm sorry to see that they're gonna -- well. They're gonna be taken over by Comcast. Not Comcast -- too much like communism to me. So I'm sure that's gonna work out with with your humble host but that it will see and -- right now to work for ourselves in the third person again we promise. AccuWeather fortunately partly to mostly cloudy tonight an inch or two of snow across the southern tier this evening -- -- twenty. And tomorrow's going to be breezy with snow at times one to two inches high temperature 29 degrees and right now -- yeah about that that's it thirty degrees that's what it feels like thirty degrees. 26. But it feels like thirteen and art that you Roman Polanski 26 built like thirteen. At news radio 930 WB -- yes I think like jokes from the sixties the went through Wednesday. So. You ought to tell me why would you -- your TV is better than Time Warner Cable soon to be Comcast cable here in Western New York. Those of you with a pitch. Now somebody with the addition sure you -- somebody with a dish. I forgot it was tell me it's it was on Monday. That they have to call up the -- company. To come out of us to -- out that diminished because they couldn't watch what they wanted to watch because it's basically was filled with ice. Call all it was huge ego. The same guy who tells me how much better that this is the cable at the guy come out the -- out the ice from -- ditch. Which almost sounds rather painful. But those of you with Verizon Wireless like amateur earlier you'd -- in the Olympics and CBC. Role. I'm sorry you can't get CBC on Verizon bios -- -- me the tickets cab. How's that doubt that they were. Alone. Wait do they showed -- -- -- with or without moves I I just I can't keep CBC story. Our 8030 Terry is via phone number 8030930. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB Ian and his phone numbers again. Just in case you need them again because I run through the rather quickly. Tell me why were you get your television is better than where everybody else gets theirs. We have heated argument in fact. -- the -- dirty laundry here about the radio station public but we've had seventeen murders here an -- over the past five years. Basically that stemmed from debates over who had the better TV providers that people with the -- the people -- -- for the people with cable. Seventeen murders right here in Amber's just in recent months over that very argument. You can always tell the -- they put up the corporate memos that say we wish him well as if the person actually resigned that we were ripped bodies on the cricket that are. He has to now. Keep it in the house. 80309. Or watch somebody take it seriously it was you at the -- top forensic unit pull up. -- guys it's a joke really like but prints were joke and it. 8030930. Area have very little sense of humor was super Watson from 8030930. -- 3180616. WB yeah. On the world they've. He traveled well. At FaceBook page said that -- The travel worries were they weren't real. Hayward just like nobody out but actually he is half right. The -- of robberies were real band. But Roy Orbison and George Harrison holograms. Little known fact in musical history that I wanna be here with you. Are right it is at 33335. News radio 930 WB -- so it's something I said. Guess nobody really cares about time were being taken over by Comcast. I guess nobody wants to get underway homicidal. Give it about who offers the best television coverage. You know I hate to bring it up because there are always people we're gonna call to -- I don't pay any favorite television. I don't get it over the error. Well and that's. Really. I don't need 100 channels. All -- Want -- hundred channels have spent a week and it means I'll have the. Under -- act by the way you'll only be allowed. 99. Channels. Because too many brain cells have died -- one of the pass that on little part of the law as well. -- -- while I outlets while -- answer topic number two. Which is. I'm gonna put this under the general heading of what ails you now doesn't mean that I will take. Cable calls or dish calls or bios calls whatever that doesn't mean that at all. But a branch a little bit more I was like that set the table for you mentioned yesterday at this time. If you just walked in the mom's house to step down -- thirty eating. -- -- have a little. Preamble -- -- for. You a little whining and dining with the family before you dive in a mom's Turkey. So. I always like to do that for you there's so the general topic heading here. Is what's old -- And if you'll notice I did leave that rather ambiguous. In the house so why SO. Because what ails you could be construed as a health question -- can also be construed as a general complaint that's question. Are you guys love what I do the complaint this -- is and I haven't won lately like maybe in the past two or three -- of them. So. The reason I'm doing what ails you use. When my FaceBook people last night said. You should really ask people what crossed their carrying in their lives. And I thought to myself oh my gosh what a great idea. Usually radio -- don't wanna hear what you're going to have -- radio. Well I don't think it's. Because. Guys are all adults here right almost adults even the teenagers -- -- were gonna. And they think of course they know where everything in tragically sometimes are right but. All of this sorry yeah. -- -- -- I think it is going to be your all winter long I don't think it's even worth fighting your comment upon any more -- about 2014. Everybody's got to. Your work. Sir it's. I still have people in my life who -- on steroids if they can't -- because Nicole. John Sherman we're waiting for you to keel over my friend. My immune system has been so terrorized over the past twenty years that -- indestructible. But. We all have in our lives. These crosses -- And we all go through some things right. I don't know about you. I think every parent would say the same. When my daughter was diagnosed with that diabetes. Which was ten years old. What that the first thing I thought was dammit. You know why is why couldn't I just take that why can't she just have a normal life like I get the diabetes. But it's part of her life and it has been now for a thirteen years most of the achievement is her. When you have a sick kid I mean a really sick kid. I have to tell you something I cannot imagine. The stress the heartache heartbreak the stress the wrinkles the lines that adds to your life. Because there is nothing well take that there should be nothing more important to you as a parent that your children understand the health. That should be priority number one correct them and correct them. So I think that's the worst thing anybody can go through. Because we expect that our parents will pre deceased it's. We expect that mom and dad will go to their eternal reward before we do. And we expect that we will do the same before our children. And somehow the child becomes seriously ill it upsets the natural order that. It's not what we're used to it's not well we expect. And a lot of people can't handle a lot of marriages can handle. That's one of the unwritten stories by the wave of violent crime. Not only does the victim end up in a grave. But often times the parents of the victim can't handle the stress. And they end up splitting up. Not uncommon at all you know sometimes misery can bond people and sometimes -- can break them apart. So I think having a sick kid would probably be at the top of my list anyway on what ails you. And I'm not talking about me I'm talking about you and us collectively we figure out all of us that collectively. There are people out there who are back from Iraq Afghanistan. And they're -- Iraq's. And that does not mean there somehow weak. In -- our veterans who went over there to get shot -- and it fuels. My budget go lovers. Are all week right. -- what let's put you over there for three months. And see how you come. Not knowing how close that shot came your head in the crack went by your years. What -- in that situation. And that let's do that if several times a day or three months that lets you come back. Because unless you've got a steal. It's got to affect you and you're gonna end up with PT EST in some way shape reform at some level. I feel bad for those people. Mean that's the mental side. Not to mention the physical side. The men and women who come back after being blown up by IED's. Missing limbs. Sometimes -- all Orleans. I would like to be the -- -- I would like to be. I count my blessings and that's a stupid but I don't my stuff is easy compared to you get. So every time to think. That it's bad for you. Every time you think. That you you have the worst luck ever in the entire universe I can probably issue. There is somebody who is a -- -- a lot worse off the New York. And then sometimes folks I don't media all preachy on yeah. But sometimes it's the little -- things if this is seemingly the smaller and least consequential things. Back again it'll you. Like let's say. You have a dog or cat. And it becomes very very ill and that cat. Where that dog. Has been loyal to you. And has been a friend to you. When other human beings have turned their back. That's tough. You don't have to go through the MMA -- to go through the euthanasia decision. It sucks. But it really doesn't matter to trivialize it by saying it's sucked it does so because that's part of you. You know it's that bond. That. You basically are doing away. So what ails you can be seen as a health question. You know what ails me. Always been very upfront and honest about this stuff. And right now basically I'll Janelle when the time comes. I'm gonna get the dream put in the my spinal cords of the fluid stops. Doing the thing it's doing my brain. Now it's just had it's like it's like having the -- is migrate you've ever had exit multiply it by a hundred except money her. Because I'm performing I get the natural endorphins released and plus and usually capstone element here anyway so it takes your opinions of others that. -- not even laughing at that one yet -- you -- like to sit there in the afterward the ball are you kidding me. Now here you wanna peek just now here -- that. Are you know three or in my case of this they -- you know three Oakland thirty start I'm 3180616. WB yet it can also a complaint that's question. -- complaint is health wise but on the national level. -- guy in the White House who is a serial wider. We have a guy in the White House. Who. Is I have to tell -- something I've never in a million years. Believe that this would happen in my lifetime in the United States -- We have a president and it up for this guy nobody listened because obviously it was a racist he just hated black people. A guy who had the balls to a national TV. And a woman said -- my mom is old she's got this great. Feeling about life she wants to be here that doctor recommends a pacemaker. But under obamacare she wouldn't be covered. And this president. This -- bit wanna be. Dictator. Had been an hour to say words that Republicans. Have. Feuded for. Well -- out -- about the surge -- well we. Here's his response this is president Jesus. Here president god talking about the woman's mom. Maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- -- Maybe I missed the part where you got your medical degree. Just like I missed the part where they release your college transcripts you follow me. Piece of lying narcissus. A result of that one quickly. So you know. We've got a president who had decided. Separate pot is separation upon its co equal branches of government. I think not. When he was running for the office. This same guy. Excoriated George porch for use an executive it's I'll have to Obama's coming up here just a moment. After traffic. But it could be either you your health which are going through what cross your carrying what burden you're bearing. And look I don't you know whining I'm asking you call it. I don't have the answers for it sometimes is gonna talk to somebody. I'm a counselor. But a police say something wise ass enough to take your mind off your immediate trouble for a moment and focus on beating me. There's at. So 8030930. Is the poll number start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB series you. And what you're going through with your help your life that -- your frosted clear what ails you there's also what ails you in terms of complaint desk. What do you wanna bitch about which may or may not include Time Warner Cable being bought out by Comcast that's that the EU. But I have -- Obama's coming up. If there's two things are really bothers the -- enemy number one that we have a president who wants to be dictator. And that this is beyond debate that is not even worthy debate. Number -- the American people don't -- Which makes me absolutely sick. On news radio 930 WB. WB a horse that tomorrow marks a very important day it's Valentine's -- very important because on that -- in 1929. The Al Capone gains wiped out the DB or banning gay. In the Chicago Illinois won't be called the saint Valentine's Day massacre now O'Bannon had been killed years before but George -- the leader of the north siders at that point. Actually was supposed to have been there. They thought it was there. And they set up a hit. -- slept in that morning and was late he showed up just as the -- -- -- police showed up. At that north Clark street in Chicago. And that was the beginning of the end of the I guess that. Chicago gang era of the 1920s. Tomorrow 1929. The anniversary of the saint Valentine's Day massacre a real event in American history. Let's say get it wasn't just on boardwalk empire. Let's get the calls on a WB and what ails you either health wise or what ticks you off politically. I don't wanna get into dueling Obama's now wanna take some phone calls we'll dueling Obama's and I just a few moments but. Here is the eve in buffalo -- WB and -- Steve. Steve going wants. Steve -- and her. Usually it's just what are the call it and that are so speechless they can't speak to me. Steve. Writes the real good real were biting this morning we were biting this morning here's Peter quit the Ontario Canada hello. Put this guy you're about. Janet let the there's absolutely no question that a great deal of Canadians that that all American news of course. Intro on -- we are completely americanized and we here -- your great man but let's send it at you you're doing a great service. That of people literally -- your shot of you because what's going on today. And the top. Basically go out for months -- October 1 obamacare -- Is absolutely. In rentable. They get it to America compete brought down by one channel. Who full -- it can't return yet. And gets away with it without being called up by the other people and government were supposed to be equal part. -- Are you know all but you know what I think's gonna opt in now you go about one black gentleman Victor a couple -- -- about lawyer like it caught. National lawyer and he should know. It could not and you went back and Obama -- -- but yet he's now not comport with summit is -- you know I think what could happen. We can start all the chop off on things but boy they're going to be walking down the street and Japan leading into it without god. Nor Google news. If people vote if they get their information. And people gonna be called on this all I can see it's gonna happen. Bought humble the United States of America the greatest country in the world. Without -- bloody problem and I'm telling you at all. We are so concerned about it up here and -- -- -- like every day that low information voters in Russian and and talk about got a picture that you're bought. Because if you don't -- mine got. Imagine if he can grade school is seen the last and they -- but we can get this the congress. Here's here's the problem. Most Americans just understand Canadians are better educated than Americans as far as in terms of American politics and American senate you guys know more about how America is supposed to work. Our constitution the most Americans do which I find absolutely astonishing. Most Americans are stupid. They haven't a clue what our constitution calls were they think that freedom. And the constitution are fair and are always going to be here and justice just happens. You've got to fight tyranny when it happens. You know what I really think Opel to hold. Wanted to get something else to say I'm I getting carried away and I need to break for the news on news radio 930 WB and top market with the latest on team USA and more into sports.

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