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2-13 Beach and Company Hour 3

Feb 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back from Beijing coming obscenities -- -- it -- got a couple of a couple of notices saying bad yes somewhere in time is their favorite movie to the audience does not mean what season -- and her son apparently likes great movies great movie about for those of us who -- sensitive. That's that's me and this live by men hunting attractive and myself. What do you think you're going to buy and I have way too much testosterone. Not -- -- islets to towel in buffalo now you're on WB yen. Good morning I got a quick story gets sillier. Pick in 1964. When I lived indeed traded it worked in the recording industry. It was so. We do and taking -- -- -- group called reflections that it just they're great because it's -- And that was taken him around to prepare our copy so that they could have been -- record. I treaties and promoting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so Marquardt who lose their -- and decent. Q -- of corporal technically. Supporting general broader world and they Paula as a bit -- girls used to their candidate. That's that's the only empower you had okay. -- -- over there and attractive look. We're we're we're we're -- And I didn't walk away in the back seat soccer young lady who looks very -- like almost sort of walk the -- -- if you believe that the -- studios produces a little wasted. Oh well are you older or younger while a couple of years younger so well in the it to them. Your -- number not because of -- literature electrical or are you. So it was a Saturday night so the next day I was taking the reflections to do in Europe -- Of one of the securities but he was on agreed he would PP it -- -- and so we did all right throws on Saturday. So like Calder and response is working to implement broke it. Well I'd gotten from her sister. And now we're electrical detail that the in March -- the -- -- Christian world horrible -- it and we go out. There. But then I'm going okay it was a India on this -- -- -- There up until two strikes. Yeah I hit two -- -- -- OK you know what I've got a very different as a distracting and -- -- obviously gonna -- they would start treatment. Oh sure -- absolutely. Will you go to a movie prices -- -- Tommy and his girlfriend and see if he wants to beat us and then you won't have to be thinking well I don't know this -- And -- similar record -- bit rhetorical promise to -- this year. Movie coming -- big round beautiful women argue that grad. Story that is okay which is there any -- -- -- you remember which. It was a big we keep the rain must fall. All he had -- and Yarborough assignments on -- sure. Think that the more we -- out. And so were. And in -- You know going to be on the political markers -- well pretty well shall we went to a movie. There isn't prepared to be on the 10 o'clock world you have to go to work tomorrow morning miles McPherson oh yeah users who -- work. Will it work occasionally border where you know really. Yeah everybody works -- problem. So world as a party do well among the switch board we have six people would support. The civil war so then Monday. A -- United cult -- and actor appeared gonna -- it's. It's NASA yeah the other pretty good. I. Call it good. Yeah I expected to. You know. There you. On the Friday. Yeah. In my eyes that I had to realize I'm with you at all by the way you like a just shook her hand at the end of it. All that's good that's a good mobile. Now. -- public school property management. Saying no and coffee always know what that means -- guards. In -- and we Monday which for them. So you were saving a lot of hard copy bill. And it's -- you know what it is wonderful for right now -- that the Obama meeting Wednesday -- what my very best friends. Got a good deal he's played -- were committed. Played in. Trip to Michigan under review of patient but outbreak Malone who by the way when he was under review -- problem walker to this day I don't know why. You'll you'll sweeping -- proper feet. Well so we drove up to Jackson Michigan which is a little over now from Detroit. Got up there have bombarded -- sitcom wasn't there. Well well well. And I think he works for us we're ahead. It's so very -- what they're in turn take good place to do in order was doing so we -- and we twisted that there are a couple of for maybe fifteen minutes and you are regrettable that an interest of world very good to inject in Michigan I should welcome want a -- the president territory that's been Jackson. So she said is there anybody that doings -- any finger doing Jackson I got. Exactly well I could well where it's addictive become very TrueCrypt another. Our bit to -- and we start -- good. And that's -- How so use mobile well if your promotion guy I'm sure news of being slow. Well you gotta hear the rest because we're drive a bit too -- -- and I were talking about. Well you know you're on the Europe switchboard operator -- -- which supports our controllers forever there's going to be something new and so what do you think you can do with your voice. -- -- -- -- -- -- She's good where -- probably would be. And I'll probably get married are probably it was certainly. Little kilometers your question. Look at me I probably would deliver very garlic can be. Well all's OK you're kind of hedged or your battle that bug yeah. Good yeah I think I would. I would assume OK next question will you marry me and answered yes. You know -- after less than a week. Days are all now how did that work. -- that's it's it's -- -- -- your promo guy not on record wager that your. Wife. I did your bag your grade wild. Tommy Shannon of course. Was a legitimately be and he was he worked Canadian radio whatever -- very good looking guy. The women used to scream when they -- Tommy -- even when he was presenting. Guys were recording stars and movie stars -- whatever the paper for commission so regret and he's a great. Very very -- And let me say this he was on the same staff is -- Danny Everett and he is much better looking and I'm just saying okay. That that's and a solid round I'd rather not expound on anymore. Will be I have one word says Marie will be back after this. -- While that last caller -- daisy knew her. Hard days and they got married and they've been married for what he's a 49 years so obviously. He -- it and you know it that's great. I would think you'd -- little bit more time -- that. Let's go to a line on this is I think our friend. Lori -- here on WB -- -- don't have a good how are you lower for you know all I'm going wonderful. How did you did you major -- W auditing her at the time or what. -- we've met -- in the US Postal Service believe it or not. How does that work out how did you meet give them. She was. High school graduate and I was a college graduate and -- -- stood -- -- sisters let in because your sister murdered my best friend. And because of the -- difference in the -- chuck -- Greg but I don't pay much attention toward the lime. But I want to Vietnam and her sister. And my brother in law now still so much veteran by the -- all. Sure -- a letter you know or lonely soldier over in Vietnam okay well I wrote back and we just kept corresponding and -- Solar and when I got -- I would -- her out. Moments of amber and stupidly waited until November to ask her out. Missiles in 1970 and we. We dated for awhile she graduated from college in May of 72 we got married and live certainly -- -- and almost 42 years five kids and I'm rank and later like one. Wow while I don't know why but I know you're you're a class guy and and I'm sure she. She hit exhibits the same characteristic so it's great when you when you get it right the first time lord. Yeah it's been that one it's been wonderful and you've been filing joint returns ever since all of more. -- -- formerly with the IRS I'm sure you recognizes voice we don't mess around here we're we're sorry when you retire but you're enjoying retirement -- Are. We forget -- citizens -- on the world wide. So that terribly Bridget does is going hard you know abide when we is that Oregon. All the time. Who will -- rouge from the new York State Department award from the internal revenue. He was always holds that in your tax on all of your revenue just remember that. So yeah we're getting good stories I met my wife. In a similar story to what the gentleman said two callers ago. I was doing a dance and she was in college course I was just not a college show was module -- was. And there she came to one of my dances and Westfield State College. And as she came up had to say hello -- two -- friends so there was three of them. As soon as -- other three of them walking toward me. Idea I kind of you know scope of -- realize that I hope the one in the middle is the one going to be doing the talking and a wise was our. And so we talked and after we went out for coffee before of us. Four OK so I sprung for coffee Tony for three others and myself and that was that just copy that was that. But then -- they came to another dance and and there was still four of them but I managed to separate her from -- heard. Not a job we'll talk I was accounting -- and I I we started going up. But she wanted to graduate from college for -- -- for three years so for days sounds rarely fast. And -- she graduated from college on a Saturday. And the following -- got married so I was that so but it took a lot longer than four days. How Chris how long wait did you know her before you got married. Well we got married kinda late we were brought together for like ten years or ten years OK so that's definitely yeah we just kind of put an awfully we talked about it we're going to do it man we just. We have a normal wedding anyway so -- really care -- okay got thousand treated went to the we did -- courthouse then we just got to decide all right -- Right that's good it's easier said now is the time you don't go to Vegas and dressed up as a -- -- and I. Well -- a slider forward as well as normal. I doubt Tony -- working with -- how long did you work -- before you. I mean eight or nine years also now it's time both the night that's it and major. Actually mean it was three years that's the lowest in three years and years and how many years says about Internet effect that I had heard just before you started -- that to be okay. That's right just a second stances and almost sixteen -- yes -- time flies and -- having -- yes Hoss. Let's go to move Patrick and find out what's on Patrick's mind. In -- -- Patrick you're on WBM. I'm and that's -- the stars -- You know what I heard mark and -- call it. All it. I was able in an important core and yet now. -- Back and all your money that we yeah into holes will all. Work. And it. And or so robot or problem or she would -- You wouldn't go bonds and go in -- I heard that people. Columbia now. But by only issue here. And -- and you're one or. In that. We didn't get it down during that nineteen that we got married though were hurt. While six months through engagement ads that that's pretty up fast tracked there. -- -- -- Was born. Or. Maybe now. We had spent Christmas together. A -- for Christmas and he and when -- set correctly president -- Ethical problem. That was the last time I ever -- -- well I blind dates can be. At the end and you lucked out obviously. Bad dollar thanks for -- but banks or and a uniform we're really appreciate especially in Vietnam thanks for your service. It's my pleasure I love your show you guys do a great job. -- guys that thank you very much blind dates I'd never been on Monday. That I did that I can recall I really -- I'd be you know maybe I have but I don't remember I don't think so. Blind date field wants how to work growth not very well know who -- your a friend a friend's wife. Friends like you win our match makers yeah those guys aren't as much match makers as women. About you Chris blind date. Now I mean I think it's crazy although our friend Joseph beamer. Female -- cinema cinema -- numerous blind dates and after like the third. She he asked what are you doing -- purposes is a nightmare I want. Submitted its ignored at least a lot of these numbers -- the prop. -- of the blind date is I think you know within five minutes whether it's worthwhile that night. You know whether you're attracted to each other where they have anything to say to each other you can tell right away but it's not the kind of thing you look at your watch you know well. That's five minutes in my life ways that we'll see here at least I'll take care of the -- can't do that you gotta figure. Women are better patriot and -- summit in Vegas. Those of pathetic examples of man. We'll be back after it. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free. Star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Backward -- governor it. Yes so that's how I met my wife she can normally dances with their -- three of them in the -- to a couple of them. We started going -- -- -- that -- and she was with me. There were married and who was with me through -- And when she left suddenly I went from that took them. I'm trying to get back to affect him and I might make -- someday if I have to be four -- 500. I'm -- I might get back to pick but that was that and it's exciting those days are exciting their kind of fun and different. But that if if I was I was looking at that some of the notes that I've taken during the your show. The difference between blind date and online dating. I think that which I think you have a better chance of scoping out a partner. On line or a blind date. I don't take anything substitutes meeting somebody so I think the blind date would give you more. Insight as to whether you've got any chemistry what are your rancorous I would say. I would think outlined so long as the individual you're looking at exactly the person you can sit the other photos little bit with the person doing it like a candidate in any weird photos -- -- about OK so we've got one policy one blind -- one on line so I'm casting. The deciding vote promise. And I'm saying I think you've got a better chance the hook up. In person I'm going blind date to a takeaway. Because often it is small things that make a difference. You know and I'm talking about maybe somebody that doesn't look at -- in the guy. Or has as a nervous habit or something that -- that -- I'm comfortable where. Or you know they you'd never know exactly what attraction who or what doesn't attract you -- to use -- until you experience it. So I think a better chance because we know as as Tony said that the person sitting there. Is the person you're talking about as Chris said he can haul market can be a detective -- cyber detective. But I mean you could be posting anybody's picture. You know that you could make up any got to start as a matter affect every time is he somebody busted for online activity. They're talking to some FBI agent who is pretending to be a twelve year old girl I mean there's this I mean it's -- It's too iffy I think that as blind dates -- -- maybe apply a pain in the neck and you may go through a lot of them. Before you find the right one if you ever -- but online gets me very nervous I still would love to see your question or what they ask. Say say who sign up or -- one of these online dating things. Are -- trying to fine people who have the exact same likes and dislikes. And stuff like that because there's only a certain number of -- And just a match in my perfect -- I don't think you have to be a perfect match to be a good couple. No I think he could have some differences but you do have to have. Our general general area is. You know forces movies one likes comedies. And he's probably best that the other one would like comedies. As well because you're OK let's go to the movies while I wanna see romantic you know -- comedy you know what I need. I think there are some major areas that are different for instance suppose I I I think. I want -- home ice -- -- was trivial and I don't think it's trivial anymore at all and that's smoking. If if one person smokes and the other doesn't smoke I've I've when it used to be presented as a deal breaker I -- -- it's pretty trivial. If you love with somebody the fact that they smoke shouldn't be a deal breaker but then as you think about in practicality. You get up in the morning in the house smells the smoke is smoke in your hair there. -- smoke in your clothes there's ash trees around cigarette butts. I think it would be a deal breaker yet as you see that on line you know finding no profile manager. Or on FaceBook status well now you see pictures of beavers mother and Wally and -- you know the of the beaver cleaver family. Melt as the media -- another thing that probably wouldn't work is suppose one of view. Like to go -- -- Yeah I'll go dancing though -- a year ago Bob Bob and the other one was kind of a house first. I don't think that would work out too well because it's a day tomorrow here now now. I don't feel like going out and I think you're going to be in the same mold. For that we would you -- of that. Yeah I would because. -- the idea of going out dancing is just a nightmare to me so my wife costly wanted to do that I would just be angry all the I mainly just thinking about the possibility of -- right now. I tell you one thing. Once I'm home. And changed. I'm in my what whatever it would work as a moment change. It my hair would have to be on fire from Italy about let's just go ahead is okay. And also my hair and a three -- -- to get dressed optical. It would have to be worse my eyes of the have to be on fire comedian dressed up. I just won't do well in the summertime and more chance that if I'm home you know and -- Ulysses in Alaska wilderness that. More chance but in the winter time. Don't forget we're all I am if you just going -- for ice cream or something that's different OK the okay McCargo customized and come home. But if you're going to the mall shopping -- movie or -- -- something like that that would be would be different I think you have to think along the same lines with that. About about you know wondered would be tough what if you were both active politically. On different points of view you don't have a relationship you wouldn't be compatible. Now I can imagine working that out unless you just never discussed that. And in that case then it shows you had that he really had no interest in the first one you would have won with common sense than one that was clueless well that's absolutely true that's what democracy is dating Democrats know who. Whereas there voting record it as. You vote for Clinton -- -- for a Bob and I ever won sign on the. I would take a break over backward more we wanted to go where did you -- your wife -- this is all part of Valentine's Day tomorrow. As Tony says it's a waste of time and money 17%. Of this AP survey says the same thing they think it's a waste our money. Some don't. Where it was the best place to meet what about online dating. One about blind dates and all kinds of good stuff on news radio 93. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day or asking is it a waste of time for you 17% on this survey says it is. But other people say no it's it's something nice something to do and their what did you major husband or gore wife. And what about online dating. Blind dating things like that let's go to line -- it's. Rob you rob hello Robbie. -- always you know today. I think. -- -- need right now. Exactly we're having problems -- yourself -- -- you're expecting a big box of total food chocolates from your husband tomorrow. Well if you get -- it -- it didn't hurt our. Economy. Where where. You know we're having I don't know if you can hear me well we're having. Real problems -- your phone I'm gonna disconnect here but when you call back and a will try again though for better connection thank you -- because all of our people again. Yeah I mean you talk about a similar interest are her husband is. Is in great shape to obviously receive them. With classes. I would assume then that she wouldn't have even been attracted to somebody. It's a slug like dust. FCC it you got. I -- -- -- -- me Tony at the ice cream -- going these are two guys I'd like to get to know better you know I didn't I trump those six pack after. -- -- So yeah -- won one assumes especially. Nowhere with her word is not only her passion but it's. It it's how she makes a living misses her profession. And so one would assume she would be attracted to people that like the same thing exercise physical fitness things like that. But it got to back on line to a I would give it another shot that is so you -- you are expecting something from her husband on Valentine's Day erotic. He has he also I think everybody needs their dose of vitamin Al. And you know it would boost the -- trust meant it to be feeling of well being -- it's not a significant other but I think if people you know definitely need to -- -- -- -- -- my husband know. That I like it's so he really cute easily stepped up to the plate. Now we're talking about a attractions. One would assume that probably because of the circles you travel that you're going to meet people that are physically fit and -- and into exercise and -- whatever. Boom I assume he filled that bill you probably wouldn't have been attracted to somebody who didn't fit that that description is that fair to say. Oh well yeah probably but you know what we we are cap exception already late in the mean we have the big things interment. In. Exercise in our kids but. He'd loved was no I hate that now people -- camping I can't. So -- you have a very happy marriage regard you know -- great situation. You got any and he -- of people who were still on the -- up there. -- you know what. I think that the thing is. You -- -- you know it's it's not always see it it is everybody. All of my friends that. You know armed country -- I say you know what it takes work in all look great from the outside and I know that without a coach because many people come Meehan there. You know -- are -- here and they feel physically now well and I. I have to dig a little bit deeper and say you know what's going -- it only -- -- -- mean -- you know trouble at home because it's not just three more wider pattern but I'd. You know what's going on in like a text and so -- does it take where it -- it and I honestly you know of course. I feel that you've got to -- and make it work with things that you enjoy and we do in late. You know a lot of things that -- but -- in many -- -- -- I'd I'd and as. Together for many reinvent my husband thinks of -- see as something that's good -- -- something and I think well. If anything. If he thinks before he says -- make a lousy talk show host likened it. Now -- after after tomorrow. Starting Saturday whatever the next classes are you going to be working those chocolates off the go all the females got from -- remembered and others. Oh my -- I talked about chocolate for two clip since yesterday at least he was in my class but you know it is good for you it. Dark chocolate you know our final anti oxidant. They'd. So it's good for your hired. And -- it in a lot of health benefits but. It does give -- -- -- it does have sugar of what you can get chocolate -- right now it's Anthony have been sugar or use that brought -- cult. Which is you know a chocolate it is very grind it. I'd -- always a killer whale. Wasn't really sure. -- Like a man with a sense of humor rather. Right. -- How -- your immune system and make. It if you vote. Now would you be OK as -- we've asked that all the wanna miss would you be disappointed if your husband forgot Valentine's Day because. I think Valentine's Day is is more important to women than it is to guys guys we will wait wait wait like him but I think women would feel left out or field. You know that -- husband or or Barbara should've thought about would you be disappointed if -- -- -- tomorrow. Might catch my husband knows I would be and it you know it's it's funny because he'd just look at -- -- he writes. And of many many years ago I am I did not -- -- wait for it is Valentine's Day and my girlfriend sent me flowers. It was let's eyes. Mary and so I'm better than him to be from his significant other that. You'd you know you give love and of course you you feel good when you gotta -- -- they avoid the public import. Well I'll tell you Robbie or your husband is also Smart enough to know that besides exercise and good health. You also teach kick boxing so I don't think he's gonna forget tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As the Robbie Ross C -- with the buffalo athletic club and she's very well known been on national magazines and whatever and yeah. I would assume that she wouldn't be attracted to a slug. If upon your first say she was single and your first visit. Let's go to ice cream parlor I wanna have that sell us things you talk about the haystack Ali yeah. Good old eight pound banana split that you saw on TV elements to. It -- that. We have -- candid camera kind of thing. You know you set her -- is she's very very healthy and very -- he set her up on a blind -- has some -- right IDs that are -- a blind date and that's where the blind -- once the goal went in houses food -- vs vote where those horrendous things that -- with a forklift you know put on the table just see what would have and I think you'll be pretty. Funny I saw one yesterday as he was -- and we -- hang up pizza any cheeseburger. And I -- and bacon. Then I would tell you where the first time I ever met Robbie Rollins. -- pancake house. Take else I think it Robby Robin packet of what should have pancakes -- -- something off the manual and association. How to be reasonable and rational she's not crazy you know and it's a cheese. Eaten an injury does. If she had gotten -- -- -- says he gonna finish I was. If you think about it you have to be identical in in your lights you can have some dislikes but I think that there are some tiebreaker I think the odds of finding somebody whose identical to you. Why would you want that that would that lowering there wouldn't be any new challenges. There wouldn't you know nobody would stir your imagination. They would drag you to something that you normally wouldn't go to. And and financial like you know it's not about you know maybe -- Leo -- an art gallery or something like that. And you go like this gonna get into it I saw the speedway exactly you know I exact ourselves. Well I got a choice of Lancaster speedway or the art gallery so boom boom boom boom boom here -- are about wraps it up don't forget tomorrow. Do not be driving home tomorrow and and looking like a deer in the headlights because you forgot to get that ladies something special for. Valentine's we'll see you tomorrow at nine. A reminder that on news radio 930 we are WV. Local movements they never had to these beasts.

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