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2-13 Beach and Company Hour 2

Feb 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is -- governor and I'm sandy beach I guess. Just. The day we are talking about Valentine's Day and and Tony said. He does his wife have come to an agreement now it's just a waste of time money. And so I thought we would ask that question. A we have a survey here from AP which says only 17%. Think it's a waste of time -- money and then they go through some other statistics. But I they claim that men are as excited about Valentine's Day as well and I don't buy that for a minute. They also say that -- 10% of men expected that a good Valentine's Day give would be sex. And only 1% of women expect that so. You see you see we need rewiring we've we've we've got to get our -- our guy Jim Kelly who knows how to get everything working. Got a call him in the it is too big -- disparity there 1% as opposed six present and if the here's the problem. If the 10%. If the 10% one and the 1% don't it doesn't work out the math does not work -- -- the 1% needs to go to Brenda is whites in read up on the -- of different -- is definitely aphrodisiac that's right on Brenda rising number and there's bites on WB had dot com talks about aphrodisiacs. For all of Forman. -- while I guess we'll work on both sides but. There's all kinds of foods listed on that so that would be helpful. To the 1% kind of get a more interest in getting into the game. Why would they wanna sit on the bench on a very you know big day like this tomorrow Valentine's -- you wanna be in the game exactly -- -- be watching other people play the game now you -- and you wanna be an all star you wanna score you don't -- read about it is definitely one school are. -- a mama -- the you know mama -- the -- -- that's exactly right. Now also in this survey. A notable generational. Divide emerged on the -- front. Americans 65 and older are likely to say that a card or note on Valentine's Day is what they want. And I just 1% of those under age thirty. Would say that that's what they want while those under age thirty don't do cards and notes that way. They're basically on line with. If you really -- to Clorox and how many -- a little bit strip by Facebook's best when it went exactly. Make sure your include a hash tasks are not a good one I had yeah -- four -- guys they hash tag Valentine's they'll like it. I'd give us more hits on our web it's. Very important moment but anyway so we're asking is Valentine as they waste. A time -- money for you. And though -- -- meat where's a good place to me I've got Wall Street Journal article here which you would get into an amendment. Let's go to traditional Michael wanna pressure on WB yen. Hang. I think I will say. We get to celebrate but our relationship. Is only four years old OK I'm sending that he -- and -- and good. And he cooking me. Is -- economy now he's is he a good cook. All. Need to let you do it and it. Oh that's nice so this is if so this is a memorable day he's gonna cook dinner and you're going to further your relationship that's great. And now would you have been angry if he's if he forgot Valentine's Day. It will mean I'll -- -- good because transcend that. Me you know. Street. And well enjoy your Valentine's dinner it's cook would love there. -- All right thanks -- by -- guys. Tony do you cook -- -- and. Once in -- -- her blog that -- -- the besides every -- and the -- It's tough because she's in order kitchen -- maybe she could. Are you take -- -- at the living room it's like right around the corner you have to go through the kitchen to get into the -- -- -- my question maybe that would be different if she cooked dinner for -- she is -- -- got a couple recipes that she -- -- wow 20 yes one. Doll other ones I just called in the outfield million active attempt it. I seekers -- to post recipes -- FaceBook officials. We will what do you think if I try to -- melanoma and experiment -- -- recipes though sometimes -- from a lot better -- thing. She put a funny one on my idea in my piece the other day and I had to look it up. Was -- being called on salad salad all public rings up and yes it now -- -- addressing and things like. Okay. Let's go of course video -- song. If you wanna be happy for the rest of their lives whether. Woman be your wife. And it's all about -- yes all it'll come to me you -- during this next conversation -- -- -- Amherst it's Amherst and a hi you're on the BBN. I'll let you know that I -- -- Valentine's -- -- -- And I am worn -- of 1% that would probably rather abstract thinking -- Okay hold onto his second Tony did you get address this woman in. Well good for you pull your you'd think your own -- of but you're not you're not swayed by the -- of you rather have sex again that's good. It's what Hillary or bad. You don't have to go to yet I don't go to the gym to work it off so yeah I like. You know. Well you know I got to. I've got to be in the studio for another hour 47 minutes up the drive me nuts but pay and I'm glad there are women like -- out there that's great that's a there's a sense that -- at least you ought to at least one with the follow the -- -- it up and added I'm I'm I'm glad Julio 1% of thank you very much address sex and candy a lot. -- we -- can we don't know if we have this. -- men's and works in the front office she'd rather have sex and candy but. You know who knows about these things nowadays but that's good they got to be more than one. 1% Tony. As it says is -- 10% of men -- who would like sexism Valentine's gift only 1% of women. And and she's -- 1% so it shows that there are some out there that that would fall under that category. It just doesn't make sense because every server that you read it says women think about sex just as much as him. Well they do know I think about Ferrari's but I haven't had one in my garage. You know what I mean you can think about -- all you want to -- to act on an order for it to be real bright I think about I'd love them before fifty to -- do you have been nice and if any -- there are more money than you possibly could ever spend. A 450. Ferrari it's Dahlia. A big the classic for college red -- -- I'm not a big manager person except for our right that's the combinations. That's about the only thing I would take over -- of a 458 Italian line and if you have 458 its value though you can that's a warrior bonds. Suddenly that 1% goes. I -- it right orbit that would more or Beijing company. On news at 930 WB. Yeah. On the back. We're asking the question tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Is it a waste of -- vote time and money you know there are some holidays that are wasted time money. Sweetest day I mean come out with sweetest day they also bosses day what kind of a brownie -- you have to be a suck up the boss and get the boss something. On -- On bosses day god doesn't work. -- times today got a shot. Some people like some people don't care about it whatever and I don't know anybody who doesn't like it but there is some just don't care that much about it. Chris and I are starting what producers and producers they wouldn't give me your producers something special day okay. I'll work on that aren't -- -- we start that next you next what -- -- Let's photographed as go to Don in buffalo dog her on WB yen. Hi I get that call me corny and that's fine but I called February and February. And out and I don't treat -- on trying to date and particularly special day but a whole month I'd like to do little things for people anonymously. On this -- I put my heart shaped chocolate in my pocket on hand one to. The bus driver of the deli counter clerk. That's nice that's nice because they're not expecting it and leaves -- -- nice impression insurer. And I get the best customer service she would ever believe. Absolutely. When you do something for somebody and they're not expecting -- they really really appreciated because it's it's the plot elements of view. Doing that for them I think that's a great I gotta figure corny at all they're gone and out. And but up -- is it more for -- her ma'am I walk away feeling like a million baht. Yeah I mean I I think so some people like but really feel better giving them getting. And that maybe you're one of them because it's very generous have you. To enlighten other people make their day better and that's what you're doing so good feel good feel gun. Attain that but it. Fine and I suggested that anyone who wants a little light their day. All right good idea thank you very much very nice if somebody did that for you. -- very nicest little thoughtful something sure I'll I like that no -- -- corny at all I don't think it's its morning. I have -- Wall Street Journal here. And I and absolutely and it's today's Wall Street Journal. The best places to find love. That you don't have to pay for food I had. Black cuts it down Facebook. I it's important that we ways to make this novices FaceBook graduates of -- -- -- social media. Ranked fifteen major cities to see where singles find each other or not. All right first -- behind our highest likelihood of a relationship. So you're gonna bump into somebody one of these cities. And it's gonna work -- remember five San Antonio. Number four Fort Worth, Texas I what I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I was Meredith but -- at Fort Worth, Texas number three Louisville. Number two Al paso. And number one Colorado springs Colorado Springs has a lot of military presence there. And also very religious community is my understanding so here I I worked in Fort Worth. And another Texas City is there's so expert. I don't know Buffalo's novelist now that is where to start loading highest likelihood of relationship. Most single females. Per single male now if you're a guy this is where you wanna be okay where there's an abundance. Of love women number five Richmond Virginia. I've worked in Virginia and Richmond number four Charlotte. Number 34. Or earth. Here we go forward some that was still number 20 Jacksonville. And number one Memphis so -- lot of southern cities and there could Barbeque man yeah realizing Barbara Q&A babe BMB. You've heard a bed and breakfast Barbeque at bay perfect like that. Most single males per single. -- Now this one should have an asterisk on it. Because -- I'll explain it's -- most single males. -- single female. Number five San Diego number four Salt Lake City number three Seattle. Number 20 San Jose. And number one San Francisco. Are -- in -- San Francisco and San Jose or close to -- other. And yeah they have more single males for single family of personal female. But there's a high percentage of gays so that. They can be sure of amid an asterisk. And -- and told -- that because it kind kind of throws the numbers out of kilter. Where if you are. If you -- If you heard a female whatever guide them maybe more single males but not intrusive and you. See in fact this past San Francisco. -- leading pleas for Iran form deep predation yeah I know bit -- I have my executive assistants who Norquist when I was programming NBC stations and Cisco. Soon Norquist it was absolutely drop dead beautiful okay she was and the most eligible -- have a magazine exemptions and she was listed as one of the most eligible females in San Francisco okay that's a beautiful -- But she is to have. A hard time finding a man because a lot of men were today. So there are people she -- to whatever but they were an interest in romance or you know dating with her and stuff like that so it's a great city. In this emphasis is fabulous Tom would just so good to know that those numbers -- up. Lowest likelihood of a relationship. -- this is where you don't wanna be if you wanna hook up. Five Atlanta. Four LA YLA lakers are awful here as my -- last three. -- -- -- New York City is number three for the lowest likelihood of a relationship. But they -- and they should put an asterisk in here and say we have a legal citizen. There's this New York you know we have an illegal immigrant shoots right up to the top but that's where it -- Number 20 Washington DC. And number one. From what I just told you was on this list of San Francisco. Because there maybe other people you elect their -- about a -- a big part of populations -- so if you're looking for a relationship. A male female. That's one thing mail mail -- miles females and the other thing I got to break it down but. But these -- the cities where you have the best in the least chance of finding true love or relationship or hooking up or anything like that. But we also like to know where the best. I'm thinking the worst place to meet probably. Is a bar. And up to you why because everybody has their antennas up their alert they know people go ahead on them. They're drinking alcoholic beverages some might take advantage of them they're buying your drink for what reason Bob bubble bubble so their defenses are up it's like. It's like the Cold War when they remedy air raid sirens -- -- all. Could be troubles so I think the worst -- will be a bar the best places whether defenses are down. When they don't expect it okay and somebody said this years ago and I think it's all right the grocery stall our. The grocery store are in because guys here's the card you can play at the grocery store -- can play anywhere else. I don't know Napa and Bob Barr and no groceries can you tell the difference between a -- sweet potato. Is this a good price for. Four ham. A debate and and and women they're nurturing. Bear nurturing ability comes in because you're a guy but they think of viewers analysts like a little boy doesn't know how to do these things doesn't know McGovern beat when he yemen's -- -- And suddenly a conversation starts up. Next thing you know you're asking her for -- So I mean that's where golf is that it even if it doesn't work out would you -- at least you're not a by a sweet potato after that. Over backward more I don't -- around 301806. Was advisors reserves -- I'm thirty. It's Valentine's Day a waste of time and money. And where's the best place though hook up we'll be back. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. And call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Back religion don't have sandy beach Johnny says he said yesterday that Valentine's Day is a total waste time and money. And as I got this survey -- May be a 17%. Of the population agree with -- aren't -- -- asking -- it a total waste of time and money. If you forgot would you be in big trouble. Because I I sense that women value the holiday more than guys do and where's a good place to me. Let's go back to my childhood as my impaled on them from Pennsylvania diner on WB yen. Good morning standing I don't today. -- I was just trying to think where we met women I know he's been trying to pick him up on the side of the road if they were in judgment and that up. We -- -- I I I met Dorothy in school of course north there was a classmate of -- but I can't remember knew where do we go to meet women. I get back -- Back at that time being the only place back and really I mean yeah you try to do that but we get a better chance to pick up -- the. I don't like that we these women walking along with opposite would you like -- -- we're getting ice cream Clinton do that now. And -- do you believe him Valentine's they've done. Non me and -- I have to say I'm on the same page as Tony I get the total and complete waste of time. All I'm sorry embargoes -- -- Not really all that that's good. On -- so it's like hit OK I would've given you this shorter give me that it's a push. I just think it's like I have a virtual exchange of Gibson's that are an actual ones so that's nice good. That's -- but. You're you're talking a little while ago about. Asking a girl about it sleep number -- seriously the well I I actually tried that once. And she says well she says whatever my number -- you don't have it. -- all work out a loan. If I go about getting -- yeah I think asking instead of -- signs that what your sleep number. That's perfect I mean that's really good so you've you've lived your life by not they're doing Valentine's. What you know why because because to be on it goes back to story. -- suspect Earl Campbell is Ellie and and and you magnate and all electric overlook. Not because I'd -- got from the way. Are accidentally hit it out what -- erupts you're talking about the wrong call made by a guy named Jimmy Jimmy's all be happy there. -- -- -- live -- ugly woman your life. Short can cook may be okay thanks Don thanks for calling it alligator blood. Yeah yeah -- got to -- that's. That's really what we did I mean sure we knew the girls in school. And I dated. Regular girl that was in our class but nobody brokers and Ronald Friday night when we just got our license and is a -- or going for Chrysler and mop and that's that's the way it mattered but for those -- you really wanna be happy for the rest serial I've listened to Jimmy soul. Good advice here. Bless them. My girls and but okay. Wide. -- -- -- -- -- -- quarterback Doug godly women -- good. I'm trying to -- All right from your husband's in the I had gone there and and politically correct. -- married. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That don't -- British woman marry an ugly woman had been -- and that's. That's -- motto there I'm sure it's very popular feminist. All around the of the globe were asking Valentine's Day isn't it's always time and money and where to mate OK let's Tony where did you meet -- Does that you're married and -- you have to -- or somewhere wasn't here. Yes it was -- -- Tammy burns to -- show she was our. Promotions manager at it's -- if she had an intern. So this comes up to me one -- she says Tony might in turn is board could you please take -- to the control -- -- how you run Rush Limbaugh. This is when we run home would have done so. -- my duties back then as I had to go out if you remember the channel for building. We have a little -- -- behind. I get it to go outside and it changes satellite cycle by better than Shaq -- pastor pastor are not alternatives are no okay right a check -- first -- yeah she's hot. And as I introduced myself as she comes back and we hit it off. Rate though is that yeah -- always a lot of her shack yeah basically I ask you said. I was never had not met the basketball player no other place to be aware of equipment as I won't come back we're gonna find -- Chris met his wife. And I'll tell you about my first meeting with Cindy on radio and I'm thirty we are WB yeah. It's. It is region governor tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Now to the view. You'll pick up something -- cards. Some jewelry or chock Bledsoe just something maybe -- going out to dinner. But most of you will do something by 17% of you don't believe that -- doing anything. That is just kind of like a waste of time all -- talk radio buys into that as I said 17% of the population. Does as well. But if you don't amassing. If you've ever forgot that I have you gotten into trouble and where did you meet was a good place to meet people. A Tony met at work okay. And let's see what a -- where did you meet your wife by how we met. In college the first time I remember seeing her was you know like opening weekend. You know everybody meets its they go from room in the room but apparently sheer numbers. The night before I saw her and I made some kind of Smart ass comment -- toss -- -- I had no I mean I remember saying what he's and it's outages don't remember it being involved and that's. -- well out I -- a mysterious. And there that's that's cool I remember what I -- eight. I had just learned about Harley-Davidson motorcycles OK Rob Lucas and I were doing a morning show one -- through. And I was in his once you receive motors I mean yeah in no hurry. And I had been down two the mono Harley and and talk to mr. Reid. And their beautiful lights or whatever I was talking about him all the time on air a lot. A lot or should I get on what you might I'm -- that thing I've never ridden a motorcycle but this is the time the door to be fun. And I'm doing a remote I'm doing a remote two at a Pontiac dealer on main main street in Clarence okay. And it's I was on the air at 6 o'clock and 6 o'clock we're outside world war on the -- were outside. And there was a morning fought. Because it was a summer there was morning blog. And I'm doing something I'm interviewing somebody or doing commercial and I hear. Our high pitch screaming machine okay and suddenly out of the flawed and you can't make this stuff up. Of the flawed. Comes a girl on a motorcycle. She cuts from a dog she -- -- is the supermarkets and engine she shots and injure -- She gets -- wearing a full face helmet takes the Helmand Province just like you see in the movie sharper heads are here came down and she walks up to me Jesus. I wanted to see what a real motorcycles. Anchor -- -- on a super -- And it turns out her family business with tablet sales and service and they sell super bikes. And she gives me her father's car and she says have you ever wanna -- a real blight. Check my father and she puts that helmet on and -- but before she left she gave -- Lucas has been around the parking lot. Our Rob Lucas I'm sure or what's not ready to be riding on the back of a motorcycle but she was a superb writer. But that's not a matter -- today she says she gets sick -- -- -- -- -- And and she wrote her motorcycle over and a in the morning fog gave me her father's car and that was that. That I mean something that sounds like it's out of a movie -- -- maestro. The opposite problem because he'll back it up the ended the end result -- I ended up buying a motorcycle Lucas did not. Lucas because he thought. You we have a helmet law in New York say that Leo you know mess up my hair. So I didn't care about money here and that's it can keep you from having again having good hair can keep you from having a lot of fun. Get a motorcycle if you're inclined to do all right we're asking go Valentine's Day is a waste of time. Where did you meet where's a good place to me. Christian some postings on FaceBook forced -- yes I do desist from Linda she says my husband and I have been married for 44 years we've -- celebrate our love every day we don't need just one special day to celebrate so I do think it's a waste of money -- that some guys celebrating -- every. I'm in the eyes I'm. The clock rules in my heart have just been warm. You can love each and every -- but something special. You know my being -- module was -- guys yeah. Thank you okay that. And progress this one comes from and she says my husband and I agreed at the waste money and parents and valentines stuff that we don't need like Teddy bears and say we put all their money towards a nice dinner out. I got on news editor but he wanted to inflatable ones those are available let's go to Dave in Batavia. Dave -- on WB yeah. Thank you Marty. -- at first of all I'm glad they the apple want your heart. Secondly the -- got areas. My wife and I met about 1998. A couple of years later we got engaged. And in 2000. And. Who. I had gone out -- it in the summer here in the morning I got out -- back home. Fred Meyer and my wife. The a banner on an -- out and she actually put holes. Mean while with a big. -- and the banner -- up and if backed up will you marry me. -- February 14 Obama lob at three. So what that means that we didn't act it'll be electric here this Friday. Valentine's Day that we -- Mary. -- We've got out of the Internet and it champ who wait back in. Late. 9798. Like that. And it was from the Boston Massachusetts area. I -- -- beckoned for the next our relationship started and actually it worked -- quite well on the Internet level -- And you know. Atlanta he had another finding what -- -- it was like you know we don't want another throughout. Long period of. So more don't really -- for UN because of the date. They worked out especially great on Valentine's that's a good story and the Internet thing a lot of people doing that now they have Internet dating services and people in chat rooms or whatever but I'm glad day I'm glad you have a good positive story like that -- thank you. Thank you very much. I think I'd be a little nervous on the and have you what you got married but right have you heard about many people have met on the Internet yes I have -- It seems like that is a growing wave of meeting people there are signs -- trio is yes it is but there are sites. That you know -- obviously you for commercials for them Arianna type video -- Rick Warren and yeah yeah I am just like FaceBook and and social media you see that. But with -- -- sites here's my question of have somebody on who runs one of those -- OK I assume there's some kind of questionnaire or whatever right now you would fill it out looking for the kind of person you're looking for. Not necessarily the kind of person would be the most compatible because we always. -- -- heroic soldier can always know which one we don't always want what's best for us. Sometimes we make. Destructive. And and so you would put in that questionnaire the kind of person you're looking for May not work out to be. The best person you could of found. Is surely like every you to hear all the time. Leo good Grohl has attracted to bad boys you know and guys that live on the edge of things like that town or vice Versa. Yeah I think that if or on line and they found out my favorite movie some time. I go off -- I don't I don't think -- be attracted. I think I know a lot of women would be an assortment three. -- yeah. -- -- -- And -- computers and stuff like that would you feel comfortable. Not forget that your marriage but would you feel comfortable meeting and target with some -- on line. And it yes and no I mean it seems to -- to think these days but I still think it's a little weird doctors you're not actually seen this person's conversing with them face to face and there's a whole term now it it was popularized or enemy anti terror thing called. To being kept fist it's an allegedly you're you know hooking up with somebody out gas outline that's not who they claimed degrees. Sometimes they're not running in the same sex they claim to be. I mean the one thing that would be good I think about conversations online. Is that you're not looking I dive face to face so you can probably spend no more relaxed time back and forth questions and answers before that first meeting. But I think it's just putting all your cards and on that hand is really dangerous. What you take that nerve aspect out of the not so nervous as you would be -- receiving. Across from her out for drinks or at the dinner table. They might be able to be it's awful well that's the best I tried last time I've posted a picture of me actually was novels. And it worked really well you know when your post pictures of proposals people. May answer your calls. It's amazing how that works well. We'll be back we have more after this.

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