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Comcast-Time Warner Merger

Feb 13, 2014|

Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But Thompson is with us on the WB and -- director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse university and and were at putting -- TV had on Bob this morning Comcast and Time Warner confirming a deal that would create a cable giant. Out of the two companies Comcast has agreed to by Time Warner Cable. For more than 45 billion in stock. Bob good morning. Good morning in terms of mergers this is a big one isn't it. Well with a huge line and it really had enormous implications. Just the way we'd experienced -- many people experience daily life. You are saying no -- you're doing stories -- the Olympics and Time Warner. But the Comcast merger well both are related data because Comcast -- bought in BC universal global back in 2000. Thirteen through the Olympics are currently playing -- Comcast which is Al going to bite by Time Warner and make it part of this dormant for a it consolidated gum company. By the way -- they will only will cover 30% of the little under 30% of the page US state television market. I don't have to die bet that this goes through. Oh with a bottle. Twelve billion customers to Time Warner currently has so -- stay under that 30%. Mark. It doctor Bob if this deal is approved through the regulatory. Process is there anything anything at all and illegitimacy. But is there anything regulators can do to protect the consumer the TV cable subscriber from high rates. Well it. Oh you know I'm gonna say and I am going to say it does put it this way whether you're a com gets person or radio at Time Warner. Customer corporate that maybe it matter any other customer your cable rates are not going to go down as a result of the well I've always said cable rates. Are the opposite of the law of gravity the gravity what goes up must come down. In cable what goes up must continue to go up. He what ever happened it and I trust. Well the FCC will be looking at this does the justice. Department. And all the rest is not a done deal would spit in the agreed to buy via. Participants but. They're still going to going to have to they have to look at it -- that will be one of the yet. Terms of which which they'll -- to it and part of that is the limitations of -- total coverage cannot. Can -- that this is a this is a bit of problem. I think that next the second place -- this would be. Probably DirecTV. That would be pretty distant second for its total coverage. Well Bob you've probably and you must remember when cable television was just on the drawing board heading into its infancy. Since we're gonna have to pay to get a clear picture an extra channels. They've promised a -- on the cable TV would be commercial free remember that. Could think I do remember those those old days of course they want to bet right out of the gate. You know we we started getting things like troopers state so I remember my first cable package in Chicago. Might have said that maybe fifteen channels. And a lot of those channels were already simply commercial -- television stations from other cities. WP media the super states of course. Which he played pretty much just. Atlanta Braves. Love baseball games at reruns -- -- -- -- show and commercials that was about it. Are there anymore and little cable companies left. Old there are a couple of smaller companies but they had slowly but surely you getting got to be absorbed. That -- Were considered little little water antiquated opium and all the rest of the -- bit of a better absorbed as well so. This efficiencies. Of scale kind of thing is. Really the operation here and we're not talking just. Cable companies that are that are enormous were talking companies now that also own very very -- Content provider. Operations in this case NBC universal. If they -- is a remote chances deal might not pass. Luggage -- -- a lot to though look into there's been a lot of very public. We did in the the way in which people. Suddenly find they can't get certain channels because of these -- that the issues so it's something that people are actually. Paying attention to a lot of mergers the general public -- Could careless about this is got people who. You know this suspect they're -- we -- so exposed there's there's a chance but that -- big probably he would ultimately. He's going to go through. Hey Bob -- nice to join us thank you my pleasure thank you Bob Thompson. Director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University.