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Men's Hockey Takes Center Ice At Olympics

Feb 13, 2014|

Steve Manson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the WB analogue line of Steve Manson. Owner publisher -- to New York hockey magazine hey -- good morning. Good morning -- God what a fast moving game that we run almost. US team USA started about one nothing over Slovakia. Can mean coming into the second period of Slovakia scored the US answered back right away it's now. The team USA to Slovakia 11 a fast moving in the -- It's it's all. I -- -- regret like me out perfect. Games start -- so that there is boring sitting here -- my copy which opens in just enjoying it. Tremendous. You get he ought to all start he built there and played and the big night and this. You know well except for -- and there's not -- better than this and the United States has scored again. Hey Steve big European IC just mention it you know big ice. How much different is -- than what we're used to here. Or is it being able wider. Than and the NHL lights and then allows teams with good speed -- be -- -- -- around the -- The adjustment have to be very careful not be caught out of position because appear to our old work. You know or -- went around you and all that extra room and everything so it's a much different game and and a -- the United States team and it well actually most of the intent NHL player down. And this is quite an adjustment and it really only had three days to practice. No you're absolutely right you know -- NHL followers you'll look at them drink it's it's obvious how much wider it is -- we have here let me ask -- this. We disappointed that Ryan Miller didn't go to start. Now an unnecessarily I think middle and again I don't know that we're back there is nobody no doubt that. But I wouldn't be surprised -- in the next Saturday's game against Russia. You know to be perfectly honest these first three games today -- Sunday. Even though they're important for -- them the medal round. Nobody gets eliminated sold at these games that are are. Is it in a sense almost like preceding games it like it's -- according usual practice together for three days. And that is an opportunity at least and get ready to battle rounds start I think -- -- -- next week Tuesday Wednesday. And that's what it wanted done but right now nobody gets eliminated these first regain what technical that the ball would mean. Wanna get a good look at the player's in Atlantic avenue and you see a lot of a lot of like they'll rustle of a -- -- media have been -- -- -- in the trial team we're playing together that is trying to get -- community here -- other. Yet these teams don't have a lot of time you would you lobby surprise you know guys like -- playing together are. You know maybe to get some momentum going or if things don't work do you expect the winds maybe it's shake up a little but I know things are going well right now that could change. Yet I expect all I think that is a lot of experimenting going at. Don't you know like to -- burning -- fair -- Scioscia has a Golden -- and NC who would play well local. And just you know how things were acting I think you can see that from all sixteen -- -- there in the in the Olympics on the like I said it that the great up to two -- and there's really. He's team just got together on Monday. -- they had that they had to trail littered over the jetlag it's time change and all that. It's a tough situation but it -- April into the I think it's -- what makes this such a great tournament. David must be going on in your mind the two teams that might be battling for the gold medal. Well equipped whereas the clear favorite candidate up no question about it I think -- certainly is that an opportunity to win it. Russia all might say they wanted very very bad. It's not a bad United States in the big kidnapper. It is one of the -- in an obvious -- the Olympics is played only one or two teams -- stepped up its surprise everybody -- -- that's exciting part of this thing and it. You know basically to win the gold medal you play six or seven games in eleven date it's set up a schedule. Injuries have a lot to do it or what to think who can come together to -- -- Makes a great and I elected said -- -- there -- some pretty much no commercial during the period is that this some great acting. Okay Steve good to talk with you thank you. Steve -- owner publisher of Western New York hockey magazine.