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2-13 Beach and Company Hour 1

Feb 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello it is a -- governor Jim but not divide that is the question. Is outrageous you know will not get something for that significant other on Valentine's Day. Tony took Darren -- yesterday when he said it's a waste of time and money and I'm thinking about it doesn't have a lot of back up on this but let's find out let's. -- Yes Jack says it is big and governor and I'm sandy beach I'm watching the weather channel in the south got whacked by this storm which is a moving up the East Coast and and were missing it. And I'm happy about that but I'm watching the weather channel and a big person reporting said. Well of Boston. The suburbs. Just west of Boston. Can get twenty inches of snow and I'm thinking. That's exactly where my sister is -- where I was born and raised modem card Massachusetts. So they have Beverly if you're listening I hope you bug got you're hunkered down. There's plenty of -- fuel for the generator. And they're good good good snack food stuff like that -- -- tell -- -- yeah out at a salad because up here what we have events on the salads sellout. It would be the worst of all worlds are getting a bad storm and it's boring. I mean you got to have a got to have a reward for a bad storm and that's cookies and candy and and ice cream and stuff. I read a report in animal that was from Wal-Mart to buy it said that during the storm pop tarts are the number one's -- Smart as you know I've been a big go believer that every fall I put pop tarts in my cards. A simply because if you ever got -- first of Albany they're good secondly there is sealed and thirdly you can get my whole season and in the spring around Easter them. So that's that's good pop tarts are good thing. And that you want to treat yourself to something special while you watch the snow is that come down. Buffalo no problem looking out the windows and also on but it's it's a decent day I'll take but in my sister's going to deal with the twenty inches of snow. Meanwhile NBC has to deal with the fact that. Kostis in his eyes are still out of commission and the that was two days I they don't say whether will be back today. They're hoping you will be because he's their main guy. Matt -- I don't I don't I -- our I just don't like -- or assault. And you know what I don't like Al Roker either I really don't but Stephanie Abrams and there from the weather channel my guitar. They tried them they tried to team when Casey bought the weather generally screwed it up right away. By trying to team Stephanie Abrams. Who is a vivacious charming meteorologist fun. -- -- -- -- -- There are they are not a marriage made in heaven and there really aren't there is no chemistry at all between them. And that's that's what they did and then they started parading all the NBC sitcom stars through the set of the weather channel so I you know prostituting. The the product like they do. And now Comcast is buying Time Warner you know come guests on -- heard that you -- -- molester born in on NBC. So they're gonna own everything in the world eventually. Meanwhile congratulations. To Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan and his wife -- proud parents of identical twin daughters. Yes Victoria and Isabel. Are now the children of Michael and -- -- I've ever seen his wife what side. Like he's gonna have a dog yeah right right -- Michael Jordan for this year is. And Michael solution -- shows even at that -- you can still dunk. It used to be up to his -- by the Gaza -- the -- -- of course welcome. And congratulate him off the air Jordan has sent congratulations video. Meanwhile. -- crest. He couldn't get the scores -- back that up on the USA Slovak yeah and I don't like a slot machine the numbers as they -- and have seen so many goals scored in such a short pier and it was like compressed. Yeah I was in saying you guys are in here when it I was I was trying to write -- -- below that they're tough anyway because there's events going on all the time but you know of course the US men's game. It's a pretty big agency got to get the update report I had to rewrite a -- six times violated his gave up just -- I just did -- -- -- -- -- knocked on the soccer and I don't know I was going out it was five or six or seven at the time. Now -- ago this fascinating guy his father is one of -- -- these have played in the national football are actually down our national Peter Rabbit ears that's. Because I used to love the name's Peter and Anton Stastny. 'cause I I have been named Anton says to me is an ideal villains name can't you see in the old movies where the villain comes on he's got a mustache he's twirling and he's gonna -- vision and have the rent. His name would be Anton Stastny. It couldn't get meaner than that there -- good occupy all they were fabulous Somalia governor there were Brothers right Peter marathon and not a kid and our kids -- all right so that's awesome and Eric Kane got an assist at least that we know -- so things are going well. And the let's hope for the best not first I couldn't figure out. Are we rooting for our own team to win because the goaltenders not the one -- electricity but I think we still have the -- -- guys drew from it. Yeah you have to and Jack Nicklaus agreed only to women generally quick. Going into the year ever but he assumed he was going to be a starter for team USA anyway but Miller's played so angry count -- -- -- -- the conversation. And and I think what I mean come on. Okay -- back in the day who wants to go go Los Vegas I'd do you do we -- If you like to go to Vegas here's a suggestion visit WB and our common join the insiders' club by 10 AM February 27 for your chance at the Las Vegas getaway content is courtesy of the central travel and fund jet. Complete the -- reform including a 93 word or less SA. As why you deserve the Las Vegas get away and believe me they'll count the word it could be a masterpiece. It could be split. Killer but if it's nine before awards pal you go into the dust and that's the way it works. One winner will be selected based on the SA entry by the sole discretion of station personnel. In The Who which means -- -- Verizon region impaired -- out on February 27. And announced on the 28 to receive a trip for true to Las Vegas including roundtrip air. 59 hotel Sunday through Thursday Vegas airport transfers a coupon fund -- The values point 500 bucks nice package. I don't get the say that are often package subject to availability Norton white care -- But I'd like to announce them going through the NFL thank you very much yes and dad stay off these social media. Other ballot and throughout through December 15 wanna ports in requires thirty days notice -- and -- must be 21 or older by the travel -- deaths because it's a grown up trip. Otherwise general contest rules -- so that's that now I can't I can't tell you that it's no secret. But I can tell you this for those of you say you know I really enjoy. Sandy beach and spare him a hard time with -- -- I already do on there. That possibility is coming up it's it's coming -- absolutely it's it's an amazing thing you know I like to spend more time for myself myself. I find myself to be a fascinating and I can hardly wait to hear -- -- a by -- chance to spend time with sandy. Will be coming up a week maybe announcing it as early as tomorrow. The last minute details are being side and and I'm telling ya I wanna spend more time -- my listeners that's the way I roll right dude. We'll take a wreck it will be back after this is seeing sandy. Funny how funny how you view. The DE. Now let's say I did Tony showed me some video yesterday of -- corvettes in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Some of -- classic corvettes being swallowed by a. Sinkhole is there a sinkhole update. No just the one from I saw the the security camera that they posted it was fox posted two. A different cameras and you see the floor just kind of to what you think our guys think and and it cracks -- -- one Corvette goes for off and I started. Are you don't want that -- the only thing that I I would be happy with that happening is if Justin Bieber were in the driver's. Yeah that would you imagine if he drove a Corvette endorsing call it. I need some. So bugs and that's that today it is a lot singles -- I saw. A feature a couple of weeks ago about the more singles and war. As suddenly I mean you're just there remember that person they never found. Does the the center of the circle was -- floor -- yeah Florida under his bedroom they couldn't find him. Imagine that because he was obviously very dull -- I can't think a little worse fate than that are really really well listening MB ER for an entire -- and that -- to a but I thank you about president here for a week and -- -- and -- cynical. -- today special. How to live on -- -- -- NPR where your radio station now send us some money please vigilant that good. Yeah I don't know this thing called bloom the end of the world you know what trying to claw your way out of that it's just incredibly awful awful awful awful. Now I do something that is an awful it's great as a matter fact if you wanna see the woman that does this show her pictures and a -- today. I have -- tickets of the BP co production of the Streisand song book. Saturday February 15 at 8 o'clock that's this Saturday at -- hands I was eighty bucks general contest rules apply. A great post Valentine's night concert. I give the tickets. Two events special woman. It's and Hampton Callaway is critically acclaimed tribute to Barbra Streisand and her pictures and they -- -- -- -- 6449875. Will take a random caller and that's debt that's -- that's the divorce. That's why. I like this out of Michael. -- -- -- -- right now Tony innocently enough. Is the subject not directly but indirectly. Of our show today. As you know tomorrow -- a big day. It's Valentine's Day it's especially. A big day for women. Not that big day for guys Alicia forget. Then it's Armageddon. You do not want to forget to get that special. Someone. A Valentine's gift just make sure your wife doesn't -- And know hey I got choke like hey guys got a wife. Look they never this is my search I mean without one but no you are you wanna get -- and special. For that special person. And it can be almost anything can be card. Me flowers candy. But some people want more than that I have a survey. Here it's an AP survey. And it talks about. The holiday and how people feel about it. And Associated Press survey found only 17%. Of adults in committed relationships. Say they don't want a gift. On Friday they are skipping a holiday so that's only 17%. That's seventy not a boundary and that's not a big number of so if you're in the 70% your okay. But if you're not and you forget it and -- not okay flowers and candy topped the list of preferred guest but there are those who want something crises. Like our car -- it was a car for Valentine's Day. Jewelry while Joseph is -- -- -- is nice and you get there is something very personal like your car but you're but if you do get a car. Major is from north of one among them bugged your sponsors have been. -- -- -- over thirty years ago. Is she really means a lot to you get or something from north. Valentine's Day to the nth degree -- expect. You'll be out on your eastern Libya degree view if you don't remember -- don't -- So some people want a car someone jewelry or vacation. Some are fine with just the Teddy bear they sell these big Teddy bears. Those of Vermont Teddy bears. And there's some of them are regular size but they they have these like eight Teddy bears. And I'm always thank you where you put that I mean where you put an eight foot Teddy bear arms deal. About a third say they'd like intangibles. Okay. OK so so our 17% say forget it we don't want anything. Some want the pricey stuff the car jewelry vacations. And someone intangibles. Like. Time together. That's nice here honey I'm getting your time together. I'll be watching the Olympics tonight and you can sit in the chair right next in mind share won't that be fun. Someone help of health it. Have helped. I'm Valentine's Day really seriously if she's joking on a bar owners of -- Barbara. You know behind what went -- how do you give -- for Valentine's Day -- How may I care so much about you I'm gonna make sure you have your shots. Bring -- to a -- the numbering -- at the same time. Can -- fit in the carrier. OK time together health or happiness. There does it is very reasonable. Because if you say honey to have everything that you want -- She says yes but I like health and happiness could you could you stop and get it on the way home. You get happiness is having as we know about your happier not you get hell where you get help you get her you sign her up. Or Obama care I mean really what you do. What do you do I don't know. Overall the survey found a Cuba's arrow hits the target for most Americans but not -- jury it's as hear the news and masters there. Two thirds of pared off for adults that's that's some. Kind of provocative. Paired off adults. Okay well if you are paired off you can leave the house but anyway two thirds of paired Robert -- feel their relationships are perfect or nearly so. Okay John Leo and -- that's 66%. Say if their relationship is either nearly perfect or perfect. Other NASA just said yeah. And Saturday -- some thing. I don't YL -- wouldn't you know you can get something you got me better you know. I got me right guys on the got a pregnant and as you have this and it's. Man embryo anyway 3% think their partnerships have serious problems and that's it only 3%. But if you if you want you can get her robe. The intangibles health that's it just I know all that to a third of these people say they want intangibles like time together help -- have in his. Say you're gonna have now that in his time together goes towards. And see you should be happy that all told 68% of Americans. And committed relationships with some kind 11% aren't currently couple but would like to be. Those are listed as army 17%. Say they aren't seeking a relationship. Okay. Different strokes. Probably for the third group element that's another story OK when we come back we're gonna talk about. Where's the best place to find somebody who is the worst place to find somebody and do you believe and sometimes they know about do you believe in miracles view. Wednesday we'll be back wood -- are MR on newsreader and I'm there. W -- VEN 9:30 AM as buffalo has the peace bridge. It backward Beijing governor is a miles Valentine's Day and I don't care what any survey says or anything else it's a woman's holiday. Guys -- and if were thoughtful will try and do something. But it means more in my estimation just anecdotally. It means more to women and it does the guys if you're a guy and you and your wife for your girlfriend doesn't get you something tomorrow -- I'm -- you know all out. But try it the other way. Just try it the other like especially if your wife or your girlfriend. Our hang around whether other female friends because they compare what they yeah okay. Well I'm Harry got me it is this chocolate over at these 400. Bill gave me this Larry on that. Ago so you gotta be careful of that do you believe in Valentine's Day or is that always the money. And that is where's the money but I do think it's far more important women and guys and nowhere to -- where did you meet where's the best place to meet somebody of -- be politically correct now okay. Meet somebody of the same sex opposite sex any sex sex less. Walking crawling jumping running -- ever where did you meet somebody you're attracted to do is that is that covered all ethnic elements -- -- Let's go to Fred in -- Fred you're on WB yeah. Good morning I've read do you believe in valentines they've -- No. Did go along with what Egypt's. You don't get something that you do that if you go get something you don't get something right. Who's going to be compared ads. They've. Got a good grip Mosul -- you know you know the drill on this. All they have been doing this for umpteen years. When I'd like it's be able to do is catch the guys they came up with -- the first time and strangle him. Exactly somebody probably on the flower and chocolate shop is my. I thought that you don't believe it did you ever forgets and get in trouble for a. I have to say I haven't forgotten because -- then. You know it's in all the stores. Oh yeah you can get away from. Parts red hearts on display everywhere so anyway that's umpire mark I'm gonna keep track of his tread. No you're the first vote -- and go and then yes thank you read happy Valentine's Day to. By the way you are I think Valentine's -- does have. One real positive. For our guys. And may be some girls it was probably off first law. Because remember this and I remember this specifically. First grade. First great what are you six. Five I was probably so I think I was six in the first grade okay. My at at six our Valentine's Day they allowed you. To bring in something and put -- on the desk of somebody that you. I'd they would do that anymore but they did -- good at that. And so there was this girl who sat in the front row. Name Pamela Rosalie I'll never forget as long as I Lenovo okay. So my mother had given me a box of these little heart shaped candies they had a word from them or two words being nine. -- something like that. And and sometime during the day you would you would sneak up to the basket just put it on the desk and then kind of get out of the the scene of the crime and hopes she season ties that in TU ROJ lava that is a guy in the back there right okay. Well here's some added I'm still ashamed of is that one day it was who mayor brown -- and actually. The teachers said. Who would like to pass -- paper. Now that's the last thing in the world I would ever do I always set the back of the class I never I never clapped the racers and -- Ronnie banks. I never did that I was too man even at six okay. But I raise my hand I'll pass up the paper -- economy yes you can pass up the paper so I walked up front. And got the paper you know why do that as -- who was sitting in the front desk in the front room. Pamela rose valley and here is dead and a bomb why am I and I put a piece of paper on Pamela is dance and then. -- -- I gave her -- -- it was my first yes I was six years old. And then I turned -- and kind of its brands into the back of the room I don't think I finished passing out the paper. And I kissed animal rules. -- now -- -- was trying to find Pamela Razali she's. Probably looks like state DOT well by now but it it was a -- on FaceBook. And could not do it I don't know if she's a rounds I don't know but it is a company. It was the hottest search efforts. And my first my first us. It you don't forget that aren't. So as the first read this thing before I met Tom Landry two -- department -- Landry. So that was that was that was Valentine's Day and without that I would have my first yes I probably still be waiting in. Here's some of the things in this survey now I don't agree -- this. It's a survey by a tree. Contrary to stereo types men are just as excited as women on Valentine's Day I don't why that. For -- minute that is -- -- anymore expected finding men are more likely than women to say they're hoping. -- -- -- I don't read these things at a time Tony you know immigrants reader. And there are some things you can read at a time but this is one I should've that I didn't give. -- pay attention now I have the okay. I get your finger on the -- lines and he's a great this is not me this is associated. Starting of people like you. Okay in a more expected finding women are more likely. I'm sorry. Men are more likely than women to say they're hoping force. As a gift on Valentine's Day. Wow how about that that's a surprising conclusion is meant that we expects -- on balance on Wednesday. So it were more likely to expect sex and women that's what this says. And I think along with that. Let's -- what else. 19%. Vs 1% among amend. -- flowers. The survey found no gender differences on jewelry. Chocolate or Teddy bears of the big gender differences. -- what kind of a tour card and you might put a trapeze here this is it's especially for me so I'm asking some questions Valentine's Day. It always devote their time and money. -- know where to meet people where to meet people this is important because guess what I have. I have something that I hopefully ready had a time from the Wall Street Journal. Where to start looking for relationships. Remember Roland -- eleven all the right places at the big it was big conference. I would take a break we'll be back -- from the Matt. Whose first guess was that of Pamela rose gently she turned a man and I I was little I was shy but -- as a baby. That's the way I roll she said do any time you wanna pass -- paper will be here in the front grow will be back after this. We're asking is Valentine's Day always the money. A 17%. That's -- say they have no interest so there -- others do have interest. But I do think it's old by a wide margin it's females. Cherish Valentine's Day more than guys that I mean what we we try and do some thing we tried to the right thing but it it's not -- out of the top of our interest level. And to show you that that sex question as I read through Obama's surveyed 10%. Of men would like to have sex on Valentine's Day. Guess how many women wanna have sex on the 1% that's at 1%. One out of a hundred you know how hard it is the final one out of conquer the as they go meet -- is adamant. Let's seal it in the he has to say on a cellphone -- you're on WB GN. Hey I'm Lou. He counts as -- really -- why. I think it's in an overt commercial I ain't. You know I've -- -- -- -- -- -- and ultimately start -- and don't bother or -- don't bother to get your Valentine's you know. And Hank banged around and they Karadzic said you know I -- to spend money. And better things done. -- like -- You're right you're very rational person does -- -- show you. Attention and other ways that nice what does he do a nice little things for you in on expectant. And that's not -- I'm good I'm glad all of you female friend Helm. Of the word. And get. You know. -- And being stupid while. And. Women. Yeah. And and you've -- -- -- this -- every year so obviously the attraction is there are things going -- -- Well good for Eli you're you're traveling your own path Amy I don't think there's a lot of women on the same path to -- -- what I applaud you hurt your cards right here thanks for dollar up about eight years they should Saddam blog. -- honestly you know but they are again when she said the boy from probably thought he was who's giving a test as we said okay. You know I was there are just beyond Valentine's Day people often ask questions. Where you know lol what they want -- here. You know you know with the answer. Is that it's gonna please them it and it's you got to know how you have a right conversation. Now have you never celebrated Valentine's its -- now we used to loans since the early and he now by. Flowers. And Teddy -- are recognized -- like that can be bought or Teddy earlier -- the -- -- -- all the -- -- stuffed -- -- okay. And then you just decided. You know it's as you and I get that ought to get that our Christmas that really do. Because there's so much. So much work and effort and money and whatever and the whole holiday aspect of it is buried nobody even thinks we'll gene is actually the one that came to me and said look we're glad we're not gonna do this anymore. Let's save -- mean you know I remember what time. In a relationship does have so she doesn't expect anything and it's no problem and you don't expect anything it's just another day in fact she earlier this -- he has you know -- anything right right okay well. She was an -- -- which it hit it and she said don't get me and in America exactly now Chris Chris this kind of -- a middle right Chris is still -- yeah. Now we still do I mean -- Itself semi part does that cookie -- look at -- I think Obama I had no idea. -- little or are we don't care all that much what we'll do stuff from time to time this. I agree it is kind of a waste of money and stupid but it's just -- there's there's heart to heart shaped treats special treats. All the time -- again like you know that the other red velvet stop it develops. Yeah I didn't know -- especially if your buying cards. Because when you get cards if you spend the time to actually look at cards. Some of them are little to rule over top I mean as far as you know my world began the first moment I saw you when you looked in the -- hopefully he's come and it can be nicely can be you know thoughtful but. I don't know writes these things. I think people lock them in a Roman their real -- when -- -- -- in the lovely yeah and lonely. But some of them are just way over the top and some ugly funny -- cards aren't that funny. You know I could go in debit card greeting you know script writing contest and I think -- win. Because they're not very funny you know -- come up with some funny stuff if you're gonna go. But yeah I I try and do something nothing over the top nothing crazy just a little something. Because I always say please. -- -- -- -- Credit card -- it okay. So whatever you hit a 39301806169. Through exits are 930. Is Valentine's Day a waste of money. A waste of time and money you know you love her she loves you blah blah blah -- your world that would be empty without. Okay well that's -- I never thought of like that that's because my favorite movie somewhere in time so I have to admit. And I'm looking at too much guys across the glass. -- I I I do have. -- terminals. Carries about but just remember Omar watch not a year by the way -- with this laughter. Okay yeah I like. That -- upon moments -- who have that it slap shot is pretty. Let's go to them bubble -- on WB yeah. Hello let's. And how -- this -- believer in Valentine's Day lives. Our threaten our outlook for the current cholera and like Beltran and the show you the amazing. Thank you make -- vote. I don't mind -- not only -- -- your weight but I'm more money I mean it. That's OK and share with it special long. I have to born on balance and they. All of that's nice it's at the time they're kind of just. -- -- and say hey let's not forget it let's not there's been an average day I'm still so happy to be -- you that kind of a thought process. -- -- Our I got a happy Valentine's Day dealers if I knew if I know what your address what I'd send you one of those little candy hearts thank you as. Does the mind you know what happened wondered. If I put the -- mind candy on the -- out resolve these -- what would have happened because I wouldn't know what we've got six. Six I wasn't ready to have anybody be mine and I just thought that was the proper candy will be back after.

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