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Erie GOP Chair Nick Langworthy

Feb 13, 2014|

talking about Trump & Astorino

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nick -- -- Erie county's GOP chairman is with us on the WB Ian lifeline. Donald Trump that with 26 county Republican chairman yesterday including Erie -- -- where they. NIC the headline today seems to be the trump stopped short of announcing he's running but did anyone really expect that he would announce it. I'm not sentences and I don't I don't believe that anyone expected he'd make a formal declaration mean usually toward the internal phase. Of this you know a large. The event -- -- in the Manhattan Republican committee just like he was up here for they Erie county Republican committee few weeks ago. I attended a dinner meeting made remarks and said that if he used to receive denomination or convention. He would run to win the governor. Neck before our listeners describe mr. Trump's demeanor yesterday. His attitude was or even the -- Of anything from him mr. while they might do not even a hint. I mean it was an easy either he's a tough guy. He's tough businessman and very successful. He didn't need them lightly in and he saw yesterday that you know you'd. -- really fairly unprecedented. And was duke of county Republican leaders called -- a normal meeting -- it for twenty. -- -- to travel down to talk to them about the -- of how serious. -- support could be. You know there was so well 55%. Of her. The -- weighted vote. President in a room and really encouraging him to take steps forward so. I think. So you know I think everyone wants the same thing there. And at the same time Westchester is prime minister Reno has begun fundraising. With some mailings that went out yesterday. Where we headed here with a two of these guys. I think you know it's early February just wanna remind people that. You know or herb or concern about how much we can't legally -- candidate to me fourteen which is the date at our convention can. And bit by law we can do it and your. And you know if we go back in time for years ago I don't believe Carl Paladino announced his candidacy for governor until April. So we're well has -- here. You know there's there's still time -- I've. I've maintained that along that I you know -- would make a decision in the -- February in the field would. You know really set itself you know by the time Mark -- -- Donald Trump's already gotten bad news a couple of weeks ago that Andrew Cuomo would beat him by a two to 1 margin this morning. A Quinnipiac College poll on the governor's job performance. Has 63%. Of respondents. Approving of the way of the governor is doing your job Donald Trump is going to be paying attention lose stuff. Why didn't anyone who is paying attention to public opinion polls mean. The same time you know other people that you internal polling. You don't disturb you a test in a vacuum without testing your own messages and think -- you. You know -- -- messaging unit in the course of the campaign you know the governor and a lot of questions to answer also he has been functioning here. In an environment where in the media covers. His side of the story every -- not necessarily. You know those that are critical of his agenda I think that you will hear. A lot of the other side of the story want this great -- BER. Nick do you think the trump will announce any time before he has enough party support to avoid a primary. I couldn't even thinking he will step toward announcement I mean I. I I pretended I I really don't see them you know taking a podium with a big. You know banner behind him and you know as they're -- for governor. It until probably the mobile market in you know people are still in the cities of you know cultivating support I mean I don't -- Israel's putting up fundraising appeal because he's got to see and I put the money together to -- against Andrew Cuomo. Are in in in the domestic -- history it would be a -- governor agree nominee are art is Donald Trump is irritable or so. You know I a year and regular communication -- history you know I think he's a great. But you know there's still time you know we're we're this recruitment you know phase is still going on. You know we have to recruit candidates for attorney general. And also for the New York State comptroller's office and lieutenant governor's office. You know you probably wouldn't hear so much speculation on -- eating if you want you know Donald Trump that we are talking I would. Regularly be attending meetings in the city. At this point of the year you know even if -- -- soul. It's just there's a little extra attention and his -- who were talking about. Nick we're glad you could join us thanks for the update. Thanks so much nick -- or they Erie county Republican Party chairman.