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CBC Hockey Producer Joel Darling

Feb 13, 2014|

Ted Darling's son talks about Olympic Hockey

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go right to the WBM -- -- -- over the Gupta Joseph O'Donnell and executive producer of Hockey Night in Canada. And -- man sounds familiar jolt is the son. Of the legendary voice of the Buffalo Sabres only ten darling hey -- good morning my estimation for the first time -- thank you for joining us. Good morning thanks for having me. We'd like to learn a lot about your job my team -- I don't know like the USA team has its first game today. Against Norway in a Canadian hockey fans are going to be excited how will you be involved on the coverage from a Sochi. Well I I've been basically worker or broadcast center here in Toronto working overnights and we went on the air here at 12 o'clock. Eastern time and are still on the air and coming up at 730 where where you're showing the USA hockey game working with TSN which is. Some of the Caspian but. Canadian version of that and then CDC we have the -- game playing Slovenia so. You know we're we're back here with lots of people and and servicing a bunch of networks here in Canada through the sixteen days -- parts. Voight Jolie with the nine hour time difference in Sochi is testing messing up a lot of schedules there. We need a lot of people including mine he had -- it's it's an older people are getting up early in the night I seem to be getting emails from people who. In Europe trying to watch different events is. As they cannon and certainly. You know the worst obviously sometimes overnight hopes felt scheme where the American wintry. Three medals which was a spectacular competition but I think you know anybody who -- sport wants to stay up in the middle of the night because of the time zone. They'll be able to catch a power. Dual Olympic watchers here in the US. Have to be satisfied -- getting results in the evening on TV while Canadians can launch. Lives. Howard Canadians responding to that lots of Americans who can't get Canadian TV here. Yeah well I've always thought the border cities make out quite well by being able to watch them our coverage around having said that there are ways I think in the states through -- -- digital platforms and obviously TV has changed over the years. But certainly here on CBQ as long as I've been involved in the Olympics. You know we have been able to bring viewers and felt that so we want to you know bring of viewers from. Polite as as light as possible so. I think around you know it's it's a lot of coverage. You know certainly. Not everybody can sit in front of the TV for 24 hours a day but. You know I think a lot of our coverage certainly his lies and and our -- this year primetime shall immediately is is taped as well. Obviously the -- Canada Norway game is going to be huge for you guys today but. You are Canadians pay close attention to the other games as well like this morning Finland played Austria -- -- to watch me Russian and USA games today at 730. Seattle's games are all available as a percent and so. I mean certainly there's a lot of excitement during -- certainly Ovechkin being on the -- the first time in Russia. You know for the game that's just about to take place you don't seamlessly when he played with the -- earlier although it after the first period. Particularly dark tomorrow -- and certainly the USA came -- receiver they're all bigger I think everybody's. Excited to see you know what the hockey team to bring him out these teams kind of jelled together. Because obviously the market -- -- it is certainly big for Canadian little Americanism. And the Russians as well. And Jill what about the ratings are you getting any feedback now on and how this is -- and going over. Well yes I mean in -- ratings -- very you know a little bit different than what they were you know in Vancouver but I think they continue to grow. I think you know we had five million people watching the opening ceremonies for him and for -- country that's that's that's a very big number. I think we're also seeing you know again with people who has sort of Smartphones and tablets that. You know the numbers continue to rise and I think you know we've been trying to be able to provide people platforms where they can watch it anywhere they can them. You know I was coming into work through the Dow Chemical train and to be able to the military which is. Commuter train here in Toronto on you know I'm able to have to watch the coverage on an iPad which you know. Four years ago people really couldn't do that so. You know it is really interest in the way people are watching that different Tuesday's. Joseph got to ask you before we let you go what you -- on the other Hockey Night in Canada people speculating. When it comes to -- Canada and only -- you listen Slovakia. Well I think you you know -- the bulls probably not have much trouble with Norway and the US say. You know plans Slovakia obviously you -- lot of NHL players on both teams. I don't like to necessarily protect but I think that'll be a close game -- I think the American from the Canadian to both cut off to a good start today. Are you guys anticipating may be potential USA Canada finally we saw four years ago. Well it certainly would be good I mean I think we'd all like to see that I mean you know has as television broadcasters we like to see things go into a shootout so we keep the audiences as long as possible also. You know obviously there. The viewers here in Canada you know the biggest thing -- another Wake Forest the Canadian team to defend that -- and you know we shouldn't forget about the battle between these. The women's hockey team -- Canada have lost to the American four times in the world coming into the tournament they won yesterday. So that's certainly sets up a great. Stage for you know the medal round coming up. He -- great talking with you this morning to get back to Western New York much. I do off to my wife's from Pendleton and certainly my pick you know my mother who lives down there and a couple of sisters and blocked -- -- You know we're down quite often it's not far from where I live which original proposal in an hour and ten minutes or so also we certainly do. -- -- -- at nice talk with you again thanks so much for joining us thank you experiment -- that's such old Darlene executive producer of Hockey Night in Canada for the CBC. And the son of legendary sabres. Voice Ted darling and I talked with told just before we. Went on with the interview this morning and a we grew up just a few houses from each other and then just kind of fun to catch up and see how well he's done over the years.