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Time Warner Takeover By Comcast

Feb 13, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There is news of a colossal cable combination this morning Comcast and Time Warner Comcast offering more than 45 billion to -- Time Warner. A move that could reshape the naval nation's cable landscape joining us on the WB a live line. Is our Jill on money expert just messenger CBS news senior business analyst Jill good morning. Good morning we may possess. Well I mean that I got up at midnight and what Connecticut did -- to hear bad news that we had mostly been expecting but not it made it -- hit slices so interstates. You know this could be kind of chatted about for a while Charter Communications has made. To read different offers to Time Warner Cable the last one was candidate about a 132 bucks and lawyer and -- rejected it like. For blowing it off like take you guys -- crazy you're not paying enough for us we really want more we want a 160 bucks a share. But many in the business really fared well this thing is gonna just be a long drawn out battle. Then we hear news that they they've chartered -- with that nearly 160. It's 158. Dollars and 82 cents. And they're different -- again 23 dollars about where Time Warner Cable is trading right now a huge boon to Time Warner investors. Now for the customers we don't know what that's going to face to hand. Regulatory. Scrutiny it is going to be a big deal and yeah I don't think -- slammed on the big deal gets done because. Just look at what we feel this week with sprint and T-Mobile I think it regulators are feeling a little bit anxious about having beat companies' combined. You know very. Clinton crowded state. -- -- who have to sign off on this. Well the FCC didn't -- -- is gonna have to really say is this really going to have pass Muster here and I think that that's going to be interesting to -- It's it's a period of time where that the consumers are feeling a little bit squeeze and it's a bit too. That both the FCC and the Department of Justice. I'm certainly gonna have to sign off on it I will think I mean -- maybe they're going to get maybe they're gonna get through if you're not going to be easy. You know we've -- -- mega mergers before. And usually they're not that good for the consumer right. Only yeah I mean that's the worst part because when you're talking about two big companies -- will often happen is when you're taking one big player at a big picture. Consumers are now going to be facing potentially. Higher rates now the only good news -- the two businesses self has come under so much pressure. With you know what people cutting the cable courting going to -- -- control altered -- different things. I think the cable business may actually be a little bit better but again you know we did with -- cable -- remote doesn't look like it's going down does that. Well Time Warner cable's pretty big around here western new York and subscribers hearing about this right now just heard you say. Higher rates is -- and it looked forward to. It can't really could happen you know and and I'm nothing will happen just saying that he no wind we had these kinds of moves they tend to not be in the best interest of the consumer and I'm you know maybe I'm wrong I'd like to think I'm wrong I too much Time Warner Cable subscriber in New York City is still affect a lot of people here took. And could keep -- and I don't open about it. But again I is that the cable industry very fractured. It's more more people who are saying forget it I don't need to buy cable I'll go somewhere else they're gonna choose Verizon bio thing to make other choices you know. So I think that there's going to be. A lot of this is gonna be a longer story at least in the approval process that time will tell whether the panel that more and are capable of. Harry till we knew you the person to talk to the thank you are right. That's still solicitor CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money Saturday's four until sex on WB yen.