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USA Men's Hockey Opener

Feb 13, 2014|

Mike Gilbert

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live in do Sochi in Russia and Mike Gilbert vice president for public relations for the Buffalo Sabres. Big hockey game coming up today you've got to be excited my good morning. Good morning John yeah it's exciting now. I've been here since I left off look February urged -- you're the second and not a within his thirteenth it would he playing hockey game so it's a Canadian and game starts at 4:30 eastern which is 730 back there are so -- -- we're excited and ready to go. Hey Mike how important is it. For the US to get off to a winning start here today. Well I think it's it's always important so you wanna get off quicker and start. We've got three games and Ortiz here replace -- -- yet today we -- Russia Saturday Slovenia on Sunday. Then after that they. You know I'll have that corner of the play in game and in the quarterfinals also. You know every game's important you wanna win as many you can't but everybody -- -- out of this preliminary round but you're eating is all based obvious and I do in the first three games. Mike in many of the events that we've seen on television looking up on the stand. There have not been a lot of people. Attending many of these events one of love hockey of tickets been selling give any idea. Yet this is one of the events. That -- done very well yesterday I was at US -- Canada women's game and sold out. And the games are hurt last night between the demands interim results you know Paula I'm in the arena right now I'll Wear a Germany. Is playing against Japan in the women's game and the very crowd so at least some other venues or other games are doing as well but a man's lament our. He's doing very well. He like any thoughts on Jonathan Quick over Ryan Miller. And starting going starting is goaltender today. Well I think it is I think it's only one game and I think we'll see Ryan soon enough. -- -- -- are all good players and great players and I you know I don't think Jonathan the play every game this tournament so. You know it's just the first game along a lot of game short of -- -- so I think we'll see Ryan -- -- I'm sure Ryan Miller was very disappointed have you spoken to him I think. Actually I did and I spoke with them for quite awhile yesterday and too terribly disappointed. He knows that Java an excellent goal the end as as Brian is that. Coach made a decision per game one but again there's only one game and now you know what happened that are being into. Mike good to -- would you think you were joining us this morning. That's Mike -- live from Sochi Russia Mike is -- handling public relations for the team USA.