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2-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Feb 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well look. Up -- And welcome to the New York City -- they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- His ball club. There really is nothing like a short time now. Today it's not mind he's 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out the. -- -- What about those that throw. Out everything pretty much but. Throws really set the stage for the show because. Even a hot describe what I do politically I'd settle on the term conservative area which they stole from my friend Rachel wells and FaceBook. She's the founder of the conservative aryan movement by the way I'm simply the propaganda ministers for. They said Clinton the new politics we call out the liberal politicians and yet we have and at the same time. I mean in an -- we're kind of dare I say -- at times. So. It's not then welcome to my little world by the way on FaceBook page I put something up. Odyssey you know should. I just you know. Don't wanna make a big deal out of this but. I put this delicately. I've talked about this before on here. -- Rare medical condition. Which causes fluid to. Build up in my brain. It's called pseudo tumor -- read -- And what it does is it mimics a brain tumor without the tumor because they fluid presses and on the -- And allied don't use that as an excuse for my weirdness but well actually probably short but in any event. I'm probably gonna need a Spinal Tap AKA lumbar puncture. Very soon. However. I'm considering a stent. Or a shot she thinks that the two and instead of going through there the regular punctures. And if you have had. A similar situation. There are pros and cons with these things. And I know that one of the criticisms of the -- has been -- infection beat clock. -- Send an email an unexpected put it up on FaceBook. If you had good or bad experiences. With. Brain fluid being drained with that one of the stance. Because I get a permit to do something soon. And headaches or kill. So I appreciate that if you send me email Tom at WBBM dot com. Tom at WB Ian dot -- dot or even after the fluids drain I will still be weird. There's Coke in a good note got a bit weird my whole life and it ought to change. Now when. -- I'm gonna ask you guys for for your advice basically. I got to see the -- on Monday before the show. And -- I mean whatever seriously I got to rely on his expertise but I'd also like you have your. Experiences. In my mind when I speak with him. -- -- There is talking about the pilot to get enlargement surgery. While wanna be six with two moving to Texas program we've already established that. So up anywhere now forget about the personal stuff let's get back to the topic that I wanna get. And there are -- pros and cons to moving. Out of New York State. I'd just like their pros and cons to any decision you make him. Florida. No income tax but I have to -- Somebody once said Florida is a warm stay with the cold hearts. I cannot disagree with that statement. I think a Florida I think of strip malls strip clubs and pawnshops. -- I don't. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those things but it just seems that there are a welter of them in Florida. Now Texas. We use our earlier with Texas to. Texas has no income tax. A multi million dollar budget surplus despite having no income tax lower prices for gasoline and everything else. And I find that kind of appeal. But I like to be your water. Texas by the way is. Does have its places on the gulf like Corpus Christi Galveston. I wouldn't go with Galveston though. It was already wiped out once because of a major -- I don't like the odds are we're 803 -- -- start at 3180616. WB and if you have moved. How did it work out for you were you happy that's the key question were you. Happy are you happy with the -- family members who have moved are they happy. Because you know you're gonna have more money in your pocket. But -- but the real question isn't about money it's about happiness. That elusive little monster happiness. 8030930. Start 930 and two separate from those review who -- for those of you living Texas are four or anywhere else. 180616. W his VWB yet. 180616. WB and let's find out what's going on with Mike in sugar grove PA Michael hello. Got my love your show that you are flat while my. Favorite radio personality. Very kind of you to say you know it's calls like this that make everything else very worthwhile means a lot to me thank you. Your throat surgery. -- I know that's what made it wasn't a monumental decision for -- we currently. On the Jamestown area I love the area or live within. -- mile of the order. Com and it actually is that taxes. I've I've got no regrets there is a little com. I get that stake -- involved with the move let me I've already every opportunity I -- I. Yet but I mean you kind of -- and the wind. Vote against the city and not the state back -- that -- The straw that broke well. -- like decision -- are actively looking for. Well and houses were cheaper. In New York just because the property taxes -- so a lot of proportion I mean they're just. Ridiculous I mean I get -- them what my property got a Pennsylvania. Like it's a little further. Com but I've got no recurrence. Well -- did you have no regrets but as far as the the living circumstances. -- disposable income the other taxes what you pay for gasoline output is in the picture. Gas is cheaper top property taxes are cheaper. Milk is more expensive I think that's about it. -- -- artillery or air America on our panel like the culture that I can I can. A delicate two acre pond. I'm on the country -- -- can go out. But back door at 5 o'clock in the morning and wire -- -- a lot to him and I'm not saying I do that but it's actually got options. While. I know I know that it is I just looked it up online it's the maple syrup capital of Pennsylvania. -- I thought it in -- Hewitt that little bit of knowledge that. So it wasn't much of -- me -- -- you went cross country you basically -- a few miles across the border and you live in northern PA in sugar. Just that little judge ordered just that little below we seem small -- now this at another wrinkle. At this border that's another -- because my businesses located at New -- until. But getting hit pretty hard from bad aspect my wife was fortunate enough to work for a company that that in -- states is she really relocated out of me. Okay and how exactly. -- -- your -- must have commit conflicts. -- -- -- Yeah it makes a little more interest thinks I mean I'm my and that's not really a whole lot cheaper -- and no state income actually all out. It's still -- I ability to move. Well it's like get and your business in New York State is involved in what. Transportation trucking company with your local distribution and that I if they trucking company and most of my businesses on wheels. It would be remarkable but it gets a little more Internet. I was gonna think -- what kind of a big deal wouldn't be in changing location changing the vehicle registration plates and all that stuff and becoming a Pennsylvania business. Well we've got a refrigerator where Allison the property great source for years. Yeah it be a little more difficult marriage that respect. Now again it's like like the -- And it sounds like you've made the right one for you and it's it's good -- for. All right thank you thank you very much thank. It is -- ninety minutes after six have you moved and how that work out for you. And the reason I bring this up. They have been dying to do this topic and really do it justice. Because. Right now and all that Donald Trump has been in meetings. Every player every mover and shaker of any note. Has been in Donald Trump's office today. Trying to convince him to run for governor. Now goes well beyond -- This decision he makes I believe will affect you. In the here and now. Because of Donald Trump says and I did have a vision just before showtime. Maybe it was -- support to I don't know but I had a vision just before showtime that he announced that he was gonna run. I hope my vision proves to be true. Because I think if he runs he wins. I think if you runs he wins in a landslide and there actually will be some hope in New -- If he'd do overs. I think it's over. The handwriting is on the war all the die is cast this state will never lower. In this state deserves frankly get all the productive people say up yours were gone GT eagle on the Texas. You like your social programs so much have -- without the conservatives funding them a body. And I think that's what's gonna happen. I love being in a -- of a western new Yorker I'm proud of being born and raised in buffalo but I'm also not stupid. Insane but not stupid let's find out what's going on traffic here is Allan Harris. Our Allan great job has always been my friend if you see any major traffic issues the -- being a major always don't recall WB and traffic demanded 80303218030321. Tonight patchy clouds all right I was gonna be anywhere from six degrees the fourteen degrees. That's kind of weird. As far as that tomorrow we're going to be up to 32. Degrees and frankly after the weather we've had lately. Thirty to rule it actually sounds Warren does that. Curiously. Well 32. Bit like being -- -- that -- in oh with 32 degrees. I was gonna say Montego Bay but why be predictable I'd say the grill but fastest way to me it's 26 degrees and the real feel is 26 degrees mother nature's hormones are in perfect. Let's get back to the calls those of you who have moved. A wanna find out how you do in your new place or you have family that has moved. But it goes beyond dollars and cents in this I'm trying to emphasize. It really goes to are you happy. And let's face it with today's technology it's easier and cheaper to stay in touch with your loved ones than it ever was before. Here's -- in buffalo WB Ian welcome to the show girl. And I don't that's. I didn't outlook judicial voters are required. Now want to call earlier I -- out or people at our home. As of this Friday. Com -- log on to beat. Driving or these we've -- drive -- right now. All the origin who resume my -- personal driving. As always -- another with another company. Jets. Where they give up. -- -- -- All out assault -- BJ at -- Saturday afternoon born out to respect in the year ago. So you're going to be moving from buffalo to Indiana. Also. Arms so all appear resident of New York -- but mark -- year. Or. Not what six -- eight mark. -- radical literature and process. Are all over again reverse course and Almonte. -- -- -- -- -- Eight months of training in a truck driver. It while -- hold on I want to find out more because I think if there's any hold -- don't make sure doesn't hang up because. If there is one that profession. There is among the top professions my callers have it would be truck drivers they show is huge with truck drivers for obvious reasons. I ease their border. Add to it and make them relax under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. It's. News. -- It. -- -- Z. -- -- right it is right now like I needed a second ahead. It's 632 bit news radio my -- WB and that was George straight away those who don't well and it -- hourly. This show has just. It's it's taken off we we've gone off on branches of the issue. About New York State and getting on the New York. And I think it is on so well that way it is. I think you're becoming convinced. With the -- -- of 1%. At this meeting with Donald Trump all the big shots today actually series of meetings. Just about Donald -- it's about you and your family's future and we're going to be in a year. Because. We have a governor right now who hate you if you're listening to show Anderson -- -- 60% of the time. We have a governor right now who is issued what it any other circumstances would be considered hate speech against you. Extreme conservatives have no place in New York State. I can't Cuomo does make a great case for up and I -- -- to -- on this. But. Subjects that groups meet again. 30930. Start at 930. That'll TrueCrypt was too severe picks up. It'll thrilled at thirty start at 3180616. WB yeah. If you removed already. Because it is always in again that there is no future here. Because you're gonna get that kind of rhetoric. You'll get more reg -- fire like laws like NY state. You'll see the basically what shall see use. Germany 1934. That's which are gonna street. And will be the new Jews. Hate to say it just the way -- goats. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. Sadly. On the national scale I don't -- if we don't see things being much better. Because we now live in a law last republic. Basic. But if you have decided you're gonna move to better your circumstances. I'd like you know maybe or -- you like to tell us how your bill. 8030. Thirty start at 3180616. WB at folks to reset the table we come back break because. As much as I'd like to thank everybody listens to all four hours legal. As much he loves the -- -- -- I I don't listen every hour of you know I'm in I'm out and I'm so I like it when it -- the topic that I feel and let's get acted girl in buffalo. Who is you know hop on board a bus he's gonna go off -- Indiana Andy's -- refresh his skills. On eighteen wheelers are we talking the tandem trailers or just one at a time -- Our. Current shoot it and don't. All we are we are refrigerated. OK that sounds to me -- like it would be the hardest job in the world. What is it about truck driving the appeals to you gotta love it you've got to have that your blood. Well -- you know watching. Popular -- There are a lot of trouble is that well our world. And our friends. Ways to work but it has a law for years ago. Tree. Started golf -- there isn't there not been. I load trucks. I'm going to construct. All of that -- -- either. As well writers. Here -- Not home. -- -- their favor once once and eight months what's -- recertified. Retrained. And re ready to go. Make sure you download unto yourself all the WB EM after a -- listening every day at from time to time would you check and they'll let us know how things are -- Korea when training is done and then when you're over the road. Yes sir if you army to lock in the -- say you'll feel -- A what the FaceBook. All private message to PM gotcha yeah sure. Or Thomas WEN dot com. Sometimes they don't always get through the messages that go into my other folder for reasons I don't understand but they're all -- have a little treat for. Because I think we're roughly the same age and this would have been a big song for you in your formative years. No mistakes the. Convoy. You have -- right now CN channel -- in -- right. All right -- by our right I love truck drivers are well. American truck drivers the interview from Ontario are half suspect those that you broke your back all suspect. I can say that -- I have my -- defense card as my ancestors were among the founders of Montreal. Let's get back to the calls on WBE and missed the -- better check in -- here is Michelle when it Michelle hello. All Michelle. Michelle -- sweetheart honey where are you. Okay nobody. Nobody waits this long. And aghast that you had to go to attend to personal business on a quarterback got a hold John would you would make sure to let me know what you comes back because. Well. And just. Put the ball because I've already. Well at the. No one pond with an. I don't know -- We get employed so we get the point is East Aurora on WB EM. Well. Hello sir what a great job you do it -- shelled what you're missing critical point tonight. The quality of life in Western New York is absolutely outstanding you look at the big picture. I moved here ten years ago and I got a -- Quality of life here is outstanding tax if you lie you're right. But it's not that bad. Well again quality of life I think you get a quality of life no matter where you are quality of life is what you make. Yeah I I agree but in terms all real estate value yet property taxes are too -- Price of food. Low traffic. The people. The community. The sense of -- -- Buffalo Bills yeah I know they're they're not win and reach in there. Yeah I know I -- but there's an element of pride that you won't find in other places and I don't think you should discount that. There are pros and cons to everything as I said. I don't know if you were listening when I said that but they're always decisions to be made it. I'm one of the nice things about this area ears as I said earlier we are one degree of separation from everybody sometimes that's good. Sometimes it's not so -- Especially through in the public -- sometimes that ain't so good. As far as the quality of life I really believe it is what you make it no matter what are you are real estate values I have to completely disagree with you. Because. Other states other places with lower taxes you build equity pastor so it might be more expensive to start out with what you build. Equity in what you buy a lot quicker. You understand. Yes I do but I think for a first time home buyer or somebody in their mid twenties late twenties trying to get a fairly upbeat Colin. It was a great place and I'd also like to point out higher education. The Sunnis are perhaps the finest public institution and art education in America. There are lots of colleges and universities all over America mean I did people why Clinton is surely we had Brazil when the Florida US -- -- -- every place has great colleges and universities. Brad -- -- -- just just tell me that. Johns Hopkins a -- Mayo Clinic hell hole. But not a male clinic or Cleveland clinic. Wait a clinic but those are all private institution -- -- -- on the -- that the tuition free room and board are suiting. Up for our residents in the York. Absolutely outstanding. Well for a resident of the state of new York and illegals it's a great deal. Well -- I won't comment on that I do what you know make sure that you're giving credit to what the tax dollars are going and I. I'm conservative I'm a registered Republican I'm trying to point out. The quality of life higher education and health care wanted culture collection York. Is out and. You know what I really have nothing against which -- commensurate I give me an example give me. Give me -- resource give me. A statistic give me a site I can go to which will prove the brass of -- of what you were saying that the health care quality in Western New York is better than in other places. I can't rule on the exercise. Some dry right now at rock bottom -- make that point. As an example blue cross and -- listed at Maryland. Not one particular subscription medication for a number. Moved to the State of New York -- ago. Company blue cross blue shield in the city -- York. In effect. Did that medication. So I don't know that is our government different law as it. Welcome to the spirit of New York. And healthcare coverage and company -- blue shield Maryland wouldn't pick up the medication New York. -- See you say welcome to the state of new York and you forgot the other thing which news. Whole bullets a hat if I can steal a line from agreed sandy beach. And if you. Well we're gonna come. No no. This this -- already lied about there being floated the bonds back in the fifties with the understanding that once the bombs were paid off in the state through it was built the polls would go away and guess what they haven't gone away they will not go away and now not only -- Europe -- -- -- -- used allegedly for throw weight maintenance -- also being used for maintenance of the fury barge canal and a long time since I saw -- name's -- navigate and down the Erie Canal. Observation. You'd try it out on you now -- in doubt -- -- to. True to that and hero and you got there are some excitement. And energy. Has been. -- generation where. We're gonna rebound -- out. I don't think so. Because the forecast. For this area and this state is for absolutely anemic. Private sector job growth source New York State. Employment the -- New York State the Department of Labor. Anemic private sector job growth the only jobs we have ever government jobs. That's where we have the growth. I would say it if law. Donald Trump runs I hope we don't he would get my vote what you. Yup well look I'm like great call -- I like him back and -- -- and my respect to what you had in your lovely wife and Andy spawn you brought into the world in this area you -- Rolex. -- Bret thank you. He's right. Look everything he says and I've got to be kind of punishment sometimes and challenge but as far as the universities. You're never gonna hear army trash soon. Ever why. I think that the SUNY system is in -- Among the finest universities systems in the entire country. You wanna talk about using your tax dollars. Why do you think residents of New York State. Not to mention the illegals get in state tuition why do you think that it's because state taxpayers like you. And why we subsidize. Students. Why the idea being that the more college graduates the more great workers will have a New York the better New York -- unfortunately the reality is that we are subsidizing students to get an education with -- and then they go to Texas to ply their trade because of the dearth of private sector job growth because of the give mr. -- taxes of New York State that's the reality. On quality of life. I love. The people here are really that. I truly truly truly. You have roots year places like Florida -- transient. And I'll say at the third time. Florida warm place called heart. I don't know about taxes. I've never met anybody from Texas I did not like. Immediately. Not feel a kinship. So. I think quality of life is often what you make you can choose to be miserable anywhere you can choose to be -- any. I choose to be. Under is ready at 930 WB yet. Are right it is by the way the coolest people -- my FaceBook page WB yen because I usually just eliminate the people who oracle. Eliminates that it is that guy back. Its hourly as far as weather goes tonight anywhere from six to fourteen degrees tomorrow or going to be at the 32 which seem like a heat wave and don't play. I -- your mind works. All right no no Martha and the Mandela's Linda -- version by the and that live around that you know she's got it parkinson's -- what we should -- accurate and now you know that never stop Bob Dole won. Let's go to Debbie. Got on WB and -- -- I Mario. Let me get to disclaimer out there I'm you know I'm married couple likely trapped they wanna get out of New York. Cuomo -- to remedy York completely. We've been your highlight grew up on the ten in the Long -- but coming to Western New York. Get a better -- dollar. And the -- I don't know where. 12100 square foot hall would cost -- a million dollars ol' yeah yeah on dollars. All that's like apples and oranges here comparing downstate or you know Manhattan the buffalo its not even comparable. -- for young couple. Young kids it's not a bad place. I agree and let my parent of an Arizona. They got a pretty good out there I mean that we had wanna get out here eight Cuomo -- we're here. Well I can't blame Andrew -- alone. I think the voters have rule have -- New York State with ignorance. And with his belief that somehow you can rob from Peter to pay Paul and eventually Peter is -- gonna say it's. A year. You are in the health care industry -- -- in the health care -- They knew each other in the in the country Euro Johns Hopkins well. So we're doing better lies. In here in strokes. Yeah so -- and and you stroke. -- -- Understood I'm not saying the health -- here sucks but I will tell you that the and the birthing unit at saint Luke's hospital in just outside of saint Louis Missouri was absolutely. Astonishingly. On a freaking believable. I'm that your work wrecks but I will take that in 1991. It was the best place to squirt not a kid. Implement -- here and there are many more alert about -- -- you know helicopter and fly out to. You know Pittsburgh. Or Philadelphia blocked in other places that has higher ranks for what to combat here -- back obviously but. It's got to hear. At that point. And -- are you doctor or nurse what are you. -- that's awesome. -- well I'm glad you called what's that we've we've got great health care to hear about in every area you're gonna find great doctors board certified in to -- credit and you'll find the people who are always getting sued. And losing their case has. Thanks very much heavy. But I will I cannot believe that stuff about eight topics that wanted to get. But I guess await Sean Hannity is that coming up next the news radio 930 WB -- special thanks to mr. beaver outs and masterful today the great work in John Sherman thank you. No yourself.

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