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2-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Feb 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. And he would rate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No one ponds with an assault rifle. No -- It's that we. -- -- -- is about time. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened. Gary -- Destroy all silent night. That was an American. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I'm thirty. I like you. You have blows. I'd like loaded yeah. I don't -- -- stroke but. For listeners. To remind people. About the arrogance of Andrew Cuomo and president Barack Obama and the fact that we are happening. In times. We would see in this country. Don't order a Q what I would -- at my hand writing is on the wall for the death of the United States of America as you knew it just like with promised. He's fundamentally. Change America fundamentally transform. America. It was right. We're living in a button and not Republican before is that. Frist now mr. originally applied to. Right central American and south American government which popped up under president days. Who took power in nations has nothing to do with one's race. Just to beat people with a punch on that one. I mean. That's what's frustrating folks. Even if Donald Trump. Announces he's running for governor. And I had a vision I was -- for one I have one. -- before -- came on the year. No that's that's not a euphemism for ball. But I had a vision. That trump. Announced he was running. The sad thing is even a few runs and wins. We still have a man. Who believes that whenever and wherever he can't he will bypass congress to do what's good for the American people. Those words go through history every tyrant that -- and murderer in the history. As used words very much like that. You don't think that dictators walk around with black hats you really don't think it worked T shirts that say dictator. Now they always do things for -- glued of the whether it is in all with NY say. Or Barack Obama violating his own inaugural. Meanwhile the machinery of government doesn't even say a damn thing. Congress has been conspicuously -- when the Supreme Court and we've got a role to play in chambers. But. Where are the guys on the Supreme Court to say the -- We're supposed to have three. Co equal parts of government. One branch is not superior to. And another branch is about subordinate to the other two branches we have the legislative executive and judicial. -- -- on the wall anybody who cares the study history and buddy Ayers to understand what the hell's going on here. You have to look very far. You don't have the look very far back -- -- -- talking about role in Greece year when he has brought out. There. It's so what we're talking about right now so that's why we have such a long intro. Or talk of our right now certain that the blood pressure to back -- 120 over seventy it's normal spot. It is a couple of things number one with this meeting going -- in Manhattan at which you're future's being decided whether or not Donald Trump is gonna run. My vision is that he is. I know I vacillate on net but. I have to go by vision. I put my head down on my desk I had this vision. Like elsewhere in -- and Edward. Bad what was the first so those -- you were -- -- fans may appreciate that if you're not you can check out the link on my FaceBook pitch. So. I have a question. Actually two questions. Number one. If you're -- family or friends who have moved elsewhere to states where they don't invite the -- wings in a to suck us dry. Where to suck them -- or are they happy with -- well. Because let's face -- buffalo is the world's biggest liberal one degree of separation for anybody in this community. There's something to be said for that and frankly there are things to be set against that. Number two. In addition to are they happy. This whole idea of the new food New York State New York State is good for president's. Politically the small business owners I know the people write your restaurants the people who write your hair salons. -- are mercilessly -- By the state enforcement bureau's who come -- And right all kinds of violations for these businesses I -- one restaurant owner who decided it would be less expensive to just surrender and write a check for twenty. Thousand dollars. That it would be to engage the lawyers to fight in court. That's pathetic that's that's New York State. And I hope all the businesses seeing those ads on TV. Do their due diligence before even thinking about coming here just for their own -- To get back to our caller who bought a couple of -- he bought a business with two locations. And it turns out unbeknownst to him. That he inherited the previous owners -- unemployment insurance rates. Which I'm not so sure I fully understand but my question to -- -- before the break was without a problem with New York State. Or did you own attorneys who handled the transaction and your own accountants not -- due diligence did they elected. Well and hindsight. The answer is probably yes but. I was unaware of the flaw. Whether they were. And think about it and I can't really say you know -- -- -- Regardless of you know it's still. Very unfair and unfortunate that while the owners like myself you know aptly put. Put it over and over again. And they have issued you a fine for how much. Well it's not really apply whether it is. When you open a business. You have to pay unemployment. A rate. Eight and you're rating as a business let you you know pure new business and you don't have. Eddie unemployment insurance claim so you have a low rate. And if you're an exacting business and you have many unhinged unemployment insurance claim you rate goes up because you're using. Dishing out more money to people. State won so they charge you higher rates so this particular event that. I'm Indian and -- people know had a lot of -- -- -- and unemployment insurance. And had a higher rate that I was not aware. So when I purchases is that. The law stated that. I eight. Delve into these three categories. That I inherit the rate and I didn't know that when I first. Took over they put in so much lower rate because I didn't have any claim poker in -- -- Bay -- being your count. Yeah my accountant put me. Sign me up with unemployment insurance at a local rate me on iPad. Is that that I did on. And I didn't you know had a good standing with unemployment insurance and -- clients so they figured -- get in -- world. I'm up at this rate. Yeah -- I believe I'm not want to defend New York State or its predatory approach towards small businesses but in all honesty I -- believed to your people let you down I don't think secondly in the state for -- I think your accountant and your lawyers let you down I think they -- know what the hell they were -- Well. -- Yani I mean look if I thought I could take a shot at all ball over this -- the I would but it sounds to me again like you know you you kind of have Brady Bunch were Greg bought the car the turned out to be eleven. And and his dad said the Romans had expression called caveat emptor let the buyer beware I think it applies here. But committed any case. You know I I was paying -- lower rate for three years. -- -- later they come back they say well you should have been paying. Higher rate the maximum rate and you all lots. And grand. In back page or -- plus enter. And pounded daily and. On. So you think they should have told you a lot sooner about the error of winners and and I think you've got a fair point and that one current. Well that makes that makes sense I hope let's resolve how much can really afford -- wanna seasonal business to write a check out. Well. Negative part about it is right now I'm getting ready to open up again. And -- rate is at the maximum. Maximum -- so -- my my -- going forward this season are going to be much much higher than previous year -- Well -- number one I wanna thank you for your call number 201 thank you for your patience number three I'd like to -- you -- great joy in her being the first -- with whom have ever spoken who is not later in the national hockey. So thank you very much and magical. -- -- -- -- It all throughout -- thirty news radio 930 WB yen let's find out whether traffic is doing right by you when you buy it today. And ladies and gentlemen to WB Ian traffic command and Alan Harris. All right -- thanks and of course anything huge is happening and that we need to know about it. Just the ligament off a little stuff but the huge -- let us know 8030321. Is -- traffic command -- number 8030321. AccuWeather. Tonight some clouds overnight low anywhere from fourteen degrees down to six degrees it would lead to be in the single digits or close to the single digits so be aware. I don't know what they say in Latin is for -- -- where pro league is coming up. For tomorrow clouds and breaks of sun and 32 right now 26 degrees. And the real feel is 26 degrees so we've achieved stability. We've achieved in a straight and level flight temperature wise any perfect balance between the actual temperature and the real field temperature. So there's that. It's verified when he won -- news radio 930 WB. -- gang up. You know a couple -- special place. This is a special request because I don't honestly really the show I want to do. Is wanna a year ago the whole thing about business even -- kind of took off was not quite well one of the go to the we're one of the goal was to -- use guys. Try to appeal to everybody. I wanted to ask -- use guys. If the people in your -- where your friends who have already moved to Texas or four or Tennessee. Whether or not they are happy. We know they have more money in the pockets that's open. But our day happy. And it London recently and this acres we're gonna maybe get -- social media later on but. It -- done. Very recent. -- a little slow out of the party that with today's technology. It's not like one's twenty or thirty years ago. All I ever seen in my family -- there's a little thing called Skype. Which is video phone conference. Now when I -- in Missouri. -- my now ex wife our monthly phone bill usually and this is in 19901991. In excess of 200 dollars a month. Are seriously. That's a lot of long distance phone calls. Because we didn't have cell phones. Not like today where pay unlimited calling anywhere in the country -- now you can have video calling on Skype. So that there's that. Here is of course FaceBook as a means to stay in touch. Email as a means to stay in touch. And of course. There's all kinds of things there's all kinds of different ways in which to stay in touch. Without actually physically being in the presence of your loved ones. So it's not like it was that that. Now there's nothing like a feeling of being comfortable in your hometown. There there -- there's a lot to be set for that. Some would say that the value of that is incalculable. How good you feel waking up in the morning knowing that if you want a certain kind of hot blog from certain kind of place it's only two miles -- 8030530. Start at 3180616. WB yen. Its hourly. Of people who moved up. Two states that do not guy coach. Are they in fact happy or do they rue the day there's pros and cons with everything folks will get into him on WB. Are they these extreme conservatives. Who walked right Hawaii. -- it was sold weapon. -- tight GA he is not who they are because that's who they are and if they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Jerry asked -- and BB CI quadruple. Dog dare you to do that one. It's 534. At news radio 930 A when I quadruple dog beer that's like seriously mentally stuff. Welcome to the buy hourly show hopefully drive home is going OK for hopefully a good day at work things for a make me part of your life and a we're talking about. If you have moved or if loved ones have moved to other states. Where you were not simply expected as a conservative a conservative Terry and as a Republican. To pay the bills. And the be insulted along the way. As Andrew Cuomo did. Have you found happiness. Because remember. Every decision in life has its upsides and downsides. Everything you do. Every choice you make every move you -- I'll be watching. So. Everything you do. Has an upside and downside. Pros and cons. It's not something that you're gonna do -- -- out of financial. Basis alone. Most of you would probably live for free by moving Tuesday without an income tax. What New York State currently takes from you you can use as you're apartment rent. Or your -- or whole mortgage. I could. It would pay my mortgage and then so. With that state income tax. That's rather -- Let's get to the calls on WB -- and say hello first of all -- -- -- in buffalo to get -- up what has been a sausage for Megyn on WB hit an okay. Meg and paired so they tell me that you you as I moved to -- Tampa but he came back home what happened. And actually I heard you right in Tampa for the first time -- you. Are you serious did you hear them into the show with Frank -- -- The heavens. That's just forgot to be the first person I've ever spoken with buffalo we're actually heard -- the here when I was working in Tampa that's kind of cool. And it. I am I -- and I lit it up or I'm out. And I worked re not Carlyle. And. University of South Florida for the young for Baylor. Yet and now -- that it acted well I am having children because you don't know yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you wanted to hit it good or picnic area out with the mark and it certainly -- 88 cheaper but how -- your -- a lot. And it -- interpret a lot of -- up out here. But also. I felt like. You know quick -- it. -- is good you know -- but the trade off. -- The full retreat or in our area that year. Or. And then it. So really I can't connect about the culture would definitely -- who work culture was actually more -- Levy. I have to ask you may get a work in Tampa in 19891. Of all for how long did you live here. I'm not a lot like -- -- Arab. I would ask you about it I could actually -- Well if you heard me there or somebody was pirating my show because I didn't know radio in Tampa at all at that point my life if somebody clearly imitating me well. Parents of that anyway of forget about that from moment you live there from 2005 until one. A look at the so we're talking about six years ago. The culture of work see look at New York State now and -- look at the United States in general. And I see a culture that has -- and -- Any pretense to the idea that working for -- living in having a courier is something noble in fact just last week I learned that obamacare and the unemployed is. -- because we get to spend more time what our children. Right now I know. After victory. That are -- I got up. That technical. I do a try it they packed up our act art. It can't guarantee the right I you have here and I light. Oh count blink and pulling. -- you know I'd like it or whatever like admit it I don't think. I like -- get it up now I ever got app I want you but I can't -- -- -- -- That -- Well. See I. -- problem that a -- -- every police officer in New York State who is ever undergone any counseling or has ever gone on well putrid or anything else surrenders his or her weapons and asked to retire or resign from his or her position because what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Any police officer who voluntarily request hospitalization or valuation at a psychiatric facility should immediately course feature. Because what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I acted like in New York there is entered in the at Florida now and it left -- out better and you are back I figured out why not wanting -- that. Don't -- that they're not only here in I mean I literally don't out them out here where in Florida outlay. I. Know that. Part of it part of it is part of it is especially with Tampa and Florida. Is that the floor is a very transient state. When I was there grew by about 2003000. People every week. And -- there weren't a lot of roots here. Everybody there was from somewhere else. And it was almost like you a -- man she was almost like the melting pot of America. Which Florida and then in the wintertime of course you've got the snow ports. Driving fifteen miles an hour on the -- With Wisconsin license plates and all of the worst drivers but anyway when I was going to say is. Again everything has pluses and minuses and you brought up some of what you perceive to be the minuses of Florida and I have to tell you that I also perceived minuses the traffic at times was unbearable on route nine in. -- No it's not because they not because they pay extra nineteen between saint Pete in Newport -- they actually discovered in Florida the concept of overpasses instead of red lights. Yet sure about nineteen cheap and I. Yeah hard tried to stay off of that one but anyway welcome -- your call thank you very much. Yes and you know folks that's a great call because like I -- pros and cons with every choice you make in life. Florida is still a transient space you're gonna see a lot of pawn shops you'll see a lot of strip joints you'll see a lot of trailer parks -- not there's anything wrong with a trailer park or living in a trailer park please don't get me wrong. But basically. Our trailer parks are trashy trailer parks Florida Pappas that a lot of trashy trailer parks I don't know what a way to -- And sometimes you'd see people. Going out for a restaurant meal the early bird special and getting maybe a thirty dollar -- and leaving fifty cents as -- yet. That was kind of common. -- Do -- need to spell that out for now without aggravating my audience -- -- WB Ian Curtis welcome to the program tell us your story. I didn't Eric there actually actress from Lancaster let that's okay up. When -- -- it's -- a few topics you brought up here and I'll lecture that I in my brief about it but opt. First hand experience what dealing with -- work outside of New York State several years ago. I had moved down to El Paso accidents. I have some friends up there and I decided to go out there and it doesn't change of scenery and in previous and it's taking me we got out months trying to find work out here in New York -- I go down there. Within three days I have more companies call me up -- that they want a -- work for them after I dropped out applications built. From that point on what -- -- out pretty good automotive shop down there you know takes yeah. They'll pick up its act because -- -- so that they don't have you know and I happened the other deduction they don't. They don't take from you and I just generally yeah the living. Is a lot more favorable. Game tackle and last year after I graduate truck garden like got a job -- actually driving our country and again. Very good and answers signaling it Jeremy at a comeback as some certainly issues. Margaret at some. Medical issues that brought me back -- so now I've started my own business landscape company up here -- -- and and just realizing that. -- -- -- -- that was does not make it easy I just haven't jumped the locals just -- Did everything registered. And the filing but it taxes and get everything they are are you know I mean it almost a point where it all the almost seemed like -- don't watching the apple -- It's so. Well you don't -- which cities are -- -- in Lancaster Andrew Cuomo would say it. Welcome to the -- Well that's a problem for me because I complimentary generation Marine Corps family so all that talk about. It probably haven't worked to earn a living are here she how are everything like that. In my house. Well all my family out that take government assistance well there anything like hey be considered a disgrace and I would actually be -- bear in my camera and built. I'm accustomed to being. And a family work hard work. Aren't you -- live. And there's no answer but the about it depending on what you want to -- -- all -- how much work you put him. And I have in this world. My word. And -- don't use the word help which you know scarface over your references. So when you're in Texas you were in El Paso and in Dallas the landscape business you talked about New York State making it tough for that. Are you gonna stay here I ever presume mom is either doing better war. Bless her soul she's in heaven. Well. Topic has been -- a Marine Corps accurate. I practiced here and conditions he would not let cord that -- -- actors is. -- do well enough now though but I'm pretty much but it's an Olympic -- deeper and saying that god make sure that everything. Everything -- -- the senate hold back on air nobody. At least the next foreseeable speech future for the next few years there will be here -- part of the business just otherwise. I'd. Taking -- job employment anywhere outgrown -- I would not make nearly enough on it by what do I do a little bit but -- unfortunate but. As well my own man acting. I can have control over my income and. Obviously. Curtis to steal a line from cigar Dave general you -- the alpha male of the family I take. I'm just doing that my parents raised it'll make it my family outlet I don't the thing excerpt from that -- -- Doing I was raised to do and that. Our callers. I'm gonna leave you on a note because somewhere out there would you said the words El Paso some guy and the 29 he was thinking about this Marty Robbins -- -- -- The Mexican food. And Q did not fired but I can't do it just fine duty shooter partly cloudy tonight. It's show respect to school a half court tonight it'll be patched. I don't live by -- like that funny is there. Patchy clouds on the overnight -- anywhere from six to fourteen and then tomorrow clouds and breaks of sunshine and 32. Right now it is. Straight and level flight. Like flying -- sheet of glass -- freshly Zamboni ice it's a 26 degrees the real feel is 26 degrees mother nature is in perfect balance harmony and equilibrium. We're talking to those -- you John -- just dazzled by the park yesterday dazzled by the way it is we've things together seamlessly. Anyway we're talking about. Those of you. Who have in fact moved. Moved back listening online. We'll Lotta people listen on the WB and app which you can download quite readily. I'm curious as to whether to prove to be the right decision and the reason -- bringing this up views. That. My opinion is very strong. That if Donald Trump does not run. There is no future in New York State for those of us who consider ourselves to be productive members of the state. And when I look at simply the bottom line. This has nothing to do with politics this has nothing to do with fighting. That says just everything to do with. How much money I'm willing to perhaps stolen from the by the government is not a question of not backing dollar backing down is just a question of why not live for free in Florida or Texas. Now of the Florida there. Honestly. -- once said the Florida is a warm stay cold heart. And I don't think that's all that far from the -- As much as I enjoy the ocean and the goal. -- try Texas. Because they say everything's bigger in Texas so maybe simply by moment there I will get about six inches. Of right. So that's always a consideration. You don't thrilled at thirty start at 3180616. That's not gonna happen WB -- All right let's get back to the calls a wonder those of you who. Have moved. Whether or not it was the right decision. Or did you put your life in a cosmic collision. Here is in Ottawa on WB an idea. Very Eagle Forum. And consultants -- my grandfather -- You think two years old and what -- does -- -- a -- -- as -- -- six quote for your state says. -- -- -- Almost European indexes that we that he ever made theatrically here a expert. -- -- total -- at -- it. And that's out there. And that was his New York -- See you have been Smart to give you the money before he died. USA taxes. It brought a lot of people I got money but. I still at least 76 doesn't speak at all which I think in Prague after all the years of being there when you work hard. Well I mean he -- I guess he had the misfortune of dying in New York State. You should drag over the border. Or maybe they -- very residency would be yeah. -- -- -- -- quick thought about that what if -- drag him or flown him to Florida. And city he got the illegal resident of Florida to avoid the taxation. -- -- certain I vote so you know that you get nasty. Yeah but you're out there aren't insured -- levels group. The debt -- put your seat belts and -- -- -- that you wouldn't think six or white you know going to go in real life. Well I'm sure. Well you pick it that's a simply of that income redistribution don't you get. -- the same people like Michelle Obama and her husband who talk all the time about income inequality there's Michelle with a 121000 dollar dress last night at all. And these are the people. The way it was durable release so it's a -- sit around and it probably that the vote that's what you get voted didn't because all the people sitting under a quarter. It at all offering one Preval also want -- Rush Limbaugh sent -- the day after Election Day 2012 you can't beat Santa Claus. Right never heard I've never heard a better analysis it's short it's concise and it makes a perfect point you just can't beat Santa -- thank you -- amateur. I'm sorry to hear you got blown. You know thrilled at thirty start 93180616. WB and if you are elderly and have no ears and don't wanna see that happen to ever. I'm always here to receive. Gifts. In the largest of large amounts of cash. -- Joseph beavers master control John Sherman is your call screener its hourly we've got another exciting hour coming up and I've got five more left in me today that just an hour will do.

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