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2-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Feb 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I want the look he -- right. Hold to a ball that ends this month -- -- Upload it. Maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain you definitely feel stupid -- -- people in charge. The. Tom 90 lead and I don't know what this. Good. Kind of evicted people -- I'm very happy that he's 2930. You know I have one simple request. -- -- -- -- It's up hourly monitors ready at 930 WP. CNN. And right as we speak when I. Your cellphone sorry I just thought kept flashing incident as the -- I think might be Donald Trump. Wanna be applied on the New York City to argue and some more bodies but let's see hold on that -- nothing from Donald Trump as of yet okay. Folks. That. Guys -- that is instantly I'm not hollowed by billionaires I've known billionaires for years the rich family lull. I'm thinking of other billionaires had met over my lifetime but it doesn't that is so immaterial to me I can't even tell you I've dated -- a anyway -- billionaires but anyway. Money doesn't it's is celebrities it doesn't you know it's what -- capacity hey I love your work and I love what you do what it means a lot. -- people. -- because -- view you would go off to Donald property just wouldn't know the deal with them. And that's okay because it's not your job. But others of us like for example Michael Caputo is not one out I don't think. By celebrities -- he can look for a battle -- palaces and say how this really. Unbelievable. But as far as people. You know people are people and some people are in the 5% dominant beat type a personalities and most people urged people. Soul but are they permit that. Don't ever think for a minute that I'm going to be I'll -- it. By age Donald Trump at all or a ghost of Ronald right at what you capacity. Week and popular Ronald -- It really you know it if you owe that to monopolize your thoughts you will be a -- in fact a lot of funny story. So that's why I was gonna bring -- ultra they hope -- from all at some point up because I've got this thing about celebrities because -- bill. Not because I think I've got this billionaires because adult. What really matters ultimately is whether somebody is a decent and good person I don't care much money that. I mean I don't I can't be an honest and then -- are nice but ultimately. Alternately listen to George Harrison's within you without you song with the side two's song one sergeant pepper and you'll get a sense of from where I am com. Almost that from whence I came but that I get a nasty email from Atlanta scholars say -- to. -- -- -- On what a wonderful funny story now or two and I would. -- -- -- This is this was a great educational experience I hope it's an educational experience for you to should you ever encounter -- hero. She ever encounter somebody famous. And you get that feeling like you're staring at your shoes and you'd just don't know what to say. Com. Does the locker room. 1980 through. Buffalo Sabres. Nineteen years -- I grew up with she'll go being pretty much god that he was -- hot herbal. Ever being a kid reading that little comic book that came with the hockey cards visual story. And there. It's my introduction to Buffalo's locker room cartridge -- in the equipment they gave me actually worked. And that Joseph Barrow -- just about to do -- -- -- -- that was fully you know Michael. And and -- just about the -- -- and Jill Carroll in his heavily for -- Canadian accent looks at me this baby faced an eighteen year old kid. And says and it. When you turn on them might ought to go to do I'm gonna yell out and he says the F word as loud as I can't. And I looked at him I don't even know when it's this case. And I said and if you do that I'm gonna make sure that everybody knows that we -- -- in the background. -- just like China turned his back out of it I think but I don't I don't know where that came from it just -- So. If you if Donald Trump runs and you beat him there's no need to fall. That's what I'm sick. Never -- need to form or to be of secrets. Or to be survive like a spaniel. People in his position and frankly people in Carl's position. You know you've made when I -- you simply used the first name right -- and nobody knows about who -- the they get so many yes -- so many yes women. Bet it is refreshing to them to be politely challenged them in sometimes it politely challenge. You'll earn more respect from people like that. When you were not a yes man then you will if you're asked me. Trust me. Trust me trust me trust me trust me. Yes men and up along with everybody else it's the people who show some college. And some intelligence. And wit and stones. Who win the day. Not the people who think you'll look what -- both got purple cotton with Iran so it's Sarah. Eric I went all the people like there. -- like that with him like everyday habit. It's 450 -- news radio 930 W via our -- so what -- this is coming to use. Donald Trump has this huge meeting right now and it started about 2 o'clock. And the bottom line is. I really believe your future is being decided. Right now as we speak. Because either it will be four more years of Andrew Cuomo. Or it will be in my opinion. -- Donald Trump landslide and the true beginning of a real new New York State not the Cuomo propaganda. Which I find personally offensive. Because folks. And I don't hear from some business owners on this by the way it. One of the complaint I have had from people in the restaurant industry and in the beauty salon industry. You know you're licensed. I don't have cosmetology licensees. Shooting is that well -- bolt is spending taxpayer dollars advertising. In other states saying hey -- New York. Couple it with taxes. Really honestly its. Content and in New York. -- character. Of this New York's very. On the one hand he says that on the other folks I double I quad brought here. To talk to your local restaurant owner about all of the state inspections they've had since Cuomo came into office. They have been turned upside down inside out by. Every inspector imaginable. Under the auspices of Albany and public health. The same thing with the cosmetology is -- people who lived in urban put out of business due to fines. They are over regulated. And they sent out the inspectors to get revenue for New York State. They base that impossibly high standards with ridiculous rules and regulations then they send out these bureaucrats to basically screwed up because dollars. That's what they know in the new New York State so the what does Cuomo and his cronies can talk about what really. Honestly. -- could take every -- we've got really. And then the -- restaurant owners in the cosmetology people I know had just been owned furiously. Over the past four years. One restaurant I hope I'm not -- quoting the number he told me that at the end of the day. It was cheaper for him to write out 820000. Dollar check. That it was to fight New York State. Because if he was gonna fight New York State he'd have to pay an attorney -- -- dollars an hour to litigate. And he figured out you know what -- I can't win. Because the states got lawyers hot and cold running lawyers. Can't go against that I've got a business to run to -- the focus on my business so. You know pick the order of new York state department of licensing. 20000 dollars. Well. That's how they put in New -- and you've got a business you know what I'm talking about. I would like to hear your stories about how the new New York State did that to you. I'm trying to change topics I'm just adding an auxiliary topic -- the fray because that's something about which I've been wanting to talk for quite some time. And it's one of those things that nobody well people tell me about it if you're in that business people will tell you about you talk about it amongst each other. But. There's a lot of folks in the general public just don't know it is because it would advance. It's not like they say -- we're going to be out a week from Tuesday. Biggest come barging and an expected drop everything. To accommodate program. And I don't care you've got to foreperson Herschel. -- -- come -- it will trigger plays upside down they will make your life miserable. And nobody is gonna be found to be without sin they're gonna find some BS violation. On which they can Levy a tax. To make the expense of their trip worth one. Take it to the bank people as you bet you know New York State there's. Now that's one that's one topic -- and adding in -- to those of you who have moved away or whose family has moved away. Are today happy. Seat that's the key. Because I mentioned the song within you without you a few minutes ago by George Harrison you can -- the world and lose your soul. In other words you can have all the rolls Royces and trump towers. That are on the face of the year. But if you lose your soul. Of what use -- -- 30930. Tom you've been so metaphysical lately. -- or you if you repeat the nice increase in church. Maker of heaven and or an oval that is seen and unseen and we think the -- it's. 8030530. Starlet 3180616. WB yen. Let's go to traffic right now hopefully -- urgency any of the major issues except for the new ice rank and -- in north -- All right so thank you and AccuWeather for today as we head into tonight some clouds the overnight low. You know what they're gonna bother giving you the overnight low let's just in some spots it's gonna be single digits in another -- to be fourteen degrees and it really doesn't matter because you're gonna be inside watching the Olympics or. -- anyway so what difference does it make as far as that tomorrow some clouds some sun and 320 which is gonna seem like the tropics -- And it's still 25. And how this is possible Joseph evidently -- talk to one of the guys from AccuWeather at some point about this not really but. 25 degrees on the thermometer but it feels like 34. That's got to be missed for -- I like I cannot remember that ever happening unless I just don't pay attention temperatures that much. Temperatures baby. That's quite -- I'll stop watching Austin Powers they go through phases between Austin power's -- with The Sopranos and a few other things. Let's get to the calls on WB Ian here -- small -- named Doug who I think is gonna verify what I just told you a few minutes ago. Doug are you surprised that struck like -- knew exactly what you guys have to put up with. So true adopt. Yeah -- -- bigger -- you're just you're -- an idea. And that fact it'll be much information -- when you do does the idea our personal a couple of weeks but I didn't work out at night didn't. -- -- -- -- I didn't realize later in the next satires like but they -- -- 138000. Dollars. I have to pay that -- now I won't have a bit of that at the top spot. Well -- welcome to the new New York's eight. Yes sir I welcome did not talk I just it. Pray that good that Colorado I really do. So -- I have to ask your question 38000 bucks on it I'm sure that you got an attorney what did your attorney targeted do. How loud right now -- Egypt -- due out. The game recommend Egypt outcrop itself that I got to deal. What could you afford if you could reach a settlement. What could you afford what are you willing to pay New York State. I'm underpaid and -- out that it but I. I'm Matt Matt Matt -- -- do something. Because you're gonna have to make that determination at some point. At what point do the legal bills you know not make this worth fighting anymore what happens by the way you're just closed on your business and say up yours and moved to Florida. Well -- I guess that's treatment. Yes just another happy New Yorkers. All the -- you missed some paperwork. I doubt I'd asked about where I have yet because a guy. We're working as a -- one -- represented obsolete they're going to drop a derby at every ball well well you -- app itself. Well when I think reasonable I think New York State fines and taxes her. He said sarcastically good luck I hope you're you know a lot of business but if you do that is an example application of New York's. Thank you very much 8030 my thirtieth WB yeah. The people you know who moved out here are they truly happy and if your small businessperson. You wanna tell me about how welcoming New York is too small businesses like yours. I'm sorry that stands as one of rock -- Greatest albums of all time queen -- -- at the opera. All right it is and -- 34 and news radio 930 WB and -- uncle 39 by the way Brian may DT. Anyway we have a couple of things I did -- that may be the first time ever used the word on the year G. Anyway -- for making me party today thanks for embracing the weirdness thanks to bridge over the -- the honesty the all the amazement. That is your problems. Joseph. He came in today -- should take it another day off. As you've got the worst in jail. It I've got. A bit this -- of course treasures of this being the coldest hour. If you have any problems breathing John. You make sure you see a doctor -- sectors that that thing is going around. Who people imagine that after two people know that it on steroids. Because they Cadbury which can often via. -- thing. Now we -- up. Can -- -- we're part of a couple of things -- guys these recommend to the studio they can do it as long as -- Anyway. John don't soak it up for me really really don't give -- put it like it well not sure just sit there. -- It. All right so well thanks John -- heads up good good job there so up you can lot of benefit if they wanna commit. So anyway yeah I did you must take every year. I cook likely and I bake cookies we've got a couple things number one your future is being decided right now in New York City Donald Trott. Is having to meet with the big shots. I had a vision before I came on the year. My vision I hope becomes reality. That Donald Trump announces. His candidacy. That was my vision. It feels it it -- -- corporate division. If he does not run. And it's gonna be four more years of Andrew Cuomo. Why -- Syria seriously. Why stay in a state the governor of which hates you but then is more than happy to take your money. You could basically live for free in Texas or floor. Provided you can make the same kind of income you make here. And in my case I could get back into my chauffeur -- Everybody wrote me this is a special and unique. So all other people I'm sure we do the same back. A fight you -- a job doing what you do roughly equivalent in Texas or Florida Tennessee. It's not just the the income taxes here it's all the other taxes. At the end of the day. You probably European about 55%. Of every dollar 55 cents of every dollar you make is spoken for by other people. That's outrageous. What's the point seriously what's the point. Now it's not running away it's just the bottom line decision. That's like saying that the belly for it was George Washington running away now it's realizing that. He was just in no condition to fight he had the Marshall his resources. And he might as well give his guys as much of a break is a Pennsylvania winter could offer. Instead of going right in the battle head to head against the British at the time we couldn't. And then Mel Gibson came along and I'm mixing a movie reality and bunker you know thrilled at thirty also your small bit out if you bowl are you happy. If your kids have moved our. And if your small business owner. I can't imagine what it's like to have the state committee your beauty parlor hair salon. Or restaurant. And basically leave with you owing five grand. And then knowing that Cuomo is out advertising across the country. Welcome to the New York State we have that sound clip just that part of it that's all we need to be sure. Welcome to the yeah. Yeah welcome to the New York State and over real. That same old New York State meet the new boss same as the old boss. Little -- -- were. 8030 -- if your business owner in New York State has stuck at the year I wanna know. Let's get back to the calls here is a huge media types are it is price stupidly is still in the year. -- in -- on WB and welcome to the program sir thank you for hole. -- -- you up well but it was part in the experiment and -- that there was sincere and today -- because I was in Albany yesterday. Where there -- 200 and some other contractors were not the -- trying to do. Reform one lauded as a 120 years old. -- -- establishment backing and network article but all building before. Any kind of thought labor protection. It still there what's wrong with it is. It provides for a 100% probability contractors -- property owners. Where most losses occurred they are -- sure liability that that would that and that's one. Basically the trial lawyers and even have to open their briefcases up and up through the case is approved. Come and play with on the -- and that he now. And the law about which you are talking is. I'm a lot I believe that number two for reasons. Very old. State law requiring. It's the scaffold blog that sort of looking. Apple up but it doesn't really apply to -- and it actually I'm. Changed it took over the times salute that he's just so brevity injury law but the person and a construction site for. A road construction was injured by some pipes falling off the truck and he got a settlement in the fall but something I want him. So it can the other trial which is that they list basically of intimacy or. New York opened for business. Commercial I'm not be it because of them visit 35 years -- haven't had much help -- other states. I have to tell event if you're injured because of somebody else's negligence I believe that you should -- that I believe should be compensated. This wouldn't even prevent lawsuits but it doesn't automatically mean under president culpability of a contract in the yes it took a quiet and palatial impaired. We're get recognized impairment on the get there are not -- but I'll get your car and wait there you can't work today and I turned my back in the clinical littered all I'm 100% level. That obviously it's an outrage and I know you mentioned that you were just in Albany and you had juror -- for a day it was it was at the -- -- thing. Yet throughout the yesterday there were 200 and contractors that I would think it might have some in road -- to upload. A minority owned contractors came up from the Five Boroughs of New York. Kyle Sheldon -- constituency. And they can't even get insurance. Because of the law that there's so when I certainly has 79 there were thirty year mark. Insurance that would properly there's less than I. And those -- even consider new businesses like its minority businesses in the early. In out imagine bet for that insurance you have to pay out the Botox. Yes if I were in Pennsylvania or Ohio my insurance overhead would be 60% lower. So my question news. Do you have family members who have -- because of because of things like the scaffold law. And other issues like the confiscation. Of your income New York State's own way of wealth redistribution. Who have said a lot screwed there's going to be a soccer and support everybody else my entire life and they've gone off to income tax free state with lower property taxes. Are they happy. Yes I don't want this to let you know I don't and before that axis and if we went for work up the difference in the exit which should. -- -- -- -- But different in the fact that it is punishing -- -- -- property taxes to the lack of state income taxes are lower state. What you don't always amazing to me about Ohio what I would take likens her to go to last Cedar Point in sandusky use. One of the first things they noticed was that hot guys on the motorcycles wearing hello let's. I said it was Ohio is a freer state the new York and they got it really early in life Barbara proud of my children. You know you got -- you -- quite liked everything going for 35 years every single year. While well. I'm look I'm glad you I'm glad you called I'm glad you brought up the scaffold ball. You know what I don't see it changing because I think too many people are getting greased by it I think too many people make too much money off of it and I think that with that kind of money they ain't gonna screw around. We might have a chance because. Tom the union groups are starting to come around because they're realizing they had played a minimum of 27000 more jobs in this state -- the modified by the much. But are not even that it will heal because there are injured in place it's so soon but yet more than her more incumbent to prove their case. And it's not just like me -- caller lottery it's just too easy right now it's 21 pair every other kind of lawsuit as chair liability. It has occurred in the future liability situation. Got you -- look I'm glad you called sir thank you very much. Right good stuff anyway here -- about the scaffold off for years. And some of the small businesses I've got a guy here with a small grocery store that was put out of business lifetime to -- -- -- we need to get in here. It's like have time OK let me go to. The grocery store guy this is the goal on a cell phone. Neil I can't believe what -- fire this is lit under people New York State you know welcome to the New York State. Is -- small business people right and left with sending inspectors out and leaving you with a nice -- built upon. I don't actually own the store I just know of two. They got the put a lot of that is because -- -- -- -- Democrats and their employees has started the check in Turkey. And I think they got hit like three or four times I don't know -- it's like though. The penalty get tired tired -- you pretty much put the owner of the does is it kept going after that dumb kids yeah. -- In other words they were selling what cigarettes and booze without the proper ID. Bright red and we all agreed regulation checkered -- -- -- -- of the -- on. Liable for us for that just put -- -- -- that the. First of all I mean I think there's a fundamental problem. In America when we say if you wanna join the Marines you can do -- -- team if you wanna have a beer you gotta wait until you're 21 that's just stupid. And all the higher drinking age does is lead to more binge drinking because college students whether it. When they have the ball as they guzzle it as fast as they can't. The Big Apple brings me to just crossed the border and go over at nineteen to appear in Canada. Well half -- brand. I don't know how much Granger had when you're ninety in my friend out all right well look I'm glad your call thank you. Are at it 030930. At news radio 930 WB EN general. Eight. I don't endorse anybody becoming an alcoholic I don't endorse drinking and driving only a moron would do that and I'd like to think I'm not one of votes. Well I'd like that they get even though others may disagree and do so with a great deal -- vehemence but. -- You raise the drinking age to 21. You send your kid off to college at eighteen. Unintended consequence. More deaths because of age drinking. Why do people change because they don't know what their next is going to be so he would drink like god. You know make me York king free year. I'll make this a better planet. All I ask you your first born and your wedding night. I think we've got to deal for 47 news radio 930 WB the end. And AccuWeather says it'll be partly cloudy tonight. The overnight low is going to be anywhere from six to fourteen degrees depending on where you're located. As far as tomorrow some clouds and some breaks of sun and the high temperature is gonna seem downright Jamaica. 32. Degrees yeah out as a we're talking shorts and short sleeves for Joseph Bieber you will have shorts on the -- not exaggerating. I know -- I worked with Joseph and John you're no Joseph -- So anyway it's 25 degrees right now news radio 930 WB yen this happy came back early from this cold for this kind of abuse such a tough got to work about a let's go to. -- bill and one. WB and build a lot. Yeah normally I know they wrote that the job when I say how you do end but I know you're doing charity itself. Obama. Are right it is up 450 to note that news radio 930 WBE and pokes out. -- for you that bad language is really not offensive at all to me and if I had my druthers I would drop the occasional F bomb. Unfortunately. This business is regulated by the government and the FCC and -- certain words and certain expressions which ship may not be used. And it's not my world yet Seoul on. I have to play by the rules otherwise I'll end up having to pay some very large fine let me know and I'm ready to get back -- right okay. 80330. Start at 3180616. W. Be the end. Do addicted to. What this does this recycling is taking longer than by. The text that they might -- my house. -- if you're just joining us I have received no word yet from New York City. I'm expecting a call or text at any moment with some kind of an update from the big shots at this meeting. I'm Donald Trump. And the big shots in New York City. Because I have to -- That if an -- up it'll be four more years of Andrew Walpole. And anybody who is in the least productive. Should think seriously about it in the -- I hate having to say that. But. There comes a point when you've got to say it does not make sense anymore. Let's go to got in Amherst on WB and hello -- -- Oreo I could not be better server. And create -- out here. Well most people think so until we actually doing that a proves to be a major disappointment and who -- -- your -- Well I I'm a small business owner. I don't too small bit -- no -- -- And I would -- By a New York State. -- -- All right well as the ball he can you describe exactly the procedure by which -- that you were. Shall we say violated. Well I took it took over an existing successful. Two of between locations. Back in 2000 and a lot of and last year. 2013. My my third seed and I'm seasonal business are not open in the I received a letter from New York State unemployment. Vision. Insurance division. -- I know. And thousand dollars and end. And Ingraham. Iran and the reason for that brand I come to find out after the -- much -- surge forward. I inherited. The past owners. You I -- on an insurance rate. No reason of my own and I called that ready and I had a lot of underage unemployment insurance claims. But I inherited according to. Under insurance. Rather the unemployment insurance law -- state unemployment insurance while I inherited that race. And -- -- -- was unaware that. He just figured he put me and normal rate. I once part in the prior business. Which made perfect. Well OK and you know what I'm not gonna have time to fully address this now I hope they can hold on until after five but I'm gonna have to ask you questions to think about during the break and that is there's. Is the oldest in this case on New York State. Or is it on your attorneys and your accountants lack of due diligence -- up which uphold -- you'd think about it and -- next year on news radio 930 WB at its hourly welcome to the program.

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